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Subject: Freemen Trial -- FINAL ANALYSIS
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Subject: Freemen Trial -- FINAL ANALYSIS

Final Analysis of the First Freemen Trial 

By: Terry W. Stough, The American Resistance Movement

What would you do if you managed a baseball team and one of your players had a 089 batting average for the season?  That's better than what the Federal Government really got in the first Freemen trial.   
Six people were tried on 56 counts.  Five were found guilty of one count each.
One was found innocent of ALL COUNTS.   
INNOCENT ON ALL CHARGES:  Edwin Clark who spent over 600 days in 23 hour a day lockdown was found innocent of all charges.   The turning point was probably his taking the stand and telling how the government had conspired to take his farm and drive him into financial ruin.  After nearly two years of "cruel and unusual punishment", he went home last Friday to his family.   He had seen his wife on only two brief occassions during the nearly two years.   
OUT OF JAIL ALREADY:  Elwin Ward, the only other Freemen member present at the trial did not take the stand.  He was found guilty of one count of making a false claim to the IRS.  I wonder how many IRS people have been found guilty of the billions of false claims they have made against the American people.  
Here, though is the catch.  He has ALREADY SERVED more than the sentencing guidelines call for.  That means that when he goes for sentencing, he will probably get only time served.   
What I bet really ticked the Feds off  was when Elwin was interviewed by a TV crew after his release.  He was asked whether he still supported the Freemen.
He stated that he did and that all the Freemen ever wanted was a return to Constitutional government.  What a radical idea!   
Oh, before I forget, the government never proved the claim was false because they never tried to negotiate the instrument submitted.  So in any FAIR APPEAL, this conviction would be overturned since the government never proved the elements of the crime!    
THE OTHER FOUR:  The other four (NONE FROM MONTANA) were found guilty of ONE count each of being an accessory after the fact of the "robbery" of the NBC crew.   Nothing was mentioned about charging the NBC crew with criminal trespass, reckless endangerment and downright stupidity.       
Of course, these four Freemen never even went to court and, in my humble opinion, their appointed counsel on the whole were less than worthless.        
Another interesting question:  How in the )(*&)(* did it ever become a FEDERAL crime to take property from a tresspasser in a sovereign state?    
What is it that I keep missing here?  The Freemen must not have missed it because all four who were found guilty of this refused to participate in the trial because they would not grant or acknowledge jurisdiction of the Federal Government in this matter.    In any fair appeal, their conviction will be overturned for LACK OF JURISDICTION.       
So, when all is said and done, the government spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and endangered DOZENS OF LIVE to prove NOTHING.     
So what, then, is the bottom line.  NOT ONE of the defendants were found guilty of anything major despite the fact that the Feds created an armed standoff which could have resulted in massive deaths.   
POST MORTEM:  On the way back from Montana, I watched a video about the events surrounding the death of Gordon Kahl.  For religious and moral purposes, Gordon refused to file income tax returns.  He was sent to prison.  After he got out, they issued an arrest warrant because he again refused to file.
This lead to a shootout, the death of two U.S. Marshalls and eventually to the mutilation and incineration of Gordon Kahl and the imprisonment of Gordon's son and several of his friends for 40 YEARS all over  a "misdemeanor".       
Is there any wonder that some people (witness the e-mail today on this phenomenon) are ready to start shooting these godless bastards on sight?   

But it was only the first trial... more to come..

U.S. Marshals Assault Free Men - Use Deadly Physical Force


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