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This is a summary of the most recent info on Big Mountain: BIG MOUNTAIN ALERT! mid-July 1997
Compiled by Neriah


Many of the tribal elders who were forced to sign under duress could not understand English. Nevertheless, a Peabody Coal Co. Attorney presented the option of instant eviction or signing a restrictive and prohibitive lease with fine print conditions which guarantee immanent eviction anyhow.
The Peabody Coal Company attorney just happened to show up without warning at every door of every home on the reservation like this accompanied by a big burly B.I.A. cop, an FBI agent, an official tribal council representative and the official seal of approval of the US. government signed by Bill Clinton as a relocation law this year.
Money quickly was exchanged to further hamper any legal protests through the courts and to incite the tribal quarrels already going on about whether the traditional ways , values. lands or prophecies are worth holding on to.
Those who did not sign have begun to be relocated to a part of the reservation that has been contaminated with uranium tailings on the land and nuclear waste in the water.
Is this cultural and physical genocide?
The grandmothers who are the tribal elders are asking for help. They say their way of life and their traditions will be completely and forever lost if they are relocated. Even with those who try to meet the conditions and not be instantly relocated, they will not be allowed to graze their sheep, goats and cattle nor farm their fields.
The grandmothers say this is part of their prophecies and why they are declaring a state of emergency. Their prophecies warn that the resources ripped from the Earth on their sacred Big Mountain will be used to destroy the Earth. They also warn that when the Hopi way of life is completely threatened it would be a sign of the end coming and the last chance to restore the balance before it's too late.
Why is Peabody doing this?
Peabody is not satisfied with grinding the coal, mixing it with water and shooting it through conduits to be reprocessed 70 miles away and burned into electricity for Las Vegas and Japan and carbon emissions for the greenhouse effect. Peabody is expanding operations, increasing mine production and setting up plants right next to the mines to process it into electricity on the spot. The pollution is easily observable from satellite visual and rapidly growing larger. According to Big Mountain Support organizer, John Benally, after Mr. Peabody died a few years ago, an international conglomerate Hanson PLC based out of London purchased the company and continues the effort to remove the Hopi/Dineh peoples who hamper their greedy exploitation and pollution of the Earth's resources.
It is projected that between now (July 97) and the end of the year, most of the 10,000 Hopi/Dineh will be relocated out of the area thanks to S.1973 signed into law last October by Clinton. They need help of every kind as their funds and networking abilities are depleted from over 20 years of fighting this forced relocation. They need money, food, support, legal aid, networking, letter-writing, lobbying and folks to spread the information QUICKLY!
They are Sundancing and counciling with the elders the 13th-20th of July and ask all who can to pray in spirit with them that they might find a way to deal with this problem.
Wednesday July 23 at 7pm at the Eugene Peaceworks in the Growers Market building at 454 Willamette in Eugene there will be a free video presentation and up-to the minute information.

Write letters to Peabody, President Clinton and your Congressional representatives.
John Benally po box 733, Hotevilla AZ 86039
Sovereign Dineh Nation po box 30453 Flagstaff AZ 86003 (520) 522-8683

Shundahai Network 5007 Elmhurst Ln. Las Vegas NV 89108 (702) 647-3095 shundahai@radix.net

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