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A Call To Prayer

    Please Join with us wherever you are to Pray for our Persecuted Kinsmen.... imprisoned, tortured, lied to and abused... they have Held Fast to their Belief in the Sovereignty of our Creator, IaHUeH (Yahweh) OnHigh... and the Real Law of the land.

    Of course the Conquering Enemy, UnLawful Government, Usurpers of Liberty and Justice, see it all differently (and would like to convince the masses) and will not stop at Murder to further their Wicked Schemes.
Ignoring Creator Given Rights.. they exalt their selves as god!

We Pray:

Our Father which art OnHigh... Singular Be your Most SetApart Name.. Thy Kingdom Come!! Thy Will Be Done!!! on earth as it Is in Heaven.....

Please, oh IaHUeH! How Long???? Must we suffer and be killed forever?
Please Come IaHUShUA.. for your sake we are hated, according to the Word you have given us.. as those that are of the darkness hate the Light and seek to extinguish it.. even so does the enemy rise up against your Word.

It Is Your Truth that sets us Free.. We Thank You and Ask for More!
    I Pray that these and others may be spared from the suffering inflicted.. and that You bring Justice to our people.. that we may live in Liberty at last.. in obedience to Your Righteous Law.

Even so.. let it be as You Will, oh Father.. for we know, after all, that you have the perfect plan.

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"Freemen Trials" Friday Morning Update

Dear friends~

With great sadness I present the following latest update from Montana. Thanks to William David, Junior for the report.

This is not the first visit to Springfield. LeRoy reported long ago that he was threatened with mentally disabling
treatment at that facility. It was a great fear for him. People have been known to die there from strange circumstances.

Other "Freemen" prisoners voiced the same concern, even very recently in a call out by Casey. They feared being sent there to be eliminated.

All they wanted was a Lawful Grand Jury investigation and Lawful trial by jury. They have gotten neither one...just lies and abuse. They were promised a Lawful Grand Jury investigation by the federales...so much for their Good Faith.
The "Freemen" have acted in Good Faith to the best of their knowledge.

You are are humbly asked to pray for these courageous Men. They have stood upon their high ground as upright, competent and knowledgeable Men. They have not waivered from their duty to their Heavenly Father and their Love for their Country. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit comforts them and gives them courage and strength to continue their walk in the Light.

In His Hallowed Name,
Burk Elder, Third: Hale
FIGJA National Administrator

"Freemen" Near Death
Show Trial Continues Without Defendants
Springfield Federal Hospital Prison Looms

Freemen Update June 4th,1998 A.D. *:30 p.m.

Word has been slow in coming from the Freedom Center in Billings.
We have an unconfirmed report that LeRoy was taken from the jail to a Billings hospital in a wheelchair. He was reportedly slumped over.

Local CBS TV affiliates are currently reporting that yesterday's court proceedings had a U.S. Public Health nurse testifying about the health of the Freemen. The nurse, Marsha Wilson, stated that four of the Freemen are now so weak that they could die. They are dehydrated with blood pressure so low that they risk heart attack.

The four: LeRoy, Russell, Richard and Dale. LeRoy is reportedly in the worst condition, said the nurse. Russell was given fluid intravenously because he was so weak that he couldn't stop the "sorcery", said CBS TV. According to the report : Judge Coughenhour said he would not stop the trial, and that he would send the Freemen to Springfield Federal Hospital Prison to 'protect their health'.

This affidavit is true, correct, complete and certain to the best of my knowledge, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Furthermore, I sayeth naught.

William David, Junior., Sullivan
Near Bozeman, Montana state.

See: http://www.voy.net/~rangguid/justus.htm  (for updates)

or: go here for a local copy


From: American Patriot Friends Network vardonkl@yahoo.com
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Subject: Fwd: FIGJA Freeman "Trial" Thurs. Update
To: apfn@netbox.com

 ---Herald's Net Works <saints@VoyagerOnline.net> wrote:

To All Concerned:

The following message was sent to various legal activists and un-organized militia contacts today in response to the reports of cruel and unusual punishment being dealt by federal officials upon the UN-CONVICTED PRISONERS in Billings we know as the "Freemen." Its suspected that these federal officials may murder them before they are even tried. Family and friends who have talked directly to the men being assaulted have reported that the prisoners have been severely tortured.

They're not submitting to the foreign court, standing as duly authorized government officials in Montana under the local law of Justus Township, and this has infuriated the foreign federal government officials (U.S., Inc. is a foreign corporation in relation to the States and, in particular, does not comply with the laws of Montana for caring on the activities in which there are forcing upon the people in Montana) to the point that they have apparently pulled out all the stops in seeing that these men are tortured into relinquishing their Rights. You are asked to see that this information is forwarded to everyone possible. Further evidence is being accumulated to substantiate these reported atrocities. It is my opinion that these reports are accurate and true even though I have not seen it first hand. I know the people reporting these events and they are very reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, please assist in anyway possible to help us bring national attention to these matters so that the truth will be known. Please feel free to copy and paste the FIGJA Special Reports posted at the URL below into your email messages to all pertinant government officials.

Those who have already assisted in this are greatly appreciated.

Burk Elder, Third
FIGJA National Administrator
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See: http://www.voy.net/~rangguid/justus.htm  (for updates)

or: go here for a local copy


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