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Revisionist Books on the so-called " THE Holocaust "

DID SIX MILLION REALLY DIE? Richard Harwood. Pb 28pp, magazine format. The all-time revisionist best-seller. This is an ideal introductory work for anyone new to revisionism, clearly and concisely showing how the "Six Million" tale is a falsehood.

The HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY Dr Arthur R Butz. Pb 369pp. The revisionist blockbuster that has done more than any other book to deflate the Holocaust legend. A painstaking, scholarly examination of the claim that six million Jews were deliberately murdered in WWII, showing this to have been a physical impossibility. 

FORGED WAR CRIMES MALIGN THE GERMAN NATION Udo Walendy. Pb 50pp. An examination of how atrocity "evidence" against Germany was falsified. 

The SIX MILLION RECONSIDERED Pb 136pp, magazine format. Is the "Nazi Holocaust" story a Zionist propaganda ploy. This lively study argues that it is. 

WITNESS TO HISTORY Michael Walsh. Magazine format 60pp. There are probably more hard facts and fascinating quotes to the page in this publication than in any other publication on the Third Reich period we havce come across. This is compelling reading, and covers a wide range of topics including: The Jews in Germany; The Economic Miracle; The Berlin Olympics; Who Were the Real Warmongers?; Allied Bloodlust; Genocide Through Starvation; Did Six Million Really Die?; The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, etc. We believe this publication is excellent value for money and is highly recommended. 

The RUDOLF REPORT Rudolf Germar. Magazine format, 16pp, illustrated in colour. A shortened English version of one of the most important revisionist works of recent times. A qualified scientific expert examines the "gas chambers" and finds them to have been a physical impossibility. 

MY BANNED HOLOCAUST INTERVIEW Carlo Mattogno. Pb 48pp. Leading Italian Revisionist historian was to have had an article on the "Holocaust" printed in Historia, a leading European periodical, along with that of a non-revisionist writer. Free debate - great. But no: pressure was put on Historia to censor Mattogno. Nothing daunted he published his article independently in Italy. This is a translation of his meticulously researched work, which answers his opponents point by point. 

The LEUCHTER REPORT Fred Leuchter Pb 68pp, magazine format. The first forensic examination of Auschwitz. The author, an American expert in execution technology, shows conclusively that there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz.

AUSCHWITZ  A PERSONAL ACCOUNT T Christopherson. Pb 39pp. In a detailed examination of the Auschwitz legend the author concludes that there were no gas chambers there. When this booklet was written the "official" death toll at Auschwitz was four and a half million, now it has beeen officially revised to one and a half million. Slowly the truth begins to emerge.

The BALL REPORT John C Ball. 16 pp, magazine format. This is a series of 3-D effect detailed maps of Auschwitz concentration camp. This shows clearly that Auschwitz, with its open and exposed locations, would have been a most unsuitable place for clandestine mass murder. The Report is of particular value when used as a reference work in conjunction with other Auschwitz- related revisionist studies, but is also an excellent "stand-alone" publication. 

CONFESSIONS OF A HOLOCAUST REVISIONIST Part 1 Bradley R Smith. Hb, 118pp. Smith tells how he first came to question the "holocaust", and his experiences since then, as he became one of America"s leading revisionists.

The CONFESSIONS OF KURT GERSTEIN Henri Roques. Pb 318pp. This is a critical examination of the alleged confession of an SS officer: a confession that is often cited as evidence for the existence of a "holocaust".

The DISSOLUTION OF EASTERN EUROPEAN JEWS W Sanning. Pb 120pp. If six million Jews did not die then what did happen to them? Sanning answers this question by showing that the decline in their numbers in certain countries, is accounted for by increases in others, when the Jews left, or were expelled from, the Third Reich. 

HOLOCAUST DENIAL - New Nazi lie or New Inquisition? A Baron. Pb 179pp. A defence of free inquiry and of the necessity for re-writing history. In the first part Mr Baron puts historical revisionism in perspective, and in the second examines the role of the "Anti-Nazi League" exposing the lies of contemporary "anti-fascists". 

The HOLOCAUST - 120 Question and Answers Dr Charles E Weber Pb 59pp. An excellent introduction to the subject of holocaust revisionism. Wide-ranging, in a lucid, question-and-answer format. 

HOLOCAUST NEWS No 1 Best selling four-page tabloid demolising the holocaust myth. Ideal as an introduction to revisionism  suitable for mass distribution. 

A LETTER TO THE POPE ON HIS VISIT TO AUSCHWITZ Leon Degrelle. Pb 12pp. A letter to the Pope from a man who headed the pre-war Catholic Rexist movement in Belgium, asking him not to believe the "Holocaust" story.

MADE IN RUSSIA - THE HOLOCAUST Carlos Porter. Pb 413pp. A selection of the documentary evidence provided at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, showing clearly just how absurd so much of that "evidence" was. The author provides an illuminating and amusing commentary.

IS THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK GENUINE? Robert Faurisson. Pb 64pp. The Diary is a multi-million dollar world-wide best-seller, and a substantial spin-off Anne Frank industry has developed. But was the original diary genuine? Prof Faurisson, a specialist in document authentication, shows why he believes it to have been a fake. 

The MAN WHO INVENTED ' GENOCIDE ' James J Martin Pb 360pp. The term "genocide" was invented by one Raphael Lemkin, a Polish Jew and United Nations apparachnik. Martin examines the man, his motives and political consequences.

JAPS ATE MY GALL BLADDER - Phony Atrocity Tales of WWII Carlos Whitlock Porter. Magazine format, 40pp. A fact-filled study of "victor"s justice" - the so-called war crimes trials that followed WWII, exposing the lurid and insubtantial nature of much prosecution evidence.

FALSEHOOD IN WARTIME Arthur Ponsonby MP. Pb, 192pp. First published in 1928 this exposi still has the power to shock. A British MP "comes clean" and admits the lies and deceits used by allied governments to manipulate public opinion in the Great War.

NOT GUILTY AT NUREMBERG Carlos Porter. Pb 24pp, magazine format. The author after detailed examination of the original Nuremberg trial transcripts, gives the "German Defence Case". 

THE REAL EICHMANN TRIAL Paul Rassinier Pb 160pp. The author, a French socialist who was himself interned at Buchenwald, examines the kidnapping and murder of Adolf Eichman by the State of Israel. 

The METHODS OF RE-EDUCATION Udo Walendy. Pb 40pp, magazine format. A study of how lies, deliberate and malicious, have been used to "re-educate" German people about their past. 

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