By the authority granted to me by the Third Continental Congress of the united States of America, I speak in defense of American Citizen Shirley Allen:
This document contains, my thoughts, contact phone numbers and the Alliance document for your review.

Assault on American Citizen Shirley Allen, of Roby (Ridge), Illinois

My Fellow Patriots:

Based on information I have received, this seems to be yet another attack on the personal liberties of a citizen of these united States. Shirley Allen lives in the small community of Roby, Illinois which is located in Christian County and is approx. 15 miles southwest of Springfield near the center of the state.

1. Some of Shirley's relatives seem to be attempting to have her committed.
It has been reported that Shirley owns approx 47 acres that includes 2 oil wells which are currently leased.

2. Is this just a money grab by the kids, to have mom put away so they can inherit the wealth? Or is Shirley being put away because she is a survivalist and patriot?

3. Are you judged insane if you are preparing for what we all know is going to happen? Shirley, like most of us realizes ALL the evidence points to a radical change approaching and the formation of a tyrannical new federal/world government, with extremely limited personal freedoms and rights.
I say you are insane if you don't prepare for what is surely coming upon us all.

Ms. Allen's daughter-in-law Betsy, and reports by her neighbors, claims there is nothing wrong with Ms. Allen, and that other family members just wish to gain control of her property and money.

Based on my understanding of these events:

I personally Condemn the actions that Illinois law enforcement has taken against Ms. Allen as both unwarranted and life threatening. These events can be nothing more than a clear violation of Ms. Allen's Constitutional rights.

I personally praise Ms. Allen for having the backbone to stand and defend her home and lifestyle. She is not and was not hurting anyone or infringing on their rights. Ms. Allen has the right to be left alone to live her life as she sees fit without government interference.

I personally encourage my fellow patriots, please do not sit back and do nothing as yet another American citizen is robbed of their Constitutional Rights, and unjustly hauled away while we do nothing but watch and complain amongst ourselves.

I personally encourage ALL Patriots who are able, and in the name of FREEDOM to travel to Roby, Illinois and PROTEST these actions and attempt to save this American citizen from ANY further harm at the hands of law enforcement.

Go armed with your video cameras, taperecorders and notepads and show that WE do indeed care about ALL citizens who are being victimized by a predator government.

Ms. Shirley Allen's address:
(small ranch style home) located on County Road 820 East, just north of 2675 North.

Let us voice our concerns, and proclaim our freedom, lest we ourselves fall prey to government which has turned from protector of the people to a predator of the people. The Alliance Agreement states that the militias will defend the rights of ALL American citizens. Ms. Allen needs our help, will we be true to the intent and spirit of the Alliance, or is this yet another example of words with no real meaning.

I also wish to thank Mr. Thomas Wayne for his efforts and attention to this Situation.
Richard Ainsworth

ROBY, ILLINOIS (October 2, 1997)-- Thomas R. Wayne, a media monitor with Americans for Responsible Media (ARM) of Arlington Heights, Illinois arrived in Springfield, Illinois yesterday evening to evaluate whether or not 1st Amendment Rights are being thwarted by government officials at the scene of the siege in near by Roby Illinois dubbed by many as "Roby Ridge" (eluding to similarities to the deadly stand-off between federal officers and the Randy Weaver family in Ruby Ridge, Idaho).


For further information you may contact the following agencies and organizations:


The Articles of Alliance:

Whereas it has become evident that legislation, legislative initiatives, and policies emanating from certain officials and agencies of the government of the United States, are destructive of the very liberties they were empowered to defend; perverting God given rights into mere privileges to be taken at whim, unjustly making war, killing and imprisoning those who would oppose them; we of the Militias of the united States have found it necessary to form a defensive Alliance.

We form this Alliance to defend the people from a tyranny that is supported by the mistaken belief that this nation is a democracy; thus allowing the destruction of our constitutional, representative republic, and our nation's descent into Statism. Additionally, we will defend against the further use of any situation as an excuse for the enemies of liberty to attack the Bill of Rights, or its defenders. Further, we pledge to protect this nation's sovereignty, and to restore our beloved government to its constitutional boundaries.

Therefore, we the Militias of the united States, do affirm before God that we have entered an Alliance against tyranny. That united, we will stand against all enemies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, both foreign and domestic. We will consider passage of any laws that restrict the several states civilian militia or violate the Constitution of the united States to be an act of war against the people of the united States. We also declare all current laws and statutes that violate our Constitution to be non-binding.

We will resist with force of arms the use of foreign troops, or the unconstitutional use of our armed forces, against the American people.
We will consider it an act of war to surrender any more of the sovereignty of this nation to the United Nations. Thus, the Alliance will fight World Government, and any of its proponents, to the bitter end.

While we will never make a first, or preemptive strike on the enemies of liberty, we will consider the planting of evidence, fabricating of evidence, or evidence gained through entrapment ... that is then used to imprison any citizen unjustly, to be an act of aggression against all the people of united States. We pledge that an unwarranted federal attack against any citizen, will be considered an attack against the Alliance and may be responded to by the Alliance. Plainly stated, any unlawful, unconstitutional action that deprives any citizen of life or liberty, will be an act of aggression against all the people, responded to by all of the united States Militia Alliance.

Before our God, we do affirm an oath to each other to uphold this Alliance Agreement with our honor, wealth, liberty, and lives. We pledge to set aside our personal welfare for the sake of the Alliance, our states, and nation. We will work together as brothers and sisters for the patriotic cause, knowing that with our unity and God's help, the victory is ours!

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