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ביהושוע המשיח
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I am moved by IaHUeH's Spirit to Recognize Kinship to ALL who, according to IaHUShUA' Ha-MaShIaCh (by whichever pronunciation or transliteration) have entered into His Kingdom.
Both Houses of The Twelve Tribes of the Scattered Sheep of the Children of IeShRaEL

We are convinced that..

The Scripture contains the WORD of IaHUeH, His WORD is TRUE!

Delivered through the mouth of His Prophets and that this WORD is addressed to IaHUeH's people, IeShRaEL. So that by their example the whole World would come to Know the Goodness of IaHUeH!

The fulfillment of the Word of IaHUeH as recorded through history is more than enough evidence to prove that He Is in fact All that He says He Is. The same is true of the Word He spoke through IaHUShUA' Ha-MaShIaCh which can be found in the books called Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and The Revelation.

Paul was of another dispensation and though his Epistles were the most -siezed upon by the enemy- we still find useful information and even reproof and correction..

We also acknowledge the fact that this WORD has not been accurately translated or properly applied.
Through the record provided in this WORD we have seen that...

IaHUeH is Righteous! IaHUeH is Singularly Separate.

 The Most-High                        A UNITY.
Not divided.

The Christian concept of Trinity is in Error.

According to IaHUeH's Word and at the time appointed He sent His Firstborn Son (who existed before the world was) to fulfill His Will. This is IaHUShUA' Ha-MaShIaCh Root and Branch of DaUID -born flesh and blood of a woman before she knew a man (virgin) her name was Miriam of the daughters of Heli Ben NaTaN Ben DaUID and Aharon Ben LeUI. Adopted by her husband IOSePh Ben IaHUDaH.
-He was rejected by the IaHUDIM though many were Convinced (rejection)
-Delivered into the hands of Roman Authorities (betrayal)
-He being without sin was executed with great reservation and under protest by the Roman governor (execution)
-after three days in the tomb He rose again alive. (resurrection)
-He went back to the Father to make preparations for us. (ascension)

He is our Righteous King -Anointed of IaHUeH and is our only Lawful Authority.

IaHUShUA' did not come to replace IaHUeH...
or to be separate from Him. But rather was sent by IaHUeH in His Name, to do His Will and speak His Word -to Fulfill IaHUeH's Promise to make it possible for us to come into this same
UNITY and receive IaHUeH's Singular Spirit (which is not a separate entity from IaHUeH).

Our ancestors have sinned...

The Ten Tribes of IeShRaEL (associated with Ephraim) broke their Covenant agreement with IaHUeH, continuously transgressing IaHUeH's Commandments, by turning away from obeying IaHUeH, to worship the "mighty ones" of the nations. Consequently IaHUeH turned away from them, allowing them to be taken captive and dispersed throughout the nations of the world in various degrees of forgetfulness.
It were to these peoples that IaHUShUA' sent His Good News... they responded with Christianity.  Fleeing persecution and loving liberty many later found their way to a land we call America.

Christianity has transgressed...

by rejecting IaHUeH's Commandments contrary to IaHUShUA's instructions... causing the world to inadvertently worship "mighty ones".

Christianity and Judaism have been at odds (to put it mildly) for almost two thousand years due to Major misunderstandings on both parts. These can be understood better by turning to IaHUeH's Word with an honest heart; seeking His Truth... we can find how He purposed it and how it so beautifully fits in with His wonderful plan. Even everything He Promised!

The Tribe of IaHUDaH along with the Tribe of BeNIaMIN and the LeUIIM with them (who became known as "Jews") also turned away from IaHUeH, transgressing His Commandments, in worshipping the "mighty ones" of the nations. Were taken captive to Babylon... when the time of captivity was over about 20% of them returned Home to build the Second Temple and rebuild Ierushalem... then later (when it was destroyed again) went also into dispersion. These people remember and have Preserved The Scripture. Traditions however can be very misleading.

The whole world is in wickedness.

Turning away from the Good that IaHUeH has Freely offered... the world is plunging headlong into death and destruction.

We also have sinned...

in all of these ways... even worse!  
We have acknowledged these

We also acknowledge the fact that as a result of our turning away from IaHUeH that He has turned away from us and delivered us into the hands of our enemy...

we have called on IaHUeH to Save us...

been Immersed in water...

for the remission of sin... and cleansed by the blood of the Lamb. We now live a new life following IaHUShUA' in obeying IaHUeH.
According to the Promise...

IaHUeH has visited us.

We invite you to...

join with us in this acknowledgment.

For further details...


"To Seek out that which was Lost..."