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o "How Long an Evening and Morning?"
o Just How Old IS the Earth?
o An Interesting Approach
o When, Oh When!--Will Americans Ever Wake Up?
o Enormous Influence of Jewish Organizations
o "The Hebrew Temple in Atlanta History"
o FLASH! - WTO/GATT & Int'l Control of Dietary Supplements
o 13 Year Arrested for Racial Slur
o Latest on Mark Furhman
o FLASH! - Jury Tampering?
o Thanksgiving
o Demonic Curses of Rabbi
o Polls, Polls, and More Polls
o Letter to a Christian Magazine fro a Holocaustomaniac
o Smyrna Replies - Sans Invitation to Do So
o Jewish Extremism Grew in U.S.

"How Long an Evening and Morning?"

      Are creationists misinterpreting the Bible in order to maintain the view of a literal six-day creation in Genesis? According to Dr. Otto J. Helweg,(1) who holds to an epochal hypothesis, i.e., that each of the six days of creation covered a very long period of time, many creationists are misinterpreting the Bible. He says, "Christians who hold the Bible in high regard must not discard appropriate hermeneutical methods just because some scholars have misapplied them." He continues:
     "Consider for a moment how different from ours was the culture (including worldview) of the Old Testament writers. The differences are still evident in the Middle East today...To question what the word 'day' means would not even occur to an ancient (or modern) Middle Easterner. The passage's poetry, spiritual meaning, and overall message would be accepted and appreciated without microscopic analysis of the words or sentence structure."
(1) How Long An Evening and Morning?, Third Quarter 1995 issue of Facts & Faith, P.O. Box 5978, Pasadena, CA 91117

     He is probably correct that "To question what the word 'day' means would not even occur to an ancient..." The ancients experienced sunrise in the morning and sunset at evening, just as we do. Why should they wonder how long a "creative day" was? They were not plagued with modern science's skeptics as we are. And before Moses' time they didn't have the Bible that we have.

     Did the six-day creation narrative exist prior to Moses? We don't know, but we do know that Moses mentioned "the book" of the birth of the heavens and the earth:

"These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens..." (Gen. 2:4)

     This is from the Authorized Version (KJV) which does not use the word "book", but the Greek Old Testament does ("ayth h bibloz" * -- this is the book.) In Gen. 5:1 the KJV uses "the book" for the generations of Adam which, in the Greek, is identical: "This is the book ["ayth h bibloz"]* of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him..." (Gen. 5:1)

* This signifies the actual Greek characters which were used in the hard copy of Smyrna which we haven't yet figured out how to enter here. --BeWISE

     The word "book" (bibloz)* means "written record". It appears that Moses possessed a historical account of the creation of the earth to which he referred when he wrote Genesis. Who wrote that account? In what language was it written? Who gave it to him? We don't know the answers to these specific questions, but we can hypothesize.

     Scholars tell us that the first known writing systems go back no further than 6,000 B.C. Some say that ancient Hebrew was the first, others that Phoenician was. The two were almost identical. If Moses wrote Genesis in the Hebrew language, it could have been the same language known to both the post and ante-diluvians - Noah, Methusela, and even Adarn. Remember, Adam was created with the ability to name all the animals; that's the ability to write and or speak a language. Of course, there are those who do not believe that Adam was an actual person, so my approach is nonsense to them. They will undoubtedly go elsewhere for their information.

     How would a written record be preserved for so long a time? It depends on who wrote it. Remember, ante-diluvians lived for many hundreds of years, the oldest one on record being Methusela who lived 969 years! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to calculate that six Methuselas would span almost 6,000 years, therefore transmitted records (either oral or written) would not pass through very many hands. Think of it! Wouldn't it thrill you to hear about creation from the mouth of Adam? He was there! He talked with God! And even if he bequeathed no written account, only six persons would be needed to remember the essentials for nearly 6,000 years. If he, or Seth, or Methusela, or Jared, or others handed down any writings, Noah and his sons could have passed them on to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and finally to Moses. The ancients who were called by God to carry out His plans did so with meticulous accuracy.

     For example, Robert Dick Wilson, one of the most competent scholars of our time, in dealing with the names of about 40 kings of ancient history mentioned in the Bible, tells us: "No stronger evidence for the substantial accuracy of the Old Testament records could possibly be imagined than this collection of names of kings... [T]he chance of anyone who did not have access to reliable sources to get a record as exact as that preserved for us in the Hebrew Scripture would be so small that no mathematician on earth could calculate it."(2) That kind of accuracy was bequeathed to us in 1995 over a time span of about 3,000 years! All of the above has been stated in order to get to the core of the subject at hand, which is whether or not the creation of the earth, plants, animals, and humans required six 24-hour days, or enormous spans of time.

(2) A Scientific Investigation of the Old Testament, Moody Press, Chicago, 1959, p.75

     Personally, I do not care how old the universe is, or for that matter, the earth. Since God is eternal, time is irrelevant until we consider teleologically oriented issues such as sin and salvation. The age of humans may be crucial to such concepts, and we must not adapt the Bible to the transient findings of science. For example, the comment of Bernard Ramm in 1956: "We believe the evidence of the antiquity of the earth from all geological methods of measurement to be overwhelming, and we certainly seek another interpretation of Genesis."(3) Helweg essentially says the same thing: "If the fossil record and countless other scientific findings tell us the earth is old and the creation 'week' a long one, why should we insist otherwise? The creation story is not compromised by such data." Their statements give us a clue to the predisposition of Christians who believe that the earth is very old. They assume that modern methods of dating fossils and rocks are accurate. They apparently do not question the assumptions upon which those methods are based. Science is trustworthy within the limitations of empirical evidence, but it is the interpretation of the evidence that must be questioned.

(3) The Christian view of Science and Scripture, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids. 1956. p.177

     For example, when two scientists at the University of California at Berkeley dated the rocks at Olduvai in Tanganyika (now Tanzania) where L.S.B. Leakey found important fossils and Stone Age tools, their first results showed the lower stratum rocks to be younger than those in the upper stratum. Because this conflicted with their belief in evolution, they continued to "work" on the testing until they obtained the results they expected.(4) Their physical evidence was one thing; their interpretation was another. Every idea in existence is based upon a supposition at some point in the argument. No belief - not even the belief in a supreme being - is free of basic assumptions. Some assumptions, to be sure, are so foundationally sound that they might as well be certainties, for example, intelligence created matter, not the reverse. This cannot be said of the methods used to date rocks and fossils. Good questions are: How old was Adam thirty seconds after God created him? In other words, did the Almighty Creator implant the appearance of age in everything? When the atomic clock started ticking, how old was the atom? How old were the electrons when they began spinning in their shells? I am not a physicist but these are questions that I find fascinating, and which I believe to be germane to the six-day versus the epochal creation debate. If the "scientific" dating figures are questionable, we are not compelled to "seek another interpretation of Genesis" as Ramm did.

(4) Lecture by one of those scientists, attended by this writer in the late 1960's on the U.C. Berkeley campus.

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     Let us look at Scriptural evidence to support a 24-hour day creation epic from a slighfly different perspective. In the 20th chapter of Exodus where the Decalogue is recorded, Moses wrote:
"Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it." (Exo 20:8-11, KJV)

     Note that the subject of the context is the command given to the Israelites to rest on the Sabbath (seventh) day. The Sabbath was a 24-hour day, from sundown to sundown. That fact is not questioned by anyone. But the following clause in the eleventh verse is the one that is debated: "For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth..." The argument is over the meaning of the words "days" and "made". Helweg and others say that "day" can mean an indefinite period of time (which is true is some Contexts), and the word "made" can mean "worked upon". Thus, they conclude that God "worked upon" His creation for six epochs. However, this makes no sense in light of the present context. Did God work upon His creation for six epochs and cease on the seventh epoch? Did He command His people to do no work on the seventh epoch? This requires a dichotomy of thought processes. It destroys the meaning of the context. If the epoch hypothesis is correct, and if we use correct hermeneutical procedure, we will be forced to believe that God commanded the Israelites to do no work on the seventh epoch - for perhaps hundreds of thousands of years!

     The advocates of six epochs for the account in the first chapter of Genesis cannot have it both ways. Either they must admit that the seven days in Exodus 20 are epochs, in which case the Sabbath command is ludicrous, or they must change their thinking to embrace the plain meaning written by Moses - that God created the earth, et al., in six 24-hour days and ceased His labors on the seventh 24-hour day. Another alternative is possible: They may choose to believe that the Scriptures are self-contradicting. I do not choose to travel that road.

     The next part of the overall debate is whether or not the word "in" appears as the second word of the eleventh verse ("For IN six days the Lord made...") If it does, it clearly means that "within six days the Lord created the heavens and the earth..." In the context that means six 24-hour days. Some say that the word is not in the Hebrew text. However, it is in the Greek text (_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ).** This is not the place or time to discuss whether or not the Greek text is more or less trustworthy than the Hebrew. Suffice it to say that the earliest Hebrew text we have (barring the Dead Sea Scrolls) dates back only to A.D. 916, which is very recent. And we know that this Massoretic Text is the result of reworking by Jewish sages after the temple was destroyed in A.D. 70, whereas the Greek text dates back to 250-300 B.C. Actually, it makes no difference to the context of Exodus 20:11 if the word "in" is not there. The obvious meaning is clear without it; one cannot reconcile the seven epochal periods of Genesis 1 with the seven 24-hour days of Exodus 20.

** Again, this represents the actual Greek characters used in the hard copy of Smyrna. We highly encourage you to E-Mail SMYRNA directly for a subscription and these (posted) back issues. --BeWISE

     Those who trust the "science" of evolutionists and seek alternative interpretations of the Bible to accommodate it, caught the pseudo-intellectual fever of the "Age of Enlightenment" that began in the 18th century, which is now a full blown epidemic of spiritual anarchy and social, political and economic corruption. The open rebellion against authority brought on by "enlightenment" could not have occurred in Western Civilization without the triggering device of evolutionism and the demand for rethinking the Holy Scriptures. If it turns out that God's creation is much younger than evolutionary "science" requires, we will have paid an awful price for bogus information.

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When, Oh When! -
Will Americans Ever Wake Up?

October 24 1995


Dear Mr. Grodin:

Recently you have blamed Congress for not having time to look at lobbying. They're too busy cutting funds for the needy, you say. I agree with you [that lobbying is not being addressed].

But have you noticed who is frantically opposing anti-lobbying bills? Read the story by Joseph Drew in the Oct. 6,1995 issue of Forward newspaper. Drew says that Jewish organizations are fighting desperately to stop the anti-lobbying bill from passing. B'nai B'rith was prominently mentioned as opposing anti-lobbying. These organizations get billions (that's BILLIONS, not millions) of dollars from the government.

Since you have said you are Jewish, why don't you direct your comments to your compatriots? And why is a super-secret all-male organization like B'nai B'rith getting huge sums of our tax monies?

     Since sending the above fax letter to talk show host Charles Grodin, Smyrna learned that B'nai B'rith allegedly opened up its membership to women. B'nai B'rith means Sons of the Covenant and would be a misnomer if women participated fully. It is open only to Jews. According to a spokesperson in Los Angeles, its female auxiliary was known as B'nai B'rith Women, organized in 1895 - which was never a part of B'nai B'rith. This year it changed its name to Jewish Women International. Apparently, there is a difference between Jewish Women International and the women who are allowed to join B'nai B'rith.

     B'nai B'rith was organized in 1843. It is an international organization, and some say it is a Jewish Masonic Lodge - perhaps even the "master" lodge. Lower echelons of ordinary Masons, however, know nothing of such an arrangement, but we would not expect them to. Its various lodges have 501(c)(3) tax status, and, as indicated in our fax message, it vigorously lobbys Congress. The supreme irony is, however, that these Jewish organizations use part of their public flinding to lobby for more. Furthermore, they are tied to the Jewish religion, which should make it unlawl for them to receive government funds under the First Amendment. If they weren't Jewish - if they were Christians - the ACLU would have long ago brought this issue before the Supreme Court and the Court would have probably outlawed such funding. Why are millions of Christians in the posture of door mats in this atrocious situation? Perhaps they are too busy seeking "spiritual", subjective experiences. They are supporting this avant-garde of the anti-Christ system because the enemy has sown bad doctrinal seed among them, actually causing them to believe that Christ's enemies are God's chosen ones!

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Enormous Influence of Jewish Organizations

     Last month Sniyrna published a lot of propaganda literature circulated by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith. We have stated many times that the ADL is powerful, even to the extent of "running" the Special Investigations unit of the Justice Department.(5) This month we'll demonstrate that Jewish organizations openly boast of their long arm of influence. In a solicitation for the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Center stated:
     "...we have access to, and considerable influence with, heads of state and key officials in governments around the world.. And in an exciting new development, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has been awarded official Non-Governmental Organization NGO) status from the United Nations, which means we will be represented at all U.N. meetings and have high-level interaction with other representatives in every corner of the globe."

(5) Incidentally, Jewish Senator Arten Specter (R-PA), while chairing the subcommittee hearings on Ruby Ridge, said on 9/22/95 that he had been an officer of the Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations (0SI).

     Hier went on to say that the Center has joined with UNESCO in getting anti-Semitism "back into the world lexicon and onto the United Nations' political agenda." This is frightening because these Jewish organizations operate on a double standard ethic, i.e., we're right and anyone who disagrees with us is wrong." This mentality comes from the Talmud which teaches that all non-Jews are to Jews what animals are to non-Jews. Until that deep-seated belief is openly admitted, renounced and stricken from the Talmud, there can be no real rapprochement between Jewish leaders and the rest of the world. The more influence Jewish leaders have in the world, the closer we get to the implementation of the Noahide Laws.

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     This was the title of a brief piece in the Senior News of Atlanta in its Oct. issue. The story traced the Atlanta synagogues from their beginnings, the first one having been buiit in 1867.

     Of Interest to Smyrna is the statement that in that time " '...almost every man belonged to some branch of Masonry and B'nai B'rith.' " 32 founders of the synagogue were founders of the B'nai B'rith lodge in 1870. And the following is most interesting:

     David Mayer was the most prominent Jew in Atlanta in the 1860's and served as a supply officer for Gov. Joseph E. Brown when Georgia went to war.

     "History records one interesting thing about Mayer, he was a devoted Mason and was Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, a fact which Mayer somehow knew [surprise, surprise!! -Smyrna]...

     " 'When most of Atlanta smoldered in ashes, Mayer's house remained untouched. How? He had simply hung his Shriner's apron on the doorpost, and Sherman, emulating that well known Angel of Death, recorded in Exodus, 'passed over' David Mayer's house.' "

     Gen. Sherman was the merciless Union officer who devastated a swath of geography 50 miles wide from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia. When we say "devastated", we mean just that. He burned everything in his path in an attempt to destroy the will of Southerners to resist. It was a true holocaust of immense proportions.

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     Smyrna just received a fax Communique regarding the potential international control of dietary supplements and other foods under the Global American Trade Treaty (GATT). This communique was downloaded from the Internet and was an interview of Suzanne Harris, an attorney, by Dr. Kurt Donsback, D.C., Ph.D.

     Under the GATT treaty the little known Codex Alimentarious Commission in Rome (under the UN/WHO), is studying a proposal from Germany that could radically change the availability of dietary supplements to consumers around the world. The World Trade Organization could, if a member country refuses to abide by the standards set up under GATT, fine the member. Ultimately, it seems that the bottom line of control originates from the international drug cartel, which includes U.S. pharmaceutical companies.

     There is much, much more to this threat than we have space for, but you may seek more info from Health Keeper's Journal, 880 Canarios Ct., Ste. 210, Chula Vista, CA 9I9l0.

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13 Year Old Arrested for Racial Slur

     On Nov. 2nd a 13 year old student at Live Oak School in Redding, CA was arrested for allegedly calling a 12 year old Hispanic a "dumb Mexican" and a "Nigger". He was kept in Juvenile Hall overnight. According to the Redding Record Searchlight the teenager was arrested under Penal Code section 422.6, which makes it a crime to interfere with another person's rights, or harm their property because of race, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

     Smyrna contacted Sgt Keith Adams of the Redding Police Dept. on 11/9/95, who handled the case. Adams said that Live Oak School is a continuation school and there isn't much that can be done administratively with incorrigibles, and this kid had prior incidences of misbehavior. He, however, recommended that the boy be prosecuted under Penal Code Sec 415.5 (disturbing the peace), rather than the civil rights 422.6, but he said it is up to the D.A.

     While Smyrna certainly does not like to see anyone derogated by epithets of any kind, just how far shall we carry this politically and socially correct agenda engineered by social planners? Shall we insist that the hypocrites of all stripes and positions eliminate every kind of demeaning epithet from our culture? Can it be accomplished? Why don't we continue this charade with the banning of all "cuss" words that demean Christians and their Lord? For example, how many times have you heard the epithet "Jesus Freaks"? Now, here's one for the books and history: How about eliminating the continual slur against Jesus Christ? We daresay that if those who use the epithet "Jesus Christ!" were prosecuted under civil rights laws, 90% of the population would be in court and/or in jail.

     Do the social engineers really believe that Christians enjoy hearing their Lord trashed by the continual, vulgar use of the "J.C." words? What a blight on the do-gooder mentality! What a testimony to the moral bankruptcy of the self-righteous ones-from the university "intellectuals" to politicians to movie and TV script writers, directors and performers to talk show hosts, ad nauseam! It's a horrible, racist thing to say the "N" word or to even think anti-Semitic thoughts, BUT-! It's just jim-dandy to degrade Jesus Christ and His followers. This is such an obvious hypocrisy that contempt is all it deserves.

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Latest On Mark Fuhrman

     "Mark Fuhrman was convicted and 0. J. Simpson was acquitted." These were the words (or very close to the words) of Geraldo Rivera on his TV talk show 11/8/95.

     Although this writer tuned in very late, some amazing information was revealed during the latter part of the program. Among several guests was Sgt. Roberto Alaniz, a Hispanic police officer with the L. A. P. D. According to him, in the last 8-10 years Fuhrman has not behaved as those infamous tapes portrayed him. Sgt. Alaniz cited the Christopher Commission Report which emerged from the Rodney King case. According to Alaniz, 20,000 complaints were examined by the Commission that spent 16,000 attorney hours of investigative efforts, resulting in a list of 44 officers who were "trouble officers". Mark Fuhrman did not appear on any list as one accused of using excessive force.

     Sgt. Alaniz said that town meetings were held during the investigation at many locations in the city where anyone could bring comments or complaints. Not one complaint was lodged against Fulrrman.

     The Justice Department conducted its own investigation also, and L.A. ranked 11th in the nation regarding excessive force complaints. Sgt. Alaniz said that the Fuhrman that was on the tapes played in court was the Fuhrman of 10 years ago.

     Another guest of Geraldo's was Sgt. Ronnie Cato (by voice only) who disagreed with Sgt. Alaniz. He claimed that he knew individuals who were treated badly by Fuhrman. But when Geraldo asked him twice to give just one name to followed up on, he declined to name anyone, claiming he feared retaliation.

     Smyrna telephoned Sgt. Dennis Zine, head of the Protective League for L.A. police officers, and he confirmed that Sgt. Alaniz is right. Furrnan had no complaints against him for many years.

     According to Marcia Clark of the prosecution team, the incriminating tapes of Fuhrman were made just under ten years prior to Furhman's testimony. It is quite uncanny that defense lawyer F. Lee Bailey insisted on a ten year time frame in which to trap Fuhrman. Smyrna believes he knew something he wasn't revealing. That is partially borne out by what this writer learned from the secretary of Robert Blasier, one of the defense lawyers whose office is in Sacramento, CA. On 10/6/95 she told us that Blasier joined Simpson's defense in Dec.1994 but that he was already doing work for Simpson before that. She said they "heard rumors of Fuhrman tapes but laughed it off."

     Incidentally, she said that her boss Bob Blasier was a first year law student under the infamous Alan Dershowitz.

     All this raises a fascinating question. Dershowitz and Shapiro had targeted Fuhrman just a month (maybe sooner) after the murders of Nicole and Ron. Did they know about the tapes then? If so, Laura McKinny(6) may have perjured herself.(7) If the defense didn't know about the tapes, why did they select Fuhrman for trashing right after the murders, and how would Blasier's office get wind of them so far in advance?

(6) Instructor In film making at North Carolina School of the Arts, Winston-Salem, NC.
(7) Sgt. Zine of the L A.P.D. says she came forward to exploit the situation for money.

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     Smyrna just learned (if one can believe a TV gossip show) that some investigative reporters who insist on anonyrnity, are digging into the possibility that 0. J. Simpson and company may have tampered with one of the jurors. If it's true, let's hope that they find solid evidence.

     The psychologically unbalanced gossip host, Cindy Adams, ended the show with remarks about Mark Fuhrman walking his rat, sleeping on sheets with eye holes in them, or purchasing a retreat at Berchtesgaden. This show originates in L.A. and its producer is Michael Danahy (213-954-2490).

     TV is layered into so many companies and sub-producers that research is painfully and maddeningly difficult. The industry has certainly protected itself against criticism and exposure. Its programming is the sickest, slickest slime in the history of the world. If I were Satan I would be dancing gleefully around the tombstones of truth, honesty, propriety, and a host of other dead carcases that belonged to the family of morality.

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     Thanksgiving is an American holiday, and originated with the colonists at Plymouth who gave thanks to God for His provisions. However, as with all other things in humanist-saturated America, some are celebrating Thanksgiving for the most asinine reasons. We at Smyrna rejoice as the Christians at Plymouth did. We give thanks to Almighty God for the abundance of His mercies and watchcare.
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From Criminal Politics Magazine

     Next month Criminal Politics Magazine (CP) will review and take orders for the brand new book at left by Ben Weintraub. CP says:
     "If in fact Holocaust Dogma is part of the Jewish faith-then of course, the separation of church and state rules have obviously failed to be applied to the Jewish faith, and a massive restructuring and application of church and state will have to be accepted by the Jewish community."

     CP says the book is bound to be controversial and will invite retribution on those who promote it. CP publisher L.T. Patterson expects pressure to be brought to bear on the magazine's advertisers and others who associate with them. Smyrna urges all to support the author's and Mr. Patterson's courage and order a copy or two ($17 ea.): Criminal Politics, P.O. Box 37812, Cincinnati, OH 45222, or call 1-513-475-0100.

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     Pat Robertson's 700 Club CBN News reported on 11/14/95 that an Orthodox rabbi in Israel had placed a curse on Yitzak Rabin a few days before his assassination. The rabbi is with the same group that placed a curse on Saddain Hussein in recent years. These Orthodox Jews are Cabbalists and that's the source from which they obtain their bizarre beliefs and practices. The Cabbala is the mystical, occultic "bible" of many Orthodox Jews. It intertwines with the teachings of the Babylonian Talmud.

     Millions of Christians are totally ignorant about these matters. They, along with Pat Robertson, still think of the Jews and the "Holy Land" as untouchable, and minimize the demonic practices of Cabbalists. Robertson's comments about the curse were unbelievably mild. If the Cabbalists had been some New Age Eastern gurus Robertson would have preached against them with great fervor. As it was, he limited himself to "religious curses are not a good thing", or something very close to that. He then launched into a short monologue about God protecting "Israel" so that prophecy may be fulfilled, and anyone, including himself, who tries to interfere with "Israel" will be taken out of the way by God Himself.

     Pat - will you ever awaken to the truth about "Israel" and prophecy? You are aiding and abetting the anti-Christ system, and that's a serious no-no! The curses used by Cabalistic, Orthodox Jews are demonic curses. They call upon Satan's demons to do their bidding. Obviously, those demons do not inevitably succeed, but that doesn't lessen the seriousness of the matter. The Bible - both Old and New Testaments - forbid any activity or dabbling in the occult. It's dangerous business. How can Orthodox Jews who practice serious occultism be God's chosen people? Christians deserve your answer, Pat.

     The truth is, Pat, that you and other leaders who embrace dispensationalism as the doctrinal path to prophefic accuracy have purchased stock in the false Israel - the entity that was condemned by Jesus and officially terminated in A.D. 70. The bottom will fall out of your investment when Christ returns to judge the anti-Christ conglomerate. Please read our booklet Strong Delusion. We think it is must reading for you ($5). [We highly encourage ALL to E-Mail SMYRNA directly for a copy of this well-researched expose!! --BeWISE]

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     Smyrna copied the results of a poll taken by Prodigy, one of the computer bulletin board services. We are not avid fans of polls, but we thought our readers might be interested in this one because of the present "crisis" over the federal budget. Out of more than 4,000 responses, you can see that the President was being blamed by a substantial majority of Prodigy users for the crisis.


Is Clinton or GOP leaders most to blame for budget impasse?
President Clinton 54% // GOP leaders in Congress 35%

(Copied from the PRODIGY(R) service 11/15/95 12:21)

     Another poll of more than 5,000 respondents showed more than 61% thought the Republicans were headed in the right direction.

     The Republicans have many faults, but when compared to Democrats they are quite virtuous. We once calculated that Democrats have about an 80% greater chance of committing unlawful or immoral acts than Republicans. In the case of the present budget crisis, the President, we believe, is completely misrepresenting the facts. According to him, Republicans want to cut Social Security and Medicare, but Republicans say their budget provides for increases - they're just not as big as the President wants. According to the Republicans, the President doesn't even have a budget proposal - it's merely a sham.

     Smyrna would much sooner believe the Republicans than anything Mr. Clinton or Leon Panetta have to say. But here's what sticks in our craw:

     We keep hearing from both sides that the U.S. mustn't ruin its credit rating. We keep hearing about borrowing money to keep the government running. From whom do we borrow the money? Obviously, from lenders. Who are the lenders? Smyrnadoesn't have the money to lend to the government. None of our friends has the money. Well, it's much more complicated than that, but our simple logic tells us that something is wrong when taxpayers must pay usurious interest rates - or any interest at all - to run their own government. We thought that the Constitution requires Congress to coin money and regulate its value. However, our illustrious leaders in 1913 turned this function over to the Federal Reserve, a private corporation that has us all by the throats.

     There is little wonder that a big fight is underway over the budget because the Republicans want to balance it in seven years and the Democrats don't have a plan to balance it because they represent spending, spending, and more spending. But neither side proposes to cut off our creditors and reclaim our powers to create our own money. NO ONE QUESTIONS THE LEGITIMACY OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE! So - the real problem will never be solved.

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Editor - We read recently that Germany will soon cut the budget for the maintenance of the Nazi death camps and, presumably, other reminders of the horror inflicted by that nation and that regime.

It is said that 50 years is enough. I agree that some limit should be placed, but what?

Would it be fair and reasonable that Germany be required to maintain these memorials just one day for each of the people put to death?

Then Germany can close her books on these costs in the year 18,383, only 16,488 years from now. Perhaps an hour per victim would he enough. A mere 637 years would remain and the camps could be left to rot after A.D. 2632.

Fifty years represents 4.3 seconds of memorial for each human heing lost to the Holocaust. Perhaps Germany should he asked to do a little more.

Name withheld

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     It's fun to "shoot down" Holocaustomaniacs because they're such easy targets. They're so religiously fanatic that all reason and fair play have long since flown the coop.

     Assuming that our friend refrained from using visceral rumblings as a substitute for simple arithmetic, we wonder how long Jewish leaders would have to maintain a memorial to 12 million Christians annihilated in Bolshevik Russia? And they haven't even built the memorial-!

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Jewish Extremism Grew In U.S.

     NEW YORK (AP) - The Jewish zealotry played out with blood and bullets in the Holy Land came of age in Brooklyn.

     Most of the young men suspected in the murder of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin are Israeli-born. Yet much of their ideology came from the United States, where the dream of a Greater Israel has flourished.

     [Meir] Kahane, the slain rabbi who galvanized Israel's far right, was born and raised in Brooklyn. So was Baruch Goldstein, the West Bank settler who gunned down 29 Muslim worshipers at a Hebron mosque in February 1994.

     Many of the estimated 140,000 West Bank settlers are American-born, and the rhetoric that has inflamed Israeli politics in recent months has often come from America.

     In June, Rabbi Abraham Hecht of Brooklyn publicly called for Rabin's assassination. He later told New York magazine: "Any one person who ... hands over human bodies or human property or the human wealth of the Jewish people to an alien people is guilty of the sin for which the penalty is death."

     Smyrna's comment: Orthodox Jews boast of their culture and religion from ancient times. They believe it is superior to anything else. They intend to impose it on us if they can. Read our booklet Strong Delusion. And yet, they are the world's worst anarchists and vigilantes. If anyone crosses them they are prepared to vent their vengeance, with the power of the gun. This is the kind of incorrigible behavior that Martin Luther saw and wrote about. And because he crossed them, they haven't rested until his name has been smeared, even within the confines of his own church body (liberals, of course). The religion that spawned the above activists is the one that many misguided Christians today fawn over!

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