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שלום ביהושוע המשיח

The Constitution of the Habitation of Shalom!

This is a First Draft of a Proposition.. and is meant to serve as a Plan Until such a time as the Councils are seated.. when it can become officially Ratified.. we will of course make the necessary Adjustments and Clarifications as called for. (9/25/96)

A place of Habitation.. a self governing city... in the country.. we need LAND.. and are seeking to Acquire it Collectively.. the people who join together in this venture.. would not need to necessarily be as hardcore as us... but to at least be willing to live by the Golden Rule.. and love for the Creator.. having a personal care for the Overall Good of the Whole... These would live in the "Outer Court" around the Periphery... at the Center of the city would be the Community area.. the kitchens Assembly halls.. shops.. offices Libraries.. Children's area.. learning centers.... Storehouses..
The city itself would be like a Jural Society... and it would be a City of Refuge! would also seek and Employ Appropriate technology and non-Destructive resources.

Contained within this city.. in an area just behind the center.. is the place SetApart.. for the NaZIRIAH.. and other Servants of IaHUeH.. the Ecclesiastical Society... These are the servants and facilitators... dealing with the general upkeep and Care... and are there to help with everyone's WellBeing... not Controllers.. they are Advisory.. and for Assistance... it would have it's internal council of Twelve.. that Must Agree on major decisions.. it is Governed Exclusively by IaHUShUA.

The Jural Society.. is probably the larger society.. and more like the "judicial" branch.. it would have a larger Council.. perhaps seventy..

Representatives selected by the community at large on a rotation..

Need at least two/thirds majority for decisions.. Governed by the best good of the people..and in agreement with the advice of the Ecclesiastical Council.

Of the Seventy, Two seats will  be filled by representative members of the Ecclesiastical Society Council" of Twelve. In the event of an impasse... for instance if the Jural Society disagrees with the Ecclesiastical Society Council the issue must be Resolved.. and agreed upon before proceeding..

Remember the Ecclesiastical Society Council Agrees as One IN IaHUShUA.

Any measures that the Ecclesiastical Council would propose for the Citizenry at large.. must be agreed upon by at least a two/third vote of the Jural Society Council..

Again the "Jural Society Council" is a "democracy" In that it is a Participatory/Representative Two/Thirds Vote decision making body.. which must be able to agree with the "Ecclesiastical Council" of Twelve..

This is a "Theocracy" in that it is totally Governed by IaHUeH through IaHUShUA' our Righteous King.. and His LAW... these Twelve must Agree as One! and are always Accountable to and for the Whole Body of SetApart ones  (Ecclesiastic).

These two Branches are United for the Common Good of the Whole.. and Therefore by the nature of this Constitution of the Habitation of Shalom.. Seek Agreement.

Until such a time that we have all Council seats filled We will operate under "Ecclesiastical Council" Rule for Decision making etc..

The "Ecclesiastical Council" even if it be in Agreement with 100% of the "Jural Council" has Not the Power to Make a LAW! We make Decisions Choices and agreements ... in Accordance with IaHUeH's LAW!

A Citizen is a resident of at least six months.. A Citizen Agrees to Abide by the LAW (Ten Commandments).. Most specifically the last five.. and have a Respect towards the First five.. (no Forced observance.. simply respect)

A Citizen who Offends.. is approached.. by the Individual (most) offended.. first, to reason and work it out.. if this works we give Thanks... if not we go back with a couple of Witnesses.. to resolve the matter.. if this does not work we call the offender before the Council of Seventy.. of the Jural Society.. there they get to show what cause or evidence to convince the Council that there was no Offence or otherwise of their Innocence in the Matter.. If they fail to convince the council of this.. and do not REPENT.. then they must be cast out of the City.. The Council has the option to set a time for Re-introduction.. where they would begin the Process anew.. and (if Accepted) after residing for six months would become a Citizen again.

All throughout this Habitation of Shalom.. would be a spirit of Co-operation, a Free exchange of Information and Fair Exchange of goods for services..  but leaning towards Commonwealth for Community at large.. No Profiteering.. No Usury.. no one hungry or in need (Golden Rule Remember) operating on a Barter system /Gold/Silver Standard.. which Gold/Silver Standard is the Method of Exchange we will maintain with the outside world.

Necessity gives us a Wall for the Habitation.. this wall will have Gates..
Visitors will be welcome to come in Shalom (WellBeing).. but Lo-Shalom (not WellBeing) will not be Tolerated and will be met with the same..
Within the Gates will be Gardens of Plenty.. and we will work towards Self Sufficiency.

This Habitation can be upscaled or downscaled to fit the needs of the projected populace... when the Populace overwhelm the area.. the Habitation Splits in two.. forming a New Habitation..

Once there are more than one Habitation.. we will keep connected via the Web..Email.. and a continual flow of Kindren making the circuits.. bringing news and goods ..

All the BEST!

For more Information, Comments, or Registration.. Email:

send EMail to: iii@iahushua.com


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