"To seek out that which was lost..."

The Final Outcome

Community Intervention

We Give THANKS for Good Neighbors!

Dateline --01/13/97... The Assembly of IaHUShUA MaShIaChaH Belatedly announces...

(Took a while to get to it We have been through Major Changes. Sorry for the Delay!)

Well.. it was Pretty tense here for a while.. we were expecting the "JackBooted Thugs" to bust in at any moment to Destroy us. We had come to a definate impasse in our negotiations with the assistant D.A.

When all of a sudden a Citizen from the community Contacted us informing us that he and others had gotten together.. and that he called the D.A. to find out what could be done.. this reopened the negotiations.

The assistant D.A. had told him that if we retained a Lawyer to deliver a $700. fine.. that all would be dropped without probation etc.

So this man who is a Real Friend.. offered to kick in a hundred and talk to a lawyer friend.. who agreed to do it (for a reduced fee). Other Neighbors contributed.. and we were able to scrape it together.
We were able to do this
(though against our principles) as it wasn't a Direct Transgression of the Law. Though it did amount to Extortion on the States part!

This added to the Financial burden we were under however.. and the individuals involved that were with us (we thought) decided to move on. 

We hope they come to their Senses!

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