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Creative Philosophy and Sociology of the Law of Peace:
Legal HipStory for Religious Use Defense under Religious Freedom Restoration Act
(part 6)

IV. Road To Freedom

Exercise of Rights of Religious Liberty, Political Expression, Cultural Lifestyle Creed, Freedom of Speech, Right of Peaceable Assembly, Right to Redress of Grievance.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993; Public Law 103-141 (H.R. 1308) was passed on November 16, 1993. This Act reaffirms First Amendment protection of free exercise of religion, and allows for claims and enables use of "religious practices" in claims and defense under the law. The following provides some background on the Act, its text, and notes on its application to cases involving use of marijuana as sacrament and other religious/cultural practices of the recognizable hippie minority/culture, in particular, gathering as a form of spiritual expression.


In 1989, the Ganja Root Church of South Florida sought a decision from the U.S. Supreme Court concerning their right to use marijuana as a religious sacrament. The Ganja Root Church of south Florida are Rastafarians. They lost.

The Supreme Court ruled there was a compelling governmental interest, i.e., the drug laws against marijuana, and therefore First Amendment rights must be curtailed; i.e. Right of free exercise of religious beliefs, Marijuana as Sacrament.

In 1990, in Employment Division v. Smith, (494 U.S. 872, 108 L. Ed. 2d 876, 110 S. Ct. 1595 (1990) individuals in association (members) of the Native American Church, who use peyote as a form of sacrament, argued that peyote use is intrinsic to their shared beliefs, an essential part of their free exercise of religious liberty. Again, the sacrament in question was a controlled substance, treated as a criminal violation of the "Drug Laws," i.e. War on Drugs. This case was brought to the Supreme Court, where the Native American individuals involved petitioned for the Right to Exercise their Religious Liberty. They lost.

A third case, around 1992, affected the Santeria Religious People, in south Florida. These folks were brought to suit for one of their practices in which they get together, search out a goat (among other animals), cut its throat in a ceremonial way to catch its blood, then open its belly and read its entrails for signs and messages of prophesy, etc. After this they drink the blood, cook the goat and eat it, all of which is done in an obviously ritual and ceremonial way. This religion came from a blend of African and Catholic rituals in the Caribbean; only they truly know the full intrinsic value of their ritual. These folks were issued an Animal Abuse Violation, which they took to the Supreme Court, where they too lost.

Naturally, the Catholic Church, the Hebrew People, and the National Council of Churches, among others, immediately saw danger in these Supreme Court Rulings:

For the Hebrews and many Christians this could signal infringement on "Passover," wherein the "blood of the lamb" was placed over the doorways of those People who listened to God through Moses. This is only one instance.

For the Catholics and many Protestant Peoples who take Holy Communion, this came very close to home; if you are of the Faith and join the Church, or through Grace, participate in Communion, then you "at of the body and drink of the blood of Christ."

Therefore, a great majority of the "organized religious groups" lobbied Congress to construct an Act to Restore Religious Liberty, Restore the Free Exercise of Religions, and they specifically mention Employment Division vs. Smith.

All of the current crop of Presidential candidates either lobbied for, or were part of the Congressional group that sponsored the Act, or were part of the citizenry in support of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993; this includes President Bill Clinton, who signed the Act into Law in November (see President Clinton, record of statements).

Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993

(for Legislative History of Act, see Report for P.L. 103-141 in U.S.C.C. & A.N. Legislative History Section.

For the whole text of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, go here.
[for an interesting reading and study]

(editors note. In the original, the whole text of the RFRA act was reprinted)

Due Process:
Under Civil Rights Laws, persons, citizens have the right to protection of laws regardless of race, color, creed; including religious beliefs, exercise of religion, right to free speech and expression.

The entire concept of Due Process of Law means that every person, every citizen of the United States, is governed equally in sight of the law. In other words what goes for those with religious beliefs, goes for folks with political beliefs; or of every race, color, or creed. [see Brown vs. Board of Education; and Articles and Amendments to U.S. Constitution]

Additionally, several recent Supreme Court decisions indicate that the Supreme Court values First Amendment rights to Freedom of Expression. Specifically, in a case involving the Irish War League vs. Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual Alliance of Boston, the U.S. Supreme Court, in June 1995, ruled that the Irish War League have the right to their own "Soapbox" and the Right to Exclude any one not of their Expression. Justice David Souter wrote the Opinion.

This meant that Civil rights Laws which normally would effect such cases, take second place to the Rights of Free speech and Expression, as Established by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Definition of Creed, According to Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary credo (first word of the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds), fr. credere to believe, trust entrust; akin to Oir cretid he believes , Skt srad-dadhati (bef. 12c) 1. A brief authoritative formula of religious belief. 2. A set of fundamental beliefs; also ; a guiding principle.

The Rastafarian Decision

Jah Rasta Far I will lead the Way! February 2, 1996.

In 1996, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Ruled that under the Religious Freedom Practices Act of 1993, a "Religious Use Defense" may be used in cases concerning possession and use of marijuana. Some points of the case are included here.

Case Reference:
U.S. App. LEXIS 1458 cases: No 94-30073, 94-30074, 94-30075, 94-30076, 94-30084, 94-30171 94-30178 July 19, 1995 * Argued and Submitted, Seattle, Washington. These are Appeals from the United States District Court for the District of Montana:

Decision. The decision reads as follows [p. 7]:
"The district court first found that the challenged law substantially burdened the free exercise of the Rastafarian religion. Relying on several earlier appellate cases, the district court held, however, "that the government has an overriding interest in regulating marijuana," The district court quoted Leary v. U.S. 383 F. 2d 851, 861 (5th Cir. 1967), rev'd on other grounds, 395 U.S. 6, 23 L. Ed. 2d 57, 89 S. Ct. 1532 (1969), as follows: "It would be difficult to imagine the harm which would result if the criminal statues against marihuana were nullified as to those who claim the right to possess and traffic in this drug for religious purposes. For all practical purposes the anti-marihuana laws would be meaningless, and enforcement impossible." The district court concluded that the government's in {*15} limine motion would have been granted even if the Religious Freedom Restoration Act had been the law of the land at the time."

"Bauer, Meeks and Treiber appeal the district court's rulings as to the religious use of marijuana."

In the Ninth Circuit the ruling came back this Way [p. 6]:
"II. Religious Use Defense Under The Religious Freedom Restoration Act "Calvin Treiber, Dawn Meeks, and Lexi Bauer have presented themselves as Rastafarians. We focus here on an issue of first impression: the interaction of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 with the claim of use by Rastafarians of marijuana for religious purposes. {*11}"

"Treiber, Meeks and Bauer asserted that they are Rastafarians and were Rastafarians at the time of the charged offenses, and that Rastafarianism is a recognized religion. It is a religion which first took root in Jamaica in the nineteenth century and has since gained adherents in the United States. See Mircea Eliade, Encyclopedia of Religion 96-97 (1989). It is among the 1,558 religious groups sufficiently stable and distinctive to be identified as one of the existing religions in this Country. See J. Gordon Melton, Encyclopedia of American Religions 870-71 (1991). Standard descriptions of the religion emphasize the use of marijuana in cultic ceremonies designed to bring the believer closer to the divinity and to enhance unity among believers. Functionally, marijuana--known as ganja in the language of the religion -- operates as a sacrament with the power to raise the partakers above the mundane and to enhance their spiritual unity."

"A. Proceedings
"The religious issue was first raised in June 1993 by Meeks who sought funds under 18 U.S.C. 3006A(e)(1), which provides that counsel for a person financially unable to obtain expert services necessary for adequate representation {*12} may request the funds in an ex parte application. Counsel for Meeks sought money to pay for a physician to testify as an expert on her medical needs and a theologian to testify as an expert on her use of marijuana for both religious and medicinal reasons. The motion was denied by the district court.

"On September 24, 1993, the district court granted the government's motion in limine to preclude the appellants from presenting testimony or evidence on their possession or use of marijuana for religious purposes as a legal defense. The district court granted the motion "upon review of the pleadings." The district court relied on Employment Division v. Smith, 494 U.S. 872, 108 L. Ed. 2d 876 110 S. Ct. 1595 (1990)."

Later on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was passed...the defense for these folks entered it in the case [p. 7]:

On November 17, 1993, the defendants drew the district court's attention to the report of the President's signing of the bill and, while professing not to know whether it was retroactive, renewed their objection to the court's in limine ruling. Counsel for Treiber moved to reverse the court's order "with regard to the First Amendment defense." Counsel for Meeks joined in Treiber's motion. Bauer was already recognized as joining all relevant defense motions. The court did not change its position. Meeks also requested the district court to instruct the jury to use the balancing test of Sherbert v. Verner, 374 U.S. 398, 10 L. e. 2d 965, 83 S. Ct. 1790 (1963), and Wisconsin v. Yoder, 406 U.S. 205, 32 L. Ed. 2d 15, 92 S. Ct. 1526 (1972), in accordance with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The district court refused to grant the request.

The Ninth Circuit did not agree, and stated that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act did apply, and the defendants [p. 10]:

"The district court treated the existence of the marijuana laws as dispositive of the question whether the government had chosen the least restrictive means of preventing the sale and distribution of marijuana. The district court relied on a drug case decided before the enactment of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. We do not exclude the possibility that the government may show that the least restrictive means of preventing the sale and distribution of marijuana is the universal enforcement of the the marijuana laws. Under RFRA, however, the government had the obligation, first, to show that the application of the marijuana laws to the defendants was in furtherance {*22} of a compelling governmental interest and , second, to show that the application of these laws to these defendants was the least restrictive means of furthering that compelling governmental interest. The denial of the Rule 29 motion was in error as to the counts of simple possession."

"As to the counts relating to conspiracy to distribute, possession with intent to distribute, and money laundering, the religious freedom of the defendants was not invaded. Nothing before us suggest that Rastafarianism would require this conduct. These counts stand. As to the three counts on which the appellants were convicted of simple possession, the exclusion of the religious defense was in error."

"Treiber, Meeks and Bauer may be retried on the possession counts. The government should be free to cross examine them on whether they, in fact, are Rastafarians and to introduce evidence negating their asserted claims. It is not enough in order to enjoy the protections of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to claim the name of a religion as a protective cloak. Neither the government nor the court has to accept the defendants' mere say-so."

V. Rainbow Bridge In The Law

There are now some 400 Gatherings or more each year, in different locales, in different places on Public Lands, in other Countries, on private lands, all around the Earth. Little or no formal connection exists among all these different individuals who Gather in different places However, the guiding Principles, the Common creed is Peaceable Assembly, in the Rainbow Style...free and open to all, etc. The Way the Rainbow Gathers on Public Lands, or other places is as much a Practice of their Beliefs, as a High Mass is for Catholic People who are gathered for that purpose.

Under R.F.R.A. (1993), O'Hara v. Andrus would be overturned -- not as to the safety and health requirements, etc., but on the "necessity to have an authorization by Forest Service," to pass a "Religious Test," a "First Amendment Test" on whether the Gathering is First Amendment or not. R.F.R.A. also addresses whether the "generally applicable laws" stated in 36 CFR 251 and 261, which are self-described as rules to ensure "no conflict with other administrative uses of applied for lands" (such as cattle leases or timber leases, etc.), would /could give these other activities standing that could/would supercede First Amendment Rights to Public Ingress and Egress to Public Lands. There are few places, particularly with Water and meadows, located anywhere in the Public Lands that are not under lease by Rancher, Farmer, or other commercial interests etc. No opportunity to Gather would be the option under 36 CFR 251.

Also, no Forest Plans, in any Forest Service District, appear to consider Peaceable Assembly grounds. In no Planning conferences is the matter brought up, nor are their any provisions in any Forest Service District or Regional offices planning "options," to accommodate the Constitutional provision for Peaceable Assembly [This is mentioned in 36 CFR 251]. Therefore, there are no other options for citizens, but to find their own Gathering/Peaceable Assembly Grounds, and to Gather.

The Forest Service knows full well that Rainbow People, and others like ourselves, feel very deeply about the Belief that only the Creator has dominion over the Earth. The Earth is not owned, nor can it be. The Federal Forest Service personnel are "Caretakers" of the Public Lands, held in common trust for the enjoyment of all citizens. Forest Service knows that the best way to work with Rainbow Style Gatherings (which are Unique and have Intrinsic Value), is to allow them to happen as they are, and by reaching a Cooperative Operations Plan Agreement with the Gathered People. An Operations Plan is the Least Restrictive Means, allows for Ample Alternative Means of Communications, and is in the Compelling Governmental Interest.


Gideon Israel, Rainbow Valley, 1996:
In 1976, at Love Israel's house, Church of Jesus Christ at Armageddon, in Seattle, Washington., I met Jeff McMonagle, who was then joining up with the Love Family. Jeff had been one of the "original" folks in the "Dinosaur Club;" a group who dedicated themselves to social transformation (Freedom of Expression) through Rock and Roll Style Family Gatherings, at Dinosaur Valley [note: see Gideon Israel deposition].

Later on, in 1977, Jeff's name was changed by the Church of Jesus Christ at Armageddon to Gideon Israel. At different times Gideon and I have gathered at different Places: at Gatherings of the Rainbow Family, Gatherings of the Love Family, Peace Concerts in Seattle, Peace Gatherings in Rainbow Valley, etc. For many years we were part of the volunteers for LegalLiaision for the Rainbow Family Tribal Council. Gideon went on to found Rainbow Valley, and still Gathers with the Rainbow on Public Land at times; however, his concentration has been Rainbow Valley for a number of years.

Background. Recently, as of Nov. l995, Gideon Israel received a summons for violation of a Noise Ordinance. This Summons was invalidly applied. Improper service of process; plus, apparent collusion upon the part of various governmental officials in order to infringe upon Gideon's right to Religious Liberty.

Rainbow Valley was established as an Exercise in Religious Liberty, by Gideon Israel, who has a Creed, a Guiding Principle for his Life work, based on Jesus Christ, his understandings of the teachings of Jesus Christ and their applicability to the needs of the People of this Day.

In short, Gideon established Rainbow Valley as a place for Peaceable Assemblies, as a Sanctuary for the Free Expression of the Exercise of Religious Liberties and the Rights of the people to make a "Joyful Noise" unto the Lord. During certain days, events take place wherein persons, citizens, come from near and far, numbering into the thousands, in order to Exercise their rights of Speech, Religious Liberty, and to Redress Grievance.

The People come to hear Music, view Arts, and other forms of Expression, and by their presence, and their actions of being with one another in a Peaceable Assembly, to freely Express the nature of their Being, their shared beliefs of living in peace on a common ground together, under specific agreements to promote the common good and the general welfare of the people assembled [see rules for entry to Rainbow Valley and Gideon Israel deposition].

As part of Trustee Gideon's personal religious belief that the People need to have a place to freely express themselves, Rainbow Valley has become a Sanctuary for those with little or no other acceptable place or opportunity to Express themselves, to Redress Grievances; i.e., Rainbow Valley becomes a Forum for Soapboxes, upon which those with little or no other recourse for Expression, may come under the agreements for entry of Rainbow Valley, may in fact, Express their Truths, their Grievance, their cultural liberties.

Recently, some persons came to Gideon and asked to hold a "Rave," which is an exercise in Expression, wherein persons who freely associate express themselves, through Music and dance and association; express their shared belief of transforming society through these Raves.

In accordance with the Agreements for entry to Rainbow Valley , these Ravers made agreements to Respect the Peace Gathering Ways of Rainbow Valley and to give a donation to the cause of defending the exercise of religious liberties (as stated on public invitations to Rainbow Valley). This is in accordance with other activities also taking place at Rainbow Valley.

Wounded Earth Environmental Project (W.E.E.P.) co-sponsors the Earth Restoration Faire at Rainbow Valley, first weekend of August each year, since 1994. W.E.E.P. volunteers approached Gideon Israel and asked if their right of expression could be exercised in the Sanctuary that Rainbow Valley offers, as a forum for Expressions of Peace. Gideon agreed.

In many ways, each event at Rainbow Valley and each event that Gideon sponsors, in previous years and now, has had a consistent guiding principle, which is also a major principle of Gideon's own creed and the free exercise thereof -- the Principle of Peace Gathering; a common ground open in Peace to all people.

Compelling Governmental Interest. It is a compelling governmental Interest that there be places, sanctuaries, forums for truth, open places for "Soapboxes," established for the People. It is in the governmental interest that such places be open for the People/Citizens to Peaceable Assemble to Exercise their Rights of Religion and Political Expression.

It is a compelling governmental interest to weigh the balance of thousands and thousands of persons coming together in Peaceable Assembly as verses the disturbance of a few individual citizens who are adversely affected by the presence of those same thousands and thousands of people, in Peaceable Assembly.


In and through out these documents and in my personal witness, there is sufficient legal grounds for Barry Adams and Gideon Israel to file a claim for Judicial Relief under R.F.R.A., by which their associates , other of Common Creed--recognizable minority, and Gatherers are likewise protected. The Government, in 36 CFR 251 and 261, already recognizes the Rainbow Family and their Gatherings as "a Religious or Spiritual Group." Also, by their introduction of the article in the Encyclopedia of American Religions as evidence against me, they gave their recognition of this in Federal Court in 1988. In the Case of Rainbow Valley and Gideon Israel, prior rulings have confirmed and protected his right to religious practice, in Thurston County Washington, and in Federal Court in Arizona. [see Ninth Circuit Rastafarian Ruling, rulings in cases against Gideon Israel, and Gideon Israel deposition.]

Gideon Israel has been a Constant Defendant for Civil Liberties, Free Exercise of Religion, Right to Peaceably Assemble for Purposes of Expression, and Redress of Grievances. [See U.S. vs. Gideon Israel].

Barry Adams has been a Constant Defendant for Civil Liberties, Free Exercise of Religion, Right to Peaceably Assemble for Purposes of Expression, and Redress of Grievances [see U.S. vs. Barry Adams (U.S. vs. Rainbow Family)].

Gideon has two cases where Judges have upheld Religious Use Defense in Thurston County, Washington; plus, Gideon claimed Religious Use Defense in U.S. vs. Israel.

Gideon and Rainbow Valley are currently faced with an Unconstitutional County Noise Ordinance, and the County has engaged in possible collusion and openly stated "emphasis" (selective enforcement) against Rainbow Valley and Gideon personally. A system of "generally applicable laws" is being used against Rainbow Valley to try to stop "Peace Gatherings" at Rainbow Valley. If successful, this will deprive Wounded Earth Environmental Project (W.E.E.P.) of a place to have the Earth Restoration Faires; currently, Sue and I co-sponsor these with Gideon at Rainbow Valley. This would take away our opportunity to have a soapbox on private land for free expression for Restoring the Earth.

If an injunction against the Rainbow Family happens in Florida, and applies elsewhere in the United States, it is possible that I, because I am a listed/known person of the Rainbow, could be prevented from travelling from where I am toward any Public Lands; this could be construed as possible conspiracy to violate a Judge's Orders. This would take away our opportunity to have a soapbox for free expression on Public Lands. Between the Local and State attack on Rainbow Valley, and the Federal attack on the Gatherings, we are left with little or no other places of opportunity for a Soapbox for our Expression of views, and our Expression through Gathering. We, myself and Gideon, would then be effectively shut out of any place to exercise our First Amendment activities.

Therefore, I am going to co-file with Gideon in an injunction to enjoin the Thurston County officials from violating the free exercise of our Religious/Political Liberties. We foresee similar injunctions to enjoin the State of Washington from enforcing its Outdoor Mass Gatherings Laws; and to enjoin the USDA Forest Service from enforcing its Group Use Regulations, as applied to myself and Gideon Israel.


We Maintain and Propose the following points for Solution of Conflicts:

Reasonable Compliance -- Operations Plan Agreements that meet and/or exceed the applicable County, State and Federal Health and Safety Standards.

Least Restrictive Means -- Voluntary compliance through the Operations Plan Agreement allows maximum autonomy and self-reliance for the People, while allowing the government to ensure that all health, safety, and environmental goals are met; these are mutually agreed upon by Government and Family. A voluntary relationship also fosters a cooperative attitude that is invaluable in the event of an actual emergency. Moreover, granting maximum autonomy encourages self-reliance rather than dependence, welfare, etc.

Compelling Governmental Interest -- (a) Peaceable Assemblies are in the governmental interest because they encourage Peace and "domestic tranquility" by providing a uniquely inclusive common ground within our diverse society, fostering appreciation of differences. (b) It is very costly to wage all out war against the Rainbow Family, against People of our CREED and Culture. It is very costly to maintain a Police State on the Threshold of Our Peaceable Assemblies. The Government could have "Peace with Honor" in the War on Drugs (which is, to a great extent, a War against People of our Creed and Culture) by finally recognizing the legitimacy of our cultural practices; i.e., by honoring the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, and by not violating the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Also, it must be noted that Our Gatherings took place on Public Land, before there was a Permit, or a Regulation authorizing or not authorizing the Peaceable Assembly on Public Lands for Purposes of Expression; excepting the U.S. Constitution, First Amendment. When the Regulation was finally issued, in June 1984, Rainbow Style Gatherings set the tone and mood, for the regulation. The regulation is tailored directly to answer to Our Style of Gatherings. Our Style of Gatherings should have some protection because of "Grandfather or Grandmother Clause." We, Rainbow People and Myself, Gather in a particular Style which is unique in its inception and Our Style of Gathering (our free exercise) is as much in need of being protected as is Our mere Right to Gather.

It is time for our RECOGNIZABLE MINORITY to obtain CIVIL RIGHTS.

Help Wanted

Please help. We need to have several cases researched. We are working on them ourselves, as quickly as possible...all help is appreciated in love, peace, justice...especially any info on the following:

Native American Religious Freedom Act of 1979 -- The current Regs. apply to Native American People going onto National Forest land for Spiritual expression.

Irish War League v. Gay, Lesbian, and Bi-Sexual Alliance of Boston, Supreme Court, June 1995; addresses Right to exclude dissimilar views from a Soapbox, right of Free Expression.

Case in Philadelphia (?) about Nuns in Church being too Loud...

Case of person who won right to be in Public Library, even if he/she smelled bad to others.

Any cases related to Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 and any quotes from leading public persons, like Dole, Gingrich, etc., concerning R.F.R.A.

Additional info on "CREED"-- basis for a case on CREED...we have a commonly held belief....of Peaceable Assembly etc.

Anything on becoming a recognizable minority, attaining minority status; which, under Civil Rights Laws, includes race, color, creed -- any civil rights statements to this effect, or Court cases.

Gideon and I spoke to U.S. Attorney Reginald Luster, in Florida, he said that Thursday, March 8th, is when the Injunction will be instated. Gideon and I are writing a personal note to Reginald Luster, and specify in the note, a request for him to drop the complaint based on Constitutional Grounds. We are also sending a Complaint to the U.S. Department of Justice, Janet Reno's office, asking for an investigation of the Forest Service, et. al., for "Prosecutorial Misconduct" and "Selective Enforcement."

We are not planning on filing against the Govt. in Florida at this time. My understanding is that there will be a default judgement which can be vacated later.

The Government knows full well that we will Gather somewhere this Summer. We will Swarm. Forest Service know if they come to Our Council, in the Full Light of Day, July 1-7, on the Land, Rainbow Family Tribal Council will be there, and will work it out with them., in Peace, as we have done each year for nearly 25 years.

The Nez Perce people, felt strongly, some hundred years ago, that they must Walk, Flee to Freedom, to a Free Home, among their People in Canada. They left their "reservation" in Washington and Walked and Struggled for many days. Their story, their saga has been told many times. Finally, after having been murdered and chased for days and days, Chiefs Joseph surrendered in a memorial speech: "I will fight no more forever..," others fled to Canada to the Free Home, to Freedom.

Rosa Parks, in Memphis Tennessee, decided she "would not be moved," and neither would/were the many persons of all colors and creeds who walked together into places like Selma, or Little Rock, in the 1960's [see: Brown vs. Board of Education]. Like them, we are forced to become "Freedom Riders;" because Freedom isn't just another word for nothing left to lose (Janis Joplin).

All through the ages, People have had to learn to stand up and Exercise their Freedoms. I know that Our People, as on the Day of fire in Wyoming in 1994, and other days of blockade and Police State Tactics, will Gather in Peace Ways. In times when Our People have been murdered, like Jesus, Nancy and Vicki (West Virginia, 1980), and Dominick Moya (West Virginia 1990), and the thousands who have been busted or are being busted, for Gathering, and the practice of Our Religious/cultural/creed beliefs -- we have always Gathered, in Peace, with Love and Justice for All -- see you there.

We will put any and all information out on the Net for all folks to see. This injunction and subsequent infringement on my free exercise of my inalienable right to Come Home and Gather, is substantially burdening my First Amendment Freedoms. However, I know, I believe, that Our People, will Gather, will Swarm, will come Home, in the Ozarks or somewhere near; somewhere Over the Rainbow, somewhere on this side of the Police Threshold, until We, Our People have Gathered in Peace, over the Fourth of July. I know we will hold hands in Silence on the Fourth of July and be glad. I know we have the Right to Be and to Practice our Beliefs.

I would like to say that there may be some inadvertent inaccuracies in this document. Anyone who has better or different information please send to our Net address, at Rainbow Valley , when we shift we will notify, if possible our next net ads. or Box 8574, Missoula, Mt. 59807, to me or W.E.E.P. I will be at this Net ads. until March 19, 1996 -- Thanks.

Love you all, We are proceeding to get together on St.Patrick's Day, March 17, 1996... to "tame the snakes of America"...for Prayer and Deliberation...in a Circle of Peace....please join us wherever you are ...or show up..if there is 75 people who show , we will go to the National Forest to be and read the Regulation, and see if there is any room for our Style of Gathering. LET'S GET TO GATHER AND IT WILL BE ALRIGHT!

- thanks, for now... BeaPlunker and Sue, Rainbow Valley folks etc. Harriet Tubman Lives.

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