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An Open Letter to GOD!!!
with reverence from a heavy heart

Date... 4/19/96

Where were You yesterday?
Were You with the Israelis who fired that deadly blitz into the U.N. camp?
Did You go there and see the carnage?
Did You see the baby with her head severed from her tiny body?
Is your heart filled with tears as are the eyes and hearts of human kind at the sight of this brutality?
Is this some cruel, sick cosmic joke?
Are we to understand that You and Your followers "love the little children of the world" except Palestinian and Lebanese children?
Are these butchers really Your "chosen", best, friends?
Do You agree with Madeleine Kerbel Albright that the transfer of culpability to children, in order to kill them, is justifiable?
Why do You allow Clinton, Christopher and their murdering handlers to continue to make us all a party to this inhumane slaughter by their condoning, encouraging, and supporting Israel with our money and weapons.

Last night one of Your Ministers told me that these unconscionable killings are "Your perfect will" and that it must be "so Jesus will come back soon."
Are You the author of this insanity?
Why do Your people hide their eyes and harden their hearts - otherwise passionate, intelligent people listening to and believing the apologist in the press and government who rationalize and excuse these horrid crimes?
Were You at Deir Yassin when these same uncivilized beasts packed the bodies of women and babies into wells after their massacre?
Did You feel anything when they forced naked pregnant women onto flat-bed trucks to be paraded through Jerusalem, stoned and spat upon?
Were You anywhere near Sabra and Shatila when Your 'chosen one' Ariel Sharon, flooded these filthy refugee camps with bright lights and sent his and his men and the 'Christian (?) Phalangist' militia, puppets in with only orders to not rape girls under 12 years old?
Did You watch as these storm-troops held young boys on the ground cutting away their testicles and then slitting their young throats?
Why are so few of Your worshipers aware of these heinous war crimes in hundreds of nameless villages?
Did You 'go before' these maniacal, fiendish bastards as they forced POWs to crawl and bark like dogs while shouting, "long live Begin, long live Sharon?"
Are You behind this blatant demonstration of 'selective humanitarianism' wherein we are instructed to make such a prodigious difference between the terrorist killing of some children and treat the deaths of others with callous disregard?
I just observed a period of silence in respect for the lives of those slain in Oklahoma, as it should be, but will there ever be any recognition or even acknowledgement of our dastardly involvement in Israel's terrorism?
While near 100 men, women, and little babies lay mangled in this UN camp our duplicitous masters used only one word to describe this unpardonable crime, "regrettable".
Will You be with those hypocrits next week at the Holocaust Museum who participate in the iconical worship of fifty year old corpses, while the soil of Your Holy Land is sullied with the fresh blood of children?
Why would You send Billy Graham to Oklahoma City and not to Waco or Beirut?
Answer me damn-it, answer me!


Nuremberg, 1947 _______________________________________Israel, 1996

James Floyd

185 Co Rd 254

Cullman, Al 35057

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