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FIGJA's Conclusion To The First "Freemen Trials"

[November 5, 1998 A.D.- First, I'd like to thank everyone who has provided FIGJA with reports on this issue. I could not have done it without you. I would mention certain names, but it seems that these folks aren't interested in special recognition for something they feel is simply being responsible and compassionate. I feel the same way. Thank you again, all the same. I apologize for the delay in this conclusion. However, I take the month of October of every year to "regroup" myself and reflect on the previous 12 months. I've also given much thought to the events surrounding this landmark case, so I'll share them now, and then prepare for the next "Freemen Trials" which have already begun.-Elder]

In Conclusion, the government has clearly shown a pattern of courtroom behaviour that indicates judicial partiality and an intense drive to protect their pseudo-commercial revenue gunpoint...and under a doctrine of necessity/national security. Anything that "threatens" their graven-image is dealt with severely, and justice is not part of that program. Its damage control...or simply "emergency management" of the masses, or as their mouthpieces on the evening news quip, "anti-government militants/extremists." Defamation comes swiftly, as their aren't any grand juries with any honor to protect you from the defamation onslaught and controlled-media trials, much less the terror and militancy of "the government."

This "trial" brings back memories of the "Branch Davidian Trials" after the Waco Holocaust. Jurors, after finding out about the things they were denied information on during the "trial", voiced their regrets in having voted as they had. It has been very similar with the "Freemen Trials" in Billings, Montana. This is part of the pattern FIGJA and others have noticed for some time, but is neglected by the controlled-media which conspires to cover up information most of the time. The controlled-media complies with those who provide their income. And lets not forget that the dumbed-down masses don't like being disturbed from their slumber with real news. But nonetheless, the real news, once again, is that these courts who drag people in front of them have grown more bold in their endeavor to suppress facts and tamper with jurors so as to protect "government employees" from being brought to justice. It really is "Just Us" in the courtroom...there isn't going to be any help from the "system". The "system" of these courts is set to keep the jury under their control at all times. It's a "jury trial"...not a Trial by Jury. It's summary court martial proceedings window-dressed to appear as a "Trial by Jury" in the American Common Law tradition they work so diligently to malign.

While the men and women defendants (who are not really "defendants") in this matter have not been exactly flawless in their attempt to redress their grievances, they have been acting in Good Faith and without criminal intent. DISREGARD:(It has been reported that a Western tribe had used similar legal instruments and were also brought before the courts, however the report indicates that the Supreme Court ruled in their favor...we're investigating). But what is truly criminal (and with intent) is the facts that promises by "the government" have been broken (just like Waco), evidence has been hidden from the jury that was promised to be made available (the truck full of documents and books), expert witnesses have been denied a voice in court (Hartford Van Dyke), jurors were intimidated (see the jury foreman's testimony), prisoners have been tortured and abused (pictures and un-contested affidavits have been posted), and a "jury trial" was completely botched by a federal judge who had/has no business in the courtroom for several reasons (some of which are conflicts of interest, e.g., liens against the judge by the defendants, and the judge has had previous training to squash Common Law endeavors that specifically mentioned the "Freemen"). This is only the obvious notables you simply cannot miss unless you're blind, deaf and dumb.

The so-called "Freemen" had established Lawful government just as early American pioneers and settlers had done so very long ago. They had tried every legal method in the "system" and were denied justice. Then they were kidnapped and abused by "the government" gun-point and by deception authorized by "government employees." So in conclusion, I find that the question of who was/is really "anti-government", "extreme" and "militant" depends on which "government" you're talking about. But if one supports government of, by and for The People, it is obvious...U.S., Inc. and many of their foreign agents all around the country-side are the real "anti-government, militant-extremists".

This conclusion is not one I desired. I've offered time and posting space to any government employee who has evidence to support otherwise. I've challenged other grand juries to investigate FIGJA. But all I've been left with is a pile of information that proves that this conclusion is fair and accurate. I've not found any "Good Faith" coming from the government employees involved in this matter. And in Good Faith, FIGJA's challenge remains and proof otherwise will be posted on this website, if there is any. But until then, this conclusion stands on its own merits and evidence.

Heaven help us. Pray for the prisoners, victims and the bravehearted. Do your Lawful duty as competent, upright and knowledgeable Americans before its too may be next. But do remember, there is someone greater who is called "Justus", and we're never alone...