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Lesson 2 -Seven Seals/Seven Trumps


Before we get going in this lesson we need to answer the riddle posed in lesson 1.

The riddle:

The thing you've been told was first is second, the thing that is second is something else. What is first? What is second?

Riddle hints (try not to use them):

1) It's got nothing to do with an apple!

2) Answer is found in Genesis 3:1-7

3) The first sin is the first sin.

The answer: The background is the book of Genesis. The thing you've been told was first was 'original sin'. What you have been told was the original sin was really the second sin. The second sin was Eve having sex, in this case with satan. The first sin was Eve wanting to be like YHWH, in her defense, at satans prodding. This first sin is indeed in violation of the first commandment. Eve was very clearly deceived by satan and remained so even unto the birth of Cain. At the beginning of Gen 4 you will see that Eve is still under the delusion that 'the lord' fathered Cain (satan and Eves son). From Eves perspective, she is partially correct; Cains father was posing as god. This is satans first attempt to destroy the seed line that will bring forth YASHUA MESSIAH. The second attempt will be the murder of Abel (Adam and Eves first son, Eves second). This attempt too, will fail with the birth of Seth. Satan continues to play god to this day and in the days to come. satan will be destroyed for it, don't be fooled by him.

I know this is not what you were taught in man-made religion, it is however, true and you can read it for yourself. If it doesn't work for you just put it on the shelf (in your mind) until later; it'll click.

You'll notice that the references given in this lesson and even more so in lessons to follow are more and more 'open ended', less defined; this to get you to use your mind rather than mine. Too, you'll notice that the references overlap and thus support each other even though they were written (in many cases) a thousand years apart. I think it's called 'wonderful'. Even though in many references only one or two verses are listed you are encouraged to look before the verse listed to put the verse into its proper time frame and context; sometimes you need to back up a whole chapter to find that 'The Day of the LORD' is being talked about even though reference is made to long dead kings. Keep your mind on the subject being talked about in the verse(s) and take nothing out of context (a favorite practice of religionists to prove pure manure).


Now to lesson 2: Seven Seals/Seven Trumps:

Remember to prove everything back to the original Hebrew and Greek text with Strongs.

Throughout the lesson on the left margin you will notice the ALPHA AND OMEGA symbol (); to the right of it is important info.

You must possess these seals in your forehead (understanding) in order to be sealed against the anti-christ. You will possess seals in your forehead. The seals you possess will either protect you from the coming tribulation or they will damn you to the condition known as 'hell'. You choose; YHWH or satan, no choice means you choose satan. The seals are in no particular order; they are knowledge. The trumps are events that will happen in the latter days of this 2nd earth age and are in order. Let me say this again, it's that important: You will possess either YHWH's seals or satans seals (the mark of the beast) no other condition is possible.

Rev. 6:v1-

1st seal YASHUA opens it.

Beast-living creature

Rev 6:2

bow- rainbow- cheap, cloth rainbow, a fake 'halo' (Strongs-'toxon').
That's all satan can muster. 'crown' indicates a ruler.

satan- 'anti-christ'- king of babylon


Rev 6:4




Ref: Zachariah ch5 & especially ch6
2nd seal

'red'- war- killing- civil war
'another horse'- IE. like the first
takes peace- civil war

At this point it would be interesting and beneficial to read Genesis 27. Do a word study with Strongs into 'Esau' and 'Edom' and relate it to Rev 6:4. You won't come to full understanding without doing this.

Rev 6:5

ref: Amos 8:all
ref: Mark 13:8-13
3rd seal- black horse- scales- false measures

Rev 6:6

a measure of wheat for a days wages. Don't hurt the blood of YASHUA, or the oil of annointing. The elect will be sealed and are not to be touched by satan. If you possess YHWHs seals you'll not take part.


Rev 6:8

4th seal

a pale (grizzly) horse- death rides. Power over 1/4 earth- Kills w/sword, hunger (famine of truth), The result of every war- famine, disease, there's also hunger for YHWHs truth. Spiritual death.

'Beasts of the earth'- venomous- Strongs

serpents seed- sperma (Greek- Strongs)- sons of Cain




ref: Mark 13:9-23
5th seal- '5' is biblical symbology for 'grace'

self explanatory

'killed'- spiritual death


6th seal- satans seal- will be a 5 month period
(a biblical 1 hour period)
ref: Isaiah 34:3-8

ref: Rev 9 &
Rev 18-

-unicorn is the satanists symbol for satan

note: 1 hour is 5 months

Rev 6:13

Ref: Matthew 13:24-43+
- '13' symbolizes rebellion in the bible.
'stars of heaven'- fallen angels coming to take their followers.

There is no Rapture! The first to go goes with satan.

Rev 6:14

'mountain'- nation or tribe of people
'island'- country

This is a description of "one worldism"- the "new world order" (nwo)- satans second attempt at becoming the head of earth- first attempt at nwo was the tower of babel.

Rev 6:15&16


Rev 6:17

hiding from YASHUA- shame- they finally realized who they were following. They fear YASHUAs wrath.

Question: Who stands?
Answer: The elect. The sealed won't be tempted or deceived

Rev 7:all
Rev 8:1-

ref: Rev 12:7-9
- read on your own- 7 is the biblical symbol for completeness

satan is cast out of heaven, that battle is over, naturally there would be silence.




Rev 8:6

Rev 8:7

ref: Daniel 8:25
- 7 trumpets/ 7 angels

- 8th angel comes- stored prayers are released

- fire (YHWHs truth) is cast to earth (poured out)

Trumps start- these are in chronological order

- 1st trump- deception comes to earth- corresponds to 4th seal (?)

Rev 8:8

ref: Rev 17:1

ref: Rev 17:15

- 2nd trump- mountain (nation) burning w/fire cast into the sea (people)


'sea'- people- you might want to read all of chap 17

Rev 8:9

Rev 8:10

- spiritual death- 1/3 ships- commerce- destroyed

- 3rd trump- 'great star'- false morning star- lucifer
1/3 of the 'rivers' (water) deceived

Q: Who arrives first? A: If you don't know the answer, shame on you!

Rev 8:11

- 'wormwood' - bitterness- Chernobyl

interesting word study: Esau= red=Edom. Where is Chernobyl? What 'color' are the Russians?

'bitter'- deception

'died'- spiritual death

Rev 8:12


ref: Rev 19.

ref: Isaiah 13:10
ref: Isaiah 14
ref: Isaiah 24:al

4th trump- the fake arrival. The best he can do is dim 1/3 of the heaven (remember the cheap, imitation, cloth rainbow?). A natural phenomenon? Maybe so. If so, beware that you aren't fooled. A proof (test) will be given shortly. This dimming may also be a reference to the darkness of the state of judgement or absence of YHWH.

Compare this fakery with the real arrival

Rev 8:13

ref: Ezekiel 17:

ref: Daniel 9:

Woe, Woe, Woe - an eagle not an angel (Strongs)
3 more trumps to go- 1 per woe.

more eagles

an aside: note in v7 Judah and Israel are listed separately. Why?

Rev 9:1&2

- 5th trump- obscured by the 'smoke' of lucifer. Corresponds to 1st seal.
1st 'woe'

Rev 9:3

ref: Gen 4:16+

ref: Joel 2

ref: Romans 11

'locusts'- the army of satan- Q: Who are they? A: The offspring of satan via Eve. Cain had children, they had children, etc.

'scorpions' sting (poison- paralyzes the nervous system- stupification) the scorpion injects digestive juices and drains the nutrition from the prey (they have no stomach). Federal Reserve??? The UN?? IMF?? Do you see it?

This army of locusts fulfills the negative part of YHWHs plan and is provided by satan.

Rev 9:4

- attack not on the creation- not on the 'sealed'- the elect. You must be sealed!

This attack is on the biblically illiterate.

Rev 9:5

ref: Gen 7:24

ref: Rev 12:15

Torment only. 5 months (30 day calendar), 'the time of the locusts'- May - Sept- locusts aren't about in January!

5 month period

flood - the word used is not a coincidence

Rev 9:6

Rev 9:7

Rev 9:8

ref: Amos 8

ref: 1 Thessalonians 4

ref: 1 Corinthians 15

shame! They finally(!) caught on!

horses- war
'faces of men'- they
are men; not bugs; MEN!

appearance and demeanor of gentleness- camouflaging or cloaking the sting.
Gentle entrance, deception, spiritual death

Rev 9:9

ref: Joel 2:5-11

ref: Joel 1:6

breastplates of iron- false priests, false religion, Cainites (Kenites)- breastplate of a true priest has 12 stones.

'chariots....battle'- spiritual war for souls

Rev 9:10

Rev 9:11



AGAIN, 5 months. Hear it? Think it's important? How many times does it need to be said?

'their king'- satan- definition- angel of bottomless pit- abaddon/ appolyon

Rev 9:14

6th trump- 2nd woe- satans 4 angels- confusion

Euphrates has always been a border between GODs people and Babylon(confusion)

Rev 9:15

Rev 9:16

ref: Joel
satans angels collect souls for a fixed time period.

# of army- 200,000,000- army of the east and church system- ‘Mystery Babylon Mother of Harlots’

Rev 9:17

Rev 9:18

satan, the locust army, and fallen angels all together here- fire, smoke, brimstone

‘out of the mouths’- lies deception- spiritual death

How many times has deception appeared? Another coincidence, or satans primary weapon?

Rev 9:19

ref: 2 Corinthians 11:1-3

ref: Gen ch2&3

note it- more deception and stupification (poison sting- paralysis)

get the connection?

Rev 10:7

ref: 1 Corinthians 15:50-52
7th trump. 7 is the biblical symbol of completion. That’s it, the end of the 2nd earth age. YASHUA MESSIAH arrives.


1) Review for yourself the 7 seals/ 7 trumps- symbols.

2) The elect, the sealed, will stand.

3) DECEPTION WILL ABOUND- satans primary weapon- the elect are immune (they stand).

4) Satan and his army will be loose for 5 months (or less- not documented here- do a word search on ‘shortened’).

5) There is no rapture- satan arrives first. If there was a rapture, if you weren’t going to be here for the tribulation, why would you need to be sealed? Is YHWH lying? Who is the father of deception? Not YHWH! Do the man-made religions teach rapture? Why? Who is the father of deception? Why do I keep referring to ‘man-made religions’? Who is the head of your church? Man or YHWH? You have the WORD of YHWH, you have a Strongs and by now you know how to use it.

6) Earlier in the lesson I said a test or proof would be given so that you can’t be fooled by that ridiculous cheap imitation ‘bow’ of lucifers. The test is simplicity itself. Turn to Rev 19:all. The setting for this is the coming of the MESSIAH. The elect (the woman/ the wife) are arrayed in fine spiritual linen. This means you have been redeemed by the MESSIAH and have been called to him. To further set this; the MESSIAH arrives to conquer, and the elect are with him. In short, the test: if you are still in a flesh body your MESSIAH has not yet arrived! Turn to 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18; that further nails it down so specifically even the ‘sottish’ can see it. Want to nail it down some more? 1 Corinthians 15:52. The messiah of the locust army arrives long before your MESSIAH does and you will still be in a flesh body when their messiah arrives. This also gives a powerful hint as to the lineage of the seed of Cain. The bible nails down the documentation, right from the word of YASHUA. Ever wonder why HE was killed? "Hey, Pontius Pilate, he’s gotta die to fulfill prophecy!" I don’t think so. There was a reason for public consumption and there was the real reason; exposure of people that needed to remain hidden. Again, you will not need to be told when YASHUA MESSIAH has arrived; HE will gather you to HIM. The only seeking out of the MESSIAH you need to do is the seeking you are doing now.

The people (army) of satan is the lineage of Cain. This can be traced. When you discover who these people are, you possess the lions share of the ‘Key of David’. To complete the ‘Key of David’ you need to know the lineage of Adam. I’ve already danced all around it. So did YASHUA as he talked to scribe and pharisee hypocrites (a clue). If you’ve taken the hints to do the research you probably already have more than a clue. Why is this so important?

ref: Rev 2:8-11

Rev 3:7-13

Both the church of Smyrna and Philadelphia possess the ‘key of David’ contrast them with the other churches discussed.

OK, you’ve got your homework. You can go as far as you want to take it. Hint: The transliteration of ‘sons of Cain’ is ‘Kenite’. Before someone goes down the wrong path....

Where this is going to wind up is a very dangerous area. Many people cross over to ‘the dark side’ since the division is so very close when you arrive at this truth. Be aware that there is probably still a remnant of the original lineage left. What are you supposed to do when you come to this truth?

ref: Gen 4:13-15

ref: Matthew 13:24-51

Based on these lessons from YASHUA what are you to do? It’s quite clear. Nothing, let them get rewards based on their own individual merits. The previous lesson and the lessons to follow specifically state from the WORD that YHWH and YASHUA will deal with them. Thank GOD! If it was up to us we’d muck it up as we’ve mucked up everything else HE has asked us to do.

"By their works ye shall know them". For the sake of your soul don’t follow the Kenites! They will run to the false messiah.

There is another reason this is important, and that is for your understanding of the WORD. Once you possess the ‘Key of David’ the bible is absolutely wide open to you. No joke. That is also a proof that you possess it. You will know that what you know is right. It is self proving. You’ll also discover that approximately 70-80% (guesstimate) of the Bible exists to tell you who Israel is and who the Kenites are. The rest of the Bible is YHWHs LAW and the redemption/salvation message. By now maybe you also realize the sword of GOD is at your throat right now. It is a two-edged sword and it is the TRUTH. You will wear one of two seals on your forehead.

I know, I know, "Gee, I wasn’t taught this in my man-made church!" Yup, you sure weren’t! I wonder why? What is satans primary weapon? What will people hunger for in the last days? What will be poured out onto the earth in the last days?

ref: Joel 2:27-32

If you don’t know what is being discussed (I can picture in my mind’s eye a whole lot of people scratching their heads and wondering if the author hasn’t gone off the deep end) just put it on the shelf, it’ll come together later. If you have a problem with it take it up with YHWH, not me!


I should have the rest up soon.. along with a possible discussion forum.. meanwhile..

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