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Austin J. App, Ph.D.

     Dr. App, born and raised in Wisconsin, held an M.A. and Ph.D. in English literature from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. and was instructor or professor of English at several colleges, including the Catholic University, the University of Scranton and LaSalle College. He wrote over a thousand articles, columns and reviews, eight books, and published scores of pamphlets.

     In 1939 he was awarded the University of Scranton Faculty Gold Medal as "Outstanding Educator of Men." In 1975 he was awarded the "European Freedom Prize" in Munich, Germany. For ten years he served as chairman of the Pastorius Unit of the Steuben Society and for six years as national president of the Federation of American Citizens of German Descent. An honorary member of the German-American National Congress and one of the founding members of the Institute for Historical Review's Editorial Advisory Committee, Dr. App also served as chairman of the Greater Philadelphia Captive Nations Committee, considering the liberation of those nations, including the Soviet Zone of Germany, and the dissolution of Soviet colonialism the only hope for preventing World War III.

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          Hitler and National Socialism, How Right? How Wrong?

(Material underlined for emphasis in the original is capitalized here.)

      Decades after Unconditional Surrender, an objective look at the Third Reich and National Socialism is long overdue.[1] Three recent trips to Germany have convinced me that any German policy which is patriotic and national -- as truly German as we want American policy to be truly American -- one which is firmly anti-communistic and yet not slavishly subservient to the Western victors, will be denounced as neo-Nazi. Yet unless Germany can soon generate such a policy into office, it seems destined to fall under the domination of Soviet Russia.


     Indeed, the United Nations Charter (in Articles 53 and 107) reserves to Soviet Russia the right to invade West Berlin and West Germany whenever it can allege a revival there of neo-Nazism OR militarism. Every time anyone accuses anything in West Germany or in Austria as NEO-NAZI he is flashing a green light to Soviet Russia to invade these FORMER ENEMIES. When in 1968 West Germany faintly protested the Red invasion of Czechoslovakia, Moscow pointed to Articles 53 and 107 and convulsed Bonn with terror and silence. And blackmailed it into ratifying the Red theft of the Oder-Neisse territories -- one fourth of Germany -- and to sanction the expulsion of its fifteen million inhabitants (which includes the Sudeten Germans) and the murder of 2,500,000! And in the Moscow-Bonn treaty, West Germany had to endorse Articles 53 and 107!

     Yet a nation whom the victors do not allow to be nationalistic cannot long remain a nation; it will go the way the Soviet Zone of Germany and Czechoslovakia have gone -- right under the noses of the Anglo-American champions of democracy! The world-wide Communistic conspiracy and a lingering Morgenthauism have succeeded in labeling all German patriotism as NEO-NAZI and to keep representing the Third Reich as monstrously evil, and National Socialism as the most Satanic governmental philosophy and system in the world!


     The time is overdue to investigate what validity this judgement has and who is behind it. According to some signs, what is not totally evil is National Socialism, and what IS totally evil is the propaganda of the Unconditional Surrenderists! For example, I was jolted when the very respectable German paper, DEUTSCHE ZEITUNG: CHRIST UND WELT, "War Hitler ein grosser Man?" (April 18, 1969) dutifully denies that Hitler was great, complains that he ruined Germany, but dares to cite as one small, positive accomplishment of his that he "broke up class structure of bourgeois Germany and created a condition of social equality." In other words, National Socialism, it appears, was an instrument for social democracy, and this is really the most Christian element of democracy! This would represent a huge hunk of good in National Socialism!


     While absorbing this revelation in the anti-Nazi DEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, I happened to re-read WEDEMEYER REPORTS (Devin-Adair Co., 1 Park Ave, Old Greenwich, Conn. 06870, 497 pages, hardback, $7.50; paperback, $2.95). In it, General Albert C. Wedemeyer, a Nebraskan American, whom the U.S. Army sent to study in the German KRIEGAKADEMIE from 1936 to 1938, who therefore is one of the few Americans who saw Nazi Germany when it was in peaceful operation, before it was distorted by war, made the following observation:

"There were some aspects of the Third Reich which seemed good at the time -- for example, the public works program; encouragement of the arts, music, and sciences; the building of roads and communications; and cultural opportunities such as travel abroad for underprivileged people at government expense." (p. 38)

In other words, German National Socialism, the Third Reich, which Talmudists, Communists and our media continue to represent as the very epitome of concentrated evil had in reality some good in it! I cannot help adding here that it also suppressed the greatest contemporary American, Swedish, Danish and West German shame -- and that of the Weimar Republic -- pornography! Nor did it tolerate the effects of pornography -- prostitution, perversion, sodomy! It frowned upon divorce, encouraged marital fidelity. And whatever else Hitler might have been, he was not an adulterer like Roosevelt, who two-timed his wife, with two of his secretaries! Nor like Wilson, whose adultery caused the Jews to blackmail him into appointing Brandeis to the Supreme Court and to railroad the U.S. into World War I!


     Indeed, upon a moment's reflection, we realize with a start that Nazi Germany before the war certainly had nothing like the Berlin Wall to keep its citizens in, nor a barbed wire entanglement -- no Iron Curtain -- around its frontier, through the middle of Europe, all hideous barbarisms which characterize our lend-lease Pals, the Communists! We also recollect that until 1939 people could come and go to and from Germany very much as in the U.S. and Great Britain! But NEVER to and from Soviet Russia, or its satellites, like the Soviet Zone of Germany, hypocritically called the DEMOCRATIC GERMAN REPUBLIC.

     Most of all, Jews could leave Germany at will -- with their belongings -- and without paying a head tax! In contrast, Soviet Russia, which the media continue to represent as a kind of Utopia compared to Nazi Germany, does not let Jews -- nor any other ethnic groups, not even the remaining Oder-Neisse Germans -- go and come as they please. And they charge huge head taxes for the Jews they do let out! In reality, Hitler permitted them, even encouraged them, to emigrate, precisely what Jews bitterly complain that Soviet Russia denies them!

     Yet, these same Jews continue to call National Socialism intrinsically evil, but Communism, but for a few AD HOC inconveniences, relatively good! In short, the Third Reich was a relatively open and exposed society, like our own, while Soviet Russia and its satellites are barbed-wired in like huge concentration camps!


     Ever since our media have ganged up to represent President Nixon as liar, thief, and dictator, a veritable Hitler, they also begin to talk of Senator Barry Goldwater as the American ideal of a senator. Recently Walter Cronkite pontificated benignly over Goldwater:

"If Goldwater now sounds like the voice of moderation and reason, in this current of public confidence perhaps it's because ... he seems to plead no special cause, right now, except frankness and honesty ... Once ... He was ridiculed as an anachronism ... are the times catching up to Barry Goldwater?" (NATIONAL REVIEW, November 9, 1973)

Goldwater was not only called an "anachronism", he was denounced as a Hitler, a Fascist, and a racist. If "the times are catching up to Barry Goldwater", and rehabilitating him, perhaps the times will by and by catch up with Adolf Hitler, too? That is why I am writing this booklet!

     Here is what a few of the great U. S. publicists, who in 1964 still denounced Hitler as an abomination, said of Goldwater. Martin Luther King croaked, "We see dangerous signs of Hitlerism in the Goldwater campaign." If he wins, there will be an "outbreak of violence" by Negroes. George Meany, who is especially down on Nixon now, announced "a parallel between Senator Barry Goldwater and Adolf Hitler." Jackie Robinson said he believes he now knows "how it felt to be a Jew in Hitler's Germany." Drew Pearson, one who didn't believe in the Devil but knew Hitler was the Devil, perceived "The smell of Fascism ... in the air" at the San Francisco Convention. Governor Pat Brown found that "Goldwater's acceptance speech had the stench of Fascism ... All we needed to hear was "Heil Hitler"!

     And of course C. L. Sulzberger, of the NEW YORK TIMES, which to ruin Nixon made a monster out of the Watergate pecadillo, found that:

"... in January 1963 a dangerous group of financial supporters including racists and labor-baiters began to push Goldwater's candidacy ... the kind of business backing behind the Nazis in the early Thirties."

James Reston, another pundit of the NEW YORK TIMES, reminded Goldwater "that most of the extremist tyrants of history, from Caesar and Napoleon to Hitler and Stalin, acted in the name of liberty and justice." (We are indebted for these quotations to NATIONAL REVIEW, November 9, 1973.)


     We see that in 1964 the top American opinion-makers equated Goldwater with Hitler, and the Republicans with Nazis and Fascists! And within a few months they so defamed Goldwater that he sank from a Republican hero to a "monster" few dared to name and fewer to vote for! Now, if the moral cripples in our media can do this to a now revered American politician, can anyone doubt that they could and would do worse to a foreign politician with whose country they tricked us into a war? If they could make Goldwater look like Hitler, and the Republican Party like Nazis and Fascists, then one cannot accept their defamations of Hitler nor of National Socialism. OUR TOP OPINION MAKERS DURING AND AFTER WORLD WAR II, AND OUR TOP MEDIA, OUTSIDE THE "CHICAGO TRIBUNE", WERE LIARS, MORAL CRIPPLES, AND PROSTITUTES OF ROOSEVELT AND MORGENTHAU --- AND LARGELY STILL ARE!

     What they have been saying about Hitler and National Socialism, like what they said about the Kaiser in 1919 and Barry Goldwater in 1964, is the crudest, the dirtiest, the vilest character-assassination! Only moral cripples would stoop to it, and only a brain-washed public would believe it.


     The top U.S. media, possibly because they are dominated by Jews, as their smearing of Goldwater in 1964 and of President Nixon now, and of President Herbert Hoover in 1928, shows, have no tradition of fairness to anyone they hate. They are smear-terroristic liars and slanderers. But, sad to say, they have also in wartime subverted much of the public to a frenzy of prejudice. Even in our Civil War, where Americans fought against Americans, Americans of the North were told and came to believe that Choctaw County stunk with dead bodies of murdered slaves, and that Southern belles (really sisters of the belles of the North) had worn necklaces strung of Yankee eyeballs! And Northern politicians, like Thaddeus Stevens, said of the Southerners, fellow Americans,

"Humble the proud traitors, strip them of their bloated estates ... desolate the section . . . reduce them to hopeless feebleness."

     If Yankees could believe that Southern girls wore necklaces of Yankee eyeballs, would they not even more readily believe that Germans made lampshades out of the skin of prisoners, or that they boiled Jews into soap? If in 1918 they wanted to hang the Kaiser on a sour apple tree, as the monster criminal of World War I, a world leader now universally recognized as one of the most decent and moderate of all War leaders, certainly less dishonest and less vindictive than Wilson, Lloyd George, Clemenceau, and General Foche, is it not likely that for possibly no more justification they would want to hang Hitler, and did in fact at the Nuremberg Trials hang Germans no more guilty than the Kaiser, or Hindenburg, or Ludendorf? Clearly what judgement American pundits and the media and as a consequence, much of the public screeched about the German leaders and people after World War II deserves not to be credited --- and needs to be studied honestly and be revised. This --- and only this --- I am trying to do in this booklet.


     Have you ever heard that Hitler "burned books" and that therefore the Third Reich must be destroyed, its cities bombed, its workmen's homes destroyed by fire bombs, its churches bombed to bits, and a maximum of women and children massacred, as in Dresden? Well, in World War I, after Wilson appointed George Creel as director of public information, really as the government prostitute for publicizing false atrocity stories against the Central Powers, such as that Germans went around slicing the arms off Belgian babies, the allegedly fair-minded American public outlawed the German language from the schools:

"German music and literature, German church services, the German language, the activities of all German societies ... came under the ban of superpatriots ... The "Hun" language was banished from the curriculum ... German books were thrown out of libraries, sold as trash or burned in the public square with patriotic ceremonies." (Whittke, GERMAN PRESS, pp. 268-9)

     Is it likely that a public that could be propagandized into such a frenzy of hatred of an enemy long since recognized as marvellously chivalrous, would not be whipped to a worse paroxism of hatred and vilification during and after World War II, when in addition to the George Creel type of slanderers the Third Reich and the German people have been exposed to the likes of the Jewish Communist Ilya Ehrenburg, who ordered all German women raped, and Jews like Theodore N. Kaufman (GERMANY MUST PERISH), who wanted all German men castrated, and Secretary of the Treasury, Henry J. Morgenthau (GERMANY IS OUR PROBLEM), who wanted all Germans starved to death?


     Is it really likely that when such genocidic barbarians swayed Allied propaganda and policy, that Hitler and the Third Reich and the German people could have been given an honest and fair treatment? Obviously when such monsters of slander and vilification and genocide were the darlings of our media fairness to the Third Reich -- to Hitler, to National Socialism -- has had no more chance than the proverbial snowball in hell! I am writing this booklet only to try to start setting the record straight -- no more. I don't want to defend the Third Reich, nor National Socialism, I just want truth and justice for them. Though it be Utopian to hope so --- in as much as even after 2,000 years it still does not grant truth and justice to Jesus of Nazareth, --- I am most eager to have the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith accept my modest and sincere intention!


     The one thing the self-acclaimed "Crusaders" for the destruction of Germany proclaimed over and over again was and is that every people has the right to choose what form of government it wants but that no outside power or unpopular armed clique may force its type of rule on a people. In the third Article of the Atlantic Charter, the top hypocrites of the world, Roosevelt and Churchill, preached "the right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live"!

     But what did they do? As soon as they had forced Unconditional Surrender on the hapless German and Austrian people, the peace dictators violently, without a plebiscite, tore Austrians from Germany and told them they must adopt the Rooseveltian New Deal as their form of government or be starved to death. And again the Western victors, without consulting the German people, told the West Germans under their occupation, that if they do not wish to be exterminated as Nazis or Nazi sympathizers, they must adopt the Rooseveltian New Deal and nothing else.


     Is it possible that the Anglo-American peace dictators did not realize that if they claimed the right and duty to force their form of government on the German and Austrian people, under their occupation, Soviet Russia would feel justified to force Communism on its zones of occupation? Could our diplomats have really been so stupid and blind! Or did they secretly, barbarized and bolshevized by Morgenthauism, want to deliver the German people to the Reds? Morgenthau wanted U.S. troops to leave Europe and let Europeans occupy all of Germany, which in effect meant handing it over to the Soviet Russian rapists and burglers. Morgenthau was flanked by Communist Harry Dexter White, and he by Alger Hiss. John Barron (in KGB, N.Y. 1974, p. 188) lists among his catalogue of Red spies in our foreign service, such characters as Ullmann, Reno, Coplin, Gold, Greenglass, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (whom the media now glamorize), Sobell, Perl, Soble, Wolston, and Alfred and Martha Stern. And such as Klaus Fuchs and Philby for Britain.

     No wonder that with characters like that the Anglo-Americans forced the New Deal on West Germany in a way which invited Soviet Russia to force Communism on the eastern half of Germany --- and on Poland, the Baltic States, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia! That is the right "of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they want to live" which the "holy Rooseveltian Crusaders" inflicted on Europe --- and on China, North Korea, and North Vietnam!


     If "liberated", and all other nations can choose the form of government they want, just why can't the Germans choose National Socialism, in preference to the atheistic, barbarous, abominable totalitarianism of Bolshevism the victors not only permitted to them but forced upon them? And upon a dozen unfortunate Baltic and Asiatic peoples?

     Let me again explain for the benefit of the Morgenthauistic smear-terrorists, I do not recommend National Socialism or Fascism, I do not advocate it for Germany or for Italy. What I do declare solemnly is that since the Potsdam Pact any impulses of patriotism in West Germany, of honorable nationalism, no matter how timid, are immediately denounced and destroyed by the American, British, Israeli and Soviet press as "neo-Nazi". And in a fright, the bulk of the German press, which the Rooseveltians after the war handed over to exclusively liberal, socialistic, pro-Communistic, virtually treasonable so-called Germans, immediately claques in unison with the Germanophobic international press and chokes off any German patriotic movement. This is what, for example, it did to the NPD (National Democratic Party). This was an absolutely harmless but patriotic and national German party, and its chairman, Adolf von Thadden (whose sister had been executed by the Nazis) was about as anti-National Socialistic as it is possible to be. But he and the party were patriotically German, they wanted a Germany with some national pride, and most of all they wanted to get rid of the Communistic savages in the eastern part of Germany, one half of the total, and reunification in the boundaries Wilson's Fourteen Points and the Rooseveltian Atlantic Charter had guaranteed to the vanquished!


     For this the same type of moral cripples who in 1964 equated Goldwater with Hitler screeched day and night about the revival of National Socialism in Germany and howled to have it crushed, even if necessary by having Soviet Russia invoke Articles 53 and 107 and march into West Germany!

     It is because of these very articles that I insist it is necessary to put National Socialism in proper perspective. I solemnly declare that since the Potsdam Pact the victors have not allowed Germany to be patriotic. They have not allowed it to have national pride. They have not allowed it to have a modern army with modern weapons --- and an army without modern weapons is a swindle. It is an invitation to the Soviet Russians to march in.

     Any but a Morgenthauist ought to realize that a Germany that is denounced as "neo-Nazi" at every breath of patriotism has no alternative, and only one choice --- to go Communist, to seek its reunification from Soviet Russia, rather than from a United Western Front. At the first sign of a real depression, and as in people's hearts the desire of a reunified Germany grows, (but which they may not express), the German people can only turn to Communism. The West which encouraged the Berlin Wall and accepted the Iron Curtain without a protest, and which calls all real patriotism "neo-Nazi", which staffed its chief papers with virtual traitors, cannot seem to honest Germans as an alternative! Hope remains only if it quickly stops denouncing patriotism as National Socialism and Fascism!

     I saw the German dilemma once. In 1931, Germany suffered from the worst depression I ever experienced or read about. The Commnunists, mostly with Jewish leaders (e.g. Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht, Kurt Eisner), were aggressively and ruthlessly advancing their Red barbarism. The only opposition to them was Hitler and his followers. It was clear to me, then a young man, that the German people, to whom America and the West had refused self-determination for Austria, the Sudetenland, Danzig and the Corridor, South Tyrol, had only one alternative, Communism OR National Socialism.

     May I here add that it was at that time impossible to oppose the Red barbarism energetically without being denounced by Communists and Jews as "anti-Semitic". I may add, THAT is still is the case. It happened to Lindbergh, to Father Coughlin, and to Senator Joseph McCarthy!


     It may take another hundred years, or a Third World War with the Communistic monster which the Rooseveltians created, before it will be realized that it was Hitler and his National Socialism to whom, from Spain to England, Western Europe must be grateful for having preserved them at least until now from the Red barbarism. Because the Rooseveltians knocked the sword out of Germany's hand at Stalingrad, half of Germany, all of Poland, the Balkans, the Baltic Republics have since 1945 suffered the frightful agony and tyranny and totalitarianism of the Bolshevik savages to which the Anglo-Americans at the Potsdam Pact betrayed them! That it was Hitler who saved Spain, the western anchor of freedom, from the Bolshevik take-over is already admitted.


     Luckily, as by and by even our journalistic moral cripples will admit, Hitler and his National Socialists and Mussolini and his Fascists in those so critical years for Europe won. But what makes me tremble is the fact that again the German people, normally, has only the choice of throwing off the unpatriotic phony democracy of the Rooseveltians forced upon it in 1945 or to let Soviet Russia engulf it. The present German government, that of Brandt, Wehner, and Bahr, all former Communists and, according to all appearances still more Communistic than German, in the last two years have sanctioned and ratified the Communist robbery of the Oder-Neisse territories, one-fourth of Germany proper, have betrayed the Sudeten Germans to the Red Czechs, have endangered West Berlin, are paying huge indemnities to the Communists countries to reward them for the most atrocious mass crime in all recorded history, the expulsion, and total robbery, and clubbing to death of 20% of the East Prussians, Pommeranians, Silesians and Sudeten Germans. A government that does that is not for Germany, it is for Soviet Russia!

     And the Brandt-Wehner-Bahr collection of former Communists could afford these frightful betrayals of German rights because they knew that Washington, with a co-racialist as Bahr as Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, and President Nixon bludgeoned into serving Zionist and Morgenthau interests rather than American and Western ones, would be happy if West Germany served "detente" by betraying all of Eastern Germany and all the satellite and enslaved nations!


     The government imposed upon Germany by the Rooseveltians, never truly independent of U.S. Morgenthauism, is, with the additional impulse of the prevaling phony "detente", betraying Germans to Soviet Russia. Had the NPD not been smear-terrorized out of influence some years ago, this would not be happening.

     But the frightful condition is that, whereas in I931 Germany was allowed to chose an alternative to Bolshevism, in 1974 it is damned as "neo-Nazi" if it chooses patriotism and nationalism --- and therefore has no alternative. Its only hope for reunification is surrendering to Soviet Russia!

     And let me make it absolutely clear, any patriotic impulse in Germany, any effort for an adequate defence, any sense of national pride is immediately damned by the Bolshevik, Israeli, and American media as "neo-Nazi" deserving of another Nuremberg trial!



     But to achieve this so critically important fairness in the West, I seem to be able only to do it by asking just what is so wrong in National Socialism that is not ten times more wrong in Bolshevism? Just why at Potsdam did the Western victors tell the Germans on pain of destruction not ever to tolerate or embrace National Socialism, but to be very open-minded about Communism, and in fact ordered the defenceless Germans to accept it as their system of government for the eastern half of Germany!

     Why this insane foaming-at-the-mouth hatred of National Socialism? Harry Elmer Barnes, before World War II the great darling of Jews and Liberals, wrote:

"In short, there is no unique or special case against Nazi barbarism and horrors unless one assumes that it is far more wicked to exterminate Jews than to massacre Gentiles." (BLASTING THE HISTORICAL BLACKOUT, May, 1963, p. 35).

Morgenthau, whose plan envisaged the starving to death of the German race, when the Nuremberg Trials were proposed against Germans, "... would have preferred simply to shoot the arch criminals"; futhermore he wanted "... all members of an organization like the SS (to) be found guilty of a crime against humanity collectively, and punished without further trial" (John Morton Blum, MORGENTHAU DIARIES, years 1941-45, p. 397). This genocidist, who arrogated to himself the moral superiority to shoot Nazis on sight, said to his Communist assistant, Harry Dexter White:

"The only thing you can sell me, or I will have any part of, is the complete shut-down of the Ruhr ... Just strip it, I don't care what happens to the population ... I would take every mine, every mill, and factory and wreck it ... Steel, coal, everything. Just close it down ... I am for destroying it first and we will worry about the population second (p.354)


     This is one of the Allied monsters who wanted to kill all National Socialists and all "neo-Nazis"! Had any German, any National Socialist, ever spoken anything as inhumane as Morgenthau spoke on the Ruhr, the Allied hypocrites would have hanged him forthwith. I maintain that no National Socialist, no German before, during, or after World War II ever wanted anything so genocidic, or savage as Morgenthau! Yet, the holy crusaders, who, forbade National Socialism forever and ever, did not move a finger to try and hang Morgenthau! What right had the likes of him to condemn the National Socialists? He was not civilized enough to have the right to kill a jackal in the act of killing a lamb! And that pretty well goes for most of the frenzied slanderers of National Socialism! Harry Elmer Barnes wrote:

"Extremely severe sentences were imposed on Germans convicted at Nuremberg of "plotting" evil deeds, and it is doubtful if anything more evil than the Morgenthau Plan was ever plotted. (BLASTING THE HISTORICAL BLACKOUT, p. 33)

There wasn't! The Morgenthau Plan, which Roosevelt made official American policy, and which was in effect until 1947, was positively the most genocidic peace plan in all recorded history. And genocidists of this stamp presume to condemn German National Socialism from the face of the earth!

     Father Daniel Lyons, S.J., writing in TWIN CIRCLE (October 12, 1969), commenting on how the press favorably discussed Ho Chi Minh, "the Joseph Stalin of Vietnam", added that Roosevelt, too, often praised Stalin, and adds, "Stalin killed more people than Hitler by far, but it was not until Khruschev denounced Stalin that the U.S. press stopped praising him."


     The genocide that Morgenthau plotted on paper (and which we Christians of America managed to keep from full implementation), Stalin put into action. He deliberately starved six million Ukrainians to death, he murdered 269l priests and 5409 monks, he tore down or converted 15,000 Russian churches to stables at worst and museums at best.[2] He murdered 15,000 Polish officers, P.0.W.'s at Katyn and elsewhere, he slave-labored perhaps two million German P.O.W.'s to death (of 96,000 captured at Stalingrad only 6,000 returned alive!), he looted and plundered for decades the half of Germany under his administration, and he put under Soviet tyranny half of Germany and seven satellites, his soldiers raped a million German, Austrian, and Hungarian women, and he organized the most bestial mass atrocity in all recorded history, the expulsion of 15,000,000 Oder-Neisse and Sudeten and Balkan Germans, the total robbery of all of their possessions, and clubbing and raping to death of some 20% of them.

     To equate such a monster of satanic evil with Hitler is almost as blasphemous as equating Jesus of Nazareth with Genghis Khan! Or his communism with Hitler's National Socialism!


     Yet the holy "crusading" top hypocrites of the world, Roosevelt, Churchill and their entourage did not with one word suggest Stalin should be tried as a war criminal, nor did they then or since ever suggest that the Communistic system of government must forever be banned, that it may not be imposed on half of Germany or on the seven or more satellite nations brutally betrayed to the Soviets in the Yalta and Potsdam Pacts!

     Someday history will acknowledge what Harry Elmer Barnes wrote in his review of George N. Crocker's ROOSEVELT'S ROAD TO WAR (Regnery, 1959):

"The great crime of our age was the British plotting and launching of the war and the American support of and entry into that war. The only adequate bulwarks against Communist expansion were Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Japan. When they were destroyed or defeated there was nothing left of sufficient power to contain Communism."

Supporting this is Dr. Kurt Glaser's sentence, "Nach Stalingrad kaempften die deutschen Truppen fuer Europa --- After Stalingrad the German Wehrmacht fought for Europe" (DER ZWEITE WELTKRIEG, Wuerzburg, 1965, p. 124).

     And Roosevelt, without the slightest provocation, knocked the sword from German hands and Unconditional Surrenderized Germany into rubble! Why was he so determined to destroy Germany? To quote Dr. Barnes again in his review of A.J.P. Taylor's ORIGINS OF WORLD WAR II, where in effect Taylor absolved the Third Reich for responsibility for the outbreak of the war, Barnes wrote:

"There is little evidence that he (Roosevelt) was deeply disturbed by Hitler's anti-Jewish policy; he was much more annoyed by the fact that Hitler' s "New Deal" had succeeded in spectacular fashion while his own had failed to bring prosperity to the United States." (BLASTING THE HISTORICAL BLACKOUT, p. 30)


     Even Conservatives often talk as if Bolshevism and National Socialism were essentially alike. Many clergymen are prone to this error. Liberals among themselves have a soft spot for Bolshevism and a frenzied hatred of National Socialism and Fascism. They do recognize hese as antidotes to Bolshevism. But when they meet a conservative or a clergyman who fears Communism they quickly tar both with the same brush, as if to say, "After all Bolshevism is only a milder form of Fascism." But the criminal leftists who kidnapped Patricia Hearst did not call Mr. Hearst a Communist, they called him "The corporate chairman of a fascist media empire" (TIME, February 25, 1974). Even many Germans, seeing how the West appeases and glorifies Communism, want to suggest that it is after all a step-brother of National Socialism. For example, the patriotic "Vereinigung Mitteleuropaeischer Foederalisten", in its Manifesto, April, 1969, says, "Future historians will find no essential difference between brown and red Jacobinism" (p. 5).


     The error of those who equate the two is to forget that all systems of governments in part resemble one another. In fact all governments have a chief executive, whether called dictator or not; they have a police force, more or less efficient or severe; they have tax collectors; they have prisons or concentration camps (even the Rooseveltians had the latter); they have a secret service, a spy system; and if state and church are both dedicated, there will be some tension between them. One could go on. Soviet Russia, the Third Reich, and the U.S. had many things in common. That did not make them similar!

     Another error is judging a political system while it is at war, while, as in the case of the Third Reich, it was frantically struggling against Unconditional Surrender. For example, when the victors saw any concentration camps it was during the collapse of the Third Reich, when for at least three months it was in chaos, when bombing and strafing had destroyed its system of transportation. Even the civilian population and the army then had suffered from inadequate food. Naturally those in concentration camps during those weeks were not fed as well as the Nisei in the Rooseveltian concentration camps in the unendangered and unbombed West! Things were so chaotic in Germany by the time of surrender that even after Eisenhower had captured Dachau, he kept everybody locked in, 32,000; shortages were so bad that according to Nerin E. Gunn (DAY OF THE AMERICANS) while Americans controlled Dachau, 300 internees starved to death each day, "even more than under the Germans."


     The tendency to condemn German national Socialism for all eternity because of alleged atrocities (not even true ones) committed in the extremities of war, of Unconditional Surrender, is perhaps the worst fallacy of the victors. It is in fact itself an atrocity! Did not Roosevelt put 120,000 totally innocent and unindicted Nisei into concentration camps during the war? Does that make the New Deal forever a criminal form of government? When Eisenhower's troops took Dachau, they peremptorily, without warning or trial, murdered the 300 guards there, men whose duty had been no different from that of our guards, including the chief, Milton Eisenhower, in our own concentration camps (See Gunn, op. cit. ). Did this Rooseveltian atrocity invalidate our political system?

     I cite Dachau here several times because that is the German concentration camp about which the most grotesque and exaggerated Allied atrocity lies were spread! And in 1949 I visited Dachau myself, and became aware of the frightful Jewish-Bolshevik manufacturing of atrocities (which has since crystallized into the unblushing, oft-repeated swindle of the Six Million Jews "gassed"!). Pastor Edward Winter, a German Lutheran chaplain, in December 1947 was assigned to Dachau. In his published experiences he writes:

". . . precisely in this camp(Dachau) I was again and again reminded of and shocked by the brutality of many 'Christian' Americans. When, for example, the SS-Lazarett was incorporated from Munich to Dachau, which had really nothing to do with the Dachau concentration camp, these Americans shot to death the total Sanitation personnel, over eighty persons. Among them were several nuns and a few amputated patients. They were shot in their beds without any judicial hearing." (DEUTSCHE WOCHENZEITUNG, October 6, 1973).

     Pastor Winter puts Christian Americans in quotation marks. That might mean that they were in fact not Christian but Talmudic! But for this the Pastor could have been jailed had he spelled this out! My first comment is, is it any wonder that the Rooseveltians and the Morgenthauists, keep complementing the Bolsheviks in their day by day hammering away at alleged, not proven, German atrocities? Is it not an obvious defamation scheme to cover up their own, quite provable, atrocities? Was that not the purpose of the Nuremberg Trials, as it also was the purpose of the "Sole Guilt" clause in the abominable Versailles Treaty? Is it any wonder that Jews try to cover up Der Yassin, where they hacked to pieces 250 Palestinians and threw them in wells, in a literally far more bestial atrocity than anybody has even tried to accuse the Third Reich of?

     The atrocities I cited here are of course merely a fraction of the totality of atrocities committed by the victors, especially, of course, by our lend-lease pals the Bolsheviks.


     The victors have good reason to cover up their mass atrocities by inventing Nazi atrocities, like the most repeated and effective one, that of the 6,000,000 Jews "gassed". At least 500,000 of those "gassed" in German concentration camps are now in Israel drawing huge reparations from West Germany! God knows how many of those "gassed" are running around in New York and helped cause the Energy Crisis by blackmailing Nixon into rushing several billion dollars worth of the latest weapons to help Israel clobber the Arabs! And then, in their media (New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, etc.) crying themselves hoarse because the Arabs did what we in June did with soybeans, curtailed their sale of oil!


     Even if the wartime atrocities alleged against the Third Reich, were factual (which they are not), they still would not be valid grounds for rejecting National Socialism. But in the light of the atrocities of the victors, all alleged and real Third Reich atrocities dwindle to fractions of the enormous, historically established mass atrocities of the victors.

     Upon being made victorious by the U.S., the present French "democratic" government, rounded up and murdered at least 120,000 patriotic Frenchmen. DeGaulle was president during this massacre, and Jews and Communists controlled the press. The victims of the government of Marshal Petain, when France Surrendered, simply felt compelled to form a government acceptable to the Germans. This is exactly and precisely what the Germans on both sides of the Iron Curtain had to do and did, when the Anglo-Americans and Soviets won. Therefore the French execution of 120,000 ranks with one of the worst mass murders in history, worse than that of the French Revolution, worse than any Germans ever committed on themselves or anyone else!

     Does this mass atrocity make the democratic French system of government forever abominable and interdicted?


     It has been said that when the Americans and British finally invaded Germany and saw what their indiscriminate bombing had done to the beauty that had been Germany, the savage destruction of, not so much factories, but the workingmen's quarters (according to the Lindemann Plan), the rubble made of much of the world's finest architecture, the destruction of more churches, of world famous cathedrals and domes, than any vandals of history except the Bolsheviks had ever destroyed, and most of that after the war was really won, after the Germans had pathetically indicated they would surrender (if only Unconditional Surrender did not include the raping of their women, as Ilya Ehrenberg, the Jewish Soviet Propaganda Minister was ordering the troops to do). Hence the Anglo-American invaders, presumably had enough decency to reflect in effect as follows:

My God, what unnecessary barbarism we have been guilty of here in Germany. How can we ever explain it even to our people, when they start coming over here and see it. After all, the bulk of them are not Jews, whose Morgenthauism instigated all this, but Christians!

There is only one salvation for us. To manufacture and harp on a mountain of atrocities, especially against the Jews (who control the media). And to publicize this properly we must organize an overpowering spectacle of alleged atrocity trials, for which Nuremberg, the scene of the great Leni Riefenstall Documentry of 1934 is just right. And we must operate on a few ironclad rules:

One, we make our laws as we go along; the words EX POST FACTO will not be tolerated;

Two, this means we will absolutely prohibit the defense from using the argument that the victors had committed the same deeds;

Three, we will institute a system of blackmail against any German subordinate, threatening him with execution or delivery to the Bolsheviks if he does not testify so as to make his Chief a war criminal;

Four, we will on no account contradict any charges of our fellow prosecutors; if for example, in the unhappy Katyn matter, where the Soviets obviously murdered 15,000 Polish POW's, if they accuse the Nazis of this crime, we will act as if this were a true charge;

Fifth, in short, our only object is to hang as many Germans as we plausibly can, and to blow up real and phony Third Reich atrocities to such monstrous proportions that Allied crimes will not be adverted to, and the dust of deception be thrown forever into the populations of the world, including most importantly, the Germans themselves. The latter must be deluged with a guilt complex which will induce them to pay reparations to Jews and Israel for the next 100 years!

     When the victors, including Israel, if they do not "delete any tapes", will finally open their archives to historians, the way the German archives were thrown open, what I put in stark terms above will be confirmed. What I asserted above is what actually was done by and with the Nuremberg Trials; and I insist, injustices like that do not just happen, they are planned that way!

     Harry Elmer Barnes has termed the strategy of the victors to justify their crimes by "incessantly portraying the allegedly unique abominations of the Germans .... the new smotherout vintage" ("Public Stake In Revisionism", _ Rampart Journal _, Summer, 1967, p. 32). In the smotherout technique, the victors try to justify their own crimes by accusing the Germans of being guilty of such "brutal outrages" as proved them "such degenerate gangsters" that the Allies "were justified in resorting to any degree of plotting and duplicity. . . " (_ Blasting the Historical Blackout _, p. 32).


We have further DOCUMENTATION if you have the stomach for it!

     The ROOT of the NEW WORLD ORDER!