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The Story in the Letters: ALePh-BeT

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Old name Early
Ancient Picture of: Meanings Sound Value Paleo Hebrew Moabite Stone Evyoni
Represents: Middle
Modern Paleo
New name  
a א Ox head Strong, Power, Leader A, E 1 A A א Ox a a א a Aleph prefix = I will
b ב Tent floorplan Family, House, In B, Bh 2 b B ב House b b ב b Beyt prefix = in/with

The letter Bet has a "b" sound and is a picture of a tent and represents what is inside the tent - the family. The meaning of this letter can be tent or within. When this letter is placed in front of the word erets the word be'erets is formed and means "within a land."

c ג Foot Gather, Walk G 3 g G ג Camel c c ג g Gimal  
d ד Door Move, Hang, Entrance D 4 d D ד Door d d ד d Dalet  
e e
e ה Man with arms raised Look, Reveal, Breath H, E 5 h H ה Wind e e ה h Hey prefix = the pronomial suffix
The Hey has a "h" sound and is a picture of a man with his arms raised up, shouting and pointing at a great site as if to say "behold, look at that". This letter is used to mean "the" in the sense of pointing to something of importance. When this letter is prefixed to the word erets the word ha'erets is formed meaning "the land."
F ו Tent peg Add, Secure, Hook W, O, U 6 w W ו Hook Ff F ו w Vav pronomial suffix = his
The Waw has a "w" sound (called the vav in modern Hebrew with a "v" sound) and is a picture of a peg or nail which is used to secure or add things together. This letter is used to mean "and" in the sense of adding. When this letter is prefixed to the word erets the word we'erets is formed meaning "and a land."
z ז Mattock Food, Cut, Nourish Z 7 z Z ז Olive tree z z ז z Zayin  
h ח Tent wall Outside, Divide, Half Hh 8 j X ח Fence h h ח j Chet  
U ט Basket Surround, Contain, Mud Th 9 f j ט Serpent u u ט f Tet  
i י Arm and closed hand Work, Throw, Worship Y, I 10 y Y י Hand i i י y Yud pronomial suffix = my
As a prefix, it indicates the third person qal imperfect - indicating continuing action in the past or future. Thus yod as a prefix means "He was, is and will be DOING something". It implies Action.
k כ Open palm Bend, Open, Allow, Tame K, Kh 20 k K כ Palm of the hand k k כך k Kaph prefix = like / as
pronomial suffix = our
l ל Shepherd Staff Teach, Yoke, To, Bind L 30 l L ל Ox goad l l ל l Lamed

prefix = to / for
The Lamed (Lam in Ancient Hebrew) has a "l" sound and is a picture of a sheperd staff which was used to direct the sheep toward a particular direction, such as that of water or pasture. This letter is used to mean "toward" and when prefixed to the word erets the word le'erets is formed meaning "toward a land."


m מ Water Chaos, Mighty, Blood M 40 m M מ Water m m מם m Mem prefix = from
masc. pl. suffix
The Mem has a "m" sound and is a picture of a water. This letter can also mean the flowing water of man and animals, the blood. Blood is passed from one generation to another and can therefore mean "from." When this letter is prefixed to the word erets the word me'erets is formed meaning "from a land."
n נ Seed Continue, Heir, Son N 50 n N נ Fish n n נן n Nun verbal prefix
we suffix
X ס Thorn Grab, Hate, Protect S 60 s S ס Post x x ס s Samech  
o ע Eye Watch, Know, Shade stop 70 u [ ע Eye o o ע u Ayin  
p פ Mouth Blow, Scatter, Edge P, Ph 80 p P פ Mouth p p פף p Pey  
Y צ Man on his side Wait, Chase, Snare, Hunt Ts 90 x C צ Fish Hook y y צץ x Tsade  
q ק Sun on the horizon Condense, Circle, Time Q 100 q Q ק Back of head q q ק q Quph  
r ר Head of a man First, Top, Beginning R 200 r R ר Head Chief r r ר r Resh  
s ש Two front teeth Sharp, Press, Eat, Two Sh 300 c V ש Teeth s s ש c Shin prefix = who / that / which
t ת Crossed sticks Mark, Sign, Signal, Monument T 400 t T ת Signature t t ת t Tav prefix = you will / you did
Ghah g Gh Rope of twisted fibers Crooked, dark, goat Ayin ע silent

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