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(Reuters June 3, 8 PM) The FBI turned off the power at Justus at "2:04 MDT an FBI spokesman said." The FBI has "used 42 third-party intermediaries as negotiators." There is a Constitutional Amendment that says when you use over 41 third-party intermediaries, you can shoot to kill. Which Amendment is that? It's the same one that brought us Ruby Ridge and Waco - Amendment 0. Because the way things are going we're all in danger of losing more of our liberties and some of us might lose our lives.

It's hard to imagine that Justus will settle without bloodshed. What brings me to this conclusion is the following: "An FBI helicopter also flew around the perimeter of the compound before it swooped directly over the ranch, sending Freemen at sentry posts scurrying toward the ranchhouse." It appears to me that the Federal Bloodletters, Inc. sent the helicopter out to bait the Freemen or intimidate them. Either way, a no-lose situation for the Furious Bombs of Idiots. This tactic suggests that the hard-liners are in charge of the situation now and they're getting ready to go in for the kill.

The Reuters article reads like an FBI press release: "Colorado state Sen. Charles Duke said life was too comfortable for the Freemen and the FBI should change that." Since when does the FBI take marching orders from a politician who is sympathetic to the patriot movement? When the politician tells the FBI what it wants to hear, that's when.

"The Freemen reject government authority and hold white supremacist religious beliefs." Amazingly, the sentence you just read was repeated almost word for word in the next paragraph of the story. It looks like the FBI and the press are working hand in hand to prepare the public for another Waco.

"The FBI which has about 100 FBI agents posted near the ranch has responded cautiously to the standoff" because of Ruby Ridge and Waco "which ended in violence." Meaning: Time for caution is over. We, the media, understand that this situation will end in violence. We, the media, are on your side. Go for it.

The LA Times (June 4, Pg. A12) reports that the FBI received a petition "endorsing the use of 'reasonable' force to apprehend the suspects." Sure. Would you tell a drunk to drive reasonably? Would you ask Bill Clinton to lie reasonably?

What most people in the US don't understand is that the greatest crisis facing us is not balancing the budget or bring the troops back from Bosnia. It's domestic terrorism.

Right now there are three factions that could lead us into an outbreak of domestic terrorism that could make the IRA look like kids playing with firecrackers. Those factions are: the FBI; the Freemen; the militia. So far, the militia have acted the most responsibly, in my opinion.

However, there are racist/Nazi whackos in the militia who are looking for any opportunity to turn Justus into a rallying cry for bloodshed. So far, they haven't been able to. But what's going to happen if and when Justus turns bloody?

What most of the public doesn't realize is that the militia and the Freemen are not the only groups that attract whackos. The FBI has its share also. FBI murderers don't talk about the Constitution, Grand Juries or the Federal Reserve. Instead they use terms like, "rules of engagement." Rules of engagement are a euphemistic was of saying, "license to kill" as in Ruby Ridge and Waco. When that helicopter buzzed the Freemen ranch it was a sign that the rules of engagement have changed.

Ruby Ridge and Waco brought us the OKC bombing. If Justus turns bloody, there's a high probability the aftermath will be worse than OKC. I know it's hard for some people to imagine that. But the facts are there. Just as they were there in 1915 (WW I), 1937 (WW II), 1948 (Korea), 1965 (Vietnam), and 1993 (Waco). The public didn't want to see them then, and I'm afraid they don't want to see them now.

It appears that the FBI is getting the ropes ready. Yes, the FBI is preparing for its day of the rope. There doesn't seem to be any way to stop them. Now our hopes for domestic peace lie with the more responsible elements in the militia movement. They must get their brethren to see that this is a war for hearts and minds. Hearts and minds are not won by bullets and blood. If they can get their brethren to understand that bloodshed will, at a minimum, wound us all, then they will be heroes in the cause for liberty. If they can't, or worse, won't, then the journey to liberty will most likely take a bloody detour.

FREEMEN versus the U.S.

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