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And WHO is My Neighbor??

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Dated 3/11/96---

The situation seems to go from bad to worse!
We are GRIEVED by the news of the latest of ongoing Terrorists attacks! We mourn the loss of over 62 persons we did not know... but who were so dear to many.


The Israel Internet Hotline

Of course you know the Answer!!
You have heard since you were a little child.
Your Parents were very good at passing this Information from generation to generation.
You have probably read it hundreds of times!

Is it POSSIBLE, that even still, No one UNDERSTANDS??
I see a few that come CLOSE!

Says IaHUeH of Hosts... Return unto Me and I will return to you!

Malachi 3:6-7... (of course you will want to read the whole "book")

...Says IaHUeH of Hosts.
For I IaHUeH do not change
and you "children" of Ia'aqob have not come to an end.
From the days of your fathers
you have turned from My statutes and have not kept.
RETURN unto Me
and I will return to you,
says IaHUeH of Hosts...

These are the Words Deut. 30

Extracted from Shomron News Service Update March 12, 1996.. Volume II, Number 001 Psalms in Response to Terror

In response to the tragic events of the past few weeks, the women and older girls in numerous Jewish communities around the world, will be getting together to say Tehillim (Psalms) this Tuesday night, March 12.

The Tehillim to be recited are numbers 20, 121, 130, 142 and 144.

This effort has the approval of leading Rabbis including Rav Avraham Pam, Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky, Rav Yaakov Perlow, Rabbi Chaim Benoliel, Rabbi Yosef Harari-Raful, Rabbi Moshe Faskowitz among other leading Rabbinical figures. Both of the Ashkenazi and Sephardic communities.

The goal is for women around the world to pray with one voice on the same day.

At these gatherings, women should say Tehillim together, hear a speech or learn Torah covering the subjects of Ahavas Yisrael (Love your fellow Jew) , and give charity.

An additional goal is for women to set aside a few minutes each day to learn something of the commandment to "Love Your Neighbor" as taught by the Chofetz Chaim and other Torah Sages.

These are the communities that have already committed to this effort:

Russia, Argentina, Australia, Hungary, Poland, Tunisia, Switzerland, Italy, France, London, Australia, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, Toronto, St. Louis, Chicago, Palm Springs (CA), Kansas City, San Francisco, Milwaukee, Seattle, Staten Island, Monsey, Lakewood, Morristown, Crown Heights, Denver, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Detroit, Scranton, Upper West Side (Manhattan), Washington Heights, Passaic, Teaneck, Lawrence, Cleveland, and many communities in Israel. We are trying to find people to organize similar programs in other communities.

Please e-mail SharnF@aol.com if you would like information on where the program is in your community.

And if there is not yet a program organized in your community, and you can help organize one or know who can -- please e-mail SharnF@aol.com. If you are coordinating something, it's important that we have your name, phone number and e-mail address, if you have one so that we can update you as necessary.

We can fax the flyer from Brooklyn or fax letters of Rabbinical approval if necessary. To get information by fax, contact Raisie Horowitz by phone at 718-972-3047 or fax her at 718-851-2803. (SNS..3/11).

ONLY the Women?!?

**** Memorial To The Victims of Terror

We have received many requests for a complete listing of all the victims of the recent terror attacks which began on February 25, 1996. The names of all the persons killed in the attacks appeared in the various Updates reporting the events.

Anyone wishing to, may access the Jerusaelem1 Web Site and go to the "Memorial Site" .
Jeruaslem1 has listed all the victims in order of attack. The address of the web site is: http://www.jer1.co.il (SNS..3/12).

(for immediate release)

Rishon Le-Tzion (11 feb 96) - special -- Police ripped children and adults from vehicles last night, beating them severely and sending two childen to the hospital. The victims, students of Rav Uzi Meshulam, were in parked vehicles about to disperse after an evening in Rav Meshulam's yeshiva "Mishkan Ohelim" here in Rishon Le-Tzion.

"There are no words to describe what happened," said a spokesperson for the group. "We were in our cars waiting to leave, when suddenly a police van screeched to a halt in front of the alleyway leading from the yeshiva, blocking our path. Policemen stormed out of the van and began to pull everyone from the cars.

"They hit the children with truncheons -- one little girl, about five years old, had her head broken open and was sent to hospital.
Another boy has a broken ankle."

One of the students filmed the incident, but was attacked by a policeman who tore the camera from his hands, opened it up, and shredded the video cartrige that was inside. the student was arrested, but later released. Police returned the $5000 camera the next day, broken.

Eleven people were arrested, but all were later released. In addition to the two hospitalized children, there were a half dozen others injured "lightly". The police forces had no injuries.

The spokesperson continued, "there was absolutely no reason for the attack, unless the police are trying to terrorize us. But it won't work: Rav uzi and his students have rotted in prison for almost two years now, and they haven't stopped -- can we do less?"

Rav Meshulam, 43 from Yahud, is reported to be in deteriorating health. He and his students have been on a hunger strike for 16 days, and for the last 48 hours have ceased drinking water. The Rav is in urgent need of medical attention otherwise he will be in danger of losing the use of his right leg. He was shot in an incident some five years ago, when his sciatic nerve was removed by the bullet.
His leg has already shortened by about three centimeters.

Held in the high-security Ayalon prison, the Rav and his students are protesting what they termed "the further attempts of the Israeli Prison Authorities to harm [them], this time with defectively installed smoke detectors."

A spokesman for the Mishkan Ohelim Society, which Rav Uzi heads, stated tonight, "it's just another aspect of the State's racist policies. Their radio stations report that the students with the rabbi are all from Yemenite background, while the truth is they are from all ethnicities, even Ashkenaz. But I guess all of the Rabbi's students look alike, it's hard for them to tell us apart..."

In a letter to prison authorities sent two weeks ago, the Rav warned prison authorities that the smoke detectors, which contain lethal radioactive gas, must be installed by certified technicians.
When prison authorities had them installed by regular construction workers -- other prisoners -- Rav Uzi ordered his students to remove the devices. Prison authorities reacted by placing the Rav and his students in solitary confinement, where they have been for the last 48 hours.

It is expected that the Rav and his students will once again, for the third time since their arrest in May 1994, be dispersed throughout the Israeli prison system in an atempt to break their hunger strike. Prison authorities claim that the damage is about NIS 7,000 (about US $2300), and are considering bringing charges against the group.

In fall of 1993, a major scandal involving improper disposal of similar devices rocked the neighborhood of Neve Sharet in northern Tel Aviv. At that time, some children had found some discarded smoke detectors; specially-trained and equipped teams were mobilized to collect and dispose of the devices.


News from Hebron
The Hebron Press Office
February 25, 1996

1. Baruch Marzel Arrested

Tonight 30 policemen surrounded Baruch Marzel's caravan-house at the Tel Rumeida neighborhood in Hebron. They entered the house with a subpoena, ordering Marzel's arrest. When Marzel requested to show the police a doctor's letter certifying that he is ill with mononucleosis, the police responded by bodily dragging him from his home to the police van outside. He was taken to the Hebron police quarters, which is scheduled to be turned over to Arafat at the end of March and from there, to jail in Jerusalem.

Marzel is supposed to appear in court on Tuesday, and was arrested to insure his appearance at the trial. In order to be released from jail he must post 500 shekels bail. Being that banks in the Kiryat Arba area are usually closed at night, friends will pay the bail at an all-night bank in the Tel-Aviv.

According to Kol Yisrael radio, Marzel will also be investigated for 'inflamatory and rude remarks' made to the commander of Judea and Samaria General Gabbi Ofer, this morning in Hebron.

The Jewish Community of Hebron issued the following statement concerning Marzel's arrest:
The Jews in Hebron, as with the entire Israeli population, mourn the deaths of 25 innocent citizens, victim of continued Arab terror. The Israeli police, frustrated by their failure to prevent terrorist attacks, react by brutally arresting Jewish 'settlers', who are, in their eyes, enemies of the state, and are, perhaps, more dangerous than the Arab perpetrators. The Israeli government continues to release convicted Arab terrorists, while arresting and imprisoning innocent Israelis.This reasoning led to the imprisonment of Rav Moshe Levinger several days ago, on trumped-up charges, and jailed almost five years after supposedly breaking the law.

CHECK these Pages...

Mishkan Ohalim Society
What Happened to the Children?

D'n Russler's H'omepage

Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 23:36:10
Subject: (Fwd)From ZoArzeinu Update 63

"We are planning to destroy the State of Israel" - Arafat in Stockholm

On 30.1.96, at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, the Chairman of the PLO was quoted as follows:

* "Peres and Beilin have promised me half of Jerusalem - we Palestinians will take it all."

* "Ramat HaGolan has already been given away."

* "We are planning to destroy the State of Israel."

* "We will make the lives of the Jews in Israel unbearable."

And in a speech at the Al-Azhar College:
* "The commitment exists and the promise is valid: We will continue this long and hard "Jihad".... through the murder victims and through the sacrifices.."

Peres has bought the current quiet with HARD CASH - until the elections. It is in Arafat's interest that Peres be elected, and to see this happen it is worth being quiet for a few more months!

Our nation has been hypnotized by prophecies of peace and with the flagrant incitement against the opposition.


ZO ARTZEINU has taken upon itself this unpleasant task, and will begin to distribute posters and engage in activities which will make clear, in no uncertain terms, what awaits "AM YISRAEL" if the Peres government continues to reign. Our campaign will be called:

(transliteration:) "HATZBA HERESS" (literal translation: Vote Destruction, [& "Heress" rhymes with...])

It is clear that we will come under attack and be blamed for incitement along with the rest of the ridiculous accusations made by the "Left". But no one will be able to say that it was unexpected - or that they were not warned - or that we didn't do all that was in our power to warn the nation of the destruction that Shimon Peres and his "Band of Beilins" are inflicting upon us.

Moshe Sharet (the second President of the State of Israel):
"I categorically denounce Peres, and see in his rise to power a malignant, moral ruin of the worst kind. I will tear "kriya" (symbol of mourning) over the State if I will see him sitting in the seat of a Minister of the State of Israel."

---------- ZO ARTZEINU
UPDATE 64 ---- 25.2.96/5 Adar 5756

Tomorrow (Monday, 26/2) at 5:30 PM come to sites of the massacres and we will cry out together!


Tomorrow, (Monday 26/2) at 5:30 PM there will be demonstrations held at the sites of the two massacres of today - in Jerusalem and in Ashkelon under the banner:
(transliterated:) "ZEH LO SHALOM, CHAVER!"
(translated:) THIS IS NOT PEACE, FRIEND!

Anyone who is unable to be at the sites at 5:30 PM tomorrow is asked to stop their cars exactly at 5:30 and sound your horns for exactly 2 minutes.

Those who are hesitant to display the posters of the bus no. 5 distributed by ZO ARTZEINU, received a reminder this morning of its importance. Anyone interested in receiving posters should contact us at 09-920172 and leave a message.


This is the "peace" process of Peres!
This is the process of "Heress" (destruction)!

Please Hashem have mercy on us...

PS Tomorrow at 2:30 PM, at the Russian Compound Courthouse in Jerusalem, the trial on charges of sedition is resuming against those who are struggling against this process of destruction. Anyone interested in showing their support for these "criminals" is asked to join the protestors outside the courthouse.

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The Jewish Community of Hebron
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Extracted from: SNS News Service "French Hill - Terrorist Attack"
February 27, 1996.. 7 Adar 5756..Number 952 ..Update from Israel
French Hill - A Terror Attack

Special Announcement
The government has made an official announcement concerning the completion of the investigation into yesterday's terrorist attack at French Hill, in Jerusalem.

Following today's reenactment of the events that took place yesterday in which one Israeli was killed and over 20 were wounded, police have concluded beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the incident was indeed a terrorist attack.

The tire marks which were believed to be brake marks made by the terrorist's car, were actually learned to be unrelated to the entire matter. Yesterday, Jerusalem Police Commander Aryeh Amit stated that the tire marks indicated that the Arab driver made an attempt to brake his vehicle. Amit stated on national television that it appeared that the Arab man lost control of his car and tried to brake. When this failed, his vehicle hit the pedestrians.

Today, police have announced that after reenacting the events together with the Yeshiva students who shot the terrorist, they are now certain that the Arab driver intended to kill the pedestrians.

Police also announced that the driver came to Israel last week, rented a car on Sunday, and told his colleagues of his intention to kill Jews.
Police further reported that the terrorist, who was killed at the scene, was a known Moslem extremist in the United States.

The full story of the French Hill Attack will be provided in future Updates. (Galei Tzahal/army Radio..2.27..6:00pm, Channel 7 Radio News..2/27..4:00pm, SNS .. 2/27).


Zo Artzeinu -We Are Back
The Zo Artzeinu (This is Our Land) organization has announced it is starting up its campaign opposing the government's polices.

Moshe Feiglin - Zo Artzeinu Head:
"We will return and block the country's intersections. They should not try making us crazy with their talk of law and order. The law here only caters to terrorists. The terrorists are freed and the Jews are placed into administrative detention."

Feiglin explained that the group was silent for a period of three months. Despite this, "the government yelled that 'we are the murderers' and 'we are responsible for the killings'. I do not want to tell you whose hands are full of the blood of those who were slaughtered here yesterday. One thing is for sure. The responsibility for the murders falls on those who made agreements with murderers. Whoever goes ahead and makes a pact with the murderers, and signs with the lowest of the killers, it is he who is directly responsible for these killings.

"It cannot be that he who started this process of destruction, it cannot be that Peres is still sitting in his position." added Feiglin. (Ma'ariv Newspaper..2/27..Page 17).

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