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by Joel Bainerman

Sent by Barry Chamish - Israeli journalist
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Most people have heard about the New World Order (NWO) but don't know what it actually means. Most remember George Bush using the words to describe some sort of "ideal future time," but didn't really understand what he meant.

Simply put, the NWO means the creation of a world government, or, a world that will be divided up along regions instead of individual nations. By having the peoples of the world allocated into blocs rather than individual nations it will be easier for those running the NWO to exert their control.

There will be five major blocs of nations: the US, Canada and Mexico, South America, Europe, The Middle East, and the wealthy nations of Asia. Then, a world government will be created.

All nations' sovereignty will be subservient to the orders and power of the newly created regional Government. The heads of these five major blocs will answer to a "Supreme Council" based at the UN. This will become the world government's ruling council.

The people behind the push towards a NWO are the world's power-brokers which have names like David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Warren Christopher, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter, Cyrus Vance, Bill Clinton, George Bush, James Baker, etc. The powerbrokers belong to organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergs, and are opposed to religion and nationalism because they know both of these ideologies offer hope if people believe in them. The foreign powerbrokers want to strip people of their hope so that they will turn from humans into robots and thus will be easier to rule over.

Nowhere is the secret plan to create a NWO, or world government, more real than in Europe. Although nearly every single European nation and leader is against the drive to unify Europe, the program continues?

Who then is behind it? Why was it so important for the EEC to unify by l992? Why is it vital for Europe to have a common currency by the year 1999? Who sets these targets for unification? Why did Germany unify so fast? Why did the Soviet Union decide to voluntarily give up its power?
The Berlin Wall came down so easily. How could the entire Eastern European power entity as it existed in l989, suddenly all decided, at the same time no less, that it will be better to have no more Cold War and the world will no longer be divided.

What major political event happened in the late 80's to make all these NWO agendas possible? We don't know. Our ignorance allows it to continue.

In North America, NAFTA is the instrument the NWO powerbrokers are using to unify Canada, the US and Mexico into a regional bloc. While it is sold in the controlled press as an economic initiative, just as the unification of Europe is sold as an economic initiative, the real goal is political unification.

In the Middle East, the Oslo agreements were concocted by the power-brokers to weaken Israel, and strengthen the Palestinians in order to create increased instability. When there is instability the foreign powerbrokers can interfere and in our domestic affairs by corrupting our politicians. In this way they snatch political control away from the rightful owners, the Jewish people, and hand it over to foreign power-brokers. Don't think for a moment that this isn't happening. You can't afford to be wrong. If it is and you don't know about it then you are being deceived. Hookwinked! Snarled!

Don't believe for a moment the fairy tale story of the origins of Oslo being in a chance meeting by obscure Israeli academics and PLO officials in Norway. That story is a cover. Oslo was planned. In November l992 Rabin sent Beilin to London to sign the secret pact.

London is the center of the Oslo agenda, not Oslo. Don't be deceived by Beilin. Oslo begins and ends in London/American establishment. It has nothing to do with Peres or Norwegian government officials who, according to the establishment press "got the two sides together to hammer out an agreement" and thus Oslo was born. In a hotel room in Norway the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been solved. Right!

This is what the people are handed in the press and this is what they believe. The people only know as much as what CNN tells them (and that isn't much). The problem isn't political. It's education. We need to make more people aware about the fact that Israel's leadership has been compromised making its leaders corrupt and in the service of foreign powerbrokers not the Israeli public.

The ultimate goal of the plan to destabilize Israel is to force Israel to relinquish a portion of her sovereignty (based on the argument that this will lead to greater stability and security) to a regional political body, i.e., a regional enforcement agency. This regional agency will be subservient to a world central government based at the UN. As the violence flairs-up, the security forces of the regional enforcement agency will be asked to intervene and establish order in the region as peacekeepers.

The NWO powerbrokers always first create a phony problem and then come up with their solution to solve the manufactured dilemma. This is how they energize their hold on power. If more people knew about NWO secret agendas to lead the world into a One World Government it will be harder from them to do it.

If we remain ignorant they will be able to go on throwing these empty threats of Islamic Fundamentalism to the public. Since the public is ignorant of anything other than what it sees on CNN and reads in Yediot or New York Times, the NWO succeeds. We can stop it if we become better informed.

Let's start with the so-called "threat of Islamic Fundamentalism." Where has it been successful? It has never been and isn't today nearly as much of a threat as the American media and the Israeli government makes it out to be. The Iranians have supposedly been "seeking nuclear capabilities" for the past ten years and former Russian officials and nuclear scientists are supposedly selling them the secrets.

How long should it take for them before they will have a bomb? Why then is there such an uproar over the "threat of the spread of radical Islamic Fundamentalism". There really is no big threat to the state of Israel. The manufactured problem of Islamic Fundamentalism fits the pattern of the NWO. Create a problem and then offer your solution as the right one. This is how they exert their control. By getting you to admit that Islamic Fundamentalism is a problem it allows them to come into the picture and supply solutions such as "campaign to Islamic fight terror."
Has there been any successful revolution? Conquest? Where then is this big threat they tell us is going to one day consume all of the free world?

The fact is there is no threat. These concepts are manufactured in the press and fed to the people. The Arabs, with or without Islamic Fundamentalism, with or without oil, are powerless. They exist only because the NWO powerbrokers in London/America and Paris/Germany allow them to exist. They are creations of them. On their own they are nothing. The French-based powerbrokers are behind the agenda to create the threat of Islamic Fundamentalism. Why do radical Arab leaders go into exile only in France? Why is France and Germany so close to the action? Why is it that everytime a story pops up about how Ron Arad may be freed, the Germans are involved?

There are two deals in the Middle East for the French and British/American powerbrokers. The oil states are tied to the British/American branch of the NWO. Everything that is bad in Arab politics, Nasser, Islamic Fundamentalism, Baath party, is always the French. The PLO is tied to the British/American wing. The French, since they don't have the oil ties to the Arab world (nor as much economic muscle in general as the British/American powerbrokers) need to create radical characters like Nasser and Assad to make up for what they lack financially in ties to the oil money.


Understand and don't be fooled. The NWO can only take over because of your ignorance. If you know what it really going on they won't be able to deceive you. And most importantly, don't be a fool. Take the threat of the NWO seriously. Go to any library and do your homework. Find out how many high ranking officials have been talking about and working towards a New World Order/One World Government.
Gorbachev, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Clinton are all on record as supporting it. High ranking officials in the State Department, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, The Bilderbergs, the Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie Foundations have all stated during the past half century that they see the idea of a World government as positive or "inevitable".

The UN is the vehicle that is being used to usher in the NWO. That explains the phenomenal rise in that organization since l989 when Bush came to power. Go to the library and investigate the stated goals behind some of the programs these organizations and the UN have created. You will be amazed at how long the deception has been going on. Your ignorance to these secret agendas is what make this thing a problem. You need to smarten-up.

How to smarten-up? Understanding the real power of the media is important. The most deadly tools the NWO powerbrokers have in their arsenal is the media as this is where the real power lies. The powerbrokers control the mainstream media. Don't for a moment think that it is free and independent. It isn't. The establishment press in each country is controlled- including Israel. If the press were really free there would be investigations into corruption every day. There isn't because the powerbrokers stifle these initiates. What has Israel become a haven for Russian Mafia and an assortment of Eastern European criminals who somehow are able to find shelter in Israel. None of these people are claiming to be Jewish. Why has the press not investigated Moshe Sachal's ties to all of this dirty business?

With the media in their control the powerbrokers are able to set the tone for every political and social debate and get you to believe whatever they want. For instance, within a few years and with the help of the controlled media such as CNN, they made everyone believe "globalism was good" and that by the world becoming "global" the human race would be better off. They made everyone believe The Soviet Union collapsed because of "economic hardships."
They can make the people anything they want because most people receive their news on international events from the mainstream media and nowhere else. Deception is the name of their game. Your ignorance allows the deceit to continue.


Have you ever thought about your Jewish destiny? About who ultimately controls it?

Today, Israelis don't control their own political destiny. Since l992 the destiny of the State of Israel has been in the hands of foreigners- powerbrokers in the U.S. and powerbrokers in Europe based in Paris.

Yitzhak Rabin was an agent of the American branch of the NWO run by Rockefeller, Kissinger and the Council on Foreign Relations. During his time in office Rabin met Kissinger secretly on eleven different occasions and Rockefeller once visited Israel secretly in November l994. Netanyahu, Beilin and Barak are also puppets of the American powerbrokers.

Shimon Peres became a servant of the European-based powerbrokers after his recruitment into the Socialist International in l976. In l994 he and Yossi Beilin concocted a secret agreement which gives Vatican hegemony over the Old City of Jerusalem in the year 2000. The agreement has never been made public.

When Peres talks about his "New Middle East" don't charge him with being naive. The New Middle East is an attempt by Peres' foreign backers to strip Israel of her uniqueness as a Jewish state and meld her into a regional family of nations. To this end he and Beilin are prepared to sacrifice Israel's sovereignty.


In the past five years Israelis have become politically ignorant. They've also lost control over the destiny of their political entity. It doesn't matter if you are on the Right or the Left. There is no difference between a Labor traitor and a Likud traitor. If we have been deceived we must acknowledge our ignorance. Zionism can't continue another day until the issue of who currently controls Israel's political destiny is settled. If you want your country back you are going to have to accept the fact that Rabin, Bibi, Peres, Beilin, and Barak work on behalf of powerful political interests abroad, not the Israeli voter. If you don't acknowledge this then you won't be viewing reality as it exists. Their agendas are carried out in secret. Just because you didn't hear about it doesn't mean it didn't happen. As they control what is fed to the media you only know what they are telling you.

All Jews and Israelis have reason to be worried. As the Millennium draws to a close, winning back Israel's sovereignty from the NWO will become a matter of life and death for the Jewish state. As the next few years goes by life in Israel is going to get very unpleasant. The people will experience internal instability and further divisiveness, and a government that becomes increasingly Fascist in its treatment of those who display religious or nationalist tendencies.
Those who refuse to accept the dictates of the "New Middle East" will be portrayed in the controlled press as "dangerous radicals."

This is the Jewish stake in the New World Order. Israelis will find it increasingly difficult to openly express their nationalism or their religiosity. Those that do will be considered "radicals" and will be severely mistreated by their own government. We've already had a taste of this type of Fascism in the Rabin-Peres government. It comes from the NWO not from Rabin or Peres. Expect more of the same as the next few years ago by. Your ignorance of the nature of your political leaders is how they are able to kidnapped and abscond with the destiny of the Jewish state. Wake up. The power in Israel today lies not it a Rabin, a Bibi or in a Peres as elected officials of a democratic state. This is how the controlled press presents it. It isn't the truth. Today Israel's leaders are in the hands of foreign power-brokers who maintain positions of high political and economic power in the world. Their aims are not the same as those of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

If you value your Jewish heritage and your right to live in an independent Jewish state, you can't just walk away and forget about the fact that foreign powerbrokers have stolen your national sovereignty by corrupting your elected leaders.

Now that you know what do you plan to do about it?

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards."
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