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TWO ARKS, The Coronation Stone and "The Time of the End"

For some completely unknown reason, on the fast of 17 Tammuz 5756 which corresponded to Independence Day this year, July 4th 1996, John Major the prime minister of England decided to return the Coronation stone to Scotland. (from an Associated Press News Dispatch dated July 4, 1996)

The implication is similar to President Clinton deciding to return the Statue of Liberty to France.

I have been lecturing on the fact that this " overturning" would take place in 1996 according to Ezekiel prophesy, for the past 7 years. My lectures are on many tapes and in fact I wrote the attached piece in 1995.

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Sept. 28th, 1995

(Jacob's Pillow, The Stone of Destiny, Lia Fail)

In Westminster Abbey, under the throne of Edward I, lies a stone 26" x 16" x 10.5" of purplish-red sandstone of a type not found in the UK but found in Judea and Moab. The stone has two very worn iron rings and has a great crack in it. All the Monarchs of Great Britain since its removal from Scone in Scotland 700 years before 1996, have been crowned on it apart from Mary Queen of Scots.

It was so esteemed by the British people that when Edward III was forced to return the crown jewels and this stone to Scotland in 1328, there were riots in the streets of London and only the regalia were returned. Prior to its removal from Scotland all Kings there had been crowned upon the stone, it having been moved from Ireland from Tara via Dunstaffnage, Iona and finally to Scone (Perth ). It left the hands of the Irish in the 5th century where for 1,000 years prior, all Kings of Ireland had been crowned upon this insignificant looking piece of rock.

Irish legend and history recount that in the 6th century on the north east coast of Ireland ( near Carrickfergus) a sage arrived from Egypt via Ireland. He was accompanied by a secretary and a young Princess. They brought with them a mysterious chest holding a harp (the emblem of the Royal House of David and a motif found today in the arms of Ireland and in the Royal Coat of Arms of the House of Windsor), a banner and a large rough stone. The name of the aged seer was Ollamh Fodhla (Wonderful seer), the secretary, Simon Brug or Bruch and the Princess, Tamar Tephi. This Princess married into the Royal Family of Ireland. Even the Royal Family of Ireland at this time according to the ancient records, itself was from the tribe of Judah but this is another story.

At precisely this time in history, Nebuchadnezer, King of Babylon had brought an end to the dynasty of the House of David, the Kings of Judah. The sons of the last King Zedekiah were slain and only his two daughters were spared. They were taken to Egypt by the great prophet Jeremiah, accompanied by the scribe Baruch. They then disappear from Biblical history.
Is it just coincidence that a similar group are reported to have landed in Ireland?
Is it a further coincidence that "Jeremiah's Tomb" is located by popular legend from time immemorial on Devenish Island in the beautiful lake, Lough Erne?
After the marriage to the Irish Prince is it coincidence that the capital of Ireland was immediately moved to a new site to be called Tara, the center of the law (Torah)?

What is not in doubt is the location and importance of the stone and the harp they brought with them. Both are inextricably linked to the British Royal family till this day.

Ezekiel proclaims the end times thus:

"Thus saith the Lord G-d; Remove the diadem, and take off the crown; this shall not be the same; exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high. I will overturn, overturn, overturn it: (The House of David will rule in three places in succession outside of Jerusalem ) and it shall be no more, until the time come whose right it is; and I will give it to him."

Next year is the 700th anniversary since the last "overturn". How ironic and poignant that after 700 years only now do we see the prospect of the fall of the House of Windsor. The prophesy comes full circle in that, instead of there being two Princesses as survivors, there are now two Princes. 1996 is the 3,000th anniversary of the founding of Jerusalem by King David. 4,004 BC, 1,004 BC 4 BC 1396 AD 1,996 A.D.......

The legends state that the chest that Jeremiah brought to Ireland contained the Ark of the Covenant. That chest is buried in a mound next to the Irish Queen Tamar Tephi at Tara and to date there is no evidence that this mound has ever been excavated. Maybe next year to coincide with the excavations at Djaharya.


The following was sent for Associated Press release, August 7, 1996:

Regarding story on the moving of the CORONATION STONE from England to Scotland:

For seven years author/lecturer/publisher Michael S. Sanders has widely predicted that this stone would be " overturned" in 1996. Not only are there taped lectures making this prediction, but the attached piece on the stone was widely disseminated in association with his planned excavation of the site at which the treasures of Solomon's Temple were handed over to the Egyptian King Shishak.

The prediction that something would happen to Jacob's Pillar in the year 1996 was widely criticized and laughed at and the credibility of Mr. Sanders was severely damaged. Nevertheless he stuck to the prediction even when his closest friends begged him to drop it, in that it was damaging his ability to complete the work on the excavation.

Only two weeks before the fulfillment of the prediction, a friend sent Mr. Sanders article to the Jewish Los Angeles reporter Phil Blazer and even then attempted to have the material on the stone left out. Fortunately the Coronation stone material was sent, thus adding another reliable witness to the prediction.

Many popular books on "The End Times" have used modern events to "prove" Biblical prophesy however examples are ALWAYS used after the event. This prediction is believed to be the only one on record predicting an "impossible " event specifically by date 7 years in advance of the event.

Mr. Sanders has a tremendous amount of similar material - much of it from the codes in the Torah and Tanach. The book of Ezra in particular contains a paragraph referring to the laying of the foundation stone of the Temple in which in code a tremendous amount of significant words appear including Moshiach, Mikdash and other words of tremendous significance which refer to the forthcoming excavation at Djaharya, the site of an Egyptian Temple at which ALL the treasures of Solomon's Temple were handed over by Rehoboam to the Egyptian King, Shishak. Further details on request.

1) The Kabbalah states that the festival of SuCCoTh is linked to Jacob. (Jacob's Pillar/Coronation Stone). Succoth this year starts on September 27th.

The Queen Mother of the Milesians who some state was one of the daughters of Zedekiah, the last King of the Davidic line was called SCoTa.
The Scots derived their name either from her or from the original meaning behind the name SCyThians, in that they were wanderers, and they carried with them a SuCCah or booth in which to camp.

2) In more fully investigating the distribution of the first AP story it has been found that only THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, my local newspaper carried the story in a substantial way. ( a full half page story with pictures.) Had I lived in any other area of the country I would not have read about the John Major decision in any other major newspaper.

August 28, 1996


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