Roby Report 10/5/97
Bodies still needed...
General Staff

Roby Il 22:20 CT 10.04.97
Report from Scott Slinkard

Reconnaissance efforts at the outer police perimeter of Shirley Allen's home have produced benefits. Mr Slinkard expects 20 to 30 more volunteers on Sunday, including some who will be on horse back. Most of these volunteers are locals who found out about the ongoing counter-operation on the news.

The local news showed film of Scott Slinkard monitoring police through binoculars while police did the same. (Scott was shown wearing a light blue shirt and blue jeans). The state police were not pleased with these new developments, especially when Scott was quoted as calling Illinois State Police Director Terrance Gainer a "thug", and that "the best thing the State police could do was to pack up their guns, go home, and let 'us' handle this".

Terrance Gainer responded angrily on the news by saying, "Obviously, this individual (Slinkard) has a clear disrespect for authority".

Again...So What.

ED NOTE: Slinkard is about my age. We agreed that we both remember our fathers telling us the "respect" is earned, not granted. And you don't earn respect by beating up on innocent women. -J.J.

Here is what we've learned from today's actions:

1. A tactical team is STILL on Shirley Allen's property. They have never left.

2. Both entry points to Shirley's street are blocked; On the west, 3 IL State police cruisers and media; and to the east, by two police cruisers.
The north side of her 47 acre property is bordered by the Sangamon River, where more police are expected to be hiding.

3. One police helicopter remains overhead. A no-fly-zone is in effect.
Obviously, the two F-16s that passed overhead this morning are exempt from that rule.

4. The road between Mechanicsburg and Roby (west of the Allen home) is currently unguarded, but we expect that to change by morning.

5. The names, photographs, and other pertinent information of the perimeter security have been recorded. Details to be released later.

6. Much of the view of the inner perimeter is blocked by corn stalks.

7. Although many have requested, the Illinois State Police has prevented ANY outside communications or contact with Shirley Allen whatsoever.

We must commend the First Amendment teams for their service. A detailed map of the area (including perimeter checkpoint details) has been furnished as evidence of their work today. Since we fully expect the tactical perimeter security to change overnight, the teams will continue their reconnaissance efforts Sunday, and beyond until Mrs. Allen is safe and consulting with legal counsel of her choice.

Scott would like to thank the local residents in the Springfield/Christian County area for their efforts as well as those who travelled from several states to be there.

Others will be arriving to add to the contingency on Sunday, but more are still needed. Scott has reported that if Shirley surrenders, she will be taken into custody immediately, have a closed hearing, and we probably will never hear from her again.

More volunteers will be needed throughout the week in Roby, Illinois.
Many have sent request for information about the standoff, and offers to help.

Those wanting to volunteer, please call toll-free 888.779.3347 and leave a message, including name and contact information. Hotel rooms are still available. There will be a special request for local volunteers.
Central Illinois volunteers will receive priority attention. Too many is not enough.
We can all be part of the solution.

At this time, a mailing address is being set up for those wish to send First Amendment materials and other donations to maintain the scope and purpose of this operation. We should have that information available Sunday.

It should be restated that advocating violence, or any violations of the law cannot and will not be tolerated. Do NOT bring firearms, do NOT bring cammos, And always be on your best behavior. This is a FIRST AMENDMENT OPERATION ONLY. For further information about the siege see the information below.

Final note: More Citizen Rule Books will be needed.
Keep up the pressure... and we shall prevail.

J.J. Johnson.

For further information you may contact the following agencies and organizations:

From: "J.J. Johnson" <citizen@mindspring.com>
Sun 21:10
Subject: Roby Report #3: Shirley Allen Speaks

Reconnaissance operations continued in Roby, Illinois near the home of Mrs. Shirley Allen today, which produced over 100 volunteers from the local area. Many others passed by honking horns and waving in support.

Notable were the local residents who brought food and drinks for the other volunteers. This led to an outside barbeque. One man also volunteered the services of his personal airplane for air surveillance and a local photo-journalist was willing to donate the use of a tele-photo lens for the flight.

But no laws were broken. The proposed flight never materialized.

Mr. Slinkard reported that he was interviewed by many all day, including Newsweek Magazine and ABC news.

The most important and powerful moment occurred at about high noon, when Chaplain Raymond Smith of the Southern Illinois Patriots League gathered the congregation around and all said a prayer... For Mrs. Shirley Allen and all others invovled.

A large number of photos were taken during today's First Amendment Counter-actions against the Illinois State Police, which undoubtedly changed most of their priorities around the Allen Home. Scott reports that it will take awhile for all photos to be processed, scanned, and distributed across the internet. Web site volunteers will be needed.

One officer, Lt. Mike Beagles on the Illinois State Police, who wore a "sharpshooter" patch on his shirt, visited with Scott and others during lunch. Scott was photographed offering the officer burger and chips. We believe he is somehow associated with the State Police who are still on the Allen property.

Beagles was described as much more compassionate than the others officers watching the counter-actions, but it was believed that he was merely trying to gather intelligence on the operation.

Lt. Mike Beagles admitted today that on the second day of the standoff, Mrs. Shirley Allen, wrote a letter to a family member telling her side of the story. This letter was given to police by Mrs Allen. Beagles also stated that the police will NOT release this letter to the public because it could "compromise the police operation there".

Reportedly, Mrs. Allen said in her letter that she saw this day coming, and knew that someday the police would come after her land. Those are all the details we have at this time. But it needs to be repeated that Mrs. Allen has tried to make contact with the outside via a letter, but the IL State Police REFUSE the release its contents to the public. Scott told the press about this new information, but they never reported it.

Through Slinkard's recon efforts, we have also learned that many in the Illinois State police are very sympathetic to Mrs. Allen, and are not please with the behavior of their superiors. To those officers in the line of duty, we have a personal message to you:

...As public servants, you took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the Unites States and the State of Illinois, not to simply take orders. The prayers that were said in Roby today were not just for Mrs. Allen, they were also for you. You know you are holding a sane, innocent women against her will. Don't just do you jobs, do your duty. If you feel what you are doing in Christian County, Illinois is wrong, then please...just lay your weapon down... and walk away.

Your superiors will call you insubordinate, but the people of Illinois, your REAL employers will call you heroes. If you fail to serve these people and carry out your "orders", you, and not your boss, will take the blame. Your superiors will see to it.

There are no weapons pointed at you from the outside. Come...Stand with us. Stand against oppression. Stand up for the law. Stand up for truth. Your true brothers and sisters are waiting for you with open arms on the other side...

J.J. Johnson

Nancy Lord and other attorneys around the country believes it may be possible to file a legal action in this matter. We have been in contact with local press and talk shows in the area on this and other matters. The momentum to end the standoff with Mrs. Allen in the Springfield area peacefully is building. Let us all pray for such an outcome.

Others around the country have contacted this office to offer housing, food, lodging, and even funds for Shirley Allen's legal defense. Scott Slinkard has asked me to state that what is needed most is warm bodies; throughout the week and for as long as this standoff continues. I am even trying to scrape together a few nickels myself to catch a flight from Las Vegas. I think Sheila Allen is worth it.

Interested parties should call 888.779.3347 to make arrangements, as we are still seeking a local coordinator for the Springfield area. Prospects are promising.

Scott and I would like to thank everyone for their support this weekend, but this is not over.

Join us. We must continue. We must prevail.


J.J. Johnson
500 N. Rainbow Blvd.
Suite 300
Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

Pager: 888.779.3347- Status of return calls dependent on priority

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