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And a sin that only the elect can commit.

What we are going to do in the next 2 lessons (well, at least 2) is to tie together some of the loose ends that were posed in the introduction. These lessons are no less important simply because they dangle here at the end. By now maybe we've lost some of those people that cling to the traditions of man. The preceding lessons were a hard pill to swallow for many; I know. This lesson will give you strength, much more than you are probably aware of right now.

Remember, check the original language in Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. Don't believe me or any other man (no gender intended), let the HOLY SPIRIT instruct you.

This lesson shifts more of the research burden onto you.

Let's get into the WORD....

Luke 10:18  satan has 'shine' or 'light' (fake light)
  Compare to the 'bow' of Revelation
  5th and 6th trumps
10:19        Power over satan's spirits and all enemies (includes satan himself)
Power = exousia = authority (with YHWH/YASHUAS's consent)
  Notice the source of the power (who is speaking?)
  scorpions- ref. To Rev ch9?
  More power = dunamis, what source?
Note: it can't hurt you. YHWH's power is greater than satan's power. Promise from YHWH.
Note: This power is automatically yours under certain conditions (we'll cover them). The power is not automatically exercised. You must claim it and exercise it. Example: You can't see if you don't use your eyes. You can't lift something if you don't use your hand and arm. You get the point. Keep in mind the source of the power. It isn't inherent in us. Use your power and satan will eat you. Use the FATHER's power and you must be victorious.
To continue the lecture.... You will be tested; keep in mind what this age is for. Evil spirits will come to you, satan knows who you are at this point. OK, assume enemies have gotten close, now what do you do?
Have at 'em!!! Stomp 'em!!!! Not with your power but with the power of YHWH/YASHUA. This is a protection afforded you by the FATHER. This earth age is a battlefield and an ongoing sifting process. You are a believer and a warrior for YHWH. One believer with YASHUA is unbeatable in battle.

Let's continue.

Beware! Don't let the power bloat your ego!
  Rejoice in YASHUA (how you get the power-love).

Comment: YHWH/YASHUA loves his children and protects you if you claim and exercise the power.

Read on to find out how to get your name written in the Book of Life (in Heaven).

1Corinthians 7:3-5 Power of the family. Study this individually.

Luke 22:24
22:25  defining flesh Kings, etc.
  authority = exousia(root)
22:26  Real greatness
  Note: these are questions w/o answers for now.
22:27-30 The answer & how to achieve greatness in YHWH's eyes.
22:30  nobles eat at the table.
22:31  satan wanted Simon. satan wants you too; now that he knows you're doing HIS will.
  Also a ref. To Parable of the Tares.

Acts 8:9  Not Simon the disciple.
Sorcery could be magic and/or drugs to build himself up. Snake Oil Sales Inc.
8:10  power = dunamis
8:11  could be some preachers??? Remember this for Colossians 2:8 (next page).
8:12  They heard the truth.
8:13  Poor Simon lost his followers. "By golly, I just gotta see what this god stuff is all about!". No belief.
8:17  The effect was noticeable.
8:18  Proof. No belief; a phony. Simon tried to buy the 'magic'.

Look up the word "simony" in an English word dictionary.
Acts 26:14  Paul, speaking of the past, before he was renamed.
26:18  power=exousia from satan. Yup, he's got some also.
Be careful, you need to know the source of your power. Many will be deceived into thinking they are exercising YHWH's power when they are really using this power. I won't name names, just scan the US Gov't and the UN. Did you know Hillary has a 'spirit guide'??? Oh shucks, I said I wouldn't name names.

  Ref. Revelation

  The 'why' of the power.

Colossians 1:9&10
HE wants you to have blessings, knowledge, wisdom. Fruitfulness.
1:11  power. Patience, patience.
1:13  exousia again; source?
1:14-16 Everything (even power) is from HIM. HE even created the present conflict that is coming to fulfillment in the world today. If you were lonely and wanted faithful comrades how would you find them? Would you force loyalty if you had the power? Or, would you give the power to choose faithfulness to the individual and then give no more time to those that were unfaithful? Got it???? Do you understand?
By all means read the rest of this beautiful chapter. Who is the head of your church?

Colossians 2:2 Knit together in love.

2:3  Everything you need to know is in the WORD.
2:5-6  walk in YASHUA MESSIAH.
2:7  Thank HIM
Beware! Remember Acts 8:11?
2:9-10  Do the things in the preceding verses and you have the power! Look no further, here it is.

Note: Serve YHWH/YASHUA and the power is yours for the asking as your protection. Fall away after having been a noble of the FATHER's and I guarantee satan will stomp all over you. Big time!

Another note: A practical application of the power would be (a generic example only, yours can be more specific), "In the name of YASHUA my MESSIAH! satan, leave me and my family and all things relating to me and mine alone! Be Gone!!!". You'll be absolutely amazed at the far-reaching consequences of this. There is also a possible danger here. At some point satan will walk the Earth. It is YHWH's plan that he do this. It wouldn't be blessed to order satan into the pit. That would be blasphemy. Be careful with the power. Who can you utilize the power against? All the forces of evil, enemies. Can you utilize it against a coworker that you just happen to have had words with? Not on your life! The power isn't intended to be used indiscriminately. I really don't think HE would consent to give the power for this misuse. I think you understand.

Note to Militia members, Patriots, Constitutionalists, etc. (MPCe): I love you all dearly. The additional message you need is this:
Understand that your arms and might don't necessarily give you power over everything (or, anything for that matter). There may be a time for you to put down your arms (not give them up) and let YHWH/YASHUA's power finish the job. Let the SPIRIT be your guide. Remember, I love you MPCe people deeply, and never, never, give up your arms!

Now would be a really good time to study Joshua's army (use Strongs) and the small numbers involved. If you are 'right' (being a servant) with the FATHER actual numbers are meaningless. They have tanks? So what? They have surveillance satellites? You don't say! They can nuke the East coast? No kidding! Only if the FATHER allows it. I've got news for them. Where I live will be as safe as it needs to be. Where you live will be as safe as it needs to be. If you claim and exercise the power. How many of their wonderful surveillance satellites got fried recently from a solar flare? I wonder how many tons of Soviet armaments got destroyed when the coastal Mexican caves got flooded during a recent Gulf coast hurricane. YHWH is more wonderful than anyone can possibly imagine. The enemy is in deep organic fertilizer and doesn't know it! Study Joshua's battles; the old testament covers them in detail for a reason. You might also want to read about the Passover again. It is the highest of Israel's' holy days for a reason. It could happen again. Again, let the SPIRIT guide you. If it's right it'll be blessed.

To get some additional insight into what I'm discussing here check out Daniel 3. This is the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego. I know you're familiar with it, but check it out again for additional insight using your new eyes. Note that they tell Nebuchadnezzar that if they were to be flung into the furnace they would be protected, and if not protected they still weren't going to serve his idol. Think about it. What is important? Your soul. If  FATHER protects your flesh, great, you've got more work to do. If HE doesn't protect your flesh, then HE gathers you to HIMSELF. Even better. It's better than anything you can possibly imagine, by far. If you ever are given the privilege of seeing it while still in the flesh your heart will positively ache to return and you will never fear death again.

Additional suggested study regarding 'power':
Ezekiel 38&39
2 Samuel 23:6+ - Do you think David really killed 800 at once w/o a little of YHWH's help??
1 Timothy 4:7+
2 Thessalonans 1:all discussion of faith and power
2 Kings 1:7-15+ Elijah uses the power
James 5:13-20 Another use of the power, yes, it can also heal. YHWH loves you and wants you be well.
On to the discussion of

then we'll be done with this lesson.

Luke 12:10-12
Here it is. It doesn't really need explanation, but here's some anyway.

When/if you are delivered up to the false messiah you must stand up for YASHUA. Not to do so is the unpardonable sin. Don't bend your knee to satan, don't speak against YASHUA, allow the HOLY SPIRIT to speak through you. I really can't imagine any believer sucking up to anything or anybody that is against all we believe in. I guess I'm saying that while this may technically be the unpardonable sin, on a practical level I think it is also uncommitable. That is, abaddon will be so spiritually repulsive you'd rather bathe in a full, frothy, septic tank (this isn't a recommendation) than have anything to do with him. Kinda the way I feel about Slick Willy and Broom Hilly in Washington. Hmm, could be.... we'll see.

What we learned:

To reiterate: Without the FATHER or the SON we have absolutely(!) no power!!!!! If you exercise the power be sure to invoke it in the name of YHWH or YASHUA and if it's proper HE will consent (exousia)  to your use of it. Invoke the nonexistent power contained in your flesh body and satan will eat you up. Fall out of belief and satan will eat you up (whether or not you ever exercised the power) because you'll be cut off from your source. Keep doing the will of YHWH/YASHUA and you have the use of HIS consensual power. Remain a servant and you are higher born than royalty in the FATHER's eyes. Stay humble, even in the use of the power, and give thanks to YASHUA and give thanks that your name is written in Heaven (relates to serving).

Remember, we are servants.

See you at the FATHER's table.

Lesson 7 follows. The topic will be the Kenite/Rephaim people before, during and after the dispersal of Israel.  Who really murdered the MESSIAH? Are these people with us today?

And sorry, Morris Sleaze, I don't hate you. I do however, dislike very much, your spiritual father, and your actions. YASHUA is coming. HE'll settle your hash; take it up with HIM!

Well this brings us up to date.. we await Lesson seven..

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