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OR - The battle continues on Earth


Genesis 3:15 is the key to understanding past history (relative to the larger battle) and present history and current events.

For most students taking these lessons, at the conclusion of lesson 3, and for some others that need to further track the 2 seed lines, you will find a very(!) uncomfortable truth. Be forewarned. I'm serious about this. Some of you that have been doing your homework already know what I'm discussing here. Should you stay with it? I know that the information you will receive in this lesson is mandatory! In this lesson lies the 'Key of David'. What is the 'Key of David'? Those students that haven't been doing their homework at the end of the last lesson, or those that simply don't remember, do it now for the first or second time. The 'Key of David' is one of the seven seals: you must possess it.

Let's begin. Remember to check everything in Strongs and to prove things out for yourself. Why Strongs? Going back to the original words used (Greek, Hebrew, Chaldee) gives you the original meaning. Why is this necessary? No translation, no matter how good, is 100% accurate. It can't be and still be readable, also, sometimes the scribes intentionally messed with things. That's why we don't use any of the modern translations.

Regarding the 'word of man'....

Doubtless, by now some students have questioned 'experts' regarding the controversial subjects contained in previous lessons. Why? Do you doubt your own intelligence? Do you doubt the HOLY SPIRIT? Do you doubt the word of YASHUA? If you doubt the word of YASHUA yet value and accept the word of man who is your god? The WORD needs no 'interpretation' by someone that is merely parroting what they had to parrot just to get through seminary. Heck, religionists don't even know that modern bible translations used a 'so-called' "original" Greek manuscript that was doctored by a satanist 100 years ago. No wonder total confusion reigns in them. The word of man, HAH! Now, let's really begin. The WORD needs no interpretation, there are no inconsistencies, man can, however, twist it, and misinterpret, and mistranslate. Powerful delusions can also be sent. Hang in there, and prove these things out for yourself. Take no mans word for anything, not even mine; heck, you don't know me. Trust the word of YHWH, prove it for yourself.

Genesis 3:1


ref: Corinthians 11:3

ref: Matthew 23:33

ref: Revelation 12:9

"more subtle than any beast of the field"- doesn't say he is a beast of the field. It's a comparison.

The serpent is satan- the old dragon- previous lesson. Note: NOT A SNAKE!

Isaiah 14:12-14

ref: Rev. 12:7

ref: Jeremiah 4:19-27

satans sin revealed

Isaiah 14:13&14


Isaiah 14:16


Isaiah 14:21

Ezekiel 28:11-12

Eze 28:13


satan wanted to BE god

"is this the man" (italics mine)

"his children" Don't twist (spiritualize) this.
"iniquities of their fathers" - their destruction

the serpent in Eden

You can read the rest of the chapter. Much, much later it may make sense.

2 Corinthians 11:14-15 v14

will be important later. "Transformed into an angel of light"- just be aware that he can appear that way. This is important background material.
More background material:

Q: Were angels sexless? Could lucifer engage in procreation?


Jude 1:6

Jude 1:7

2Peter 2:4

Genesis 6:1

Gen 6:2-5

refers to the 1/3 of the angels that followed satan and were cast out.

"going after strange flesh"

"sons of GOD"- angels (nephilim)- Strongs

interbred with angels- fallen angels went after Adams seed line (Yashua Messiah was to be born from it) to destroy Yashua long before Mary walked the earth.


Gen 6:9


"perfect in his generations"- had a pure seed line- pedigree.

GOD had to destroy the corrupt flesh

Read on, YHWH sent the flood. Why? To get rid of the corrupt flesh, to purify the seed line so that YASHUA MESSIAH could be borne of an uncorrupted line. satans ancestry would've been a corruption.

If you can find a 'Book of Enoch' read it for a further account of this. It was part of the Holy Bible 300 years ago. It's mentioned in Jude- it should be in the bible today. We've been slimed (by the serpent). If you find one let others know where.


Genesis 3:2&3

Gen 2:9

- tree

- trees in Eden
a)food- natural- for one type of eating (nutrition)
b)life- Yashua Messiah- another type of eating
c)good&evil or death- yet another type of eating

ref: John 6:43

to the end

Eating of the TREE OF LIFE (again- YASHUA MESSIAH)

Gen 2:15-17 tree of death - Strongs check out "eat"

Check out, in Strongs, the key words contained in these verses:

Proverbs 30:20
Numbers 25:1&2

Genesis 3:3

Gen 3:4

ref: 2Corinthians 11:14&15
- eat

lucifer was representing himself as a beautiful angel of light

- you've already read it- I told you it'd be important!

Gen 3:3&4

Gen 3:5


lays the groundwork for the original sin. Yes, I know, no apple.

satan sells the idea that Eve can be as GOD. Check out the 1st Commandment, "Thou shalt have no other gods before ME." That was the original sin. I know there's still no apple in the story. I wonder how that myth started? Who doesn't want you to know what you are about to learn?

Compare the true original sin to the beliefs of todays humanistic 'new age' religions. If you don't know I'll tell you: They teach that you can be your own god, or god is in everything, or god is the earth mother, gaia. Original sin. Comes from where? Why don't the religionists teach this? They do have bibles don't they? Oh, that's right, they had to pass Seminary. Why didn't Seminary teach it? Think about it. Where did it originate? Still want to ask for mans guidance? Heck, you've got a bible, right now you have more real bible understanding than 99% of the religionist teachers. No exaggeration. Powerful delusions. I wonder who they were sent to? I get so angry regarding their lies! I was lied to for years, so were you! They still deny the writings that are in front of them, and those same writings can be understood by any average 5 year old. They have a great deal to answer for. We've been slimed. I'm mad and I'm not gonna take it anymore! Let's get back on track....

'Tree' can also be used in scripture, to reference, in plural or singular form, people, nations, or races:

Psalms 1:all

Ezekiel 31:all

- 'cedars of Lebanon' & trees that were in the garden of Eden

You can further research these references in Strongs. I'll be right here when you are done.


Judges 9:8 on
Matthew 3:10
Matt 7:17-19
Matt 12:33
Luke 3:9
Luke 6:43-44
Romans 11:17-24
Rev 2:7
Rev 22:2-14

Don't be afraid to read before and after the listed references

Genesis 3:5


"shall be as GOD"

Key words: food- Strongs- illicit sexual involvement
pleasant- Strongs- looking at lucifer- lust
desire- a
stretching out (italics mine) after a longing

Original sin- desiring to be like GOD. Eating an apple is original sin? NO WAY! The so-called 'eating of an apple' was sexual intercourse with satan.

Genesis 3:6

"wise" - look it up in an English dictionary- it means discerning good and evil.


An aside: Pagan religions emphasize sex. The virgin birth of YASHUA did not involve sex. Do you make the connection? Eve shared the knowledge of sex with Adam. YHWH may not have wanted them to procreate.

Q: Would YASHUA have been necessary if Adam and Eve hadn't sinned or had progeny? Think about it.

Note: In antiquity people didn't know of the 'apple myth'. That's a matter of historical record. Just recently has the 'apple myth' been sold. No, I'm not going to ask why, by now you know the answer. Back to the story, it gets much, much better....

Genesis 3:7

"fig leaves into aprons"- Why not a veil? Why not a mask? That would fit the apple myth. Why did they cover their genitals if they ate apples?

In Strongs compare the word usage 'naked' used here with Gen 2:25 - something changed- What? You answer it, I've given you enough answers. Hint: evil vs. innocent

Exodus 32:25

Exodus 32:6

Leviticus 8:all

Leviticus 20:all

-naked- Why? Continue on....

Strongs -the why

- both refer to unlawful sexual unions

Original sin: Man attempting to be his own god, made his own laws. Result: Eve procreating with satan and Adam.

Genesis 3:9

ref: 1 Timothy 2:13-15

Genesis 3:10


HE knew, HE knows all, HE also knew why.
Why hidden? Broke law- shame

Note: Partaking of the fruit of the tree was forbidden. Check in Strongs- look up fruit (#6529,6509) - increase.

Fruit- Websters Dic.- fruit of the womb, offspring, of the loins, of the body.

"Fruit" as used here was the seed of satan and it resulted in offspring. Again, this was the result of the original sin (wanting to be GOD) and not the original sin. This was, however, where the apple myth originated.


Genesis 3:12&13

ref: James 1:13&14
Strongs "beguiled" implies deception.

compare sequence to Gen 3:1+

Genesis 3:14

Genesis 3:15

Serpent made an earth-bound creature

KEY VERSE! The key to the 'Key of David'! Talking to satan- 2 seed lines- satans and Eves.

There is a lot more depth here than what immediately meets the eye. satans seed line has continually 'dogged' YHWHs chosen people. From a position of following, can they do anything other than 'bruise his heel'? It's also not a fatal wound; more an annoyance, it makes one limp, slows one down. Remember the 'locust army' from lesson 2? Do you remember? They torment. How? A sting that stupefies. What has happened to the religionists? Let's move on....

ref: Matthew 13:23-43
The Parable of the Tares (Don't forget Strongs)

Truth on many depths.


2 seed lines
Rapture debunker
Indicates satans seed will be with us to the end, then fini.
and more

This straight out of the mouth of YASHUA! Argue with that! "If you've seen the SON you've seen the FATHER", it's also out of YHWH's mouth! That's a majority if I've ever seen one! Argue with that, evil man! If the shoe fits wear it, if it doesn't, then don't.

Genesis 4:1

ref: 2Corinthians 11:14&15
Eve was beguiled into believing satan was YHWH. How can satan display himself?

Genesis 4:2

ref: 1John 3:11&12
"again" is better translated "continued" (remember, the scribes)

Genesis 4:25

"appointed me another seed instead of Abel"-

What happened to Cain? OK, he killed Abel, but wasn't he still Adam and Eve's seed? If someone murders another, their parents aren't revoked!

Genesis 5:1-9

These are the generations of Adam- his seed line.

Q?-Where is Cain? Abel is dead, and so is obviously absent, Seth is there. Where is Cain? Remember, these are the generations of Adam! Hear it, ADAM!

Answer: Cain was Eve's son by another father. Seth (and Abel) was the seed of Adam. Cain was the seed of satan. Same birthing, same mother, different fathers. Fraternal twins, fairly common. Satan was unsuccessful in this attempt to destroy the seed line YASHUA was to be borne out of. They were to ultimately become the 'Chosen People'- The Israelites (Note: not Israelis, the Israelites, they're not even spelled the same- Major hint here!)


1) Original sin- what it really was- Violation of the 1st Commandment.

2) The result of original sin- procreation with satan.

3) The result being 2 seed lines- satans versus Adams (image of YHWH).

4) The result is that this Earth age is a battleground between these 2 seed lines to this day. This will end at the 7th Trump (previous lesson).

5) You have just obtained part of the 'Key of David'. The majority of the rest of the key is tracing satans seed line to today. There is another small part of the 'Key of David' that traces Adams seed through Abraham, to David, to YASHUA.

Compare this truth, direct from YHWHs WORD, to the garbage spouted from the pulpit today. Which fits together? Which requires twisting (man interpreting the WORD)? In order to make it fit. YHWHs truth needs no twisting, no manipulation, no interpretation. There are no inconsistencies, it is truly marvelous.

Too, you may now be starting to see just a small part of the marvel of YHWH. The deeper you go into the WORD, you will find truth layered onto truth until truth is very deep indeed. Mans interpretive word has no depth of meaning. satan is incapable of 'truth' in depth. satan is only capable of shallow deception, he plays the same tricks over and over.

Lesson 4 follows and you haven't seen anything yet!

Oh! Homework! There is none. Just go over this lesson and review your homework from Lesson 2. We are rounding the home stretch to you obtaining all of the 7 seals.

I should have the rest up soon.. along with a possible discussion forum.. meanwhile..

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