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The writer of this letter called this ongoing thread ...
"The Mother of All DEBATES"
Time and space will not allow me to post the whole thread... so this will
Have to suffice for now.. I may as time permits post more of it.. I had read
a few of the postings.. but really didn't want to get into it.. but this
fine fellow.. misunderstood our Intentions.. and Accused us of Being Hate
Mongers, when we are really only trying to help figure this all out!
What we see so far is Criminal and Atrocious.. but it is not Allowed to say.
As amatter of fact by Talmudic Law I am worthy of Death for even daring
to critise. Or at least the Jew Murdering me would not consider it Wrong!
I have withheld the name of the author...

This list is NOT a school for Judaism!

Do you really believe that the participants wish to study The
Talmud here?  However, if YOU wish to read The Talmud in the source
language, then I can address you to internet.  Just keep reading until
the end of this post. ;-)

First you should know that one who wishes to study The Talmud
must be prepared for years ahead.  Mandatory perquisites are
good knowledge of Hebrew and the Aramaic languages, and fair
knowledge of the Hebrew Tanach, and in particular, the Torah
(the first five books).  Are you ready for this challenge?
If you are not, then let's make it short and final!

Unfortunately Lambret, you have wrongfully cited incorrect
information, FABRICATED by hate mongering folks, who had
published on internet their malicious words.  See for example
two sites, out of many:

The owners of these sites are "Bad Guys" who have been attempting
to put dirt on Judaism and Jews.

Here is my answer to the false and malicious assertions:
The regulatory parts of The Talmud are not written as laws, but
in a form of arguments among scholars, each held a different
view.  These discussions are sometime rancorous, and may show
that each proposed view should have been considered *before*
a reasonable final decision is made.  Does it make sense?

In general, the hate mongering folks, those who undeniably
slighted The Talmud have twisted the discussions of the Talmud by
considering the interlocutory "teasing" contentions as the final
decisions that were accepted for good, i.e., likely it has been
the prevailing rule.  This is the crux of the deception, picking
up the words and utilizing them out of the spirit of the discussion.

I am not a scholar for The Talmud, but after you had challenge me,
I down-loaded the relevant parts of the Talmud from a reliable
site, "SNUNIT" which is affiliated with the Hebrew University
in Jerusalem.
[NOTE: These pages require Hebrew Fonts(UniVerse format) and a working
Knowledge of the Language to be read... We are good at looking things up
But it does take Time.. At the moment I am very busy
but will get back to it! __IaHU-NaTaN]

Baba Mezia 114a-114b:

Kerithoth 6b:

Berakoth 58a

Sanhedrin 58b.

Yebamoth 98a.

Abodah Zarah 36b .

Abodah Zarah 22a-22b:  It should have been referenced as 12a-12b  ;-)

Baba Kamma 113a:

It could take me a long time to conclude all the information,
to summarize it and then translate it into English.  I have been
a secular Jewish fellow, but since I would never allow a distortion
of The Truth, I have allocated my precious time to show you, how
you are dead wrong by believing to The Satan.

Thank you for your patience.

The Talmud: exposed

FACTS are FACTS! -- By: Benjamin Freedman
The Truth about KHAZARS, Who's Jews, the TALMUD, and HATRED!