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A.R.M. Sites 1st Amendment Violations by Police

Top Cop Gainer Agrees to Back-off

By WebToday Staff Writers

Thursday, October 2, 1997, 11:00 a.m. Central Time USA

ROBY, ILLINOIS (October 2, 1997)-- Thomas R. Wayne, a media monitor with Americans for Responsible Media (ARM) of Arlington Heights, Illinois arrived in Springfield, Illinois yesterday evening to evaluate whether or not 1st Amendment Rights are being thwarted by government officials at the scene of the siege in near by Roby Illinois dubbed by many as "Roby Ridge" (eluding to similarities to the deadly stand-off between federal officers and the Randy Weaver family in Ruby Ridge, Idaho).

In explaining the purpose of the visit to Roby Wayne stated, "We're going to ask a simple question. Where in the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights or any other lawful document does it give the government the authority to hold back all news media and public citizens a half mile away from the home of a woman? It is our understanding that this whole thing precipitated last Labor Day when Shirley Allen exercised her right not to allow certain family members in her home for a visit. All I can say is if a simple family squabble can lead to a court order to have a forced psychiatric evaluation then probably over half this country is in trouble."

Shortly after the arrival of the ARM media monitor, Illinois State Police Director Terry Gainer conducted a news conference in Springfield during which time he publicly agreed to a partial withdrawal over the next three days. During that conference he also admitted that during the 11 day siege Mrs. Allen was never offered a legal counsel.

Wayne, who credits radio talk show hosts for helping diffuse the siege, stated, "We applaud everyone involved in talk radio across the nation who exposed what was happening to Shirley Allen." Sources close to Wayne also say he is favors a plan to get a communication devise into Mrs. Allen 's home that would allow her to conduct live talk radio interviews from her home. (WebToday Editor: Should Mrs. Allen speak on live talk radio, the American people can make their own appraisal of her "sanity" and "danger" to her self or society.)

Prior to Gainer's news conference Wayne stated in his ARM news release dispatched to local and national news media, "Government officials claim that this 51-year-old woman Shirley Allen may be a danger to the community or to herself and that she needs to be protected. We ask protected from whom? It's obviously this remarkable widow has a strong will to live. Police have already filled her home with tear gas, shot her in the chest with bagged metal projectiles, and tormented her with loud music and bullhorns night and day. How much more will it take for them to figure out that this widow is not a danger to herself and that the real danger is from state agencies that have already decided that not taking Prozac for a year makes a person unstable."

Wayne's statement in the news release continued, "This could set a precedent that can be used against anybody-- the crime of wanting to be left alone. Her neighbors who know her best say Mrs. Allen is neither crazy nor a danger to anyone. She has no criminal record or assaults or any other anti-social behavior other than she wants to be left alone on her property as guaranteed by the constitution. Even if she does have an aversion to helicopters and planes flying overhead as alleged, does this constitute insanity? But since when is it a crime to hold such beliefs? There also is the question of the formidable assets owned by Mrs. Allen, including the mortgage free 47 acres of land and an oil well on her property."

ARM has in the past successfully deferred license renewal of two television network affiliates in Chicago for alleged irresponsible broadcasting of the Chicago Bulls riots.

For further information on Roby, Illinois monitoring status by ARM contact: 847-632-0516.  

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