"To Seek out that which was Lost..."

A Guided Scripture Study

Lesson 1- The First 2 Earth Ages

Note: When a verse or verses are listed it is intended that you turn to it and read it. In fact, this study guide forces you to use your bible. Be aware that no translated bible has been translated 100% accurately! Remember to prove these things out for yourself in Strongs!

Just a few words on using Strongs. In the front of Strongs there are instructions in it's use. But here it is also. In the front section of Strongs is an alphabetical listing of all the words used in the King James Bible translation and where they are found. This is very useful in seeing how the word was used elsewhere, and in finding other references for further research. Even more useful is the number following each listing. This refers to the dictionaries toward the back of Strongs. Here is why Strongs is so important to these lessons. This takes you to the original word used in the manuscripts, thereby giving the student the original meaning. Pay attention to whether or not the number is italicized or not. That's how you know which dictionary to use. Also, the listing of the original word usage will lead you back to the root word should you want to go back to it. This gives the student a very powerful tool for research. It's really easy to use, you'll find out. A little informal practice with your Strongs will prove this out for you. Heck, you can learn to use it by doing.... Just start the lesson.


Genesis 1:1 (means read this in Genesis Chapter 1 verse 1)

Gen 1:1 (when I list a verse this way it means you are already there and this is a note referring to it)

(It also means it's a key verse)
Before this, GOD existed by himself (a note that refers to the verse you're reading)

Proverbs 8:22



read 8:23-25

(this indented reference means to turn here for documentation that supports Gen 1:1, these references can be quite lengthy)
"me" is wisdom (the subject)
"Before works of old" - before the 1
st earth age

Prov 8:26


read 8:27

Prov 8:28

read 8:29

"highest part of the dust of the earth"- Strongs- 'atoms' (a reference to the original text from Strongs Exhaustive Concordance)

"deep"- abyss

Prov 8:30



"by"- There is no verb 'to be' in Hebrew! A better translation is "Then I became beside HIM". In short: Wisdom came from the FATHER (YHWH).

Job 38:7

Ezekiel 28:12

"sons of GOD"- the 'host' Note: there was joy and harmony

"king of tyrus"- a type- rock (small 'r')
"Sealest up the sum"- finished pattern; perfect
Note: "king of tyrus" isn't flesh

Eze. 28:13

Eze. 28:14


Psalms 104:1-6

created not born

annointed cherub - Know who it is yet???
In Eden- Tree of knowledge of good and evil- the serpent
"Thou art" is "thou wast"

Eze. 28:15

Eze. 28:16

Eze 28:17

"mountain of GOD"- nation of GOD- GOD and his children

"brightness"- splendor
"ground"- earth

Isaiah 14:all

Eze 28:18

- read now, or later. We'll all turn there shortly.

"traffic"- merchandise; commerce
The definition/description of 'hell'- a total finality.
"Ashes upon the earth"- finished; the end; cease to be

Note: Does this fit traditional religions concept of hell? Who is the author of deception? Traditional hell is a lie!
(that's not to say hell is something you want)


At this point, for those who would like to use their Strongs to further research satan, do so. He has many names he goes by; Strongs is the way to look into them. You have some in this lesson already, I gave you others in the Introduction to the lessons. "serpent" would be a good one to research; it'll click in later lessons.

Isaiah 14:13

Ref: Revelation

"stars of GOD"- children of GOD
"North"- Zion
satan will reappear on Mt. Zion

Yashua Messiah lands on the Mt. of Olives! YOU MUST KNOW THIS! (A seal)


Note: We didn't discuss this previously, now it's time.

What is the name of the Messiah? Did the Messiah speak English? Nope. Did he speak Hebrew? Yup. Can his name be an English word "Jesus" or "Christ"? Nope. Remember, he didn't speak English. His name must be Hebrew. What is it? Yashau means "SON OF YAH" (YAH is the poetic version of YHWH). This can be proven in another lesson.

Here's another way to approach a proof that "Jesus" isn't the Messiahs name. Those with 1611 KJV bibles. Yes, you. Find the word "Jesus". That's right it isn't there. It's not there because the letter 'J' is a modern invention. The 1611 KJV bible name for the Messiah is "Iesus". Who told you his name was "Jesus"? Who is the father of deception? Why doesn't modern man-made religion use his correct name?? The ministers can find it if they want to. Why don't they use YHWH or YAHWEH for GODs name? They should know it. Every service I've ever been to the congregation says "HalleluJAH" That gives praise to YHWH using the poetic form of the name. Deception is all around. Who is the father of deception? Why does man-made religion not tell you The name of GOD?? What name is the anti-christ going to come in? Question: If your name is 'Bob' and you travel to Spain does your name become something else? 'Bernard' maybe? Of course not, not unless you change it. Let's get back on the subject....


Back to Isaiah 14:

read v14

Is. 14:15

read 16

Is 14:17

read 18

Is 14:19

read 20

"pit"- abyss

"prisoners"- captives of deceit

"stones"- children

Yes, we're still working on the 3 earth ages, and more, so much more. We're getting there....


read 2

Rev 12:3

Rev 12:4


"wonder"- sign in heaven

"dragon"- Rev 20:1&2

Talking about the 1st earth age here.
"1/3rd part of the stars of heaven" = 1/3rd part of the sons of GOD = 1/3rd of the heavenly host = 1/3rd of the angels.

Ref Job-

You've already been there

"tail"- deeper meaning??- tale=stories=deceit
"child"- offspring, posterity

I hope you're checking in Strongs!

Read 5&6

Rev 12:7&8

Refers to 12:4
Isaiah 45:18

"not in vain"- not empty, waste; formed it to be inhabited

Genesis 1:2

Ref: Isaiah 45:18-

"was"- no "to be" in Hebrew. Better translated "became"
Note: THIS IS IMPORTANT- This tells you it was something other previously

not created empty!

"Darkness" indicates YHWH's judgement; YHWH brings light - an indication of YHWHs presence. Darkness indicates an absence of YHWH.

Jer 4:22

Jer 4:23

Jer 4:24

Jer 4:25

Jer 4:26

"sottish"- stupid

"was"- no "to be"- became

YHWH shook them

"were fled"- destroyed

"was"- became

Ref: Eze 28:12-18

made it become so

"all the cities" Yes, cities!

Jer 4:27

Jer 4:28

not a full ending

YHWHs going to do it again

Note: Not a description of Noah's flood.

2Peter 3:3&4

2Pet 3:5


"choose to be stupid"
"Heavens were of old"

2Pet 3:6!!!!!

2Pet 3:7

"perished"- utterly destroyed

"...are now..." ie: this earth age
this time he'll destroy with fire

Note: the above does not refer to the flood of Noah. Here the heavens were also destroyed; not so, the flood. Refers to 1st earth age.

Romans 8:12-28

Note: v29

Rom 8:29


"creature" has been mistranslated. It should read "creation"
"fore know"- YHWH already knew them! From where??
You'll also note that predestination for some souls is scriptural.

Rom 8:30


"justified"- no justification without undergoing judgement. When did this judgement take place?
Deals with the elect

Read 8:31-39

Here are some of the powers/gifts YHWH gives the elect.
Note: The elect have already undergone judgement. They are tested products; a known commodity. Have you always known there was more to GOD's word than you were being taught? Have you always had an uneasy feeling regarding the way modern man-made religion does things? Now you know why. There is a reason the seed grew to get you to be handed this and for you to read it. By the time you are done with these lessons you will easily be able to see the hand of GOD in your life.

"Eyes to see and ears to hear"

Ephesians 1:1-3

Eph 1:4

Eph 1:5


"Chosen before the foundation of the world"

"of HIS will"- not ours- the elect has no free will. The elect having already been tested is here to be a tool of YHWH's. Have you ever wondered why things are simply 'thrown' at you? It's almost as if YHWH is saying, "Here, have more of this! Here, have more money! Here, have another great harvest! Here, here's land for you!"

Eph 1:6

Read 7-10

"beloved" should be in uppercase; it refers to YASHUA.

Eph 1:11

read 12-16

You'll just have to accept this: A word was dropped from the original text. It should read, "also we have already obtained"

Eph 1:16-19

Here's why you pray for understanding

End of Lesson 1

1) YHWH existed and wisdom with him.

2) There was joy in the HOST until the annointed cherub swelled with pride and wanted to be GOD. (You'll see this again. For the thirsty: look into original sin- it's not what you've been told. Also, look into the 2nd thing Man did wrong; that too isn't what you've been told.)

Riddle: The thing that you've been told was first, is second, the thing that is second is something else. What was first? What is first? What is second?

Riddle hints (try not to use them):

1) It's got nothing to do with an apple!
2) Answer is found in Genesis 3:1-7
3) The first sin is the first sin.

3) Satan and followers will be turned into nothingness.

4) YHWH created the earth "not in vain" (not empty). That is, it was created populated then became void and without form.

5) This present, the 2nd earth age, will be destroyed by fire.

6) The elect are YHWH's tools (troops) in this earth age. Having already been tested in the 1st earth age YHWH knows their souls can be trusted. This does not mean they are guaranteed a place in heaven irregardless of faith in this age. If they allow a seduction by satan they go to the condition of 'hell' like anyone else; they too can fall from grace.


There was war in heaven.

satan lost the first battle.

A new battleground was created, the war continues.

Ponder this: If the elect are YHWH's troops, and they are, where are satan's? Ponder. The answer is partly in Genesis, definitely part of the riddle answer. Research satan's other names. When you find the answer to this you possess the Key of David (one of the seals). Don't worry, if you can't discover it on your own, we will all get there together in due time.


Lesson 2 -Seven Seals/Seven Trumps

I should have the rest up in a few days.. along with a possible discussion forum.. meanwhile..

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