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Arrested for Refusing to Give SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!

Editors note: This sort of thing has been happening to me for years for Refusing the Mark of the Beast!  No-one seemed concerned.. (it was my own "foolish" choice)  But now it is happening to "normal" Christians. It could be Your son or daughter next. Time to Wake Up?    

Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 17:22:34 -0800
From: (by way of iRESIST <idzrus@earthlink.net>)
Subject: Arrested for Refusing to Give SSN

Perhaps after you read this, you will understand WHY I fight so hard against
this NATIONAL ID CARD, via an Enhanced Drivers License. This is religious
persecution!! I, too, believe that this use of the SSN is either the Mark or the precursor to it.
Jackie Juntti

Donald G is from the Birmingham, Alabama area. I know from previous correspondence with him that his heart is in the right place. I believe that he is a good and honest person. Today he sent me the following account of his son being arrested because he refused to identify himself using his Social Security number. As I write this, his son is still in jail. I am trying to contact Donald to offer whatever assistance I can.

When will the believers wake up?
                      Scott McDonald

To all that has eyes let them read , to all of those that do not, then let this be read unto them , let all Christians and every lovers of Christ everywhere, pass this on so that the world shall see there is religious persecution going on in the United States of America, and the building of the foundations of the mark of the beast and the invasion of personal privacy, sanctioned by the various government agencies in this country, the following happened to my son last night, being saturday 02/07/1998, my son and his girlfriend, around 9:30 pm on their way home, was looking for his dog using a handheld light shining it along the side of the road as he slowly drove along, he did this for approximately one block in a suburban area, {my son who has a heart of gold and loves animals, on his way
home one night found three small puppies wandering in the middle of the road in front of a dog pound , where someone dropped them in the middle of the night, picked them up and brought them home and raised them until they were grown, we still have the other two, he got another one when the local wal-mart found one in one of their trucks in a box and asked if anyone wanted a puppy, well he went and got it, what can his mother and I say? except "Thank you God"}

this was in a small city the city of Brighton, approximately 3/4 of a mile from the city that we live in, at 9:45 pm I received a call from a Brighton police dispatcher, telling me to go to the intersection of Wilkes rd and Rutledge drive to pick up a female suspect, this stunned me, I woke my wife up and we went to this area, this was in the city of Midfield, Al. where we live, when we got there my son was in the back seat of a police car, (there were two cars) handcuffed, this "officer" informed me that my son was under arrest, I asked what were the charges, he stated for disorderly conduct, concealed weapon, and improper tag, (the tag was in his back window, he did not have a bumper on his truck) when I questioned him ("the officer") closer he said that when he stopped my son, my son refused to show him his drivers license, my son told him that he was in the city of Midfield, "the officer" told my son you give me the license or you go to jail, so my son gave him the license, he goes back to his police car, and stays a long time, when he comes back {"Now read this closely"} he tells my son that he wants his SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER (it's not on his or mine or my wives drivers license) when my son tells him it is against his religion, he places him under arrest, and calls it disorderly conduct , he then searches my sons truck and finds my 25 cal. handgun under the seat, and charges him with a concealed weapon (my son did not have a permit, it was my gun, I had forgot to take it
out of the truck) this I told this "officer of the law" to no avail. This "officer then told me if my son had cooperated and gave him his SOCIAL SECURITY number he would have given him a ticket and he could have come on home and every thing would have been OK.

They then take my son to jail, we then called the police department , they would not let us speak to him, or let him call us, they said they did not have too, I ask about getting him out , The "officer Lewis" told me to call such and such bail bondman in the city of Bessemer, that was the only way they would "let him out", they then said "they would not release him, because he would not give them his SOCIAL SECURITY number or allow them to take his fingerprints, because of his religion." Now get this, the bail bondsman told me unless I gave him my SOCIAL SECURITY number he would not go the bail, I have spent the night worrying and praying to god that my son will be alright , because I and his mother are worried sick about him, he is a good and Christian young man, I called every hour since he was arrested, they continue to tell me he is alright and fine, but we cannot see him until 4 pm. sunday evening, " that was the city of Brighton's rules", and they refused to give me their magistrate's phone number (they said they don't give out that information) and my son would have to stay in jail until monday morning to talk to the magistrate, my son has never been in trouble with the law or has ever been put in jail.

We NEED HELP from someone who knows about the social security laws. Who has given the authority over us to these people? Can they get by with anything they want too? Suppose you send your secretary to pick up a hamburger from McDonalds, and unbeknownst to you , your wife left her gun in the car, in the glovebox or under the seat and the police stopped her for "SUSPICION" and found the gun, would she be charged with carrying a concealed weapon? suppose she did not have her SOCIAL SECURITY number on her drivers license, and she did not know it, would she be put in jail? It happened to my son, Is this right for this to be happening to us in the United states of America, Does anyone care? Friends I am scared, the mark of the beast
in it's earliest stages are upon us, it is only a very few steps until the full mark be placed on us, the bible plainly tells us, we must not take this mark, there will be no saying "I did not know", I'm sorry", Lord , please forgive me I am so sorry, I did not know.

What can we do? We cannot stop this in the end , the bible says it will be, and it will be, but I hoped it would not come in our life time. We should and must fight against this now. I want people from all over the United States, yea even the world to help us in this battle, the mark of the beast shall be a world event, not just in the United states, your thoughts, your prayers, any kind of help you can give. May God have mercy on us and thank you!

Sincerely Donald G

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Follow up:

-----Original Message-----

Sent: Friday, February 13, 1998 7:12 AM
To: iii@iahushua.com
Subject: my son

To IaHU-Natan,
Thank you for caring, my son is out of jail on bond, awaiting
trial,which is sheduled for next Thursday. an attorney named Larry
Becraft has agreed to help him at this trial. as for the things that
have been happening to you, I ask god to lighten this load on you, I am
sad about these things that are happening and going to continue to
happen, I did not see these things that were happing to other people, in
the same eyes that I do now, I had to wait until the storm hit my home.
every christian and lover of freedom should come together and fight
these battles, and pray and put our hand to the plow.
Thank you and may god bless you
Donald G


Sorry about the lag there.. I have been having all sorts of trouble with my clunky old machine.. It keeps locking up.. and then I have to spend hours trying to straighten it out before I can get back on line.. It has been a full time job lately.. (and I can only work on it part time!) I need an UpGrade Bad!

But I was OverJoyed to hear that your son was out of the pit.. I Give Thanks to the AllMighty. Of course the troubles are not over yet.. so I continue to Pray!

Problem is that there is No Justice in the Court System.. and the tendency is to shuffle poor people through like sheep to the Slaughter. The rich folks usually don't get into the predicament.. but when they do.. they can afford to Buy their way out.. by paying huge sums to the Courts Ministers (Lawyers) and fines to the System. If you bow down to worship their terrible god (themselves), have the Mark of the Beast (the System) and give a huge offering they will let you go.. unless they feel like they need to set an example.

Thankfully you have a Lawyer to help.. but it is after all his job to help shuttle you through efficiently.. he has a reputation to uphold and is after all a servant of the court (which is why they have the Bar association).. you may be able to appeal to the Humanity of the "judge" but they are seldom sympathetic to a Scriptural defense nowadays.. they will mostly disregard the Law of the Creator as their law to them is supreme..

I don't mean to dishearten you.. but it is a big part of the Promise! For since "those who endure to the end will be Saved" implies tribulation.. not to mention the direct promises of our Saviour.

This does give us Hope however.. because these things Must Happen before our Saviour Returns!

It tells us that His Return is very soon!

Please read no further unless you really Love the Truth! For once you realize these things you cannot claim ignorance!

Though of course your son (since he is of age) will have to make his own informed choices!


I must tell you though.. that the Mark of the Beast is much more than merely the number.. it is the seal of authority. In the old days (and maybe still in places) the ruler had a special ring with which he would press into sealing wax his seal. This was his signature authorizing that it was him that wrote a certain document (law). Much the same way that a person signs a check.. this authorizes payment.

So to receive the mark of the beast.. is to Acknowledge the authority of the "gubbnmint" in other words to worship.. in Scriptural Prophecy a beast most always represents a worldly government system (check it out in the book of Daniel and Revelation).. Worship = obedience = reverence = fear = respect = submission = trust etc...

If you are a Commandment Keeper (and have done your homework) you know that the First Word of the Law is to not have a Mighty One.. (higher authority.. or god) in the place of IaHUeH (Yahweh) MostHigh.. Because He Delivered us from Bondage to worldly governments (i.e. Egypt)..

Later on the people broke the Law.. Transgressed the Commandments.. (the definition of sin) and were delivered back into bondage.. after time He sent His Son to Deliver us from the Transgression.. to take away our sin and bring us back into the Law.. He is the Teacher of Righteousness.. and did no sin.. He instructed us to Follow Him.. this Broke the Yoke of Bondage.. of course the authorities murdered Him for it.. but He was Resurrected into Life Everlasting.. and went back to the Father. His followers suffered much the same fate.. and the authorities (worldly government) quickly overtook the rest and replaced the Truth of Salvation with their own twisted version.. Bringing on a great confusion (Babylon) that has lasted unto this day. We are awakened at this "last day" to suffer even more.. as the adversary knows there is just a short time left.

The point Dear Brother (it makes me cry real tears) is that if you are still Transgressing the Law you are still in bondage to the beast whether you have a social security number or not.. it is in the beasts "best" interest (the evil thing!) to keep you in transgression.. for then you are it's rightful prey.

It grieves me to the bone to have to explain this.. it has made me a derision to most christians.. (many of whom fully worship and are even a part of this beast) They prefer to call me a fool than to see the obvious Truth!

I Pray that you Pray to Him.. and search your heart.. it is written that "whosoever Calls upon the Name of IaHUeH Shall be Delivered!" [IaHUEL (Joel) 2:32]

I could have provided more Scripture book/chapter/verse citations.. but trust that you can look them up.. problem is that the translations are terribly flawed and do more to obscure the Truth than reveal it.. they were after all commissioned by the worldly authorities for that purpose.

If you are truly interested check out "http://www.iahushua.com/ST-RP/Begin.html"


Praying for Blessings of WellBeing Past OverFlowing.. to you and those Dear ones!




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