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A Guided Scripture Study

These lessons will deal with GODs motivation and reasons for the creation of the heavenly host and man.


The story contained in the Holy Bible.

It will be written in semi-outline form with terse notes and references. The notes will be more 'thoughts' than complete sentences. The lessons are set up so that you can prove out what is being taught for yourself. Use a King James bible and a Strongs Exhaustive Concordance and you too can go back to the original manuscript meanings to find out what was written.

A brief word regarding note taking.... Please do make notes. Plenty of space was left in the margins for this very purpose. At this time you may want to make additional copies of the original paperwork, without your notes, for others. It's a lot harder to make a clean copy after the original has been mucked up.

I. Which GOD?

A. The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Specifically.

B. GOD tells us to call him by his name and no other name. He calls himself "YHWH" or "I AM THAT I AM" (pronounced and sometimes written YAHWEH). (Obviously, "YHWH" is not in Hebrew, But if you pronounce the sounds these consonants make [as a word] you will come close to HIS name.) Sometimes you will see this as "YHVH", or "YAHVEH". A scholar that I admire says that the sacred name is pronounced "YA HA VEY", and makes a strong case for it.

1. This is a whole lesson by itself and will wait. If you don't believe this I would call HIM "The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob" just to be specific, until you prove this out for yourself (We will later)(Companion Bible ap.60).

2. Other titles:

e. (alpha & omega)
h. I'm not whipping a dead horse here; this is important.

3. The Messiah also has a correct name; HIS name is YASHUA, which means 'SON OF YAH'. I have also seen this sacred name written "IAHUSHUA"; remember, this is only the sound of the sacred name. These spelled names are obviously not Hebrew. Other titles that are used to refer to HIM are:


4. Moot Point? No. People have many gods: money, family, things. It's not good enough to merely reference "god". Think about it.

5. The convention in these documents is that when any reference is made to YHWH/YASHUA it will be capitalized.

C. Names for satan

1. Used by satans worshipers are (they would capitalize the names): baal/ satan/ lucifer/ god/ lord/ astaroth/ astarte/ ra/ ishtar/ isis/ morning star and probably many more. You see that some look familiar - depends on the user.

2. Names used by YHWH and the elect to reference satan: abbadon/ apollonia/ son of perdition/ the accuser/ tree of knowledge of good and evil/ the destroyer/ originator of confusion/ the evil one/ serpent/ the assyrian/ king of babylon/ king of tyrus/ the terrible one, and I'm sure there are more that I can't remember.

3. In these documents all references to satan will be in lower case letters regardless of where they occur in the sentence.

4. The destination (recipient) of the prayer must be specific.


Let's get to the meat... New outline...

I. The word of YHWH is his letter to his 'elect' that tells us:

A. Of salvation/redemption

B. Of his plans and promises regarding us.

1. Why we were created

2. Why we are tested

3. Our eventual distribution (rewards)

4. Our 'powers' or gifts

5. A sin that only the Elect can commit.

C. Of the war

1. In the 1st earth age (meager info)

2. In the 2nd earth age (70-80% of the bible)

a. the why
b. the players
c. the final outcome
d. YHWH's protection (7 seals) for the elect. (Yes, you can easily possess these. They've been there all this time and you weren't taught.)

D. The Elects Job

1. here in the 2nd earth age.

2. In the 3rd earth age. (soon to come)

E. YHWH's law

F. YHWH's end goals

1. The end of death

2. The end of hell

G. We are important to YHWH for HIS companionship.

In the lessons to follow this introduction is documentation for the preceding. It's in the form of programmed study guides.

Now, let's take time to get something straight. I cannot come to an understanding of GODS WORD for you. You must do it for yourself through the HOLY SPIRIT. It is the only way. I am only allowed to be your guide. Who am I? A student that is being blessed with the HOLY SPIRIT and that is being moved to do this work. Prove everything in these lessons for yourself. Take no mans word for anything. You are responsible for your soul. Not me, not some religionist that calls himself "a man of god"; you are responsible. I am responsible and answerable to YHWH for what I teach. I am comfortable, and absolutely certain, that everything in these lessons is true.

Materials you will need for the lessons:

1. A King James Bible

A. 1611 King James translation- This is special order from a christian or possibly secular book store. The 1611 version contains books (The Apocrypha) of the bible later removed for the 'political correctness' of the day. On the downside it is written in early English and takes some getting used to.

B. 'Old' King James translation

C. Companion Bible. This is really an 'Old' King James translation with additional helps in the form of appendices and margin notes. This is the finest study bible I have ever used or have seen. The margin notes really speed up the study process; the appendices give additional information that in many cases can be found only through diligent searching of library reference materials. The source of the notes and appendices are by biblical scholars, translators, and the massorah (see ap.30 of the Companion Bible). This is a very powerful study tool and I highly recommend it. Unfortunately it doesn't contain the Apocrypha, but we won't need those books for these lessons.

NOTE: You do not need all 3 of the above recommendations; one will be sufficient. The NIV, NAS, New King James, and the other modern translations are totally worthless. They are not and were not translated from the word of YHWH. A satanist in the late 1800's/early 1900's rewrote the Greek manuscripts so that when they were later translated they produced bibles designed to totally confuse. The satanist did a really good job. At times the reader can't tell whether the MESSIAH or satan is being referred to. Useless! Throw your modern translation out! 'They' will tell you these modern translations are accurate (whatever that means). They aren't; neither are any of King James translations, they are however the best we can do. We correct the translations and find out what the original texts said by using:

2. You MUST(!) also obtain a copy of Strongs Exhaustive Concordance. YOU CANNOT DO THIS STUDY WITHOUT IT! It takes you back to the original Hebrew/Chaldee/Aramaic/Greek text. If you would like to learn to read these languages you can skip the Strongs and purchase copies of the original language manuscripts (I jest, but it is possible). Strongs is the best way English speaking/reading people have to get back to the original texts.

3. Pray to YHWH for understanding; for YHWH to open your eyes to the truth (I've never been more serious!!). It is a promise we have from YHWH - he will keep it if it is sincerely prayed. Remember to talk to YHWH specifically by either using his name or an accepted title discussed previously.

4. Approximate costs:

a. 1611 KJVersion- $20-$30
b. Old KJVersion- $10-$100(?)
c. Companion Bible- $50-$90 (the binding makes the difference)

These can be ordered through a book merchant; here's the info:

Publisher: Kregel Publications
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

d. Strongs Exhaustive Concordance- $20- $30
e. Prayer- Absolutely free

NOTE: Time is shorter than you probably think! Don't waste it. You must do this for yourself: you must be selfish in seeking this knowledge. Others can only choose for themselves. Don't, however, selfishly guard it. When you are schooled in the knowledge feel free to share it with others. However, "don't cast your pearls before swine".

Another NOTE: Take the lessons in order. If you don't understand something 'put it on the shelf'; that is, on the shelf in your mind. Take notes, that's what the margins of the lessons are for. If you disagree with the LIVING WORD understand you are really in disagreement with YHWH! (Good luck! You can't win that argument!)

At this time read Mark ch4v1-33.

Yet another note: If you believe in YHWH, with that also comes a belief that the scriptures are the word of GOD. If it is the word of YHWH we cannot argue with his word or him. To argue or disagree places us on an equal or higher plane to YHWH. We clearly aren't. If you don't agree with this there is no point in continuing. If you do agree with this be prepared to have your beliefs of a lifetime shaken, shattered, then rebuilt with truth by the HOLY SPIRIT. I cannot do this for you! I can only lead you to begin your journey with the HOLY SPIRIT, as you will do for others. YHWH, through the HOLY SPIRIT can and will give you the truth if you have "eyes to see and ears to hear". You will not like all that you find, guaranteed. Pray for guidance; daily, and every time you open his word. Remember: YHWH is truth, satan is the source of confusion. Be advised.

You will notice as you take the lessons, that each lesson builds on the preceding lessons. If you really don't understand something try to reach understanding before continuing to the next lesson. Take your time but don't squander it. If you absolutely must 'put it on the shelf' don't be concerned it will eventually click- if it is intended to. Some people simply aren't meant to understand this time around.

Before we get to the meat I'd like to thank all of the people that had a hand in producing these lessons. All of the anonymous researchers, the proofreaders, the people that produced the tapes that are largely compiled in the lessons; Arnold Murray, Terry Parker, Pete Peters, and Pastor Bob. I'd also like to thank the HOLY SPIRIT that truly produced this work by using the preceding individuals and myself as tools for this work. I'd also like to thank the false teachers that were so obviously teaching falsehoods. They were responsible for waking me and many other believers up to the TRUTH. satan isn't very smart, just devious. To study at greater depth you can contact any of the following scholars for their tape libraries and printed materials or to get a broadcast schedule.

Arnold Murray can be reached at:

Shepherds Chapel
PO Box 416
Gravette, AR 72736
Phone: 800 643 4645

Shepherds Chapel is also a source of 1611KJV Bibles, Companion Bibles, Strongs Concordances, and Bible Dictionaries (not mandatory for these lessons)

Terry Parker can be reached at:

Morning Watch Chapel
PO Box 2226
North Highlands, CA 95660
Phone: 916-331-1918

I'm not certain but I believe this is a source of printed material for this study.

Pete Peters can be reached at:


Now lets get to the meat.... (click the title)

Lesson 1- The First 2 Earth Ages


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