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    This little book is based on a series of articles published in 1938 under the title, "The Election of Grace from the Selection of Race. " It is intended primarily for believers who are already somewhat familiar with the Bible. Its significance should be apparent to Bible students in direct proportion to their knowledge of the Scriptures. By its light one may comprehend hitherto obscure passages and see unsuspected connections and relationships between sacred and secular writings.

   It seems to me that the greatest contribution made by Treasure in the Field is in its correlation of the well established and non-controversial facts of secular history, archeology, and ethnology with Bible history and prophecy producing an end result which helps to clarify all of these fields. This book also dissolves the seeming paradox of race and grace: the great absolute, unconditional promises to Abraham's descendants on the one hand, and the equally unconditional and absolute New Testament promises on the other, without apparent reference to race or descent i. e., on a strictly "whosoever will" basis. Thus "literal Israel" and "spiritual Israel" are placed in correct historical and doctrinal perspective; and the way is pointed toward doctrinal concepts on which both conscientious Christians and conscientious Jews have good prospects of agreement. Many of the difficulties in understanding the Bible, it becomes clear, result from restricting one's perspective and seeking to interpret the Almighty's promises in too short a period and on too meager a scale. Faithful believers have therefore failed to perceive to what extent the very march of world history has been and continues to be the fulfilment of these promises.

    By providing another forceful demonstration of the internal harmony of the Bible, Pastor Traina has taken a further step to dispel popular misconceptions and to bring about that doctrinal integrity which impels belief. (1)

    If the ideas conveyed by Treasure in the Field seem new or strange to the reader, this seems to me a reflection on the modern humanistic teaching to which we have all been exposed, rather than any fault of the contents of the book, which are in perfect agreement with Biblical concepts and with the well established facts of history and ethnology. Throughout, the author has shunned the customary substitution of the names of pagan idols for the Names (2) of the Creator, Yahweh (iahueh.gif (1152 bytes)) and the Messiah Yahshua ( ). The Name by which the Almighty identified Himself to the prophets of the Old Testament and the Name of the Saviour —the only one by which He was known to His followers— are used. If these Hebrew Names seem strange, it is only because we have become so accustomed to the heathen substitutions (Gott, God, Zeus, Di-Zeus, Dios, Hlaf-weard, Pan Bog, etc.). A fairly complete explanation of the Names is given in the Preface of the Sacred Name New Testament.

   Because of the huge amount of material available to document the statements of the author, it has been necessary to guard against digression in order to preserve the thread of continuity. Some portions of the text may therefore seem oversimplified because of the author's need to select and condense, but this was thought preferable to exploring the many fascinating side roads at the risk of losing perspective. It is hoped that time and resources will permit the future publication of some of this source material.

    Pastor Traina is one of those individuals —rare in this day— whose knowledge in various specialized fields is integrated and whose eye is single. He is to be congratulated on his treatment of a complex subject.

    The Scripture Research Association holds that "dogmatic rejection of Scriptural enlightment leads to spiritual barrenness and rigidity, whereas its acceptance, after proper investigation, brings continued spiritual growth." (3) It is our hope that many others will investigate and test the material here presented in Treasure in the Field, for we believe that it is true and that it will stand under scrutiny.

Philip B. Wisman

Baltimore, Maryland
November, 1956

(1) Cf. Sacred Name New Testament: 1950, Scripture Research Association, Irvington, New Jersey, Preface, p.6.

(2) The Name, iahueh.gif (1152 bytes) pronounced "Yahweh" has been changed by translators to the name of whatever national idol was worshipped; the Name, pronounced "Yahshua" was changed to Iesus, DiZeus, and Jesus partly as an aid to early missionaries in their efforts to convert the worshippers of Zeus. Traina merely returns to the Names as originally given in Old and New Testament.

(3) Ibid., p. 13.


    Modern improvements in transportation and communication which have shrunk our globe and made neighbors of strange peoples have also forced upon everyone a semi-awareness, at least, of racial aspirations and pressures throughout the world, though we may not have thought of them as being racial.

    But recall for a moment that well-known slogan of the 1930's, "Asia for the Asiatics" and its variations, "The Orient for Orientals". True, the Japanese were unsuccessful in their primary effort to implement the slogan, but here we are in the late 1950's having watched the Chinese Communist government acting out with crude violence that which was largely talk in the '30's and '40's. Also, let us not forget another racial manifestation of relatively recent origin, the African Mau Mau terror which is still running its bloody course in spite of everything the white overlords can do to quell it. In our own country we have witnessed a less serious indication of racial ferment, largely in the form of violent words about "integration", "segregation", "white supremacy" "racial dilution', etc., but with actual violence in areas where both negro and white populations are numerically large. And we have heard arguments about "discrimination", and "lack of discrimination" repeated ad nauseum.

    Unpleasant as all this is, and much as we might like to close our eyes and forget the racial aspects of this turmoil, we cannot. Some of the milder "liberals" do seem to feel that if we could only act as though there is no such thing as race and never mention it, the problem will quietly disappear; others would solve all such problems by force. It happens that racial instincts and aspirations, however, lie much too deep to be ignored or discounted. There is no basis, either in history or in current events, for assuming that such problems will be more than temporarily mitigated in the foreseeable future. It is therefore the part of common sense to know something about the origin, nature and outlook of the three races of man according to the best anthropologists and historians, and according to the prophecies of the Holy Bible.

    It may come as a surprise to some that all of these authorities confirm each other to an astounding degree. Let's begin with the first chronologically, the Bible. To understand man and his performance, the Bible calls upon us to consult the instructions given by his Designer, who knows "what is in man" (John 2:26) and has said, "Ask of Me things concerning My sons and the works of My hand: Command ye Me." (Isaiah 45:11)


Witness No. 1: the Bible

    It is a fair question to ask, as many have asked, "If Yahweh Elohim created the first man, Adam, and if Adam was the father of all the races, why do we have white, black, and yellow-brown peoples? Why the differences and where did they originate? If one gives the book of Genesis an even break, and approaches it with the attitude that it may very well be correct, if properly understood, it will provide a wonderful insight, and we will find it in perfect harmony with all the impersonal facts of the laboratory, and with truly objective scientific analyses of eminent anthropologists and ethnologists. Genesis 2:7 states, "Yahweh Elohim formed man of the dust of the ground" and here we should explain for any readers who may not be aware of it that in the Bible the name of a person or object is often intended to signify its nature. Thus the word "Adam" literally has the meaning of "red clay" in the Hebrew language, and denotes that Adam was created of red clay. The composition of red clay is such that its color can be made to vary by changes in moisture, heat, and sunlight. Red clay, under the sun's rays will change to pink, yellow, or black. Similarly, we have in Adam, the red-clay man, the original from which developed white, yellow-brown, and black races.


    This development of races, however, did not take place in the antediluvian world. One reason is that in the era before the Flood, civilization was closely knit and occupied a small geographic area in the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia. It was the intermarriage of the previously law-abiding sons of Seth with the women of the violent outlaw line of Cain which brought about the great apostacy of those days and ended in the judgment of "the world that then was" (II Peter 3:6) "wherein only eight souls were saved" (I Peter 3:20) namely Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives. (Genesis 7:7 and II Peter 2:5). After the flood disaster the survivors made a new start. The Scripture states, "these are the three sons of Noah, and by them was the whole earth overspread." (Genesis 9:19) Some people use the term "races" quite loosely and would have us believe there are innumerable races, but in the basic classification of the Bible, as well as that of science, there are only three. Now let us call some other witnesses from among the top men in their field, whose disinterested statements confirm the reliability of the Biblical account.

Witness No. 2:

    The late Dr. Ales Hrdlicka, Curator, Division of Physical Anthropology, Smithsonian Institution, United State National Museum, Washington, D. C., says, "There are three primary Stems or Races of Man. They are the White, the Yellow-brown, and the Black; or the Caucasoid, the Mongoloid, and the Negroid." See Chapter VII, page 166 "Human Biology and Racial Welfare", edited by Edmund V. Cowdry, 1930.

    In the 1947 World Almanac, page 672, under the caption, "The Races of Mankind", the same Dr. Hrdlicka is given as the authority for the statement that, "three main human races are recognized today, which are: l, the whites; 2, the yellow-browns; and, 3, the blacks. WHITES: The Mediterraneans, the Alpines and the Nordics. YELLOW-BROWNS: The Mongoloids, the Malays and the American Indian. The last named race is now generally believed to have come originally from Northern Asia, and therefore of ancient Mongolian descent. Some of the natives of Central America and Western South America may have crossed over from the South Seas, it is conjectured. BLACKS: The Negrito, Negrillos and Bushmen, the Melanesian Negroes and Australians, and the African Negroes."

Witness No. 3:

    "All mankind according to Prof. A. C. Haddon, Cambridge University ethnologist, can be divided into three kinds — wooly hair, wavy hair, straight hair. Most Americans of European origin are wavy haired." (Ibid).

    Thus when scientific evidence is objectively collected and properly evaluated, we find it leads eventually to the truth which has been there, unchanged, all along in the Holy Bible.

    Now actually, all three witnesses are referring to the same three groups of peoples. Those to whom the Bible refers as the descendants of Shem are the very same group which Dr. Hrdlicka calls the Caucasoid or Whites and Professor Haddon classifies as Wavy-haired. The descendants of Ham are the same as Hrdlicka's Negroid or Blacks and Haddon's Wooly-haired. And the descendants of Japheth are the Mongoloids or Yellow-browns of Hrdlicka, whom Haddon calls the Straight-haired.

    During the 1940'S there appeared in this country a series of politically motivated and encouraged books and articles about the races of mankind apparently designed to curry favor with certain racial and political groups and purporting to be "scientific'*' But scientific claims which are not based on fact are worse than worthless, serving only to confuse the uninformed and to make the informed indignant. The idea which these writers of "scientific fiction" tried to convey was that heredity is unimportant and racial characteristics are virtually non-existent. However, we need only go as far back as 1930 to find the foremost anthropologists and ethnologists in the world agreeing on the basic and significant heritable differences between the three races, and basing their agreement on the evidence of the laboratory, on countless thousands of tests and measurements and on a wealth of documentation which is not likely to be successfully challenged. Contemporary scientific effort is continuing to discover more details which confirm the position taken by the three reliable witnesses cited above. As recently as June 25, 1956 an Associated Press dispatch from New York announced the discovery by blood scientists that the unique "Diego factor" had been found in the blood of the people of Mongolia. Previously it had been thought to be present only in the blood of American Indians. It is not found in the blood of Caucasians or Negroes. Two Venezuelan scientists, Miguel Layrisse and Tulio Arends have been testing Caribe and Arawaco Indians, Chinese, and Japanese. Meanwhile Mario Lewis, Hiroko Ayukawa and Bruce Chown of Winnipeg, Canada, and Philip Levine of Ortho Research Foundation, Raritan, New Jersey had much the same idea. Tests have been made in the Netherlands of 200 Dutchmen, in Spain of 150 Spaniards. In addition, 200 Italian blood samples were used, as well as 1000 from White individuals in the U.S.A. In none of these did the Diego factor show up: only in the Yellow-Brown sons of Japheth. The American Indians are thus once more traced to Asia. Scientists plan to test thousands more of each race, but the facts so far are said to be "impressive."

    Perhaps it would be well to clarify the oft quoted expression, "All nations are of one blood," since it has frequently been misused and taken out of context. The word "blood" actually does not appear in this passage in the Revised Version nor in the best manuscripts. It is used in the King James Version but it is generally accepted that the word was inserted without authority. Even in the KJV however the context makes it clear that boundaries are set up between the races and that it is not desirable for them to intermarry even though it is possible for them to do so. Within a species there can be many breeds, whether we are speaking of horses, dogs, sheep, or any other. Percherons may be bred with Polo ponies, Black Angus cattle with Brahmas, or Chow Dogs with Collies, but the usefulness of each breed would be lost in the process. The fact that it can be done does not establish the need for, nor desirability of, doing so.

"And hath made of one all nations of men for to dwell on the face of the earth and hath determined their appointed seasons AND THE BOUNDS OF THEIR HABITATION." Acts 1 7:26


    In starting a breed of horses, dogs, cattle, or of men, certain principles of heredity have to be observed. Wherever there is continual inbreeding, the common characteristics tend to become the dominant characteristics. The traits of each of Noah's sons were, of course, the common characteristics of the descendants of each son. The three sons and their families were separated after the flood in the three great Continents of the world, and their traits thus became racial characteristics as the families inbred and multiplied. The character of each of Noah's sons has tremendous significance in terms of the three races of man as they exist in the world today, and we should therefore note carefully even minor attributes of these sons.

    In Genesis 9:20 we read that Noah became a farmer, planted a vineyard and became drunk on the wine. As he lay uncovered in his tent, one of his three sons, Ham, "saw the nakedness of his father", then told his two brothers about it. In this statement there is more than meets the eye. The meaning has been purposely obscured in the English translations of the Bible, but any mature person may see what is involved by referring to Leviticus 18:6 to 8. This prohibition in Leviticus indicated the prevalence of sex perversion and how great a sin Yahweh considered it to be. When Shem learned what his brother had done, he persuaded Japheth not to follow the evil ways of Ham, but instead to join him in covering his father's nakedness. When Noah awoke from his wine and became aware of what his youngest son had done to him, he said, "Cursed be Canaan" (Ham's offspring) . "A servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren". Noah also said, "Blessed be Yahweh Elohim of Shem, and Canaan shall be his servant".


    This is an amazing prophecy. If we will only investigate it, we will find a key to what has happened and is still happening; the clue to history if we do not shut our eyes to it. The Shemites, or Caucasians, in other words, the White Race, has taken and is taking the constructive leadership; the Hamites, Negroid, or Black Race has been the most retarded and the subject race of the world; whereas the Japhethites — that is the Mongoloid, Oriental, Asiatic, or Yellow-brown Race may be persuaded to follow the ways of the Caucasians or Shemites. If we can but use our eyes to see, we must admit that though heaven and earth may pass away - the Word of Yahweh does not fail. For today, where the Hamites are controlled or dominated, it is only by the White Race or Shemites. Not one inch of Hamitic territory is controlled by the Japhethites or Mongoloids. Time and again the Asiatics have attempted to control Negroid territory. The U.S.S.R. which now is predominantly Japhetic (mongoloid) has tried and failed, so far. Japanese diplomats thinking by intermarriage to gain a foothold on African soil, tried to arrange for the son of Haile Selassie to marry a Japanese noblewoman but this strategem did not succeed. The Word of Yahweh stands true. It was prophesied that Shemites should control the Hamites, and history testifies to this monumental truth.


    Of Japheth (whose descendents were originally known as "Gentiles" ) Noah prophesied, "Elohim shall enlarge (persuade) Japheth and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem, and Canaan shall be his servant" (Gen. 9:27). Notice this language, since it is essential for clearly understanding the exposition and prophecies of both Old and New Testaments. The word translated "enlarge" has the additional meaning of "persuade". The Japhetic or Mongoloid Race is both the largest numerically and is also being "persuaded" by the White Race to follow Western ways. Although the greatest religious missionary effort has been made by Shemites to persuade and convert the sons of Japheth so that they might share the blessings of Shem, they seem to have been persuaded chiefly in respect to our materialism. Now to summarize: The sons of Ham were to have been subservient, the sons of Shem were to take the leadership, and Japheth was to be given a choice of sharing the blessings of Shem or the curse of Ham. (see also Isaiah, chapter 60 to 63).


    It now appears, after 4400 years that very few descendents of Japheth have decided to accept a share in Shem's blessings. Generally speaking, Japheth is still without Yahweh Elohim and without hope, despite the great missionary efforts put forth by the Shemitic witnesses since the first advent of the Messiah. Comparatively few of the Mongoloid Gentiles have taken the advantage offered them in the Gospel of the Messiah, to share in the Atonement that will —when permitted— take away the sins of anyone in the world, be he black, white or yellow-brown. No one is prevented from sharing these blessings. It is rather that the prophets foresaw and foretold that certain things would happen, because of the inherent traits of Noah's sons. In Noah's pronouncement was a prophetic delineation of the long-range development of his sons' offspring; culturally, morally, spiritually, and physically. Also their location (each in a separate continent), climatic conditions, and inbreeding contributed to intensify the distinctive characteristics which mark each of these racial groups:

In Asia------------Japheth-----------Mongoloid----------Yellow-brown
In Europe--------Shem--------------Caucasoid----------White
In Africa----------Ham---------------Negroid-------------Black
Each has a different and readily identifiable combination of bone structure, color-blend, hair formation etc.

    After the separation at the Tower of Babel, and the attending confusion, Japheth went north; Ham went south; and Shem remained between so that eventually he might, according to Yahweh's plan, control the other two. In their respective locations, the families multiplied into nations and peoples whose differing physical and spiritual characters to this day defy assimilation.

    Let us now turn back to the Bible for a clearer picture of the racial identities of Noah's descendants.


    "These are the sons of Japheth: Gomer, Magog (Asiatic Russia — Ezekiel 38:2 ), Javan (Java — Japan), Tubal, Meshech (Tobolsk and Moscow — parts of U.S.S.R.), Madai (the original inhabitants of Media), Tiras (the original inhabitants of Thrace). The sons of Gomer; Askenaz, and Riphath and Togarmah (Turcoman — modern Turkestan). The sons of Javan: Elishah (sometimes known as Ellasar and Larsa of ancient history) and Tarshish, Kittim (also known as Chittim, Akita, Kithay, Cathay, Sinim, or China) and Dodanim" (Genesis 10:1 to 4). Note carefully the next verse of the same chapter. It is a qualifying verse: "By these were the Isles (or coasts) of the GENTILES divided" (Genesis 10:5).

    As you notice from the above quotations, it was the sons of Japheth who were originally called GENTILES, and as you can see by the identifying names, they belong to the Mongolian (Yellow-brown) Race, and are not to be confused with the Caucasian (White) Race, who are descendents of the sons of Shem. When the Bible speaks of the Gentiles as a race it refers to the descendents of Japheth. When the word Gentiles is used of nations the word is simply used to designate political units. It is written that the descendents of Joseph, for example, were to become a multitude of Goyim (Gentiles), Genesis 48:19. The word "Gentiles" which originally was not used to designate the other races, is later sometimes applied to them ironically because they have identified themselves with the Gentiles by copying their customs, and embracing their gods.


    In Genesis 10:6 we read "And the sons of Ham: Cush (Ethiopia), Misraim (Egypt), Phut (Libya) and Canaan". As we continue down the list of descendants, when we reach the 20th verse, we read, "These are the sons of Ham, after their families, after their tongues, in their countries and in their nations" The word Gentile is not used to describe the sons of Ham.


    In verse 21, we read, "Unto Shem also, the father of ALL the children of Heber, the brother of Japheth, the elder, even to him were children born". Note the expression "the father of ALL the children of Heber". Heber is the root of the word "Hebrew" as you notice in Genesis 10:25, and in Luke 3:36. Eber and Heber are the same word. Hebrew means, "from Heber", so then from the sons of Shem the Heber stock was selected to carry on the potentialities of the Semitic blessings. What the 21st verse says, in effect, is that Shem, the progenitor of the Hebrew race, was selected to become the primary candidate for grace. He Who knows the end from the beginning knew that from this seed He would be able to find the faithfulness essential to carry out His eternal purposes by the process of elimination and "survival of the fittest". He chose the "Hebrew" a term which came to have additional meaning of 'one who has passed over the Euphrates westward".

    Out of this race Yahweh called Abram and promised He would multiply him to populate and dominate the world, and that his seed should control the gates of his enemies, both Japhetic and Hamitic (Gen. 22:17) we know from anthropology and history that the Semitic or Hebrew race (of which the Jews are a small part) is the same race from which the entire western or Caucasian population of the world is descended.

    Genesis 10:31 says, "These are the sons of Shem, after their families, after their tongues, in their lands, after their nations'. Here again we might note that nothing is said about the Semitic race producing any Gentiles. To close the chapter we have this statement, "These are the families of the sons of Noah after their generations, in their nations; and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood".

    There were only three sons of Noah and these three were marked by the Creator into three separate and distinct races, each in a separate continent, each developing peculiar bone structure, color pigment, and hair formation.

The sons of Shem are identified as the White Race or Caucasoid.
The sons of Japheth are identified as the Yellow-brown Race or Mongoloid.
The sons of Ham are identified as the Black Race or Negroid.

    If we remember and hold to this classification throughout the Scriptures we shall be in a far better position to understand past, present, and future events in fulfillment of the prophetic program. In the 11th chapter of Genesis we read the genealogy of Abram whom Yahweh selected to demonstrate wisdom, power, and grace, and to teach men concerning His love. And when the Saviour returns to earth again to receive to Himself the blood-bought children of Abraham, the world will have to acknowledge that Yahweh did indeed make the best choice, as He says in Romans 9:22-23.



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