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I spoke to Bonnie Whitesinger (one of the resistors) by phone yesterday.   She told me there will be another 9th Circuit Court hearing later this month, apparently regarding the results of the accommodation agreement fairness hearings, but it will be in San Francisco.  This will make it impossible for most of those directly involved to attend. 

Also, although many HPL residents were given 5-day livestock impoundment notices, these have been extended to one year.

There is strong 'el nino' weather activity in her area, cold and windy and flash flooding around 3-4am.  She will be moving to Tuba City to a trailer for the winter, because the people who give her rides to the hospital for her dialysis will not be able to get through the snow drifts.

She desperately needs money to pay for gas for someone to take her to an area where she can gather some healing herbs.  She asked if I could send $50, but I am having my own financial problems right now and could not help her out.  Perhaps one of you might be able to.
Her address is:

Bonnie Whitesinger
Box 1073
Hotevilla, AZ 86030

Also, I am sure she would appreciate any letters of encouragement.
If you write, please let her know that word is getting out over the internet about the plight of the resistors.  I told her, but it would be encouraging if she heard it from others, too.  Thanks.

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