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Smoother Than Silk Strategy

     We cannot afford to put the 0.J. Simpson case to rest yet, for it allows us to peer deep into the bowels of our pluralistic culture and come up with some sobering information as to why America is dying. The Simpson case is serving the purposes of conspiratorial strategists. Do we want to succumb to the usual tripe exported by TV? If not, we must examine circumstances with a better magnifying glass than the mass media. Often, their reporters don't even know the right questions to ask.

     The Simpson jury decided the case along racial lines. The first vote, if we can believe Brenda Moran, was nine blacks and one Hispanic for acquittal, while two whites voted for a conviction. That's a decision according to race. No matter what occurred subsequently, whether the two whites felt threatened or just caved in for other reasons, that cannot be changed. Why did ten non-whites want to acquit Simpson when the evidence against him was so overwhelming? The answer lies within our multi-cultural society, and it is tainted by conspiracy.

     I have never "played the race card" in my writings - I have bent over backward to avoid any tone of racial bias because I'm not a racist, and I believe that racial strife is one of the major desires of top conspirators until they reach their goals. Just as they labored successfully in South Africa, they are laboring in America, and I do not wish to aid and abet a race war. Regrettably, those who arrive at simplistic answers to social problems do not understand the stratagems of world conspirators.

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     Some of you know that one of the planks in the communist agenda has always aimed at bringing about class struggle. Communists included racial schism in their scheme. Initial plans and efforts to implement a "civil rights" movement in the U.S. to agitate the black community and drive a wedge between it and whites, date as far back as 1909.

     In 1905 "...a group of collectivists founded the Niagara Movement. Out of [which] there emerged in 1909 the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People...

     "The formation of the NAACP was urged by the leading radicals of the era...

     "Moorfield Storey, a white attorney from Boston, was the first president...

     "By 1922, the Communists in America had received their orders from the Communist International to exploit Negroes...In 1923, the NAACP began to receive grants from the Garland Fund which was a major source for the financing of Communist Party enterprises. (Officials of the Fund included Communists William Z. Foster, Benjamin Gitlow [a Jew who later defected], Elizabeth Gurley Flynn...along with prominent leftwingers...Harry F. Ward [agent provocateur minister in the Methodist Church]...)"(1) In 1928 the following statement appeared in a pamphlet written by John Pepper in a Communist periodical:

(1) Francis X. Gannon, Biographical Dictionary of the Left, Western Islands, 1989, Vol.1. pp.141-142.

"It is the basic duty of the Communist Party to develop all revolutionary possibilities of the Negro race, to transform the 'solid south' and the 'black belt' from reserves of forces for the bourgeoisie into reserves of forces for the proletariat."(2)

(2) Joseph Pogany, alias John Pepper, alias John Schwartz, alias John Swift, et al., American Negro Problems, Workers Library Publishers, NY. 1928, p.6; republished by American Opinion, Belmont, MA

     Americans have been told for many years that black leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. were not connected to communist endeavors, but the evidence shows the opposite to be true. If it hadn't been for the leftist control of the mass media the whole country would have known about the associations of King and cohorts. And now a national holiday is observed in his name.

     Let it be understood that the Communists did not fabricate information about the conditions under which so many blacks have lived. As a race they have suffered, and the Communists had only to exploit this social evil. The point is, however, that Communist leaders were not interested in benering the lot of blacks they wanted to use them to achieve their goals of social revolution and final world control. Blacks were viewed as so much cannon fodder. The tactic is still being used.

     If people had been educated about the plan proposed by Booker T. Washington, Negro educator, it might not have fallen prey to the propaganda of Communists. Washington said, " 'The wisest among my race understand that the agitation of questions of social equality is the extremist folly, and that progress in the employment of all the privileges that will come to us must be the result of severe and constant struggle rather than of artificial forcing. No race that has anything to contribute to the markets of the world is long in any degree ostracized.' " (Gannon, op. cit., p.140.)

     Many blacks have now begun to work in the direction of Booker T. Washington's ideas. They do not accept the political, economic, and legal views of Jesse Jackson and the many African-American lawyers who appeared on TV as commentators during the Simpson trial.

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The Power of the American Jewish Congress

     According to the Jewish Forward of April 15, 1994, the AJCongress has played an important role in such issues as church-state matters, civil rights, anti-Semitism and peace in the Middle East. It deserves "much credit" for its achievements, states the Forward. This means, of course, that the propaganda we have witnessed in the mass media and the end results of the debate on these issues have been generally favorable to the Zionist-communist-socialist agenda. If Americans don't like what happens regarding these matters, they may blame organizations like the AJCongress. It is an open secret that Jewish leaders and their organizations have been largely responsible for most, if not all, of the schismatic issues in America, from "civil rights" to abortion on demand, to gun control, to anti-local police, to extreme environmentalism, to liberal government policies. In short, the Zionist thrust is the main frame computer of modern propaganda.

     It is also an open secret that secular Jewish leaders planned, financed, and implemented the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in the early 1900's which became one of the most brutal government regimes in history. Upwards of thirty-five million people were murdered either by starvation, slave-labor conditions, or by direct liquidation. Probably more than twelve million Christians were annihilated in this "holocaust" of Jewish revenge through political, economic, and religious purging. Their plans to conquer the world have not abated; if anything, they have been accelerated through the United Nations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg group, the ADL and the U. S. government. Communism is not dead, simply because it was a creature of Talmudic-Zionist stratagems from the outset. Those who doubt this are ignorant of history.

     For a slight digression into how Jewish influence works at the practical level of life, let's remember Lani Guinier, the black Jewish (Rush Limbaugh, 6/4/93) law professor at the University of Pennsylvania whom Bill Clinton abandoned alter presenting her as his (Hillary's?) choice for head of the civil rights division of the Justice Department. Why did Clinton withdraw her name even before she faced Senate confirmation hearings? Based on the Forward editorial, it seems certain that the AJCongress, which had "warned the country that her writings veered far alield of the traditional civil rights agenda", influenced him. Black leaders Jesse Jackson and NAACP's Wade Henderson appeared mystified by Clinton's actions, for which they denounced him. People of color should learn that Jewish leaders cozy up to them only when it serves Jewish long range objectives. And this brings us full circle to the 0.J. Simpson case.

     Two major results have emerged from his trial. First, there is the further widening of the gap between blacks and whites. This, as I have stated, has been a major agenda item of the conspirators for many years. Pogany's paper, cited above and published by a Communist publishing house, zeroed in on the possibility of a "Negro nation" in the South. He said that the Negro population of the South "constitutes virtually a colony within the body of the United States of America." He later included within the Communist plans the Negro working-class of the North. On May 25, 1928, the Workers' (Communist) Party adopted a national platform which included 12 demands for Negroes, all of which have now been implemented (Behind the Plot to Sovietize the South, by Joseph P. Kamp, 1956). These demands were, in and of themselves, humane. The point, however, is that they were not implemented because of the goodness of the hearts of Americans or the Communists. They were achieved because of the overwhelming influence of Zionist-Communist tactics to realize their long-range purposes of world control. Well, then, shouldn't we become communists in order to achieve such good things? The answer to that is as obvious as whether or not America should have become Hitlerites just because Hitler brought temporary prosperity to Germany.

     The second result of the Simpson case is the trashing of local police agencies. The "thin blue line" has been under attack since the 1960's when the leffist forces were arrayed against the police. The Black Panthers played a prominent role in the assault, even to the extent of invading the California Legislature with guns. And by the way, Hillary Rodham (now Clinton) worked for the law firm of Robert Treuhaft, husband of Jessica Mitford, both notorious Communists. This was in 1971 when Hillary was a law student at Yale. She wanted a job for the summer in one of the extant movements of draft resisters, civil rights, etc. Treuhaft's law firm was representing the Black Panthers then, and Hillary worked on the case. Treuhaft said some people think she went to Sacramento with them, but he's not sure whether she did or not. The significance of this to the 0.J. Simpson case is that a former Black Panther sat on his jury and gave the Communist power salute alter the verdict of "not guilty" was read. I wonder what would have happened if a former KKK member had sat on a jury that returned a "not guilty" verdict for Mark Fuhrman or Tom Metzger.

     At any rate, police are now under attack more than ever, and already TV programs and movies include "rush to judgment, police corruption, and bad cops" in their scripts. This should tell us something about who is involved in Zionist-communist strategy. It is very interesting to note that the decision to "play the race card" was made at the very beginning by defense strategists Robert Shapiro, Alan Dershowitz, and Johnnie Cochran, even though they deny it. Proof comes from an article by Jeffrey Toobin in The New Yorker magazine of July 25, 1994. They knew about Mark Fuhrman at that early date. Someone from the defense team leaked the information to The New Yorker, and information from Fuhrman's personnel file may have been illegally purloined. I would not be surprised if the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) had been tracking Fuhrman for a long time. Interestingly, Vincent Bugliosi, former Los Angeles County prosecutor who put Charles Manson away, says that Fuhrman was a victim in the Simpson case, simply because he did nothing wrong at the crime scene but was used as jury bait because he had verbalized racial slurs in the past.

     There are many avenues of worthwhile investigation that could be pursued in the 0.J. Simpson case that have not - and probably will not - be followed. This is shameful. But the main evils to emerge from the "trial of the century" are racial strife and local police trashing, the flames of which world planners have been fanning for many years.

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Judge Lance Ito

     Both the defense and prosecution accepted Judge Lance Ito to preside over the Simpson trial. Superficially, he was the most likely to be fair. But Lance Ito is a liberal at heart. While seeming to rule against the defense on most motions and objections, in the end he handed the outcome over to 0.J. Simpson on a silver platter.

     I agree with former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi that Ito allowed the defense to introduce totally irrelevant testimony that not only swayed the jury for a verdict of not guilty, but contributed mightily to race division in the nation. This was the "race card" that the defense had decided to play from the beginning, and it is the "race card" that Robert Shapiro now says was dealt from the bottom of the deck. When a card is dealt from the bottom of the deck, it means that the dealer cheated. How did the defense cheat? It could happen only with the judge's permission.

     As indicated earlier, Detective Mark Fuhrman was singled out immediately after the murders as a "rogue cop" and a racist. How did the defense know this? How is it that their investigators turned up this evidence while others didn't? Remember, not only did the D.A.'s office and the L.A.P.D. not find such evidence, Fuhrman's own investigator, Anthony Pellicano, who said he approached the subject as if Fuhrman was hiding something - found nothing. Especially, they did not find the tapes. Ahhhh - those tapes!

     The first sign that Judge Ito was going to "throw the trial" was when he allowed F. Lee Bailey to accuse Fuhrman on the witness stand of planting the glove and the blood in the Bronco. With absolutely no evidence, Bailey accused Fuhrman of a capital crime (In California it is a capital offense, punishable by death, for a law enforcement officer to plant evidence in a capital case.). Bailey knew something at that early stage, because he pinned Fuhrman down to a ten year window for using the "N" word. We now know that the tapes were made just under that ten year time frame. What a coincidence! But more than that, the issue was entirely irrelevant. Fuhrman did not plant evidence. Racism was not a legal issue. Why did Ito allow it?

     Lance Ito is the son of Japanese-American parents who were interned during World War Two. He never forgot nor forgave the government for doing this to his parents. They, of course, became eligible for $40,000 in reparations after Congress enacted a law to pay all those Japanese citizens who were interned, because, it was alleged, that their internment was unconstitutional. This is yet another chapter in the unlawful acts of pressure groups lobbying Congress. It was not unconstitutional to intern Japanese-Americans because in times of rebellion or invasion (national emergencies?) when the public safety is endangered, the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus may be suspended U.S Constitution, Article I, Section 9.2)

     When Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese on Dec. 7, 1941, the U.S. was in danger of being invaded on the West Coast. Our fleet had been virtually destroyed and the mainland was vulnerable. The authorities actually believed that an invasion was imminent. Pockets of subversion in the Japanese-American community had been discovered. No one knew who was loyal or disloyal to America. A critical shortage of manpower to ferret out subversives made it impossible to perform this task, and time was of the essence. Therefore, Japanese-Americans were interned. Unfortunately, it had to be done. Taxpayers in recent years have been saddled with the burden of paying each interned person $20,000 tax-free money. Perhaps we should have required the nation of Japan to pay these reparations, just as Germany has been paying reparations to Jews.

     At any rate, Lance Ito, with great emotion, said he would do everything he could to see that this kind of thing didn't happen again. (A&E TV "Biography", Sept or Oct 1995) His father said they lost everything; that they had nothing to come home to. But this was not true of all of them. I have personal knowledge that many of the fruit ranches in Northern California were cared for and actually improved while their owners were interned.

     My point in this digression into Judge Lance Ito's personal life is to show that he is an emotional person who lets sentimentalism dictate his decisions. His compassion is commendable, but it shouldn't influence legal decisions. He clearly let this happen in the Fuhrman episode. He wept in open court about Fuhrman's demeaning remarks about his L.A.P.D. wife. He subsequently allowed two hours of the Fuhrman tapes to be played, with no other reason than that the public should hear their racist contents. They were completely irrelevant to the trial, but Ito succeeded in helping the defense team "play the race card" from the bottom of the deck.

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Court TV

     Day in and day out, international audiences observed coverage of the Simpson trial by Court TV, a network devoted to litigation on a wide range of issues. In Los Angeles, its anchors conversed with special guests - practicing lawyers and instructors of law. We were treated incessantly to the opinions and biases of lawyers steeped in legalese; we never heard from educated non-lawyers who just might have contributed insights necessary for balanced representation. After all, twelve jurors were non-lawyers who had to decide Simpson's fate, and the public could have benefitted occasionally from those who don't split hairs and who were not playing little games of "lawyering". Phrases such as "good lawyering," "effective advocacy", and "smart move" were heard, as if this were a production in which they could showcase their polished expertise and wisdom. The danger to the naive public was in their legitimizing and dignifying words and actions of morally bankrupt lawyers. In the end, Court TV was little different from the rest of TV programming; it simply revealed the prejudices of the lawyers who participated.

     For example, one lawyer, Gigi Gordon of Santa Monica, CA said she thought the race issue should be a part of the trial, and after Johnnie Cochran's closing arguments she said, "he was stupendous". She was cheering for him all the way, she said, with her "juices flowing". Do you suppose she was a tiny bit biased?

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The Philosophy of Alan Dershowitz

     Lawyers have a special code of their own. They do not abide by rules of morality held by the majority of people. Their job is to win their cases and they keep a mental scorecard of wins and losses. In Alan Dershowitz's book The Best Defense, (Random House, NY, 1982), he points this out, and he goes so far as to say, "It is the job of the defense attorney - especially when representing the guilty - to prevent, by all lawful means, the 'whole truth' from coming out." (p.xix) And he admits that almost all of his clients have been guilty. (p.xiv) It seems that he almost certainly knew from the beginning that 0.J. Simpson was guilty. But he revels in winning a case so it doesn't matter. "Once I decide to take a case, I have only one agenda: I want to win. I will try, by every fair and legal means, to get my client off - without regard to the consequences." (p.xv)

     Again Dershowitz states: "I do not apologize for (or feel guilty about) helping to let a murderer go free even though I realize that someday one of my clients may go out and kill again." (p.xvi) He analogizes (actually, he rationalizes) this way "...I hope I would not regret what I had done - any more than a surgeon should regret saving the life of a patient who recovers and later kills an innocent victim." This kind of "logic" is typical of Talmudic thinking. I was amused when Dershowitz appeared on the Geraldo Rivera show Oct 10, 1995 and Rivera told him he didn't want any of Dershowitz's Talmudic hair splitting.

     It is one thing for lawyers to conscientiously represent their clients and do all within the law and morality to win their case, but it is another thing to violate moral principles to win. When F. Lee Bailey lied in court about not being able to find a pair of gloves of extra-large size to bring to court, that was not only unlawful, but immoral. When he accused Mark Fuhrman of planting evidence with nothing more than Fuhrman's alleged (at that time) racism to go on, it should have been unlawful, but certainly it was immoral. Here is how the defense lawyers for Simpson rationalize: It was O.K. to accuse Fuluman of being a racist and of planting evidence, because it was subsequently revealed that they were correct about his racism (even though they were incorrect about his planting evidence). But-! If they knew that Simpson committed the murders (and according to Dershowitz's own words they probably did) it was O.K. to lie and cheat to get him off. This is twisted, perverted thinking, and should be eliminated from our judicial system. .

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- of News From the Nation's Capital
(Forward Staff)

     NO ANTI-SEMITE? While most attention at the Christian Coalition conference here last week focused on the 1996 Republican presidential campaign, the conference also offered a chance for the Coalition's president and founder, the Rev. Pat Robertson, to reshape his relationship with American Jews. Seeking to refute allegations that the Rev. Robertson is an anti-Semite, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, founder of Seattle-based Toward Tradition, a Jewish politically conservative group, offered some personal evidence to 3,500 coalition members, thanking the Rev. Robertson for arranging for him a hotel room on a low floor of the Washington Hilton so that Rabbi Lapin could more easily avoid, elevators on Shabbat. Rabbi Lapin also said Christian Coalition members have been unfailingly helpful in offering to open electronic hotel room doors for him on the Sabbath.

     "May I in advance thank you for your anti-Semitism," Rabbi Lapin said."I wish that the last 2,000 years Jews would have been inflicted with nothing but the anti.Semitism of people like you."

     The Rev. Robertson thanked "the great Rabbi Lapin" and said he hoped to include "our Orthodox Jewish friends" in the Christian Coalition. He went on to say that while "Adolf Hitler was portrayed as a fiendish monster" for killing 6 million Jews, Americans have, since the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe V. Wade ruling, aborted "seven times more innocent people than Adolf Hider slaughtered during the Holocaust."

     Meanwhile, President Clinton held a prayer breakfast at the White House that included representatives from B'nai B'rith and the American Jewish Committee. The president didn't mention the Christian Coalition, but did praise the humility of Jesus in dealing with everybody except for "religious hypocrites who appeared to have, all the revealed truth - and the people he ran out of the Temple, because they got the church and state mixed up, too."

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Smyrna's Comments

     The report above appeared in the Sept.15, 1995 issue of the Jewish Forward newspaper. This writer has read accounts in the past about Jews asking non-Jews to help them perform perfunctory tasks on the Sabbath. Throughout their history they have done this. They have had the help of Christians and others in turning light switches on and off, building fires, etc., because their religion does not permit them to "do any work on the Sabbath".

     In the case above, Pat Robertson obtained accommodations for Rabbi Lapin on a lower floor so that the rabbi could avoid elevators on the Sabbath, and the rabbi solicited the help of Christian Coalition attendees to open doors for him.

     This is the kind of hypocrisy that Jesus warned against. He said that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. He often pointed out the religious nonsense practiced by the Jews. They hated him for doing this, and they still hate him and his followers, as their film "The Gospel Libel" vividly shows. If Orthodox Jews must keep the 613 commandments that they have invented from the Old Testament, they should be willing to stand on their own bottoms without outside help.

     Smyrna has no objection to helping others, including Jews, who are in need. It was magnanimous of Pat Robertson and others of the Christian Coalition to assist Rabbi Lapin as a personal favor, but their mistakes go much further than this: they believe the Jews to be God's chosen people, and the state of "Israel" today to be the resurrected nation of old. Neither is correct.

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(Revealing photos in original Smyrna)

     Boris Mihailov's painting was photographed and appeared in the Sept.15, 1995 issue of Forward. The painting was used in the art exhibit of the Jewish Museum in New York in Sept. The Forward's caption notes that Jewish artists in the Soviet Union used "manipulated photographs to accentuate the plight of citizens". Without detracting from the real plight of "nonconformists" under the Communists, we wonder just how much poetic license was taken by the dissidents, and we wonder how widespread the Jewish practice became in order to "accentuate" their plight.      For example, Smyrna previously published (the now famous) photo below in its May 1994 issue, asking Christianity Today magazine to authenticate it - they published it in their April 4, 1994 issue. We never received an answer, not even an acknowledgment from them. We again challenge anyone to prove that the photo is authentic in its entirety. Is it also a "manipulated photograph" produced to accentuate the plight of Jews? This is not intended as a cynical inquiry - just an honest attempt to get at the truth. We have tried for ten years to run this to ground and it is impossible because the people at the archives in which the negative resides tells us that they possess only a copy. That copy has been popularized nationally for many years and few people suspect its ambiguity. Elie Wiesel claims he is in the photo and that it was taken at Buchenwald, but Melvin Mermelstein claims he is in the photo at Auschwitz. Which is it? They can't both be correct. The New York Times of Jan. 4, 1988 stated that Elie Wiesel was liberated from Auschwitz by the Soviets, but Wiesel has said that he was liberated from Dachau by the U.S. Army. Who has the facts? It is even possible that the photo has been doctored.


     It was just reported (10/16/95) that Stephen Jones, the lawyer for Tim McVeigh, defendant in the Oklahoma City bombing case, is complaining that the Grand Jury cannot investigate as it should because evidence is being withheld. Why are we not surprised?!
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(Revealing photo in original Smyrna)

     Newt Gingrich shakes hands with Paul Crouch founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network. We became curious about their handshake because it appears that Gingrich's thumb is farther down on the hand of Crouch than it naturally would be in an unconscious gesture. Our inquiry is purely of an inquisitive nature. There is no law against belonging to the Masonic Lodge. However, since it a world-wide order and is secretive and since we believe that its highest authorities are working for a one world government and religion, we think it is important to know just who in our midst, in places of influence, are members. Perhaps someone "out there" who is a former member, could tell us about this handshake.
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(Revealing exibits in original Smyrna)

     Study the literature at the right and on the next page carefully. It was copied from a color brochure sent out by the ADL recently. It represents just about the slickest propaganda anywhere. We could not do it justice in black and white, but you get the idea.

     According to their information they fight bigotry, racism and anti-Semitism. Of course, they define the terms and mold their propaganda to fit them. Those who disagree with their definitions are automatically categorized as the enemy.

     But more than that, they conveniently forget to mention hate groups that they are in bed with, such as the Jewish Defense League (JDL) and the Orthodox Jews who produced the video "The Gospel Libel" (if you have not seen that video or read our article exposing it, you may send $6 and we'll send you both. It is the most hateful and historically distorted docudrama we've ever seen). Its producers are not on the ADL hit list.

     The Jewish Defense League (we think it has a different name now) is a paramilitary organization founded by the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, who was a rabble rouser in the extreme. His JDL was created to protect Jews and retaliate against their enemies in the U.S. It collected guns, trained in the Catskill Mountains, constructed bombs which were used against political targets, and shot at diplomats. Did the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) ever call it a hate group? Not to our knowledge.

     Alan Dershowitz, the anti-Christian Harvard Law prof and strategist on the O.J. Simpson defense team, tells of his experiences in defending a member of the JDL back in the 1970's. There was never any question about the guilt of his client. His client was the expert who constructed the bombs. Did his client go free? You bet he did, based on the alleged illegal methods used by the police in obtaining evidence against him. (It is also true, according to Dershowitz, that one of the cops lied on the witness stand. Sound familiar to the Simpson case?)

     The judge and the prosecutor were also Jews (by Dershowitz's own testimony).

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"Anti-Democratic Extremists"

     Note that the ADL propaganda associates "haters" with "anti-democratic extremists". This is a Communist tactic. Anyone who disagrees with a socialist regime is undemocratic and a hater. They are enemies of the state. After the Oklahoma City bombing, President Clinton railed against "anti-government" extremists - usually designated as "rightwingers". The same thing happened in the Soviet Union (is still happening), and in Communist China.

     Americans have now been successfully brainwashed into thinking that our form of government has always been a democracy. Not true! We were begun as a Republic (never to be confused with "The Peoples Republic of China" or "The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics", which are misnomers). A republic is a government of laws under a supreme law - a constitution - and both the electorate and officials must abide by it. In America we have the Bill of Rights that limits the power of government over individual rights.

     The ADL brochure identifies "hate groups in America as "anti-democratic". And those "hate groups" are white, Christian, and "right-wing extremists". This should tell us exactly what the ADL is - a socialist-communist, Bolshevist-type organization, and it now has enormous influence and power in the U.S. It was created by B'nai B'rith, the exclusively Jewish Masonic brotherhood - Sons of the Covenant. Remember, its Bolsheviki compatriots murdered millions upon millions of innocents in the Soviet Union. It epitomizes real hate. It is a self-righteous group that cloaks itself in the garments of a defender of freedom.

     The ADL says it is the fountainhead of the infamous Hate Crimes legislation. We believe it. This is legislation to punish those who commit "hate crimes", i.e., crimes motivated by "bigotry". Eventually, we believe, the "bigotry" itself will be a crime, and will not allow spoken or written disagreement with forced (read Zionist-socialist), mores.

     In the recent past, Smyrna has revealed that some of the "hate crimes" have been committed by Jews for self-serving purposes. [More accurately, as is revealed by Laird Wilcox's investigations and others that many of the "hate crimes" have been committed by Jews. -BeWISE]

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