In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Lane County

THE STATE OF OREGON,            )
                       Plaintiff,       )
                                        )      10 - 96 07033
           VS.                                    )
                                )  INDICTMENT
DAVID IESHRAEL,                 )
                      Defendant.        )

The above named defendant is accused by the Lane County Grand Jury of the crime of
=> How can you have a Crime without a Victim? The Assembly is the victim of your Crime!


=> UNLAWFUL: How can it be UNLAWFUL to have Herbs that the CREATOR Created.. growing in our
=> Garden? This is not Prohibited by the LAW of the CREATOR. Even by your own law.. the Constitution
=> (flawed as it is) with it's BILL of RIGHTS, The Law that was meant to Govern the Government, "Congress
=> shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" ... What
=> part of "make no law" do you not Understand?

=> MANUFACTURE: We are stumped again! How is it possible that we MANUFACTURED a CREATION of
=> IaHUeH? You may regard yourselves as GODS... but we will not let you make us Transgressors in this
=> respect. We cannot Lie.. so therefore we can in no way Take this Charge Seriously!

=> CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: And you flatter yourselves as well! You CANNOT CONTROL IaHUeH's
=> CREATION! Or STOP His TRUTH! You cannot Even control yourselves!! or you would not need so many
=> laws. Who created the Crack Epidemic? The President of the United States is said to have "a nose like a
=> vacuum cleaner" and this is from his Coke Dealer Brother Roger.

=> As we have stated we do not Recognize the Power of Transgressors over us!

committed as follows:

The defendent, on or about July 3, 1996, in the county aforsaid, did unlawfully and knowingly manufacture (see above) a quantity of a mixture or substance containing a detectable amount of the controlled substance marijuana; contrary to statute and against the peace and dignity of the State of Oregon.

=> You may have a Statute... But there is no peace to the Wicked.. says IaHUeH! Besides.. let us look at the area => in question.. next to Scolbert Park.. an area that has become infested with real Drug Dealers, Prostitutes,
=> Drunks, IV Drug users who leave their Needles laying around for innocent children to step on! (This has
=> recently happened the childs parents are still waiting for the results of the HIV test... What if this had been
=> your child?) people who Deficate outside our windows and Shoot up their poison.. that was Imported by the => Government... and your Law Enforcement is INCAPABLE of dealing with... we see the same ones all the time... => we see the police talk to IV users.. who were in the process of preparing their "fixes" (and merely covered
=> their works) the cop walks away and they continue where they left off. We have also seen a police car pull
=> quickly into a parking lot.. to jump out of his car open the trunk hand a shopping bag to a Known Dealer.. and => leave. What does this mean? And you tell us that we are against your "Peace and Dignity"?!?

DATED August 5, 1996, at Eugene, Lane County, Oregon.

ORS 475.992(1)(a)/Class A Felony   F. DOUGLASS HARCLEROAD, District Attorney

Witness Examined:
Rick Siel
                                   By _______________________________
                                        James L. Hunt OSB 77-229
                                        Assistant District Attorney
                                        Lane County Courthouse
                                        Eugene, OR 97401
                                        (503) 687-4261

bls                                             A TRUE BILL
=>     You people seem to have *NO* Capacity for TRUTH!

                                     Patricia L. Davies
                                     Foreman of the Grand Jury



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