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Q- Who is satan fighting?
A- YHWH, YASHUA, the heavenly host, the Adamic races (the 12 tribes of Israel). 1, possibly 2 tribes have already been co-opted, that leaves 10 more tribes that, until recently, were hidden. If this is a surprise use Strongs to research 'scribes', 'pharisees', 'serpent', viper'. Also, the Parable of the Tares deals with the fallen tribe(s) among other things, a stronger connection to this will be made in this lesson.

Q- Why does satan hate the Israelites?
A- They are YHWH's chosen people. They exist to "till the field" (teach YHWH's WORD to the world). YASHUA would also come from the lineage of David. After the birth of YASHUA the job is still to teach the WORD right through to the day of the LORD. Hence, satan hates Israel. satan also knows the elect (YHWH's troops) will come from the tribes of Israel.

On with the lesson.

Truth: satan knows the WORD backwards and forwards. That is the only weapon he has against YASHUA's flock.

Truth: YHWH cannot lie; YHWH is truth.
Truth: satan knows the WORD, YHWH can't lie, satan can use the TRUTH in the WORD against YHWH's people. If he can only get them to nibble......

Ezekiel 7:23&24  When will this happen?
  Who is YHWH talking about?
  ref: Ezekiel 7:1&2
2 Chronicles 19:2 the curse
Colossians 3:1-5 background for
Col 3:6 The same curse from a different angle
Note: If the heathen that hate YHWH are brought into the tribes of Israel, won't they bring with them all of the things warned about here? So much for 'melting pot'.

Col 3:7-17 It's OK if they are in YASHUA. The taint of ungodliness isn't there to corrupt.
Review:  Eze 7:23&24 The curses
ref:  2 Chron 19:2  The curses
Psalms 101:all esp v8 Quite clear, we're not to have anything to do with the wicked.
Leviticus 26:1-22 Promises
Lev 26:23-25 more curse
Lev 26:26-39 yet more curse
Lev 26:40-46 the remedy

Leviticus 18:1-23 'Thou shalt nots'
Lev 18:24-26  More curse in line with the others
Even those passing through need to keep the WORD.

Ephesians 6:all

If you followed this lesson, follow these points of truth:

1) Given that satan knows the WORD of YHWH,

2) satan knows that YHWH
cannot lie, (who better to know this than the author of lies)

3) satan can use YHWH's pronouncements against YHWH's people.

Q- Who are YHWH's people?
A- This is an incredibly easy proof; it's so obvious, it's hard to see because you see it all the time and therefore don't notice it any more. I've known it since I was a child and so have you. Who are they? They are the people that believe in the MESSIAH and the FATHER (YHWH and YASHUA) or to revert to ignorance for just a moment, GOD and JESUS. That is really the only proof necessary. Think on this. Who brought us the Gospel if not for our Israelite forebears? The Jews could have given us the Old Testament, but in that case we would also use the Talmud (Babylonian). Who gave us the New Testament? The Chinese? The Ethiopians? The Arabs? The Eskimos? The only answer is:
We carried it with us! This can be proven if you look at history books from 200 years ago. The last recent history I am aware of is H.G.Wells' The History Of The World from the turn of this century. Somewhere in the 1700's this information was lost to general knowledge. The history can be traced however, from Sythia (the Sythians), over the Caucus mountains (hence, the 'Caucasians') and into Europe. Now, knowing who the Kenites are, can you figure out why those of white European ancestry and their way of life are under attack? Note: This is not 100% accurate but will do for the purpose of this study. I suggest the reader research this further on the Web, or seek the many books written on the subject. The Bible too will identify the Israelites through their characteristics and YHWH's promises to them.

Now would be a real good time to review or read for the first time the story of Jacob and Esau and the inheritance Jacob got from Isaac. Research deeply into Esau and his 'habits'/traits. Why did YHWH dislike him? Did Esau ever do anything he was commanded to do? Answer these questions for yourself- you've got a Strongs! Don't forget to take things back to the original words.

Satans plan is this: Infiltrate heathen into the land of the Israelites (NOT THE COUNTRY ISRAEL!!!) to allow YHWH's curse to fall on them.
ref: Leviticus 18:1-30
The result: YHWH promises us, and the heathen, and the Kenites, and satan, that the Israelites will lose their land. Why is there a land for the Jews, but there isn't a land for the Israelites? See any similarity to today's USA, British colonies, and Europe? Think about the Federal Reserve, the IMF, the UN, NATO, and I could keep naming them. Are there any heathen in the land that don't follow YHWH? Heck, the so-called 'Judeo/Christian ethic' combines two words that are mutually exclusive and totally incompatible. Study the Talmud for yourself! Find out what is says! It is not a 'Christian' document- no way! Back to the lesson....

Want to know the outcome of satans plan?
ref: Ezekiel 38&39 all
ref: Zechariah 14:21 This whole chapter is interesting. It is another proof of the reason we aren't to separate the tares from the wheat. Judah is referenced here.
Is there any doubt as to where the 'Rosh' and their hordes are going?
ref: Ezekiel 39:2 "come up from the north parts"
Q- If the Rosh (Russia) (Rosh= Red= Idumea= Edom= Esau) 'come up from the north parts' then don't they go over the north pole? If the Rosh go over the north pole where do they end up?
Note: Ezekiel 38:2&3 Tubal was in the lineage of Cain/ lineage of satan.
ref: Genesis 4:17-22 & previous lessons

Ezekiel 38&39 describes the blood bath, bear in mind this happens before the 7th trump.

Further practical documentation of which 'Israel' this describes:

Ezekiel 38:11 Does this describe the country Israel? Heck no! "Unwalled villages", HAH! Check the biblical characteristics of the land of the modern Israelites. Who does 'Rosh' attack?

Ezekiel 38:12 "cattle and goods" as spoils. Where are the Israeli cattle? Nonexistent. Donkeys, yes, cattle , no.

Where are the cattle countries? Who lives in the country Israel? You should know.
Shortly after this Ezekiel scenario, the 7th trump.

At this point you possess most or all of the 'Key of David'. To understand why this is so important review Rev 2:all but particularly v7-11; and Rev 3:all but particularly v6-12. Pay particular notice of the churches of Philadelphia and Smyrna.

Q-  Notice anything compared to the other churches?
A- They both possess the 'Key of David'. YHWH finds nothing lacking in them. Can that be said of the other churches? This truth is very important.

To continue: Do you still not know what people live in the country Israel? This nails it, absolutely!

I Chronicles 2:55 There they are! Latched onto the tribe of Judah. Wanna bet they didn't intermarry? What're the chances? There's satans 4th attempt to destroy the seed line that leads to YASHUA. I hope it has at least started to click for you. Research 'scribes' again if it hasn't.

To recap satans 4 attempts (this count valid only for this study; actually there were many more attempts than this) to destroy redemption and make his bid for the Earth:
1) satan impregnates Eve; Eve conceives Cain (satans son- this lineage cannot produce YASHUA MESSIAH)
2) Cain kills Able (Adams son- which could produce YASHUA MESSIAH)
3) The Nephelium mate with Adams/Seths bloodline, Noah and his line are pure and are kept safe from the flood.
4) None of the first 3 worked, and being very flexible and able to come up with contingency plans, satan tries the exact same tactic again. This time by having his seed latch onto the tribe of Judah that YASHUA would be born of. Note that satan is not at all an original thinker. Again, he is totally incapable of coming up with new ideas.

At this point the KJV Bible should be wide open to you using Strongs. "He that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;" Note that there are still people that will not be able to see this as truth. Love them anyway, they are fulfilling YHWH's plan. There is a reason they are to remain ignorant. They are being 'held in a safe place' until later. Those of you that can see; be aware, you are probably of the elect. There is power given to you, and there is a sin, the unforgivable sin, that only one of the elect can commit. There is a reason the ignorant are being kept that way..... I'm getting ahead of myself.

OK, let's continue studying satans plan....

The Kenites have latched onto Judah; to interbreed and destroy the Adamic seed line that will produce the MESSIAH. Obviously, that was unsuccessful. Next step, have the troops kill the MESSIAH; after all, he's exposing the hypocrites for what they are! Can't have that. If people find the plan now, if killing the MESSIAH isn't successful, then the troops will be exposed and can't be utilized later. Get it? satans troops needed to remain hidden to be used at a later date (locust army). It's pretty obvious satan held out little hope that this the 5th attempt to destroy YASHUA would be successful. Well, I've got to give him that much credit, at least he could see a general trend. Remember, he isn't stupid, he is just incapable of certain things.

Matthew 23:27-30
Matt 23:31 key verse
Matt 23:33 key verse
Matt 23:35 key verse
Matt 23:37 key verse

John 8:38
John 8:39 True, but not thru Isaac and Jacob; Abraham was the father of many nations
John 8:41 YASHUA danced all around it, but here the Kenites admit it; "we be not born of fornication"
John 8:45-59 Note the tribe involved.

  Isaiah 22:22 'Key of David'

  Rev 2:7-11 'Key of David' - you've already read this
  Rev 3:6-12 'Key of David' - and this

Review the 7 seals and 7 trumps for the importance of the knowledge of the 'Key of David' if you can't remember. Gee, I keep bringing this up. I wonder why? 70-80% of the KJV Bible exists to lead you to the 'Key' that's why I keep bringing it up. YHWH feels it is important.

Here's why....
satan's troops, the Kenites are very active in the latter days (locust army).
They will acknowledge satan as the 'christ'. Don't you fall for it! They are correct from their perspective, he (satan) is their father, but not yours! If you are still in a flesh body, then your MESSIAH has not yet arrived! It's that simple. I don't care who says what, who they say has arrived, what they say he has done, what you've seen him do. If you are still in a flesh body, then your MESSIAH has not yet arrived! HE will arrive and there will be no mistaking it! No one will need to inform you!

Who are YHWH's troops? The elect. Those with, "eyes to see, and ears to hear", if you possess these lessons in your brain, with understanding, you are of the elect. Many of the elect have been kept hidden from satan by being 'moles'. If you are one you know it by now. You've seen the 'HAND of GOD' in your life, up close and very personal. HE has been there in your life, pushing, prodding, guiding-  sometimes when we are exceptionally 'sottish'- shoving. Sometimes, even protecting us  (to the point of death for some people surrounding us- I know it sounds incredible, but I no longer believe in chance). You've been invaded by the HOLY SPIRIT and may even be able to feel it strongly on the Earth. I, and others, liken it to walking through syrup- it's thick, and it's presence is that pronounced.

ref: Joel 2:all esp:27-32 verse 1 sets the time
Acts 2:all esp:17-19 verses 1-15 deal with Pentecost and speaking in tongues. Check in Strongs. It cannot be faked. The HOLY SPIRIT speaks through one and
all that hear it hear it in their own language, in fact of the tongue that they heard in their home (dialect), simultaneously! It is not rolling on the ground babbling gibberish, the deceiver is the author of that! Again real speaking in tongues can't be faked; when it happens, and it's about to again, you will know it.

That brings us to a sin that only the elect can commit and is the 'unforgivable' sin. I tell you this so that you won't commit it. When the holy spirit talks through you, you must let it! I really don't think that will be a problem. You will want it to. As much as the elect abhor satan we welcome the HOLY SPIRIT. As strongly as we repel satan and his angels we are attracted to YHWH and his angels. As fast as we run from satan we run to YHWH. I think committing the unforgivable sin is really close to impossible for the elect. Remember, the elect don't have free will. The elect have already been justified by their participation/choice in the 1st Earth age. But you must be aware of this sin anyway.

End of Lesson

Quick Recap of what we learned:

The troops:
satans troops:
  1) Kenites
a) been here a long time working their evil; perversity here, perversity there.
b) We've identified them; also includes the 'Rosh' & anyone doing satans work. Including (I'll not make any friends here!) Preachers pushing satans word even though they think it's YHWH's WORD.
  2) The Nephelium, the fallen angels

YHWH's troops:
  1) The elect
a) some 'moles' recently awakened (for some reason it appears they needed to be hidden from satan- speculation- to have him breed false confidence?)
b) The HOLY SPIRIT working through the elect.
c) Their job at this point is to plant seeds, to help the seeds to grow, and to harvest the crop. At this point (12/3/96) I think (speculation) the elect are the only 'ground' where these seeds are growing. The (not speculation) rest are being held safe by not being allowed to see.
2) The Host & YASHUA MESSIAH, yet to come. (Don't worry, we'll know)

NOTE: satan's troops and their leader don't stand a chance. Just one of the elect with YASHUA standing behind him is a majority. In the fight to come we will have a back seat, YASHUA will be leading! Take that bill clinton and your minions!

Now is a good time to explain what I mean in '1c' above. YHWH is absolutely fair. He even gave the Kenites a chance to listen, learn and to do the right thing. They passed on salvation and murdered him. YHWH won't condemn a soul that hasn't had a chance to hear the WORD. Once someone has heard the WORD and rejects it they are doomed unless they repent and accept. Now, what do I mean by "being held safe"? A powerful stupor is being cast by YHWH so that the non-elect; that is to say, souls with free will, cannot hear the WORD. Why? These are very twisted times. One must be sealed to survive. Yet there is a famine of the true word in the land. How can one be sealed unless they hear the true word? One cannot. If one's ears are sealed it insures they can't be fooled by satan. Those souls will have a chance, they aren't lost. That's what the Millenium (3rd Earth Age) is for. You can also figure out from this where your loved ones are that died without hearing the true WORD; in a safe place. You will see them again, they will have a chance to hear the truth from your lips; assuming, of course, that they didn't do the work of satan while living.

I want to say again for those that didn't hear this the first time regarding the tares and the wheat; the Kenites and the Judites. We are to do nothing. Why? Because not all people that call themselves Jews are Kenites. Some Jews really are Judites. No Kenite however, is a Judite. We can't separate them , only YHWH can. Leave HIM to do HIS job; you do yours. In case you don't know, it's tilling the field. If you don't understand this restudy the lessons.

Lesson 6 &7 follow where we will tie together loose ends and study in greater depth the movements and further lineage of the 'locust army', and the true meaning of the word 'Jew'. And no, we won't hate. With what is just around the corner time-wise there won't be any free time for that. Remember, do your job; till the field. Let YHWH/YASHUA and the HOST do theirs. Oh! Hopefully I'll be able to work in the power we are given over satan and his army of evil.

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