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Excerpts from an article to be run in the New Times of Phoenix on 5-28-98 and The Tucson Weekly 6-4-98.

The freak flag will be flying high, very high over Arizona this summer.
In a few weeks, the Rainbow Family of Living Light will designate a site in one of Arizona's six national forests for its annual Gathering, to be held June 28 - July 10. That no one knows exactly where is of considerable concern to authorities, since the event will draw an estimated 20,000 people, many of the so-called "hippie" persuasion.

Governor Jane Hull's office hosted a meeting on May 15 to begin the task of coordination between federal, state and local authorities. Although the Governor's Office declined to list who attended or specifics of the discussion, citing law enforcement concerns, the guests included the U. S. Attorney's office, the state Attorney General's office, the U. S. Forest Service, U. S. Senator Jon Kyl's office, the state Division of Emergency Management and local law enforcement representatives.

"What I can tell you is the Governor's Office is aware that these folks are looking at coming here," Francine Noyes, Hull's spokesperson, said. "We're trying to monitor the situation, but beyond that now, there isn't much we can do yet. We have a number of concerns about sanitation, law enforcement, health and safety concerns, both for the folks that would come, if they were to come, and the people in whatever area they might come to."

.... plus some memorial observations..:

were the homeless vets remembered today?? and the homeless kids .... and the people who still believe in and ENACT freedom... or do our nation's police have nothing better to do but coordinate a systematic campaign against hippies and everything we satnd for?... do taxpayers really stand to benefit if people are prevented from gathering freely in 'ways of peace' while tactical teams grow fat year round doing research to solve this 'alleged' problem? ... with no warrants... no mandate from Congress... and no redress for grievances...?

i ask for consensus on 'no guns in our church!' and no checkpoints on our gateway!!!

the 'real' gathering record on cleanup and sanitation is excellent... government reports clearly attest that resource people have no complaints of 'difficulties' and health inspectors are welcomed and respected... a campaign of budget building and 'incident manufacture' has been evident since at least 1994... and earlier history establishes a relationship of hostility to the gatherers on the part of special agents... road checkpoints and patrol saturation were used in 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997 to maximize issuance of citations ...and to stop screen and record gatherer information... several incidents of personal intimidation have also been witnessed and reported by many gatherers.... it goes on.... anyone who's interested can see last years gathering report available from the Ochoco Ranger District for Ninemile Prairie... or see rob's collection at welcomehome.org


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