"To seek out that which was lost..."


NOTE: The following is a copy in full of a message recieved (>in this color) and my response (in this one)... Even though at times it may seem like a Conversation... it is not. I have added Links for your convenience.
I am thankful to the writer of the message for helping to bring these things up so we could look at them closer... and explain a bit clearer. I hope that that one will read it and respond....

Thankyou for responding... sorry it took so long to get back.
I must say that this is one of the Kindest and most polite GNASHINGS that we have recieved.
At 08:14 AM 5/8/96 +0200, you wrote:
>This letter is not intended for your List please - I trust that you
>are not one of those who enjoy dragging things to the wild dogs to be
>torn apart. We are busy with sacred matters here - let us respect it
>as such.

Actually we share Information for the purpose of helping People (all of them Created by IaHUeH in His Image and Likeness) to Discern the Truth from the Lie.
If this correspondence will further that end... I will publish it (Keeping you Anonymous of Course).

>And that is also my great concern with your Web material. When I saw
>it at first, I was thrilled. You use the sacred Names (I do respect
>you for that, notwithstanding that you have your own version - it is
>as correct as any other version in my estimation - who knows 100%
>after all?)

It is our desire to use the closest representation... it is Study and the Spirit of Truth that revealed this to us... we may find more information...

>I soon learnt that you are somewhat confused though - but the more I
>read of your material (espescially the latest referred to in my
>subject above), the more confused you seem to become.

With all due Respect... I think you may be projecting here...
I am sorry that *YOU* became confused... you may have already been confused when you got there...
>I say this NOT in a proud spirit nor derogatarily - but in a spirit
>of concern -

I realize that this is your Intention and you would like to present a good Image... but this is not how you have come across... even from the first sentence!

> because you have so much Truth and are able to put it
>over so efficiently on the Net!

Then why are you confused?

>You create great confusion, I think, (in your endeavour to clear the
>confusion which exists - and I agree with you wholeheartedly on
>that!) by publishing in your site the articles / material of *other*

It is my desire to present more than a one sided view.. and we encourage readers to Think for theirselves and make their own Choices!
The more Information you have.. the Better your Choices..
The Best Choice is to Choose Obedience to IaHUeH!
But how can you do that if the Biggest examples of Doing so are only pretending? and then when they see you asking questions and trying to be Real about it they GNASH you for it and seek your destruction!

>Surely, it is impossible that you can agree 100% with all of
>the contents of those articles which you place??? The result to me
>as reader is that I cannot figure what you really proclaim or not.

This is what we proclaim and these are the Views that we agree with 100% ... THE TRUTH of THE GOOD NEWS of IaHUeH's SALVATION!
Did you see the Statement Concerning the Basis of our Conviction?
But I think you reveal the key to your confusion.. is your assumption that I am lying about what I very straight forwardly Proclaim... throughout the site. And so you disagree and are offended with what you see... and look for something to Accuse me of.
And what offends you?
That there is a difference between the God that the world Worships.. and IaHUeH! and that the Whole world is in Wickedness! and has separated themselves from their CREATOR! That IaHUeH IS GOOD and there can be NO EVIL with Him! and that if a person that is altogether in Sin (even in willful ignorance) were to find theirself in the Presence of IaHUeH that they would be totally burnt up, Consumed, ashes...
So therefore if such a one says that they are performing the will of G-D and that this G-D is the same as IaHUeH... (Transgression of the third Comandment, SIN) and that He is keeping His Word that He Promised.. {that when the People will REPENT and RETURN to IaHUeH, (made Possible *Only* by the Blood of the LAMB)} ... That He would return to them and Gather them up from the farthest parts of the Earth where they had been Scattered.. and Bring them back into the Land that was promised to their Ancestors.. (you should access this in Deu.30)... If you follow this Link from QARA' Li-HaSheM HOShA' NA' where it says These Are The Words.. "http://www.efn.org/~iahu/law2.htm#the-words"

You see when this happens it is when the people finally Turn to IaHUeH and not to the UK or US or the League of Nations/UN.
How can you call me Confused and imply that I am a Deciever..When Scripture is so very clear on this very point!
Go search it out and stop being so sentimental! Will you Hate me for telling the Truth?
>And then it seems that you boast about the fact that your opposers do
>not know who you are and what you proclaim! Surely, the Truth should
>be explicit and clear, don't you agree?

I am saddened by the fact that Rather than Believing the Simple Truth and turning to IaHUeH and Loving Him with all of their Heart Mind Soul and Strength... That they would rather Accuse me, (who told them out of Love) of being a person that (in their mind) it is Alright to Hate and Destroy!

I do not know how you may have missed it, but all over our site is a Blue Banner.. says Be Ye EXCELLENT.. One Unto Another!!
It is linked to a page called the Fact of the MATTER! You may want to read it. "http://www.iahushua.com/relate.htm"
Be Ye EXCELLENT.. One Unto Another!!!
It is out of my Love for "Israel" and My love for all people... and my Love for these "jews" you say I am Against... that causes me to want to tell them.. so that they can have a Chance to get it Straight.. Before that Great and Terrible Day!
That is who I wrote the page for...

What? would it be better to say soothe soothe... oh its ok... you don't *REALLY* have to worry about Obeying IaHUeH... just do as your Masters tell you...and make a good Show and you WILL HAVE PEACE??!?

>You also boast about the fact that you receive so much opposition.
>It is true, yes, that Truth receives opposition - even YAHSHUA
>received more opposition than support.

You keep mentioning this.."boastin" is it because you are Envious for some reason, am I somehow supposed to be PROUD that people Reject IaHUeH's Word? Am I supposed to be Happy that people Choose DEATH rather than LIFE? I have to tell you that that is a very Twisted Attitude!
And I find it insulting.
I know you don't realize what is going on here or what you are supposed to do to me... So I ask IaHUeH to Forgive you.

Actually I was a bit surprised and amazed and HURT to find So many Liars...

If it were my desire to be Hated I would be a Hateful Malicious Murderer.. and everyone would want to murder me before I could get a chance to murder them... And if I were like that I would perhaps have fun acting that way... and so I would not be Complaining about Unjustified Hatred... would I? Then I would might brag that everyone Hates me because I am so BAD!

> But YAHSHUA had the perfect
>Truth, for He is the Word personified. And it would be a tragedy - a
>shame - if we received opposition for that which is not Truth. Such
>opposition would be justified and the proclaimer of that which is opposed,
>would stand condemned. We therefore should be very introspective and
>assure that we really have the Truth before we boast about

You do sound very Confused... do you read a lot of Paul's teachings? Is that the problem here? (rhetorical)
You need to Read "John" 17 and the first Epistle...
Oh thats right it won't do any good...
* they have changed it Just enough for Christians to not Understand it. *[In the "authorized" Translations]

>Am I thereby insinuating that yours is not the Truth? No, I couldn't
>because I am not sure what you stand for. You follow a totally
>confusing strategy - and THAT is nothing to be proud of for starters!

Then why the Diatribe? It is not my TRUTH!! IaHUeH gives to me...
You do not even Know about that Lie you just said do you? The purpose of this message was for you to try to Convince me that I was a Liar.. it is all you have said...
"You are Lying!.. you are confused... you are saying that you are Serving IaHUeH.. but you are wrong.. that makes you a liar.. see how righteous I am... If you are really serious about learning the Truth you will Listen to me! you will do what I tell you! and stop talking bad about GODS Special People Who can never do wrong... Because I am GOD'S servant... you dog!! Lick my boot! Let me school you.. Do not Trust IaHUeH..forget your Vows... you do not know what to think.. Don't think above your Calling.. leave it to the Experts! Listen to me! do what I tell you.. it is the Christian way"
===========================end Implication==========================

It is not that big a deal I have gotten much worse... I can't even really blame you for it ...you probably just do as you are told... Believe without question... works pretty good till some one asks... "Well what do you believe? and why?" or says "IaHUeH Revealed His TRUTH!!"
>I may tell you that at first, at one stage, I actually appraoched The
>Hebron Community (whose articles you also take a free ride on) in the
>joyful expectation that they may be Messianic!!!!

Woi!! My free ride... because I am trying to HELP these People?
Getting the News of Hebrons Plight to the World...
When I started the Archive they didn't even have one... Shomron News Service had one but it stopped working... So I started them up so people could have Access to this Important News... now they both have Archives.. but (even though i am behind) I still maintain ours... just in case...
I did realize after your letter that I had forgotten to put the disclaimer on the top of the page... it is fixed now... Thankyou!
I think most people who have intelligence and pay a little bit of attention...
Who look at the details before jumping to conclusions and making a fool of theirself... would have been able to figure it out...

> (I did it very
>diplomatically though). Only to find out, after much contemplation
>and rereading yoursite, that it was not their site but yours!!! This
>I again do not think is something to be proud of.

(Like this message?)
Let's see ... was there Fraud? did I Tamper with the news?

> Imagine if
>Satanists would do that in their Web pages with your material?!

What... published the TRUTH OF THE GOOD NEWS OF IaHUeH's SALVATION on their page?? I would be delighted!! Even if they would provide a Link from their page!!!
That would mean that possibly one more person will have a chance to read it and learn the truth.

> And
>if you do not think that is possible, please aquaint yourself with
>how they have invaded the news groups of Christian subjects with
>their blasphemys.

I will tell you the TRUTH.. you can NOT invade a Christian with Blasphemy!! They are Steeped in it!
It is Christianity that Created the Atheist and the Satanist!
These people are REACTING in DISGUST!!! and are thereby being more Honest... at least with their own feelings.
>And that my friend, is the same risk which you run with your latest
>outrage against Israel, qualifying them as "öf their father the

I was quoting IaHUShUA.. in CONTEXT! As He was speaking to the Leaders of the People... So was I... If you will not recieve IaHUShUA's Words... then whose child are you? and who do you serve?

> Joining the Arabs in your condemnation of Israel's "killing
>of civilians".

So I should PRAISE THEM???!!? I will not... There is no way I will Praise EVIL.

No More MURDER!!!!!!!! It is a SIN... WAR IS EVIL!!! LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!!
Do not blow up Babies!!! No Slaughtering old people!!! HAVE RESPECT FOR PREGNANT MOTHERS!!!! And Healthy able bodied men.. for that matter... but have no respect one above another...

Does it make me EVIL TO SAY THIS?????

> The Arab terrorists would certainly beam with joy to quote
>you, as a "Jewish datI" (which is the only conclusion they can arrive at,
>judging from your use of the Sacred Names and multiple Hebrew phrases
>in your articles). I pray that your reaction to this would not be
>that you side with the Arabs anyway.

We SIDE WITH IaHUeH... you serve who you Choose.

>These statements of mine do not in the least mean that I condone the
>Government of Israel for what they are doing to their own Land,
>nation, Palestinians or Arabs.

Oh... I guess I misunderstood you. Whose Land? IaHUeH SAID IF!!! More than once.

> The point is that YAHSHUA commanded
>us to not even condemn / judge satan.

Not only do you apparently not know the difference between Judge, Condemn, and DISCERN...
I would like to see the quote you took out of context to come up with that one!
Of course I DO PUNISH satan he is the Adversary and the Father of Lies! I Cannot willnot Destroy him.. But I Punish him Severely Every day by being Obedient to IaHUeH... Let me tell you... he HATES that!!!

> He is the Judge - He will do
>the necessary. Your and my task is to bring peace.

We are obviously on different sides here..."there is no Shalom to the Wicked saith my MIGHTY ONE!"

We are calling out to be prepared! We Publish Shalom!
Shalom is what happens when you Love IaHUeH and Obey His Commandments.

> We can never
>bring peace to nations or the world at large - but we can bring peace
>and forebearance to individuals - especially in the way you are
>utilising Internet. At the moment, by your own admittance, you
>succeed mainly in bringing wrath upon yourself - and dont now try to
>brush away those condemnations as coming from the unrighteous anyway
>- for that would make you very self-righteous, something which
>undoubtedly receives the utter condemnation of YAHWEH.

Thankyou... but huh?

>Perhaps you want to tell me: since when is the world concerned about
>the civilians killed in a war? Millions of civilians were killed in
>the World Wars I & II, Korea, recently in Russian upheavals etc.. It is
>taken for granted and logical that civilians will die in a war. That is
>unfortunately what war is about - except if it concerns Israel.

Yeah that is a problem... The World Loves War... at least the Feeling of POWER at being able to Control or Destroy...

> Is anyone concerned that Hisbullah's Kituyshas are aimlessly directed at
>what ever it may hit? Has the UN had sittings and investigations to
>condemn Hamas recently for blowing up Israeli buses packed with civilians?
>How come that you take the side of the accusers of Israel? The
>scriptures tell us to PRAY for the Peace of Jerusalem. I take it
>that it also means: "Inspire others and promote prayers for
>Jerusalem" - not "take a judgemental condemning seat next to the
>Arabs!!!" If perhaps you are of the impression that your Web site
>promotes prayer and reconciliation, be sure that you are achieving the direct
>opposite - again, by your own admittance.

We would have the world Reconciled to the CREATOR... but they won't listen.. too involved in Self Exaltation and Hating each other! And joining their own particular Club.. so they can war against other clubs..

But see... we were Called to be Separate.. and there is a Reason... it serves IaHUeH's Purpose... and He Knows whats Up... And He Commands us to do this.. to Warn the people.. so we do!
A CLUE: IaHUeH will SAVE His People *FROM* their Sin... not IN IT!
Whosoever Calls on the Name of IaHUeH Shall be SAVED!
If you are in your Sin and you Hear IaHUeH Coming... You will RUN and try to HIDE... you will not call out to Who you are Hiding from!
Just look how much effort people put into Running away from their Self!!!
No .. you will want to Have KNOWN IaHUShUA Before that Day!
>And then, my latest discovery that you actually (seem to?) side with
>the deniers of the Holocaust ?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
{Again.. we are on IaHUeH's Side.}
Another unpardonable "blasphemy".. to question Historical Accuracy...
and to Wonder why people are so quickly Persecuted for bringing up discrepancies... and then to read "Jewish" Historians and Press say that Six Million is a Highly Exagerrated number... and then to hear all the publicity last month about the memorial for the SIX MILLION!!! And realizing how many millions of Dollars a Year go into making sure noone will ever forget about the Six Million.. and then thinking about starving living children who could use some of that attention!
And still I am asking Questions.. because we need to know the Truth...
One way or the other..

>If this be so, I think it is a pity, a shame, a disgrace, horryfying
>that on ONE WEB PAGE you can mix the wonderful Truth that you have
>with such satanic accusation against the nation and Land, not of the
>Jews, or Israelites or Palestinians - but *<OF YAHWEH!!!!>*

The earth is IaHUeH's and the Fullness thereof....
>Please get that straight. It is YAHWEH Who is bringing back this
>nation from across the earth as He has promised.

You may do well to look up Blasphemy!
Which Worldly Power are you trying to Pass off as the Creator of all? One of the League of Nations/UN/NWO? or the POWER behind it...
I seem to remember IaHUShUA Saying
"John" 14:30
"Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me."

> His purpose: to set
>up His Kingdom and rule from Jerusalem - and "Judah SHALL be saved"!!
>HE promised to use Israel, the Jews, all 12 tribes. The current push
>for ownership of Jerusalem is right on target with the Prophecies!
>This push will develop ultimately in Armageddon, as prophesied. The
>very current "occupying" nation of Israel will be in danger of
>extinction by its accusers (with whom you side!) and for THIS reason
>YAHSHUA/YAHWEH will personally intervene to save Israel and to fulfil
>His eternal promise that "Israel will eventually bend the knee before
>Him." How dare you condemn them (and you are not allowed even to
>condemn Satan!!!!!!)?
>I have seen the cycle of religious suicide that you are
>(probably unwittingly) finding yourself on, before in my life. It
>starts when you start siding against the nation of God (the Jews and
>Jerusalem for "it is the apple of YHVH's eye"). It is satan's
>easiest tool to divert those who approach eternal Truth, like you
>have been doing - and I hope that you are not so self-righteouss to
>claim that you already have ALL the Truth - that is a guarantee of

IaHUeH Knows!!!!! and IaHUeH reveals.. to those that seek.. and ask.

>So let me help you on your FINAL LAP to either religious self-
>destruction or coming to your senses. Absorb and decide on this one:
>If YHVH has not brought Israel to this current stage in Israel in
>line for setting up His Kingdom, who did?

I already told you... The GOD of this world!

> Will you also side with
>the Accusers who claim that He brought them there so that He could
>easier wipe them out with one blow?

>You are already (seemingly?) denying the holocaust terror on Israel
>(perhaps you should rather account that to YHVH's Wrath on Jews???
>-strange, I have never come accross such a reasoning by the

Actually I have encountered that theory.. from Christians all over. I do not Buy it! not for a Minute!
While Transgression does have its Consequences... and IaHUeH allows it IaHUeH does not do EVIL!
> So you are now one step away from total condemnation of
>YHVH's people.

I am not passing Sentence or Executing Punishment.. Neither Murdered or Hated anyone... it is not the Sinner we Hate... but the SIN!!!
>On the other hand, you may want to come to your senses and start
>finding the real Truth behind the matter. I believe that I can
>assist you with that.

No thankyou please!
Why would I want a Blindfold? I like being able to see...
I have had enough of a sample in this letter.

> I have a book in publication which explains
>scripturally, the very Purpose of YHVH in His nation and the soon
>coming GLORIUS EXALTATION which He will enjoy in the eyes of all
>nations when HE OPENLY SIDES WITH THIS NATION which HE has
>decided to select as example - perhaps they need to be pitied for that?
>May it never happen to you or me - perhaps we are under the same
>Israel has enough opposition and condemnation. Let us not condone
>but, God forbid, also not side with the Accusers. Let us stick to
>proclaiming YHVH's Plan and ultimate Purpose ("the Gospel") and leave
>the condemnation to Him. Let us PRAY EARNESTLY WITH A
> "Thy Will be done ... Thy Kingdom come..."

We pray For the People that they will turn to IaHUeH for SALVATION.. and Follow IaHUShUA in Obedience!!!We will not stop until IaHUeH's Kingdom is Fully Established and Fulfilled.
We do not pray for Other Kingdoms... not even the still backsliding "Israel".

>I am as rightist as you on what is happening in Israel today - on
>both sides, Israel and Palestinian. But it does not allow me to
>"shoot Arabs" like the rightists did; or to promote giving away the
>Land, as Peres is doing. I do not have the answer. In fact, the
>HORRIFYING TRUTH is that there is NO answer.

Love is Still the Answer!!!
It is already past time!
That is what we are trying to tell you!

And how do you know that you Love the Children of IaHUeH?
Is when you Love IaHUeH! How to know IF you love IaHUeH... is because you Keep His Commandments.. Which are not grievious!

> Armageddon MUST come
>out of all this consternation. Perhaps we should start praying for
>those who have the grotesque task of trying to find an answer!!!!!

We all need answers.. not an elite few!

>It is easy to condemn.

seems to come naturally...

>You personally have wonderful means on your
>Web - be warned though, that it places a grotesque divine

<I give thanks that this "divine" word has *NOTHING* to do with IaHUeH>
But I agree... Gawd is grotesque!

>responsibility on you to ensure that you are on the right side, on
>the right track, with the true TRUTH!

Like I would have come this far with it and only been guessing?
I realize that you do not Know me.... but.. Give me a break!

Thankyou for your concern! I apologize for being blunt... I started this response hoping that I could help you understand... but got quickly frustrated... when I realised that if you really had wanted to understand.. you would have checked the Information out more thoroughly in the First place and at least 75% of your False Accusations would have been averted...

Its alright I do not Hate you for disagreeing... you obviously didn't read close enough to determine... I endeavor to be as clear as I can... but Know that I am inadequate when it comes to putting into words the Unspeakable EXCELLENCE of IaHUeH. So I pray for help alot... and it Works... Perhaps if you would pray IaHUeH to help you understand... Then if you ask in IaHUShUA's Name (as IaHUShUA... not in your Sins) then the Spirit of Truth is Able to come to you and Show you the Understanding of these things...

It is your Choice to disagree... but if you want to be Real then you will at least Try to Scripturally Prove me wrong... Emotional Sentiment is =NOT= Proof!

>What I have, I am eager to share with you - if you are teachable.

Thanks again!!!
May IaHUeH Bless you with His Understanding..
and Guide you in His TRUTH!!

Best Regards! IaHU-NaTaN (III)

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