REVISIONISM = Seeking Truth in History
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In this area, you will see information pertaining to "Historic Revisionism"
which has been defined as "Seeking Truth In History".

o REVISIONISM: 1. Advocacy of revision (as of a doctrine or policy or in HISTORICAL ANALYSIS ). . . (emphasis ours) Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary

o REVISIONISM: 1...ANY DEPARTURE *FROM* A MARXIST DOCTRINE, THEORY, OR PRACTICE... (emphasis ours) Random House Dictionary - College Edition

o Some of these msgs and many parts of this information are very sensitive and controversial in nature. If this bothers you, please turn around and go no further.

      We don't especially like the term "revisionism" for our work...we like to think of it as a life-long search and expose of "Truth In History". Whereas the history textbooks used in both the public & private school systems are becoming increasingly more politically correct with time and are being written to lie and to deceive - both are being called "revisionism" yet only one camp is legitimate . . .

      BeWISE, at this time, will state "for the record", that we do not necessarily subscribe to all that is being presented here. Also, we are *NOT* "Neo-Nazis", "Skinheads", "Jew-haters","Anti-Semitic", or any of those other shopworn ADL labels used when certain politically INcorrect information threatens to upset the religious applecarts many have been riding in for so long... You will *NOT* find any swastikas around here. However, we believe that we are bound by the responsibility to put this information here for the following reasons:

      1. Few individuals seem to want to touch these subjects NO MATTER HOW MUCH EVIDENCE IS PRESENTED. This is obviously because of the tremendous pre-conceived notions and images that are created by merely bringing up the subjects. We at BeWISE fully understand that and while we are empathetic towards individuals who become uncomfortable about the subjects, we will hold our sympathy in check. We feel that as followers of Christ, we are BOUND to seek Truth, and expose LIES, no matter how painful it is to do so...

      AND as long as we can stand firm in our God inspired 1st Amendment Constitutional Rights, we must at least present this info here. If you find or have information to refute the hard evidence presented here, please let us know immediately! Be prepared to offer *evidence*, emotions and or opinions *are not* evidence.

      2. We will present *only* information that can be or has been documented ... not just by others, but in most cases, also by BeWISE. BeWISE shall also be willing to correct any documented mistakes that it presents.

      3. It has been accurately stated, that those that don't learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. Well, we couldn't agree more. If we have been deceived, and the history books (which have mostly been written by the victors in all the wars) are filled with disinformation, half-truths and OUTRIGHT LIES, and more importantly, we can prove that this is indeed the case, then SOMEONE needs to be responsible and put the facts on the table for all to see.

      So in spite of the risks of being labeled, villified, and downright hated, it looks as though the responsibility falls into our "court"...We agree with the publisher of "Skeptic" magazine, when he states the need to "stop the name-calling, put the evidence out on the table..." and let us get to the Truth...Amen?

      4. These subjects, if proven, have such incredible and firm significance with the theme of this Web Site, that it is far too important to be treated as the mainstream media and its cronies have been treating it for too long... that is, to simply IGNORE it, or label, discredit, villify, and personally attack ANYONE who tries to put out this type of info.

"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting, get understanding." Prov 4:7

"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the Truth?" Gal 4:16

May The Heavenly Father bless you in your courageous search for Truth.

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Information on the Holocaust

BeWISE has many more topics in the planning stages. We are by no means going to focus our entire attention on the "Holocaust". However, we believe that since this is one of the hotest to touch, we would have "a go" at it first.

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