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We think we live in a free society, and in many ways we do. We still have a certain amount of free speech, free press, freedom to assemble, freedom to travel, et al. SMYRNA is thankful for the personal liberties we possess. But while we have them in name and to some degree in reality, there exists a creeping, narrowing pressure that makes those constitutional liberties impractical. How's that?

Yesteryear's culture in America and Europe was shaped and maintained primarily by Christian tradition, which in turn was controlled mainly by Biblical mores. That culture was preserved by regular instruction in the wisdom of Christian beliefs. Whether consciously or unconsciously, behavior patterns followed such instmction. There are many examples: belief in God, closing of businesses on Sunday, outward respect for the Bible, prayer in schools, a work ethic and the golden rule, to name a few. Whether or not the U.S. was quantitatively a Christian nation, it was definitely qualitatively Christian, i.e., its laws were patterned after Biblical principles: murder forbidden on punishment of death; stealing universally condemned and punished; truth in testimony (one's word was one's bond); faithfulness in marriage and marriage for life; honor to parents; love of children and family; respect for and obedience to one's mentors, and many more.

Many will say, "Oh, that's so much nonsense! We know that those values were given lip service only." But that's the point! Lip service is evidence of the recognition of cultural parameters whether violated or not. Today, even lip service is gone.

How is a culture maintained? Moses instructed the people of Israel(1) to relate in the ears of their children and their children's children the wonders of God's dealings with the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh.(2) This perseverance and continuity of instructions to people (especially the young) are effective. Whether or not one believes, it nevertheless is true that the persistent, repetitious presentation of ideas, values, behavior patterns, verbal expressions, visualizations, emotions, etc., will mold a person's attitudes and behavior. The "subconscious mind" (some call it the "unconscious") assures the success of this kind of pressure. This principle is practiced by hypnotists and can be effected also as autosuggestion. This, friends, is the essence of television! Humanistic attitudes and behavior patterns exude from that electronic marvel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365.25 days a year. In a very real sense the masses are hypnotized.

(1) Not to be confused with contemporary "Israel"

(2) Exod. 2:2

What we rationally evaluate on TV, although bad enough, is not the most damaging. What we emotionally and subconsciously experience is the worst. The principle of suggestion (mesmerism) when combined with emotions (while rational processes are in abeyance) is quite powerful "medicine". We can compare it to the lowering of inhibitions under the influence of alcohol. There is little wonder that immorality is rampant these days; an entire generation or two has grown up directly under the tutelage of the masters of Luciferian religion.(3)

(3) Luciferians and Satanists say that they are not cut from the same cloth, but while their differences may be important to them, they aren't to us.

The minds of pseudo-liberals are dishonest, and TV is virtually controlled by pseudo-liberals, leftists and Marxists (if there's any real difference). We can simply call them all Humanists. And those Humanists are "practicing medicine without licenses" as they daily diagnose psychological, social, religious, political and economic problems, and solve them in an hour's time on sitcom shows, docudramas, science presentations and movies. Sometimes it's done in half an hour. In other words, the script writers, producers, directors and actors are the "therapists" dispensing Humanist medicine to tens of millions of mostly unsuspecting victims. Remember, rational guards are down and emotions are loose. Furthermore, even if TV viewers deliberately tried to remain invulnerable to the charlatans, most of them haven't the concrete information to recognize specific dangers. Simply put, they have already been reeducated, a euphemistic term for brainwashed.

One of the most offensive programs on TV is "Real Personal", hosted by Bob Berkowitz on CNBC. Without repeating the explicit terms used by its participants early enough in the evening for youths to watch, the damaging psychological and biological information dispensed emanates from professionals and neophytes and often consists of loose opinions, erroneous information and faulty data; the program is dangerous. We suspect that it simply serves the interests of prurient viewers, the counter culture and the money changers.

Currently the public and TV broadcasters are arguing over whether or not make-believe violence causes real violence. Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger standing in East L.A. during the jury deliberations after the "civil rights" trial of the four L.A.P.D. officers in the Rodney King flap? The media and other liberal sources were worried about another riot. In an unusual appeal to potential rioters, Schwarzenegger said that he portrays violence in movies but that he isn't a violent person in real life. Although Schwarzenegger is not a political liberal, he proved the point that the boob tube influences real violence or he wouldn't have appealed to the rioters of L.A. to recognize the difference between make-believe and reality, and therefore desist.

Thousands of examples of TV propaganda and errors could be documented, but it is not necessary to do so because most people already believe that the boob tube is potentially dangerous to one's mental health. Even on "The Learning Channel"(4) where people expect factual programming, there are scientific errors and opinions cast as facts and truth.

(4) The Learning Channel & Discovery Network are both owned by the same people.

SMYRNA does not advocate that we stop watching TV altogether, but we warn that unless viewers are thoroughly educated and informed about conspiratorial powers and their methods and goals, they will be brainwashed. We didn't say "perhaps", we said "will be"! That's one of the reasons why people vote bad politicians back into office repeatedly. A recent example is Dan Rostenkowski (D-IL) who was reelected to Congress despite the knowledge that he is immoral, unethical (if there's a difference) and maybe a crook. Either the election returns are rigged or millions of Americans are also immoral and/or stupid. Just consider how many years the people of Massachu- setts have returned Teddy Kennedy to office. It boggles the mind.

Yes, TV programming is public enemy number one, barely ahead of public enemy number two, our humanistic judicial system.


"I am such a great success that my mother is threatening to have her utems bronzed," joshed Steven Spielberg after receiving a standing ovation at an event sponsored by the American Museum of the Moving Image at the Waldorf-Astoria."(5) Spielberg was honored as the most successful film director of all time.

(5) Jewish "Forward" newspaper, 3/11/94, p. 18

Even though Spielberg was joshing about his mother, it might be appropriate for us to josh in return: Some of the enormously egocentric Hollywoodites should consider having their egos circumcised.

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(The following letter was faxed to Christianity Today magazine, with copies to many Chflstian organizatons and churches in the U.S. We wish to demonstrate to our readers that we practice what we preach - we communicate our views to others. You may duplicate our newsletters or any part and pass the info on, provided you make absolutely no changes, and give us credit.)

April 11, 1994

Christianity Today
465 Gundersen Dr.
Carol Stream, IL 60188
Dear Editor:

It is saddening to see a Christian periodical adopt the posture of the mass media and the obscurantism of arrogance in a time when we need all the objective truth we can get.

I refer specifically to your treatruent of the "holocaust" in your April 4, 1994 issue. Richard Pierard's review of Deborah Lipstadt's book, "Denying the Holocaust" was so glowingly favorable that he might have simply rubber stamped it with "I place my unreserved approval on everything Lipstadt writes and anathematize anyone who questions whatever she claims."

For more than forty-five years I've been a Christian seeking truth. Today I am appalled at the lack of integrity among intelligent, educated, evangelical Christians. Far too many of them are pursuing religious and political correctness rather than God's directives, and this attitude is obvious in their posture toward the Jewish "holocaust". They either fear the stigma of being labeled anti-Semites or they have sold out to the "chosen people" myth. Neither position is commendable.

There are facets to the "holocaust" story that have never been objectively questioned and investigated. Lipstadt and colleagues want to put a lid on all questioning because the "holocaust is finalized truth". This arrogance is prima facie evidence of an unscholarly attitude coming from those who claim to be THE scholars. When did free inquiry cease to be scholarly? It is ironic that all who desire unlimited investigation of such issues as evolutionism and the "holocaust" are called obscurantists or bigots, but when the liberals/leftists want the same privilege in revising the Bible or other Christian dogmas they are called "scholars"!

The photograph of inmates in a Nazi camp published in your article has never been authenticated. I have tried for ten years to run this to ground and it is impossible because the people at the archives in which the negative resides tell me that they possess only a copy. That copy has been pupularized nationally for many years and few people suspect its ambiguity. Elie Wiesel claims he is in the photo and that it was taken at Buchenwald, but Melvin Merrnelstein claims he is in the photo at Auschwitz. Which is it? They can't both be correct. The "New York Times" of Jan. 4, 1988 stated that Elie Wiesel was liberated from Auschwitz by the Soviets, but Wiesel has said that he was liberated from Dachau by the U.S. Army. Who has the facts? It is even possible that the photo has been doctored.

These are the kinds of data that I for one would like answered. I resent Lipstadt's and your man Pierard's blaming conservative object ivists of being relativists. They have merely switched labels! Pierard's conclusion that Lipstadt's book should be a wake-up call to alarm evangelicals about those "deniers [who] call themselves 'Christians'..." lacks Christian charity and smacks of intolerant.liberalism. The wake-up call is in reality for Christians who love the truth wherever it may lead. It appears that "Christianity Today" has muted that alarm.


SMYRNA [address, etc...]

[The above mentioned picture is featured in the original... -BeWISE]

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On March 20, 1994 CBS' 60 Minutes aired a segment on a homosexual who in his youth had been a Youth For Christ leader and a sometime writer for Jerry Falwell. His name is Mel White.

According to him, he had feelings of homosexuality as a youth but felt that he could overcome them in a heterosexual marriage. He and his wife had several children but after many years he broke the news to her that he was a homosexual and was unhappy in his marriage to her. But, because (he said) he loved her he didn't want to hurt her by divorcing her and giving up the children. Eventually she was kind enough to divorce him. He is now living with another man in Dallas. She is an Episcopalian priest in California.

The whole segment of 60 Minutes was slanted toward the predicament of a homosexual who was "obviously" born that way. His former wife testified that he couldn't help being a homosexual. Jerry Falwell was also briefly interviewed, and he gave an excellent answer to CBS' posed question of why Mel White is "persecuted" for his life style. Falwell said that White had deliberately given up his wife, his children and his home, therefore his choice was a selfish one.

This makes sense. Analogously, millions of heterosexuals intensely desire to have sexual relations with other heterosexuals at one time or another in their lives. It happens every day that families are broken up by infidelities. But here's the clincher: Millions of heterosexuals resist such temptations and remain with their spouses and children. They choose not to break up their homes. Why should homosexuals be pampered with "compassion" and indulgence not extended to heterosexuals?

If homosexuals think they are the only ones tempted beyond self control - that they are imbued with a biological urge requiring special consideration, then they have hoisted themselves with their own petards! To admit such overpowering differences is to deny that theirs is "just a legitimate, alternative lifestyle". If they "burn" for one another and have no more resistance than a walrus in heat, they fit the description given by the Apostle Paul in his epistle to the Romans in chapter one.

Even if we granted their claim that they are born that way (which we don't), they would still lack the explanation of why they possess no self control. Most of them are as promiscuous as the aforementioned walrus. In contrast, millions of heterosexuals practice self control routinely. Christians especially shoulder the responsibility of restraint. Mel White as a self-proclaimed Christian failed at this point, and while we all fail at one time or another, responsible people do not rationalize and justify their failures.

A final observation must be made. We live in a time of contrived secret warfare. Special interest group leaders have been known to procure the services of false witnesses to fool the masses. We cannot know the minds of Mel White and his former wife, therefore we cannot know their motives nor precisely when they are relating 100% truth. The homosexual lobby and its fellow travellers are organized, well financed and sly. We must be very careful about gullibly accepting at face value that which we see and hear about homosexuality in the mass media, especially TV.

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SMYRNA has repeatedly told its readers that the Jewish Talmud is literature containing immoral, absurd, and bigoted material. Recently a Bible professor at the United Church of Christ's Chicago Theological Seminary was convicted by the seminary's Sexual Harassment Task Force of "creating a hostile sexual atmosphere" because he told a story from the "Talmud's" Baba Kama tractate. A woman student complained and he was placed on probation.(6)

(6) See the April 15,1994 issue of "Forward".

He told this story from the Talmud: A man is fixing the roof of a house, when he falls onto a woman below and accidentally has sexual intercourse with her. What does the roofer owe the woman? Medical expenses? Yes. Pain suffered? Yes. Indignity suffered? No, because his intent was not to rape or seduce her. The seminary professor, Graydon Snyder, contrasted this with the Sermon on the Mount in which Jesus taught that lust in the heart is as sinful as the actual act of adultery. Snyder, according to the "Forward", said this illustration "helps his students understand the differences between Jewish and Christian notions of sin."

The "Forward's" writer, Jeffrey Goldberg, thinks that the seminary's task force also found the Talmud guilty of being one of the world's oldest dirty books, and Snyder believes that the story is "'part of the Jewish tradition, which is part of the Jesus tradition.'" He also thinks that the task force displayed anti-Semitism by prohibiting him from telling stories from Jewish tradition. "Some respected Talmudic scholars agree" says the "Forward". Snyder has sued the school for defamation.

SMYRNA'S COMMENTS: This episode is indicative of the condition of our present humanistic culture. We believe it's a case of the blind and biased leading the blind and biased - where liberals are caught with their hands in the cookie jar of inconsistent thinking. It is an excellent exarnple of Talmudic and liberal sophistry.

The Sexual Harassment Task Force of Chicago Theological Seminary was obviously caught on the horns of a dilemma whether it knew it or not. Composed of liberals,(7) it was "sworn" to uphold the ultra-feminist practice of complaining at every imagined male advance, while on the other hand it could be accused of anti-Semitism by deciding that the Jewish Talmud is a dirty book. Frankly, SMYRNA is amused when those who are greatly to blame for our unworkable religious, political, legal, economic and social climates are caught in the quicksand of their own anti-Christian philosophy.

(7) We state this because the United Church of Christ is one of the most liberal denominatons in America.

However, that's not all there is to this event. It clearly demonstrates that the Jewish Talmud is absurd. Could a man fall off of a roof and eccidently engage in sexual intercourse with a woman? Certainly not! Furthermore, if he should pay her medical expenses and for pain suffered, why not pay for indignity also? The whole scenario is so bizarre that it has to be the worst possible example for a legal tort claim. But this is the Talmud - and the Jewish experts are defending such trash!

Finally, Graydon Snyder, the seminary instructor, is wrong in believing that the Jewish Concept is part of the Jesus tradition. The Jewish tradition is often grotesque and Jesus always pointed this out. Those who try to place Judaism in the position of parent or even precursor of Christianity err greatly. The above story reported in the "Forward" is an excellent example of the difference between the shocking reality of Judaism's abnormalities and Christianity's Biblical-historical correctness.


Rabbi Jacob Neusner teaches religious studies at the University of South Florida. When asked about the Jesus Seminar which is radically revising the New Testament(8) he said, "[It is]..either the greatest scholarly hoax since the Piltdown Man or the utter bankruptcy of New Testament studies...(9) Neusner is a prominent scholar and his remark is appreciated by all Bible believing Christians. According to Richard N. Ostling who wrote the article in "Time", Neusner is conservative on social but not on theological matters. This may be incorrect, for Neusner, in a letter to the "Forward" (April 15,1994) supported the Talmud as "God's word applied to today's world-and only sweet fragrance." He is the author of a book entitled "A Rabbi Talks With Jesus", Doubleday, 1993.

(8) See SMYRNA'S Feb. 1994 issue. The Jesus Seminar is part of the Westar Institute of Sonoma, California.

(9) "Time", Jan. 10, 1994, p. 39.

It would seem that Rabbi Neusner is somewhat of an enigma. How could he make such kind remarks about the New Testament and simultaneously believe that the Talmud is a sweet fragrance to Israel? We've just seen an example of how absurd some parts of the Talmud are, and Jews who are strict Talmudists usually detest the New Testament. We will have to watch for further developments from Rabbi Jacob Neusner.

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According to the Jewish "Forward" of April 15, 1994, the AJCongress has played an important role in such issues as church-state matters, civil rights, "anti-Semitism" and peace in the Middle East. It deserves "much credit" for its achievements, states the "Forward". This means, of course, that the propaganda we witnessed in the mass media and the end results of the debate on these issues were generally unfavorable to Christian interests. If Christians don't like what happens on these matters most of the time, they may blame organizations like the AJCongress.(10)

(10) Order our tract, "The Political Suppression of Religious Expression" to learn who goes to court to defeat Christian interests.

During the Lani Guinier episode the AJCongress "warned the country that her writings veered far afield of the traditional civil rights agenda." She is the black Jewish(11) law professor at the University of Pennsylvania whom Bill Clinton abandoned after presenting her as his (Hillary's?) choice for head of the civil rights division of the Justice Department. Why did Clinton withdraw his nominee's name even before she faced Senate confirmation hearings? Based on the "Forward" editorial, it seems certain that the AJCongress influenced him.

(11) Rush Limbaugh (6/4/93)

Black leaders Jesse Jackson and NAACP's Wade Henderson appeared mystified by Clinton's actions, for which they denounced him. People of color should learn that Jewish leaders cozy up to them only when it serves Jewish long range objectives.


Initial plans and efforts to implement a "civil rights" movement in the U.S. to agitate the black community and drive a wedge between it and whites, date as far back as 1909. The plans were made by the Communists and socialists.

In 1905 "...a group of collectivists founded the Niagara Movement... Out of [which] there emerged - in 1909 - the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People...

"The formation of the NAACP was urged by the leading radicals of the era...

"Moorfield Storey, a white attorney from Boston, was the first president...

"By 1922, the Communists in America had received their orders from the Communist International to exploit Negroes...In 1923, the NAACP began to receive grants from the Garland Fund which was a major source for the financing of Communist Party enterprises. (Officials of the Fund included Communists William Z. Foster, Benjamin Gitlow [a Jew who defected, see SMYRNA 2/94], Elizabeth Gurley Flynn...along with prominent leftwingers...Harry F. Ward [agent provocateur minister in the Methodist Church -SMYRNA]..."(12)

(12) Gannon, Francis X., "Biographical Dictionary of the Left", Western Islands, 1969, Vol. 1, pp.141-142.

In 1928 the following statement appeared in a pamphlet written by John Pepper in a Communist periodical:

<i>"It is the basic duty of the Communist Party to develop all revolutionary possibilities of the Negro race, to transform the 'solid south' and the 'black belt' from reserves of forces for the bourgeoisie into reserves of forces for the proletariat."(13)</i>

(13) Pogany, Joseph, alias John Pepper, alias John Schwartz, alias John Swift, at al., "American Negro Problems", Workers Library Publishers, NY, 1928; republished by "American Opinion", Belmont, MA, p.6.

Americans have been told for many years that black leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. were not connected to communist endeavors, but the evidence shows the Opposite to be true. If it hadn't been for the leftist control of the mass media the whole country would have known about the associations of King and cohorts. And now a national holiday is observed in his name.

We shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that the Communists fabricated information about the conditions under which so many blacks have lived. The point is that Communist leaders were not interested in bettering the lot of blacks - they wanted to use them to achieve their goals of social revolution and final world control. Blacks were viewed as so much cannon fodder. The tactic is still being used here and in South Africa.

If the public had been educated about the plan proposed by Booker T. Washington, Negro educator, it might not have fallen for the propaganda of the Communists. He said, "'The wisest among my race understand that the agitation of questions of social equality is the extremist folly, and that progress in the employment of all the privileges that will come to us must be the result of severe and constant struggle rather than of artificial forcing. No race that has anything to contribute to the markets of the world is long in any degree ostracized."'(14)

(14) Gannon, op. cit, p.140.

Many blacks have now begun to work in the direction of Booker T. Washington's ideas. They do not accept the political and economic views of Jesse Jackson and like kind [ILK... -BeWISE].

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Many of you have seen the article in "Newsweek" of March 28, 1994 entitled, "Antibiotics: The End of Miracle Drugs?" and were disappointed in the effects of mutating bacteria and perhaps fearful of the future. Modern science has not furnished the solution to disease. What are we to do now? Are we to succumb to the ravages of tuberculosis, ghonerhea, syphilis, staph infections, and more? Scientists were so sure thirty years ago that they had whipped these diseases that too many wonder drugs were prescribed too often for nearly everything. If the antibiotic was known not to kill certain organisms such as viruses, not to worry - we'll prescribe it anyway in order to prevent secondary infection.

Well, some little "bugs" didn't roll over and die. Because of carelessness on the part of those taking the medications (they didn't ingest them for the full time period required) the more hardy bacteria passed on their resistance and pretty soon the "wonder drug" wasn't working. I'm not certain that in one way or another the bacteria wouldn't have eventually triumphed anyway, but in any event here we are once again helpless to prevent epidemics of certain diseases. Or are we?

Enter the practitioners of "natural" therapies. In the May 1994 issue of "Health & Healing"(15) we read: "Folks, it looks like we're heading for the endgame: 13,300 hospital patients in 1992 died from infections that could not be controlled by antibiotics. This prompted Dr. Sherwin Nuland to tell "Newsweek", 'Medicine's purported triumph over infectious disease has become an illusion.'"

(15) Edited by Julian Whitaker, M.D., and published monthly by Phillips Publishing, Inc., 7811 Montrose Rd., Potomac, MD 20854.

Dr. Whitaker states: "There are things we can do...First, both patients and physicians should stop treating every cold or sore throat with use them routinely for minor infections debilitates you by killing off good bacteria, which often leads to fungal overgrowth, and by empowering bacteria to be resistant to antibiotics the next time around.

"Secondly, we need to incorporate into modern medicine God's antibiotics, against which bacteria do not develop a resistance."

Dr. Whitaker says that vitamin C and garlic are the best. "Garlic contains sulfur compounds, the most biologically active one being allicin, which is activated when whole fresh garlic is cut or crushed." Although this is the ingredient that causes garlic odor, it gives garlic its medicinal punch. For his patients, Dr. Whitaker recommends slicing 1 or 2 cloves of garlic and blending them with 8 oz. of grapefruit or orange juice mixed with a bit of lemon. The juice masks the taste of garlic (according to Whitaker). "Take this concoction two to three times daily for 10 days, as if it were an antibiotic."

Friends, we are going to have to become more self-reliant in the days ahead. We must stop running to the doctor for every little ailment to get a quick fix with antibiotics. Natural remedies are not panaceas, but neither are the "wonder drugs". At least the natural therapies, taken with the assistance of knowledgeable practitioners, assist the body in healing itself with far fewer side effects.

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(The following was sent by Smyrna to the party indicated, with copies to many media and others. Sanger is the grandson of the infamous Margaret Sanger.)

March 10, 1994

Mr. Alex Sanger Planned Parenthood 26 Bleecker St. New York, NY 10012

Dear Mr. Sanger:

It has come to our attention that you object to a certain ad on TV placed by the Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation showing a born baby next to an unborn fetus, saying that the only difference between the two is that the unborn baby would very much like to be born. You have been quoted as objecting because the comparison of the two is "deceptive." Specifically, you were quoted: "The baby on the left is big. The fetus on the right is only a few inches long. There's no comparison."

If you have been quoted correctly, we note two issues at stake:

(1) The size of living organisms should determine the quality of life. In other words, a person six feet tall is more important than a person four feet tall. We wonder how the midgets of the world would feel about your comparison.

(2) If you are going to try to get the Arthur S. DeMoss ads off of TV what does this do for the First Amendment? Do you believe that some should have freedom of speech but that others should be denied? If you disagree with the ad, why don't you simply buy the time to run your own in opposition?

These are honest questions, Mr. Sanger. Will you attempt to answer them so that fair minded people can comprehend your thinking processes? We hope to hear from you.


SMYRNA [address, etc...]

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Occasionally SMYRNA receives mail from anonymous sources. We read it and if there is something worthwhile and documentable, we may use it. But those who send information that cannot be documented are usually wasting their time and postage. All kinds of wild claims can be made about people and events but if those claims cannot be corroborated SMYRNA will not use them. It is easy to make accusations and there are plenty of them flying around. SMYRNA is not interested in unsubstantiated claims.

We just received a 12 page piece on "Babylon" and Bible prophecy. The writer, as usual, has arrived at wild conclusions that are obviously the result of undisciplined study. There are almost as many opinions about Bible prophecy "out there" as there are people. Their common mistake is that they begin with a preconceived idea and search through the Bible to "prove" it. All "cults" do this. The writer who sent this piece is so certain of being correct that he/she urges the recipient to make copies of the paper and distribute them.

SMYRNA again states that its Biblicism follows orthodox, traditional Christian views, and except for those parts of prophecy that are open to discussion among qualified students, we can't take wild, anonymous writers seriously. For example, to claim that the U.S. is Babylon as described in the Bible is an unfounded, misinformed view.

It is true that America is guilty of serious sins worthy of competing with ancient Babylon, but the U.S. is not "Babylon the Great" mentioned in the Book of the Revelation. It is undoubtedly a part of that anti-Christ system, but is not Babylon the Great. Anyone who wishes to know what SMYRNA believes on this score should read our "Strong Delusion" booklet.

Interpretations of Bible prophecy that promiscuously skip around to find verses that seem to prove individual beliefs are forbidden.(16) The Bible must be allowed to interpret itself, and it must be interpreted systematically with logical rules of inquiry. SMYRNA notices that there are entirely too many self-proclaimed expositors who violate one of the most fundamental rules of interpretation, i.e., they do not filter the Old Testament through the New Testament. Such work will - we repeat - WILL always arrive at some false conclusions. We urge our readers to stay away from movements and groups that base their origins and/or beliefs primarily or exclusively on the Old Testament. Christ died for our redemption and anyone who belongs to Him is a member of His family. -So be very careful of groups who claim exclusivist placement in God's plan because of race or ethnic origins or any other narrow requirements.

(16) II Pet. 1:20.

Phillips' paraphrase of the New Testament makes a truth very plain: "Gone is the distinction between Jew and Greek, slave and free man, male and female - you are all one in Christ Jesus!"(17)

(17) Gal. 3:28.

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SMYRNA newsletters have never mentioned kosher food labeling. If you will look carefully on canned or other packaged food labels you will find that many carry the tiny symbols "U" or "K" in circles. These represent the rabbinical group that approves that particular food for kosher Jews. Each rabbi who inspects the plants that process the food is paid by the food company desiring the label. The label means that it is kosher and meets the standards of that rabbi's group. Just recently, Coca Cola Bottling Co. of New York has obtained rabbinical certification for the label [a "U" inside a circle. -BeWISE] Kosher Jews can now drink "Coke" for passover.(18)

(18) The Jewish newspaper "Forward", 3/11/94 p.5.

Are non-Jews helping to pay for this Jewish certification? One informant says that the rabbi who comes to his plant doesn't spend much time examining the processing facilities. The informant thinks it's a farce. But even though the rabbi is paid a fee that is small, it nevertheless adds to the overhead of the company which must be passed on to consumers. Regardless of the amount, the principle is wrong. Perhaps 1% of the population succeeds in getting the other 99% to help pay for its religious beliefs and practices. How come many of you didn't know that? What about the First Amendment?

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Pope John Paul II has sent a letter to Catholic cardinals outlining, his vision to have Catholics, Jews and Muslims meet atop Mt. Sinai for ecumenical prayer in the year 2000. "The end of the millennium, wrote the pope, is 'a perfect time to return to Mt. Sinai, where God struck his pact with the Jewish people, giving them the Ten Commandments and thus laying the foundations of all human morality.'"(19)

(19) The Jewish "Forward" newspaper 4/22/94, p. 2. The "Forward" used a story by Reuters published in the "Los Angeles Times".

There are at least three things wrong with this proposed meeting. First, it is ecuminism for the sake of ecumenism, and second, it appears to shun Protestants, not that conservative Protestants would participate anyway, but the slight is apparently there.

Thirdly, God did not strike a pact with the Jewish people. He gave the Ten Commandments to Moses, His chosen individual, who then gave them to believing Israelites. Jews, as we have stated repeatedly, did not exist at the time of Moses. They came on the scene during the exiles of 721 and 586 B.C. when rabbinism developed a religion that could be practiced without the temple. This is not a hair splitting detail; it is of fundamental importance to history, and to a correct understanding of the Bible, especially in the area of eschatology.

It seems to SMYRNA, however, that the end of the present millennium may bring the end of the age and introduce the second advent of Jesus Christ, give or take a few years. Many "signs" point to this possibility, not the least of which are the maneuvers by liberal ecumenists. Christ knows and will receive all of His true children regardless of where they are. Those who have merely put on the appearance of Christianity without genuine belief and repentance will have labored in vain. "Repent," cried John the Baptist, "for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." (Matt. 3:2) And Luke recorded: "...if ye repent shall perish." (Luke 13:3)


SMYRNA wishes to thank all of you who support us. We may not be big but important influence often comes from a few people who strike the right chords. May God give you His best.

We recommend our booklet "Abraham's Children", written by Cecil J. Lowry, Ph.D. This is a gem to help create understanding of the passing of the Old Covenant and the institution of the New Covenant, and to help understand who the real children of Abraham are. Order it from our Lightbulb Literature list inside.

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