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Subject: When do we, as a people put a stop to this, never?
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From: bigal123@juno.com (Bill D bradley)
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 13:39:55 EDT

This has been confirmed, it is not a story or imagination. The confirming party that I called said that they used stun guns on all of them. Other Freeman not mentioned by name in the below were also given the same treatment. The U.S. Marshalls said "we have a 1001 ways to make you understand, how many more do you want us to use. Please pass this on to those in your mail list. Big Al

Attn: May 26, 1998 am

Billings, Montana

U.S. Marshals Assault Free Men - Use Deadly Physical Force

Leroy S., Dan P., Rodney S., Ralph Clark, and others were schackled and handcuffed behind their backs by Correctional Facility staff of the Billings Jail and U.S. Marshals in preparation for being transported to attend Court proceedings, after U.S.D.C. Judge Ordered the Free Men did not have to attend and could participate from Jail over closed circuit television almost a week earlier.

The Free Men refused, whereupon Rodney Skurdal was beat to the point of defecating in his clothing, near unconscious,

One of the Free Men, handcuffed behind his back was beat so severely that he succumbed from the pain and was taken to a local hospital whereupon it was discovered his shoulders were dislocated and seperated from his rib cage. This brave soul is the only reason this story leaked out.

Local officials report "one of the Free Men took sick, so Court had to be postponed," is the official story, but the Free Men locked down in isolation are being denied adequate medical attention whilst the lies continue, via media blackout.

Sources say that three (3) of the correctional staff present resigned their posts after witnessing these atrocities, when they should have prevented the same. Actions equate with words=meaningless.

The only pretriai detainee loaded on the bus to go to court was Dana Dudley. The rest remain in critical condition, bones broken bleeding, and in dire need of medical attention.

Every civil rights statute on the books prohibit the use of deadly physical force, especially when the victims, in this case were no threat being handcuffed and sshackled, to any one.

The Geneva Convention prohibits such activity. INHUMANITY!!E!!!!!

The Hague Conferences prohibits such activity. INHUMANITY!!!!!!!!

The Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, so as NOT to allow U.S. Marshals to violate everything good and holy, including the sanctity and dignity of pretrial detainees, who have not had a fair or meaningful opportunity to be heard, tried by their peers convicted and sentenced. Ah, let the inquisitions begin (Ezekiel 9).

Just who died, and made these U.S. Marshals "God." Why, they did of course, in abstentia. They, the U.S. arm of the Jewish Massad receive their orders from
(1) Masonic [Lucifieran Temples),
[2) Bull Dike Janet "Butch" Reno, and
[3)~abused children hiding behind the badge of authority, black robed, or otherwise.

It is time to say enough, is enough, is enough.

It ain't goin to happen again, is it ??? Let your conscience be your guide, as long as good men stand idly by and do nothing to send any kind of message to the jack booted thugs, bullies, and misfits, or reprobates.

How terrible, how awful, oh well, I/We didn't get ourselves in this jam, to deserve this, so let the Free Men deal with it, right. Pass the bag Martha, I feel nauseas.

If Teflon Willey wants an excuse to implement martial law, I say, what are we waiting for, boys, it's time, isn't ?

The U.S. Marshals responsible, need be dealt with, right ?


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