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This is a continued discussion regarding the 2 seed lines.

Remember to prove things out in the original manuscripts through Strongs. This lesson assumes you will track down the references given (you must to achieve understanding). It also assumes you are learning to read the Bible. If you have been following along and doing the work in your Strongs you should be able to.

Matthew 7:15-20

Mark 11:11

Remember 'tree' from previous lessons? If not, check it out (can be nations or peoples)

It was too late to do anything


Mark 11:13



The point

Mark 11:18


Mark 11:28-33

Research this further (other accounts listed in Strongs). Why would they be upset at the doctrine YASHUA was teaching?

Why the deceit? (v28-33) Deceit comes from where?

Let's take a break and hear some stories.

Story #1, "The scorpion and the frog".

One day there was a scorpion walking along and it came upon a stream. It knew that if it tried to cross the stream it would drown. The scorpion saw a frog and asked it to carry it across on the frogs back. The frog said,"Do you think I'm foolish?" You'll sting me and I'll die. The scorpion said, "Oh no, you'll be safe. If I sting you, you'll die; but so will I; I'll drown. Don't worry, you'll be safe." So the frog let the scorpion climb on it's back and started across the stream. They got to the middle of the stream and the scorpion stung the frog. The frog cried, "but you promised you wouldn't sting me! Now we'll both die! Why did you do it?" The scorpion replied, "I just couldn't help myself."

Story #2, "The rattlesnake and the mouse".

One day there was a mouse going about its mouse business when it began to rain. The mouse noticed a hole in the ground and began to enter the hole seeking shelter. It stopped short because in the hole was a rattlesnake. The rattlesnake saw the mouse and said, "Come on in, it's OK." The mouse said to the rattlesnake, "I want shelter, but if I come near you I know you'll bite me and eat me." "Oh no I won't." said the rattlesnake, "You want shelter from the storm, so do I. We can share the shelter." The mouse accepted that and entered the hole. As soon as he got within striking distance of the snake the rattler struck, injecting his venom. The mouse squealed with his last dying breaths, "You promised you wouldn't hurt me!". To which the rattlesnake replied, "You knew I was a rattlesnake before you ever entered!"

Are these stories biblical? No. They do however illustrate a point. Think about it. Let's continue.

Jeremiah 24-all

Isaiah 34:1-10

Major truth here. The key of David, in part, resides here. Research in Strongs (word study). Yes, we're still talking about 'figs'!

Idumea= Edom= Red= Rosh
Bozrah- fortress of Edom

v8- time reference- "the day of the LORD's vengeance"= the 7th trump

ref: Rev 6:13-17

related reading: Ezekiel ch38&39

Revelation 6:13-17

The people are ashamed that they followed satan. They wake up here.

Mountain/islands= nations (of people)

More figs.

"The day of the LORD's vengeance"- documentation for Isaiah 34:1-8

Genesis 3:1-7

ref: Rev 13:15-18

ref: Gen 4:15

Shame; conception of Cain; Fig leaves (more figs). Beginning to make the connection? Beginning to track down satans seed thru Cain? To....where?


OK, here is the story so far.... satan attempted to destroy the Adamic seed line (Cain killed Able) so that YASHUA MESSIAH couldn't be born. Seth (see Strongs- 'substitute') was born to continue the seed line. satan didn't give up; he tried again to poison the seed line (unsuccessfully if you hadn't guessed). More on this later. Cain's seed line didn't just up and disappear. YASHUA confronted them again and again. They are still here today. Can you identify them? Hint: they have been and continue to be a 'thorn' in the side of the tribes of Israel. Now don't go off the deep end. Remember I said in a previous lesson that the 'dark side' is very close when you arrive at the truth? You are very close and so is the 'dark side'. WARNING: don't cross over. YASHUA is very specific as to how to handle the situation. Let's find out what HE says.

Matthew 13:24-43 (it's OK to read further) This is the Parable of the Tares.

By now you can read that and understand it. Just to further nail it down, after the parable HIS disciples ask him to explain it to them. That explanation is there for you also. Out of the mouth of YASHUA! Can man twist this? You bet they do, you will definitely run into it. What are we supposed to do? It's right there.... nothing. It is not up to us to do anything. It's out of our hands. Not even Joshua could do what had to be done. YHWH knows we can't be trusted to do the job (Joshua was given the job of extermination of one branch and even he couldn't complete it), so HE has accepted the job for us. YHWH has not given the job to any man since Joshua. Read that last sentence again; now continue on. There have been attempts in the past, heck, in this century. Would satan do something like this? He sure would. As far as he is concerned, the end justifies the means. What better cover for his locust army than to create a situation where if the second someone even brings their name up they are accused of being racist. satan kills 10 million of his own? He doesn't care. satan kills 20 million of his own? He doesn't care. He wants to rule the world (Tower of Babel/New World Order) ; people, even his own seed, is nothing to him. He does eat his young!

Again, I want to make sure this point is made: We are to do nothing! Leave the job to YHWH/ YASHUA to handle. At this point in time there is very practical reason behind this. To a very large part satan's seed can't be recognized. The tribe they latched onto can be identified (study Jacob and Esau; compare to the mark of Cain) but there may be (probably is) a remnant of the original line left. Remember, tares and wheat.

To further nail this down for the "Doubting Thomas'". Go find a Jewish encyclopedia, a good library will have one, you may be forced to go to your state library. You will find it in the reference section. You'll be able to use it there, and they'll let you make copies, but you can't check it out. Research who the Jewish people are. Their own encyclopedia. Find out when the word 'Jew' came to be used. They are not the 'Tribe of Judah'. Two very different peoples. Now do you know why YASHUA MESSIAH was rejected? Now do you know why he was murdered? I ask this from the perspective of the murderers.

Let's go a little deeper into understanding.... YHWH is fair, always. Can he condemn a people just because of their father? I think not (look in Strongs). But, if HE were to give them enough rope.... If HE were to set a condition where they would make the attempt to kill HIM ("if you've seen the SON you've seen the FATHER"), then the crime could be committed and he would be able to condemn. satans seed took YHWH up on it, and did commit the crime. A 'set-up'? Yes. Entrapment? No. The Kenites had free will the entire time. Beware the 'locust army'.

1) YASHUA knew who the line of satan was. He referred to them as the "bad figs" when he was holding himself in check. Those of you that did your homework know some of the other words he used on them.

2) satans seed line can be traced to a people of today, actually, 2 peoples. One of the tribes of Israel (this will absolutely be nailed down in the next lesson) and the 'Rosh' or 'Reds' (Jacob and Esau).

3) YASHUA's doctrine of the seed line is probably what got him murdered; satan went to a lot of work to infiltrate those troops into a tribe of Israel (first to corrupt the seed line, then after that didn't work, to try to steal the inheritance that Isaac gave to Jacob) and wasn't real happy about the exposure. If YASHUA thought it important enough to die for (Well, one of the things anyway. The other, more important, being redemption) don't you think you should know it? You should, It's the lion's share of 'Key of David'. Why is this so important? YASHUA made it so, you won't survive what's coming without possessing an understanding of it, you will not have an everlasting soul without the knowledge. The "bad figs" will definitely follow "their father". You need to follow "our FATHER".

4) It's not up to us to correct the situation. It's up to HIM; HE won't let any of the good or bad figs escape. We would, as usual, muck it up if the job was given to us. Knowing this, you remain on this side of the divider, and not pass over to the 'dark side' where satan wants you to be.

Note: there are other tricks satan will use to get you to cross over. You will be called 'racist' and more; don't hate. You'll be blamed for many things; don't do them. Remember, YHWH loves you; unconditionally. HE will always(!) welcome you home, and love you as though nothing ever happened, as long as you ask for HIS forgiveness. In fact, he will become angry if you ever even refer to any of your forgiven sins. Once they are forgiven they never were. To refer to them is to call YHWH a liar. Unbelievable, yet true.

More insight: "You can't come unto the FATHER except by me", meaning you must be pure. We cannot enter into his presence unless we are cleansed (pure). Does it surprise you that HE doesn't even want you to refer to the state of uncleanness? What do you think the fight against satan has been about all this time (The end of death, the end of hell; YHWH's goals)? This purity/cleansed issue is discussed throughout the bible and is child's play to document; you'll have no trouble.

Lesson 5 follows. No homework except make sure you have this material 'in your forehead'.

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