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      Again, this is taken from the Special Edition Anthology of conspiratorial writings put together by the courageous people from PARANOIA Magazine.


An Inquiry Into Covert Psychotronics and Belief System Engineering

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      I fully realise that the following article will perturb many UFO encounter witnesses, and particularly abduction victims. Yet, I feel it is only morally correct that this information be made available to the very people who are most likely to reject it. Addressing the possibility that our innermost beliefs and spiritual aspirations may be the result of a sophisticated and deliberately engineered plan, utilising unknown technology and implemented with the sole scope of monitoring the mental behaviour and reactions of human 'guinea pigs', is the most psychologically disturbing question anyone may have to address.

      I hope the following evidence will be analysed with an open mind and a genuine desire to arrive at the truth behind the UFO enigma, however abhorrent the truth may turn out to be.

      Most of us today subscribe to some belief system, whether religious or philosophical. However, there seems to be taking place on a large scale a kind of silent revolution of spiritual perceptions as well as a revival of 'end of the millenium' expectations. This trend appears to be most noticeable within the UFO and New Age communities. Many people within these groups, as well as others belonging to fundamentalist religious organisations, believe that we are entering some kind of 'Golden Age' or 'Aquarian Age'. In fact, it would be true to say that many millions of people worldwide are of the firm opinion that they have had genuine, sometimes traumatic, physical encounters with beings from outer space, and that these encounters have been responsible for triggering radical changes in their belief system, as well as a change in their perceptual reality.

      I am firmly convinced of the physical reality of the UFO phenomenon, being witness to multiple events myself and having researched the enigma for many years, just as I am firmly convinced that humanity is due for a genuine, evolutionary paradigm shift. However, this natural evolutionary process may have more to do with the human being, and more particularly the human mind, than it may have to do with the UFO encounter. In fact, the UFO encounter and its related experiences may turn out to be a sophisticated psychologically-deceptive device.

      It is at this point that many witnesses reading this article will begin to feel antagonistic. Yet we are dealing with something so fundamentally important to our psyches that great caution must be adopted before opting for the more attractive and flattering solution. Let us be honest. Witnesses consciously believe that they, and not the next person, have had UFO experiences and 'extraterrestrial' encounters because of something in their makeup which sets them apart. They consider themselves to be special and, as such, to have been specifically targeted by 'extraterrestrial' beings perhaps for a future role.

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Free Will and Social Engineering

      These experiencers may well be special, but not in the manner they envisage. This special -'something' could also be the reason that the United Nations, -many decades ago, decided to set about the serious business of cataloguing the entire genetic differences of the human race. It is my conviction that there are human, and not extraterrestrial, -agencies at work behind the UFO phenomenon, and that these agencies are very much aware (and afraid) of this eventual human paradigm shift. The reason for their fear is that they simply do not want humankind to think and choose for itself. For this reason, they have formulated a massive and deliberate plan to deceive us all, through various agendas, in a desperate attempt to stop us from discovering a fundamental truth regarding our identity. To this end they have created a plethora of deliberately engineered belief systems, implemented with the sole scope of diverting our attention, if not outrightly manipulating our minds and, therefore, our free will.

      During the course of my research into the UFO phenomenon, as well as other related topics, I have accumulated a veritable mountain of information, official documents and outright proof that, since the early 1950s, a large number of Intelligence Agencies worldwide have been engaged in the development, testing and deployment of extremely sophisticated brainwashing techniques. It is my contention that these experiments are responsible for the creation of what is now admitted by honest researchers to be deliberate, socially-engineered belief systems implemented for ulterior and nefarious scopes.

      In very simple terms, the human being is under the very serious threat of losing the only quality which truly makes him an individual: the ability to choose and think for himself. The proof available to back up these incredible contentions is vast, but it needs very careful searching. Unfortunately, it is one area of research which has been completely ignored by British UFO researchers, yet it is the most important topic immediately related to the UFO enigma. The reason for the neglect is that the majority of British researchers have been concentrating for the past few years on the so-called corn circle [crop circles] phenomenon, thereby ignoring related and reliable evidence which has surfaced elsewhere. They have allowed themselves to be diverted down seductive avenues.

      The phenomenon of corn circles (and I will be accused of being facile) again has very human agencies behind it, but because of its apparent tantalising physical properties it has managed to mislead many genuine researchers. This topic merits a separate article, however, just to make a point, take a large sod of earth with grass growing on it, put it in a microwave oven and watch what happens. They may be boosting up the Earth's energy grid system with microwaves beamed from satellites for very serious reasons and at the same time deliberately deviating the attention of researchers by hoaxing the circles. Nonetheless, the implications behind mind control techniques and experimentations are more easily understood and must be seriously considered when dealing with UFO and abduction phenomena.

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History of Mind Control

      The history of mind control experimentation is relatively simply to follow and will provide genuine insight into the UFO phenomenon. In 1950, the newly-formed CIA began to implement nefarious mind control experimentations with Project Bluebird, rechristened Artichoke in 1951. To establish a cover story for this research, the CIA funded a propaganda effort designed to convince the world that the Communist bloc had devised insidious new methods of reshaping the human will. The CIA's own efforts could therefore, if exposed, be explained as an attempt to catch up with Soviet and Chinese research into mind control. The truth of the matter is that certain branches of the intelligence communities worldwide have been secretly collaborating since the beginning of the Cold War on mind control experiments and research, having realised that it was possible to gain control of the human mind and, therefore, total control of the human being.

      Utilising appropriated funds allocated through the smoke screen of the Cold War, and huge amounts of unappropriated money obtained through global drug-trafficking, they set about the nefarious task of decoding the human brain. When the CIA's mind control program was transferred in 1953 from the Office of Security to the Technical Service Staff, the name changed again to MK-ULTRA.

      Many people today who are aware of this name consider this octopus project, whose tentacles twined through the corridors of numerous universities and around the necks of an army of scientists, to be the most ominous operation ever carried out in the CIA's catalogue of atrocities. They also believe that the CIA was mainly experimenting with mind-altering drugs, such as LSD, and that after public exposure of these activities, further research was discontinued. The fact is that through MK-ULTRA, the Agency in the collaboration of other Intelligence agencies worldwide, including the British, created an umbrella program designed to arrive at the complete control and manipulation of the human brain and, thereby, of individual actions and beliefs.

      What was really being researched and experimented by these agencies to arrive at their pre-set goals? Just about everything: hypnosis, conditioning, sensory-deprivation, drugs, religious cults, microwaves, psychosurgery, brain implants, ESP and psycho-electronics. Prominent scientists and psychiatrists were hand picked for these experiments with the specific criteria that each person's ethics must be such that he would completely cooperate in any phase of the program regardless of how extreme it was to be. One such scientist was Dr. Jose Delgado, a Yale University psychologist whose vision was to perfect techniques for making humans respond to electrically transmitted commands, thereby obtaining the physical control of the mind.

      Perhaps the most outrageous piece of evidence (currently in the possession of some not-so-honest abduction researchers) surrounding the UFO abduction phenomenon are the intra-cerebral electronic implants, which are visible on x-rays and MRI scans of many of these abductees. Indeed, when studying the abduction literature, one finds abductees often describing operations in which needles are inserted into the brain or through the sinus cavity. Since the existence of such devices has never been officially acknowledged by mainstream scientists, this general lack of knowledge has led to many misconceptions. If one fact alone may highlight the underlying flaw of the scientific approach adopted by many UFO researchers, it is this: The official science they have endeavored to modulate has not reflected the true state of the unofficial science practiced in secret!

      Many genuine abduction specialists have assumed therefore, quite incorrectly, that the abductions must be the handiwork of scientists from the stars. The same is being assumed by many of the unfortunate victims. Some researchers have assumed, again incorrectly, that the witnesses are either lying or deluded individuals. The reality is that we have to credit Dr. Jose Delgado, back in the 1950s, with the invention of a miniature depth electrode which, when inserted into the brain, can receive and transmit electronic signals, induce hallucinatory visions, insert audiograms, modify behaviour, create a loss of the sense of time, and gain complete physical control of the recipient's mind.

      The above statement is wholly factual and provable and I challenge anyone to contest it Dr. Jose Delgado has published more than 200 scientific works describing techniques for electronically and chemically influencing the human brain, and his pioneering work has been openly exposed in scientific literature for over 30 years. To quote directly from Delgado's own written words: 'Automatic and somatic functions, individual and social behaviour, emotional and mental reactions, may be evoked, maintained, modified or inhibited, both in animals and in man, by electrical stimulation of specific cerebral structures." He further continues: "Physical control of many brain functions is a demonstrated fact... it is even possible to create and follow intentions, the developments of thoughts and visual experiences. By electrical stimulation of specific cerebral structures, movements can be induced by radio command, hostility may appear or disappear, social hierarchy can be modified, sexual behaviour may be changed, and memory, emotions and the thinking process may be influenced by remote control."

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A Mind Controlled Society?

      When you realise and bear in mind that all of the above was a provable reality during the 1950s, you will appreciate the type of technology which must be available today after more than 40 years of further secret research. The remote physical and total control of the human mind is a scientific reality and an established fact. In October, 1990, a medical investigative group from Stockholm published a research paper which was intended for circulation among universities, governmental bodies and mass media, but which was conveniently ignored by all but a few honest researchers. This document described the findings of a study conducted into mind control experiments in Sweden alone. This research group claims that for at least 25 years, doctors at hospitals in Sweden have used patients for long-term experiments. They have documented complete proof that doctors in Sweden have been placing brain transmitters into the heads of patients who are then used as human guinea pigs for lifelong studies.

      This is just one example of the grave crimes being committed against humanity and which constitute a complete violation of human rights. Why has society not responded? And, more importantly, why have UFO researchers completely ignored this possibility?

      In case you are still of the opinion that this information must be false, that it is all too far-fetched, or that it has nothing to do with what is happening in the UFO field, then I would recommend that you obtain proof for yourself of brain implant technology being an official reality at least 23 years ago. Just one such paper published in 1970 by the Office of Technology Utilisation of NASA is a report entitled "Implantable Biotelemetry Systems". Chapter 9 of this paper deals, as its title suggests, with: "Brain Transmissions from Inside the Body".

      Apart from the more recognisable implications applicable to the UFO and abduction phenomena, what we are addressing here on a wider scale are the apparently massive efforts being made for the creation of a psycho-civilised, mind-controlled society. Scientists at the Brain Research Institute of the University of California took up, many years ago, the investigation of the effects of oscillating electrical fields on human behaviour, which paralleled the Soviet research since 1933 into the effects of microwave radiation and the way in which microwaves can effect the central nervous system. They discovered that microwave radiation, even of low intensity, or modulated ELF (extremely low frequency) waves, can seriously alter the normal rhythm of the brain waves, causing hallucinations and drastic perceptual changes, including the loss of the sense of time.

      Subjected to ultrasonic or very low frequency waves, an entire population could be lulled into a state of drowsiness (at the very minimum) by the unperceived waves. Radio and television could become normal channels of mass hypnosis and could even be used to implant suggestions to control the behavior of entire nations. What exactly are these ELF waves which have been worrying the more honest experts? Can they really influence the psychological makeup of human beings, subjugate whole nations or even affect the weather? Yes they can. And in addition, despite the fact that scientists have adamantly denied that microwaves cause any non-thermal damage to human beings, the military, both East and West, are currently performing meticulous developments on these waves.

      There are many scientific papers on the subject, however, I will briefly cover this topic which in reality merits an entire book and our utmost attention. Nothing is possible without resonance, and in order to pick up specific electromagnetic waves from the jumbled mass of waves which surround and pass through us, we need a length of antenna which is specifically tuned to the length of the desired waves. The arteries supplying our brains with blood have a similar structure to the ribs of tree leaves. There are approximately 100 billion nerve cells in the brain of a human being and no tube cells and their connected fibers have exactly the same shape. The tube-shaped extensions of the cell body act as pathways for conveying signals transmitted by the cell body to other nerve cells. Having hundreds of billions of nerve fibers of different structures, which are mainly one centimeter in length, it follows that several thousands of them will resonate simultaneously as antennas in tune to electromagnetic centimetre waves.

      However, for the purposes of manipulating the human mind with extremely low frequency waves, or ELF, which have a frequency of about 3Hz to 80Hz and a wavelength of between 10Km and 100,000 Km, and which would, therefore, need a resonating antenna at least 2.5 to 25,000 Km long to transmit and receive, there is needed a carrier wave with a high frequency in the Mega, or Gigahertz range. Signals are then modulated on the carrier frequency.

      The same principle is used in radio and television broadcasts, radio-relay or radar. The high-frequency carrier wave which is required for resonating limited, small antennas, is suppressed behind the receiving antenna in the demodulation circuit of the receiver and then is no longer needed. Only the low frequency signals which are of actual interest are passed on to the amplifier stages The technical principle of receivers of electromagnetic waves is fully analogous with biological communication systems. In order for the several thousands of our nerve cells in the brain to resonate with man-made centimetre waves, the carrier frequency has to be suppressed when the signal is passed onto the synapses. Living organisms use electrochemical processes involving sodium and potassium ions to overcome cell membranes. This suppresses the carrier frequency in the high frequency range, and what remains is the signal in the low frequency ELF range. The nerve fibers, using these frequencies, then convey sensations of pain, hunger and nausea, etc. to the points in the brain which invoke these stages.

      If interference signals are superimposed on the natural signals generated by the body, the brain is then presented with simulated states that we consciously perceive, but which do not exist in reality. The proof that biological systems are being interfered with by the use of electromagnetic centimetre waves can be found in the dying forests. This is just one of the many myths of the so-called environmental problem: that we are killing our environment with atmospheric pollution. The truth is that when modern technology started utilising hard radar pulses and very narrow band waves, these were then picked up by the correct length antennas of some types of trees, thereby compromising their health. Advances made in the early 1980s in ultra-high frequency semiconductors and digital microwave technology resulted in widespread death of conifers and deciduous trees, which have ribbed leaves of the correct size for the receiving wideband frequencies. The forests are rapidly dying from the effects of unseen and unperceived microwave pollution.

      This increased propagation of microwaves has also taken its toll on human beings with increased cancer, psychic and emotional disorders, and perhaps a deliberate genocide disorder called AIDS. However, this disturbing picture does not stop here. Within the last few decades there have appeared a number of reports on the development and use of the so-called psychotronic weapons, Radio Frequency Weapons, or as they are more commonly known, Directed Energy Weapons. In the main, these reports have been confirmed to accusations against the Soviet Union. The so-called 'Woodpecker' signals which were beamed against the USA by the Soviets made headlines during the 1970s. It was even reported in Technology Tomorrow, in June, 1979, in article entitled "Remote Electronic Behaviour Modification", that the Soviet Union had installed a huge electromagnetic interference grid, through the use of transmitters, over the USA to propagate these waves. The matter was discussed openly for a time, then quickly forgotten.

      Today's largely unconfirmed reality is that there are weapons and state of the art technologies capable of subjugating, mind-manipulating and even killing entire nations, and that some of these weapons are installed in geostationary satellites, whilst others are in the hands of the military, civil defense and police forces. In order for us to determine what kind of technology exists today in the hands of the military and which could be used for electronic mind control, I quote from "Microwave Harassment and Mind Control" published by the Association of National Security Alumni:

      Typically persons who complain of being "zapped by radio waves" and of "hearing voices" are stigmatised as psychotic, delusional, or schizophrenic. Being mindful of this, as well as aware of the treatment accorded UFO and psychic phenomena individuals, we approached this subject with a high degree of caution. Our first step was to determine what; if any technology exists which might be used for electronic harassment.. The information to prove the existence of Directed Energy Weapons was found in a white Paper published in 1991 by the US Global Strategy Council a Washington based organisation under the chairmanship #Ray Cline, former Deputy Director of the CM, who maintains very close ties with the US Intelligence Community... The white Paper describes the foreign and domestic uses foreseen for Laser Weapons, Isotropic Radiators, Infrasound, non-nuclear electromagnetic Pulse Generators and high-power Microwave Emitters. We discussed these non-conventional Directed Energy Weapons with Mr. Vernon Shisler, an Army Delegate to NATO. Mr. Shisler acknowledged that Directed Energy Weapons were in the military arsenal.
      The report then continues to describe the effects of microwave harassment through the use of Directed Energy Weapons, citing various cases. One such case was a woman who had undergone years of harassment. The article continues:
      This woman states also that she has met Badd Hopkins, of the Intruders Foundation, and that she had a long-term confiding relationship with John E. Mack, Professor # Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and founding director of the Centre for Psychological Studies in the Nuclear Age (previously named Research Program for the Study of Human Continuity, and still previously rumoured to have cooperated with the CM in the studies of 'human ecology'). At one point in their relationship, Professor Mack apparently accompanied this woman to a support group meeting of UFO abductees who she said observed bemusedly "spend their time comparing implanted devices". Professor Mack is on record as promoting the perception that UFO abductions are legitimate.

      We frankly doubt that extraterrestrials who have a means to commute inter-galactically, would stoop to implanting primitive devices in human beings... In the meantime, it would seem reasonable that the government would want the public to believe that extraterrestrial visitations are on the upswing Mind altering drugs, externally induced auditory input, holographic projections, appropriately focused directed energy targeting, device implantations, special effects and real abductions are all within this government's capabilities and can be used for purposes of creating illusions of extraterrestrial experiences. Persons not cognisant of this might be more inclined to fall for the UFO mythologies now being officially legitimised.

      Does Britain's Ministry of Defence have such Directed Energy Weapons in its arsenal? Just picking up two Ministry of Defence publications called The British Defence Equipment Catalogue will confirm this. In their 1983 edition there were advertised Radio Frequency Weapons.

      One such weapon, called the "Squawk Box", was a British version of an American weapon tested during the Vietnam war, which caused dizziness, disorientation and panic. In their 1987 edition we find a long list of Radio Frequency Weapons, including pulse generators. I have personally been given concrete and reliable proof and have seen documents regarding an on-going experiment called "MONARCH" being perpetrated by the CIA and DARPA, which uses these weapons for the inducement of schizophrenia and personality changes in targeted individuals. These personality changes are induced expressly for the creation of riot situations as part of an on-going destabilisation program aimed at our society and is very much connected with UFOs.

      The possibility of scientific annihilation of personal identity, or even worse, its purposeful control, must be considered one of the most serious threats existing today. Not only this, but millions of genuine and truthful individuals worldwide are being psychologically manipulated through deliberately engineered belief systems and outright sophisticated hoaxes which, ultimately, can only lead them into painful confrontations with their own identity. The prospect of physical control of the mind provides a variety of objections: theological, because it affects free will; moral, because it affects individual responsibility; ethical, because it may block self-defence mechanisms; and philosophical, because it completely threatens personal identity..

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