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Creative Philosophy and Sociology of the Law of Peace:
Legal HipStory for Religious Use Defense under Religious Freedom Restoration Act
(part 4)

Family, Culture, Creed

Here is included more detail and observations relating to our creed; our beliefs, agreements, expressions, understandings, etc.

The following article was entered by the Government as evidence in the 1988 Texas Case [Melton, J. Gordon (1978), Encyclopedia of American Religions (McGrath Publishing Company: Wilmington, North Carolina), Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 78-78210.]:

"Rainbow Family of Living Light. Growing out of the counterculture movement of the late 1960's and conceptualized in the thinking of the Rev. Barry Adams, the Rainbow Family of Living Light is a loosely organized network of communes. The Family is truly a rainbow in its eclectic mixture of differing beliefs, concerns and practices. Typical of its eclecticism are the several religious festivals it has sponsored. The one held at Strawberry lake, east of Granby, Colorado, called together the "tribes" to give honor and respect to anyone or anything that has aided in the positive evolution of humankind and nature upon this, our most beloved and beautiful world."

"The belief world of the Rainbow Family centers upon ecology and the psychic/spiritual world much discussed in the 1960's. Basic is a nature-pantheism expressed in the belief, "God is you, God is me, God is the World, God is the Sky, God is the Sun." The ecological emphasis is expressed in a love of nature and of the out-of-doors. Adherents believe that everything in nature was placed there for man's use (not abuse). Marijuana is one of the God-created herbs, and viewed as of sacramental value. All forms of pollutants are opposed."

"The psychic world view is expressed in the incorporation of numerous practices from various bodies. The great invocation (channeled through Alice Bailey) is freely used, as is the distinction between Jesus the man and mystic Christ consciousness. Followers believe in reincarnation, but with a distinct, this-worldly interest. Christ consciousness is a mystic state, but is signaled by a person's making others happy, doing good and giving more than is taken."

"Love is an important goal. Loving someone is equated with heaven, and hate with hell. Sex is an expression of love. Legal aspects of marriage are no longer necessary, for when two people love each other, they are married. There are no formal acts or worship, and the formality of most religious acts is condemned. A wide mixture of Hindu chants, Christian hymns and meditative techniques are employed to reach God consciousness."

"No membership rolls are kept; estimates range from 100 to 500 as of 1972. The Family claims as many as 10,000 among those who share its free lifestyle."

As noted, this document was entered in 1988, in Federal Court in Texas, against me. At that time, I indicated in testimony that there were inaccuracies in the document, including the following ( not excluding other inaccuracies).:

To my way of thinking the Rainbow family was conceptualized in the mind of Jesus Christ (my personal witness).

I would have gone on to say that the "differing beliefs" include folks who have a political or cultural/creed as well as spiritual association.

In the beginning, those of us who wore the Rainbow "colors," lived the Rainbow Creed, stood for the understanding that we are/were part of the I-MAGI-NATION (see Rainbow Oracle, on Vortex I).

A statement I wrote at the time, "New Jerusalem, Mandala City for All People" (c.1970-71 beaplunker, B. Adams) included this:

"Wherever grass grows, wind blows, and sun shines, it does so upon a Natural Child of God, a Natural Child of Humankind, Therefore is our Natural Brother or Sister"

My personal witness is Jesus Christ, as a Child of God-Us, Creator, Great Spirit. I am not technically a Christian; however, I am into Jesus on the Tao. (see Where...?)

It is commonly held, as part of our Common Creed -- our common agreements of lifestyle, path, exercise of free expression -- that Anyone with a belly button and All Our Relations (a Native American expression accepted among Rainbow People), is part of our "True Family," the family of life on earth; we are related to all of life, all living Beings. And my personal witness is that Creation itself is a Living Being.

There are no leaders, no followers of the Rainbow People. There are no Elders, no Priests, no Preachers, no prescribed rituals but the Silence upon the Fourth of July at Noon [see "Invitation to World Family Gathering" 1972].

I was asked by the U.S. Attorney, in the Federal Court in Texas: "When you tell someone...?" I interrupted the U.S. Attorney: "We try not to tell people what to do at a Rainbow Gathering." U.S. Attorney, "Well, when you ASK somebody to do something at a Rainbow Gathering, and they agree to do it, don't you expect them to do it?" I replied: "No."

I answered in truth. At a Gathering, even a Gathering where I may know the People who are there, and even if they agree to help out; I am still only asking. Even if they agree, and even move to go and do what needs to be done, they may or my not wind up doing the task. I would simply be bringing it to their attention. It is commonly held among people of our Creed, our Way of Life, that we individuals among our culture "do our own thing." We may have some influence on one another; but our culture and way of life is that each and every person is personally responsible for their own lives and choices. We may act in support of one another or not, we may associate or not associate, Assemble or not Assemble, at each moment, as it happens, in the Now.

Our Spiritual Kinship, our Common Union is achieved at each breathe of our body, at each moment of our applied will to join or not to join, to be or not to be with one another; even when we do join at will, it is in the I-Magi-Nation.

There are people who have no relationship to a mystic or spiritual or religious life, who yet are of similar Creed and Relationship to Life with those people who attend Gatherings who are Religious or Spiritual, who believe in the Mystic, who accept Jesus as human, or as Son of god, or Savior, or any number of other beliefs, etc. The Common Ground of Peaceable Assembly extends beyond and includes every possible religious/spiritual difference, including the belief systems of atheists and agnostics. Without this primary assertion at the foundation, there can be no covenant of Religious Tolerance; this is the necessary philosophical underpinning of the First Amendment, an inclusive social contract. Peaceable Assembly provides much of what the Founders of our U.S. Constitution sought by their work, as described in the Preamble to the Constitution [see Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, and Tenth Amendment].

These Spiritual Assemblies come to Gather where they are by an Impulse, a Calling. When they first took place on Boston Commons, in 1775, for example, the People had no Permit, nor did they stop Assembling in their "natural soapbox place of expression," simply because constituted authority neither understood nor sanctioned their Peaceable Assembly.

People who come to Gather for non-religious/non-spiritual purposes may come to Redress Grievances, or Assemble for political expression, or simply to be with one another in Peace. They often attend Gatherings, act in Peaceable Ways, Assemble with other Peaceable people, in Free Expression and Exercise of their Political or personal beliefs. They are not less-respected, or condemned, or set apart any more than folks who are Hebrew or Catholic, Hindu or Buddhist, into Jesus or the Goddess, eat Vegetables or meat, Drink Coffee or Tea; none shall be set apart. Part of the Creed, which Gathers the Rainbow, and others, is Tolerance of differences in peaceable ways.

Some folks within the Gatherings call themselves, or are called by others, such names as "Elders," or "Keepers of Sacred Sacrament," or "Leaders," or "Chiefs," etc. Among our People it is widely held that a person, an individual, can call themselves anything they want, and we have a full range of names. Such "titles" have little or no meaning beyond some one person's identification. [**Note: Some such names are used in the recent U.S. vs. Rainbow Family Complaint, issued Feb. 16, 1996, in Florida.

Gatherings, particularly Rainbow Style Gatherings, are free and open to all; composed of individual volunteers who work in service to do the myriad tasks necessary for Peaceable Assembly. Over the years, many of the same individuals attend and work in service as volunteers at these Peaceable Assemblies, and this is honored and respected. However, there is no hierarchy, no membership lists, and no official titles. This is the way it has been since the beginning.

I have been termed a "founder" of the Rainbow. It is true that I had a "vision" when I was very young in Montana, that led me to Table Mountain, on July 4, 1972. However, I see myself as being someone who "found" and "was found," like in the song "Amazing Grace," "I was lost, but now I'm found." When I left the U.S. Navy in 1966, I lived in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and walked on Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, and the media and tourists called us "HIPPIES." We called each other "brother" and "sister," acknowledging our spiritual "kinship," even before we knew each other in any personal ways. Before we called ourselves Rainbow, we called ourselves "the Family of Three Lights," "Outlaws of Marblemont", "Morning Star Ranch," "Wheeler's Ranch," "Church of Ahimsa," "Diggers," "Family of Mystic Arts," "Hog Farm Family", "Family Dog," "The Farm in Tennessee" (see Stephen Gaskin's books), etc.

I am one of the "Earlies" of the Rainbow (as I call it). It is true, I have been in the First Circles of our Rainbow People; and before that, all the way back to the first "Human BE-IN," in January 1967; back to Haight-Ashbury Days, where the First Circles of our People (in 1960's) took place when we were sitting around the rooms in the "crash pads," passing joints of marijuana and food to one another. Most of us barely knew one another, yet we gathered in peace, in the Park or in the Crash Pads, or on the Street, and shared our way of life, established our common creed [see Haight-Ashbury Oracle, 1966; Rengelevio, by Emmett Grogan; also, Rainbow Oracle, How to Blow Minds and Influence People, Where Have All the Flower Children Gone?]

Ever since the beginning of Gathering, since the Clean-up Crew at Vortex rode away calling ourselves "Rainbow Family," some of us, different individuals so moved, have always stayed behind to help Restore the Earth. It is very much a part of the Gatherings to "leave no trace," and "go lightly on the land." We gather in Nature not to trample or destroy, but to celebrate, and BE with our kindred nature, and give thanks; it is in balance, then to give back and "make peace" with the Earth, as we are there, and as we leave.

In my personal spiritual life, this is my personal word between myself and the Earth, the Earth is a Living Being, the Earth calls me Home to the Gathered Swarm of People, where I learn Respect and show Respect to any and all who have Gathered and the Earth itself. When I feel this call, it is so strong that I know, in the face of Oppression or Intolerance, or Governmental mis-understanding or mis-conduct, I will still Gather, I will still Swarm with my People, in my Free Home and when the Gathering is over, because of my Respect of the Earth and of the gifts God has given me, to help replenish, restore, clean-up the mess of Humankind; to help to Restore The Earth, Restore The People, as I am part of Humankind, and I live here, and it was Our People who first stood forth in Silent Consensus in Council Circle with Freedom and Responsibility.

Our cultural use of the herb, marijuana, dates back to the beginning of the Hippie movement/generation, Peace Experience. In 1971, I wrote the following rap, which was included in the Rainbow Oracle:

On Marijuana as Sacrament (c.1972)

(The Lord gave us all the herbs of the Earth, All plants for our use, Gen.)

"This really says it all, the Lord gave us a whole world to watch over and to protect and to enjoy living in and what we do, we fight over what he gave us and what we should use I for, leaving aside so many other issues that we could take up, we will settle upon one of the most basic of human rights, what we as a people have the right to ingest in our bodies?"

"Assuming that we are all equal children, subject to God's will and Law first, subject to the laws and customs of the land secondly. Jesus aptly demonstrated this by breaking the Sabbath and committing many crimes against the customs of his day here on Earth, indicating however, all the way thru that we should obey or be ready to go to jail. Also that in Romans 8 which guarantees us certain inalienable rights as well as indicating a path for this Country's People to proceed upon, one toward Freedom, not away from.."

"There is an estimated 2 million of our people locked away in Prisons. These are not true criminals such as people who have committed murder, etc., but people incarcerated for "crimes" (I use the word crime rather loosely here) such as possessing and smoking marijuana(one of them herbs God gave us) and of course a myriad of charges such as speaking freely, living freely, being free etc. they are in prison illegally and everyone knows this, we know it is unconstitutional to imprison someone who is simply living within their equal; and fair share rights within the law of the land, in accordance with God's law and will, which is again, to live according to the customs of the land. Listen" (when policeman break the law, then there is no law only survival ( this is a quote from a movie called Billy Jack) on with the movie, come on folks, consider that what is happening is causing such a foul up in the Court system, if anyone could get a fair trial, if they could actually present legal evidence that would free all these prisoneers and let me tell you there is enuf evidence around, tho most of it has been considered inadmissable in courts all over this land remember they tried Our Lord unjustly (out of ignorance) and they are trying us and you, you are us, we are you....undeniable fact...."

Now Willy Mimzy and Rev. Jim Kimmel both live in California, both are involved in cases wherein they have used grass as sacrament, same and similar to the Native American Church (who incidently do not worship the plant but rather the Great Spirit that gave them the plant) and to the Catholic and other churches that take communion, grass is bread, manna from heaven, you may deny it because you are afraid or have heard stories about what using it leads to -but folks almost everyone that uses marijuana that I have to admit there are a lot of very uptight self-righteous Jesus People running around, most of who got that way from doing hard dope and blowing it, then crying out for help and having some other uptight self righteous Jesus person come along and lead them to the Lord, this is alright, 'cepting about the uptight, self righteous part...better for the religious leaders and political leaders worry about being right with God stop persucuting his children, we are the Children of God, We worship and live according to to his will and word, we interpret the law and will of God , like unto Jesus who had to be an open minded and beautiful personna as well Lord of Lords. Anyone that has a mind that could create Matrjuana and place it upon the Earth must have known that we'd use it, The Lord does not tempt us, only doubt and fear and evil people keep us from knowing God by not living His will and Law, come on loosen up folks, really, check out the facts of living on this Earth, fear grips our hearts and you don't know how to communicate with your kids or neighbors, things are closing in, but realize that by preventing people from living and having basic human rights, Let alone the rights that God gives, you increase the tribulation, bring it down on yours and ours heads, investigate this that I say, if interested in these two particular ;cases before ;the courts contact Rev. Jim Kimmel Religion of Jesus Church ....(unreadable)....Contact Willie Mimzy defense Psychedelic Venus Church.....(unreadable) .And this kind of imprisonment for use of Marijuana only constitutes a few of the cases coming before the Courts confiding human rights. For more information contact your local A.C.L.U. legal aid Society, or anybody in your town that is involved in draft counseling, working for anti-war legislation...It is all the same, one thing or trip, one denial of human rights takes away from the chances of this Country becoming a free Nation of this World then truely we will be able to hold up our heads and say yes, I live in th land of the Free and Home of the Courageous...Right now however too many people got their heads in the sand...perhaps you have had our head in the sand, too...please look; there is enough misery in the world as it is, without the misery incurred by your inaction. selah"

This was written years ago, and a lot of it is true and still true, ...only the number of millions has changed, because so many have been arrested and persecuted since then. Both Willie Mimzy and Rev. Jim Kimmel were prosecuted and convicted.

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