"To Seek out that which was Lost..."


But again... Is it Correct? This is the criteria we had been using. We are now in our fifth year of Checking and rechecking this issue.. were we wrong? A few times on minor details.. which we corrected immediately... but this?

We were following the Instruction correctly. To be fair the instructions are not Obvious... but when we Look at What IaHUeH Says in His Word it is rendered apparent.                           -Special Thanks to the RAMYK!


Below is a message I received roundabout from Troy Miller. Just for the record I do not follow Troy Miller! as a matter of fact I am not sure that he even likes me.


The part that convinced me was that no matter how hard we struggled we could not really find that line "first moon in the spring of the year?".. but only assumed it was there or that it was presumed knowledge. I knew it was not dependent on Barley back home.. so all of those arguments about the abib barley in Jerusalem just threw me further off track!


The Feasts and SetApart Times are All Important... but since we have been in Dispersion and Away from The Land.. the one that is Critical is ShaBaT. I am happy to say that we have been ON in that regard (unless I missed something else). The others are for when we are Gathered Back Home and IaHUShUA' Re-Establishes IeRUShaLeM! SOON COME!!! But we need to know when they are.. and it makes for good practice.



Hello all,


We are expecting a two day new moon this month (tomorrow and the following day--4-14 and 4-15-2010).  So the next four Sabbaths will be on the following dates: 4-22, 4-29, 5-6 and 5-13.


Some of you are keeping this month as the first month rather than the second.  If you got last month's e-mail, you would have read why the month we just left was the first month.  (Last month's e-mail is included at the end of this e-mail.)  The bowl shaped moon (that seems to be spoken of in Exodus 12:2) was seen last new moon, the evening of 3-16-2010.  And as Providence would have it, barley was found ready to go in several places at that time, Israel and Arizona among them.  So, nature (the first gospel) revealed that last month was the first month of the year.


Read Exodus 12:2 understanding what was said in Genesis 1:14 about the two great lights.  YHVH uses the Hebrew word chodesh (rebuilding) three times in this verse. 


This "rebuilding" will be the beginning of the "months", it will be the first "rebuilding" of the year to you.  Exodus 12:2.  What distinguishes this "moon" from all others in the year?  What makes this moon special?  The new moon NEAREST the spring equinox is a bowl shaped moon, it is level with both horns pointing up rather than tipped to the left or looking like a backward C.  Nature reveals the starting point for the year.  Barley is a second witness.  If the calendar is in the lights in the heavens, then the starting point has for the FIRST month of the year has to be different than the months surrounding it AND there should be barley in Aviv at that time.  This only occurs at the new moon nearest the spring equinox.


If you are keeping this month as the first month of the year, what are you using as evidence that this is the first month?  There will not be a unique moon seen at the beginning of this month and the barley harvest has already begun in most parts of the world.


If you missed Passover and Unleavened Bread last month, 4-28-2010 will be the second passover this year.  There is no second Unleavened Bread however.


I know that a lot of you have SDA backgrounds, probably most of you do not.  I want make a statement or two directed to the former or current SDA's on this list.  The rest of you can pick up this dialog at the bold red font below if you have no interest in what I'm going to share with the SDA's on this list.  There is a statement written in the Appendices found in Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 4, 1884 edition, p. 497 and Great Controversy, 1888 edition, p. 681 that says that Israel began their year at the new moon AFTER the vernal (spring) equinox.  These statements were NOT made by EGW.  In fact, no one knows or will admit to the author that I am aware of.  Nature


If you want to know what EGW DID have to say about Passover, here are three quotes:


"The first of these festivals, the Passover, the feast of unleavened bread, occurred in Abib, the first month of the Jewish year, corresponding to the last of March and the beginning of April. The cold of winter was past, the latter rain had ended, and all nature rejoiced in the freshness and beauty of the springtime. The grass was green on the hills and valleys, and wild flowers everywhere brightened the fields. The moon, now approaching the full, made the evenings delightful."  Patriarchs and Prophets, p 538


"There were three annual feasts, the Passover, the Pentecost, and the Feast of Tabernacles, at which all the men of Israel were commanded to appear before the Lord at Jerusalem. Of these feasts the Passover was the most largely attended. Many were present from all countries where the Jews were scattered. From every part of Palestine the worshipers came in great numbers. The journey from Galilee occupied several days, and the travelers united in large companies for companionship and protection. The women and aged men rode upon oxen or asses over the steep and rocky roads. The stronger men and the youth journeyed on foot. The time of the Passover corresponded to the close of March or the beginning of April, and the whole land was bright with flowers, and glad with the song of birds. "  Desire of Ages, p. 75


"The feast was held near the close of March or the beginning of April.  This was springtime in Palestine, and the whole land was bright with flowers, and glad with the song of birds."  Story of Jesus, p. 31.


These three quotes line up with nature.  The quotes found in the Appendix of the other two books do not.  This PRECLUDES the passover from ever taking place at the end of april which some of you are planning to observe.


Some of you feel like the new year cannot begin until winter is over at the spring equinox.  You have no SDA baggage clouding your vision, but have come to the same conclusion as some of my SDA friends (who did so based on faulty information).  I have been told several times this year that the new year cannot begin until after the equinox.


OK, where is the line drawn between the seasons in Scripture?  Nature determines the seasons, not man, not a date on a man-made calendar.  The "spring" equinox is neither mentioned nor implied in Scripture, so why be dogmatic saying it cannot be spring before winter has ended at the equinox?  So my daffodils, peach and cherry blossoms, hyacinths, crocus and tulips are stupid, that they don't have a clue when it is spring?  I must have purchased retarded trees and flowers for my yard.  >grin<  Do you think I can take them back and ask for some dogmatic trees and flowers that I can program to bloom when some of my brethren think they should?  >grin<  All these things were in bloom from 3-29 to 4-5 when we observed Passover/Unleavened Bread this last month.  Spring has sprung.


Let's think about this for a moment.  The "winter" season found today in 2010 on the Gregorian calendar has nothing to do with Scriptural time keeping.  The observation of the equinoxes and solstices is pagan in origin.  Indeed, the Father created these events, but He never included them in His calendar, so is it a good idea for us to do so?


The festivals are based on three different harvests.  There will be little barley at the end of april, and certainly no first fruit harvest as the harvest has already begun.  Anciently, the harvest  could not begin until the wavesheaf is offered and accepted.  The wavesheaf is offered at the very beginning of the barley harvest season.  Observing this month as the first month will force Passover/Unleavened Bread to be observed at the end of the barley harvest.  Not very good time management, is it?


It gets worse.  If you wait until april 28 for Passover, your Feast of Tabernacles will be about 10-23-2010 to 10-30-2010.  This is the feast of Final Harvest.  How many beans, squash, melons, pumpkins, onions and potatoes are harvested at the end of October?  None.


Please take a serious look at this.  You are forcing yourself to observe the feasts out of season.  Does nature lie?  We know for a fact that the feasts are linked to the various harvests of grain and produce.  Nature does not lie.  All nature screams the majesty of YHVH. 


I'm not preaching, I'm not upset, just hoping to educate and cause folks to think and examine their motives and timing for the feasts.  We are all in this together.  I'm not judging anyone, and I'll not disassociate myself from any who go ahead and keep the feasts out of season.  We each have to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.  Besides, I might be wrong.  If one of you can come up with evidence that supports the first Passover being this month,  don't be shy. 






PS: I'm still working on my mailing list, so if you get this twice, you are blessed.  If you don't get this at all, well, something went terribly wrong.

When a man or woman are honestly mistaken and hears the truth, they will either stop being mistaken or cease to be honest.



Sent last month:

Hello all,

...and Happy New Year!!  Tomorrow (3-16-10) is the first day of the lunar-solar year.  Weather permitting, we will see the bowl shaped Pasach (Passover) moon tomorrow evening (3-16-10) so PLEASE go outside and watch for it.  You will not regret the experience.  Also, there is barley in aviv in Jerusalem (if it matters to anyone).  The Father's calendar posted in Genesis 1 says nothing about barley, so the barley is only a second witness, not the primary witness, which is displayed by the lights in the heavens.

This all means that Passover will be on 3-29-10, Unleavened bread from 3-30-10 to 4-5-10.

The bowl shaped moon is seen once a year, with the first crescent nearest the Spring Equinox.  If anyone can come up with the historical quote regarding the Pasach moon, please pass it along.  I read it some years ago, but did not drag and drop it somewhere safe.  My bad.

The pagan t-days will fall on the Creation Calendar Sabbaths, and will be on 3-23, 3-30, 4-6 and 4-13-2010.

A big thank you to everyone who went out last month and looked for the crescent, last month had bad weather all over, so your eyes were vital to our continued success.  Please be sure to e-mail me if you see this bowl shaped moon that I believe YHVH was pointing out to Moses in Exodus 12:2, the word month (used three times in this passage) should have better been translated as rebuilding, the literal meaning of the word chodesh.  A month is an arbitrary thing, you cannot "see" an entire month, however, the rebuilding of the moon, a unique sliver at that, would make an excellent marker that the new year had begun.

Sorry, some of you will get this twice as I am still making some changes in my address book.  Patience my friends.





By: Voy Wilks7/1/88
Assembly of Yahweh (7th day)

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