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MARCH 1994


o Was Josephus Right?
o Miracles We Don't Hear About
o Victory For True Liberalism
o Pastors Are Plagued by the Homosexual Issue
o Pedophiles in the Schools
o Liz Declares Michael Innocent, Condemns "Free" Press
o A War Between Jews and Arabs
o U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
o Dateline WORLD JEWRY
o CDC Gets Into the Act


Last month's SMYRNA dealt with Bible revisionism and its destructive effect on Christianity, and we called it a hate crime. We stated that the revisionists claim that Moses did not write the Pentateuch and that Jesus said only 20% of what the Gospels attribute to Him, and that He did not rise from the dead, and they are acclaimed "scholars"! But if anyone says that the Jewish "holocaust" did not happen, they are condemned as anti-Semites or neo-Nazis perpetrating a hate crime. This is clear evidence that a double standard culture flourishes.

We also stated that the fatal flaws in revisionism are the presuppositions in the revisionists' arguments. If presuppositions in one theory are set against presuppositions in an opposing theory, the scientific method should be to adopt the theory with the least number of presuppositions. In Bible revisionism the whole scheme is shot through with preconceived ideas based on the subjective whims of the revisionists. The granddaddy assumption is their belief that God has not performed miracles and therefore all of history is an extension of evolutionary processes from the "Big Bang" right on up to "Homo sapiens". Other assumptions include the belief that writings and redactors existed, neither of which can be empirically demonstrated.

If the Modernist revisionists will not accept the miracles of the Bible, and if they likewise reject the testimony of early Christian writers, we now ask if they will accept the testimony of the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus who lived from A.D. 37 to ca. 117, whose works have been an important part of history from that time. Although little known to rank and file citizens of today, Josephus should have been taught in our schools, because he was an eye witness to the events surrounding the destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem and was undoubtedly exposed to the earliest of Christian writings. Historians rely heavily on him for details of that part of Jewish history which events substantively affected Christianity and Western civilization.

Why have we not heard more of Josephus? One reason is that the Jews lost interest in him for what they called his betrayal of their uprising against the Romans, and another reason is that he was too sympathetic to Christians. He even stated that Jesus was the Messiah, but some have contested this statement, attributing it to later Christian copyists. It was Christians who preserved Josephus, not Jews, and the notable scholar William Whiston who translated Josephus into English in 1737 made an excellent case for the authenticity of the Messiah statement, and SMYRNA believes that Josephus was certainly capable of such a remark. We believe that the detractors of Josephus were either Talmudists or their cohorts.

Whiston even believed that Josephus was the Christian bishop of Jerusalem in his old age (about AD. 100-115?).

One of Whiston's best pieces of evidence that Josephus became a "catholic Christian" is a fragment containing part of a homily written probably between A.D. 95 and A.D. 115 which was obviously authored by a Christian. It makes use of New Testament scriptures, and, according to Whiston bears the "brand" of Josephus. His arguments for the Josephus authorship are interesting, and perhaps he is correct.

But whether or not Josephus wrote the homily, it is excellent testimony for the existence of the New Testament as we know it and therefore helps to refute Humanist revisionists such as Westar Institute "scholars".

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Orthodox Christians believe that God has performed miracles over the course of history. We won't take the space here to define miracles, but we accept the definitions established by orthodox, traditional theologians. Let us just state that we accept the miracles of the Bible at face value, i.e., when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, we believe that Lazarus was dead and in the tomb four days and Jesus gave him life as we know it. The parting of the Red Sea, the water from the rock in the desert, the pause of the sun (actually the pause of the earth's rotation) in Joshua's time, the miracles of Jesus such as walking on water, healing the lame and blind, raising the dead, feeding the multitudes, and many more.

But what about extra-biblical miracles? Josephus tells of some pretty uncanny events that occurred during the years leading to the final destruction of Jerusalem and the temple in A.D. 70.

(1) One Jesus, son of Ananus, a plebeian and husbandman, four years before the war began when there was peace, began to cry out, "A voice from the east, a voice from the west, a voice from the four winds, a voice against Jerusalem and the holy house, a voice against the bridegrooms and the brides, and a voice against this whole people!" He kept this up for seven years and five months until the end of that horrible tribulation, even though punished severely.

(2) A star resembling a sword stood over Jerusalem and a comet that continued a whole year were seen by the populace.

(3) On the eighth day of the month Nisan sometime before the war, "so great a light shone round the alter and the holy house, that it appeared to be bright day time..." which lasted for half an hour.

(4) At the same festival a heifer, as she was led by the high priest to be sacrificed, brought forth a lamb in the midst of the temple.

(5) The eastern gate of the [inner court] of the temple, which was of brass and very heavy, usually shut by twenty men, anchored with iron very deep in the floor which was made of one huge stone, opened of its own accord about the sixth hour of the night (midnight). Those on watch ran to the captain who [we presume with his men] were able with great difficulty to shut it again.

(6) A few days after the same festival on the twentieth day of Jyar, an incredible phenomenon appeared: before sun set, chariots and troops of soldiers in armor were seen running about among the clouds.

(7) At the feast of Pentecost the priests were going into the inner court at night to perform their duties, when they felt a quaking and heard a great noise and also a sound as of a great multitude saying, "Let us remove hence."

Joseph us stated that many unlearned saw these signs as good omens, but that the scribes and other learned predicted that they foreshadowed desolation. Josephus admitted that these things sounded like fables but they were witnessed by too many people to doubt their validity.(1) And SMYRNA adds that many of the priests of the temple were converted to Christianity because of the phenomena that occurred in those years.

(1) For all these phenomena see Josephus' "The Wars of the Jews", Bk. VI chp. V.


In A.D. 361 the Roman emperor Julian reversed the prohibitions against Jews that had been placed on them because of their numerous rebellions, and gave permission for the rebuilding of the temple with state funds. But as workers started digging the foundation, flames sprang from the ground and burned many to death. They tried again but met the same results. They therefore abandoned the rebuilding of the temple.(2)

(2) Durant, Will, "The Age of Faith", Simon & Schuster, NY, 1950, p. 348

Many Christians at that time felt that this was providential prohibition of the reestablishment of a religion and commonwealth that had been so severely judged by God some 291 years earlier. This should tell us something about present day plans to rebuild the temple, supported by many ignorant and doctrinally wayward dispensationalist Christians.


We stated before that contemporary New Testament revisionists have concocted elaborate hypotheses to deny the historical origins of those scriptures. Old Testament revisionists, euphemistically called "higher critics", operated from nearly identical motives. Their first premise was (and is) that religion evolved from the primitive to the sophisticated - that it was not revealed by a creator. They fell for the lie of the evolution of the universe, consequently everything else must be the result of that process.

How do they answer the facts of history? What can they say against the above ancient records and phenomena? Usually, when cornered, they try to "pull rank", i.e., their "scholars" are eminent - some of them occupy prominent positions in leading universities. But this is nothing less than an arrogance of power; when they take this tack they have already forfeited the argument. But, alas! This is the usual manifestation of the pseudo-liberal, pseudo-intellectual mind.

We ask again, was Josephus right when he testified to the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch and the miracles that occurred prior to and during the Jewish war against Rome? For if he was, then Modernist revisionists haven't a leg on which to stand.

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(The following is excerpted and edited from a story by Laura Kurtzman of the "San Jose Mercury News", 1/11/94)

SAN FRANCISCO - Prof. Dean Kenyon of San Francisco State University has won a victory for academic freedom and also for creationism. A biologist with a doctorate from Stanford, he co-wrote a textbook on evolutionary theory but became "frustrated with the gaps in scientific knowledge (the "missing links" in the fossil record) and came to believe that life was too complicated to have emerged from natural forces alone..." He began to speak of an "intelligent designer" that must have aided in life's creation, and eventually helped write another textbook in which the belief that "life is like a manufactured object, the result of intelligent shaping of maller" was included.

But evolutionists didn't take his defection lying down. The National Center for Science Education at Berkeley (dear old Berkeley again!), committed to debunking creationism, dismisses Kenyon's view as a "religiously inspired caricature of evolutionary theory." One would be hard put to find greater arrogance than that exhibited by hard core evolutionists. Anyone who disagrees with evolution is automatically a religious nut to them, regardless of academic credentials. They have even defined who is a scientist and who is not, and you guessed it - creationists aren't.

Over the years Kenyon skirmished with John Kelley, head of the biology department, who tried to stop Kenyon's lecturing on creationist views. Recently, five students complained about Kenyon and the new head of the department, John Hafemik, "took a hard line". He revised Kenyon's teaching schedule, assigning another to his introductory course in biology.

Finally, Kenyon took his case to the academic freedom committee which decided that Kelley and Hafemik had removed Kenyon from the class without due process; and that the two administrators had violated his academic freedom to teach creationist ideas.

Kenyon then went to the American Association of University Professors which urged the department chairman and dean to reinstate Kenyon, who then urged the academic senate to debate his case. It Overwhelmingly decided in his favor, but Hafemik and Kelley say that the situation hasn't ended yet. They may sit in on Kenyon's classes to judge his performance. We wonder if they can resist the truth of a balanced view of the life sciences.

Although Kenyon does not use the term "creationism" because he doesn't want to be labelled a biblical fundamentalist, he has nevertheless made a dent in the arrogant armor of exclusivist evolutionism, and that's a plus for creationism.


When it comes to dogmatism supreme, the evolutionists and biblical revisionists capture the prize. They own a corner on the market of truth and since they have gained power through chairs in the universities and enjoy a near monopoly in the mass media, one can appreciate the great uphill battle which we fight against these powers of darkness. Although "powers of darkness" may seem too strong for some, SMYRNA cringes not at identifying the principalities and powers in high places against whom we wrestle.(3) [AMEN! -BeWISE]

(3) See Eph. 6:12

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(The following letter was sent to "Christianity Today")

February 12, 1994

Editor of "Christianity Today":

Regarding your interview of Pastor John Huffman, Jr. of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, California (Nov. 22, 1993) on the homosexual issue:

Pastor Huffman, like so many other pastors, is caught in one of the most devastating cross fires of controversy in modern church history. In the world's terms it is "hell if you do and hell if you don't", and that's exactly how Christ's enemies want it. Therein lies a tale so bizarre that most evangelicals wouldn't believe it, consequently they are being demised systematically.

Huffman, in his legitimate and commendable desire to be all things to all men and women, i.e., empathetically accessible, will not be able to satisfy everyone. In the process he is making several mistakes:

(1) He equates adultery, gossiping and homosexuality in their degree of sinfulness, and, perhaps in the mind of God he's right, strictly from a theological perspective. But, sinful as all three are they are not equal cosmologically. Homosexuality hits at the very heart of God's creative design for replenishing the earth. Even if one accepts the evolutionary model, it should be clear that males and females are necessary (for the "higher" animals) while homosexuals defeat the schema. Neither adultery nor gossiping accomplish this destructive end.

(2) Admitting practicing homosexuals to church membership is analogous to admitting openly practicing adulterers, child molesters, rapists, et al. Repentance plays little or no part in such a procedure. Only if there is a genuine recognition of personal sin and a desire on the part of the applicant to change his/her lifestyle, is membership justified. To say, "I'm a homosexual and I believe that my lifestyle is simply an alternative one" is totally unacceptable. The adulterer and gossiper are in the same category. And even when one is admitted after exhibiting a contrite heart, some progress on the problem must be evidenced regularly. Pastor Huffinan did not make that clear.

(3) Mr. Huffman said he became "close friends" with a homosexual admitted to membership in the church. That person later died of AIDS. I have great difficulty with such a relationship. Close friendship requires an intimacy of commonality that heterosexuals and homosexuals can never experience. We should not confuse Jesus' association with sinners with intimate friendships. He compassionately called them to repentance, not to share in the circle of the redeemed. And if church membership is consciously not an association of the redeemed, then we had better re-examine our doctrine of ecclesiology. ...Signed: SMYRNA + address etc...

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John Leo wrote an article for "U.S. News & World Report" 10/11/93 revealing that pedophiles (literally "child lovers" but here "boy lovers") are in our public schools, or at least in some schools. He tells of how WNBC-TV caught a pedophile group on tape in the atrium of the Citicorp building in NY, members of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Assoc.)

In the conversation captured on tape, Peter Melzer, teacher at the elite Bronx High School of Science, was advising a school librarian to keep his membership in NAMBLA a secret until he has tenure.

John Miller of WNBC-TV who broke the story said: "We thought these guys were people who lurk around outside schools. What we found was, they lurk around inside the schools." The U.S. News report stated: "Child molesters don't just hang around playgrounds. They apply for jobs at schools, camps, the Boy Scouts, Big Brothers, YMCAs. 'Boy lovers' love to work where the boys are."

It is incredible that these facts have been known by sensible people for ages, but by and large homosexuals continue to get good press. Remember the recent pressure brought to bear on the Boy Scouts by Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, and Levi Strauss? Remember that they withheld direct funding of the Boy Scouts because that organization refused to hire homosexuals as scout masters? This writer promptly closed his account with B of A because of that issue. We learned later that the bank lost a lot of money over it. Good!

It should be obvious that "Boy lovers love to work where the boys are." But America is possessed of a dual personality - America is schizophrenic concerning morals. While virtually all citizens are heterosexuals (the best stats claim 1.5 - 2 % are homosexuals) they seem paralyzed when asked to take a stand for moral sanity. Many heterosexuals maintain a "to each his own" attitude, not wishing to be too harsh on someone who is "also a human being". Too many Christians want to "love everybody" just like the Freudian sheriff in the old West who loved the Ringo Kid just before he was shot dead by that outlaw.

Is there a principle that we can desperately grab onto in the swirling flood waters of this perishing culture? Must we be trapped between the "love everybody" vs. the "hang 'em all" factions? What is the Christian ethic?

We can take our pick between total pacifism or reasonable law and order. The pacifists say they trust God so completely that they will not lift a hand against any sort of physical attack against them or their families. At least they believe they would respond in that manner; most of them have never been put to the test. They believe that "all things work together for good to them that love God"(4) and God is in total control of any and all of life's scenarios. If God wants them or their children dead or mutilated, they should submit without question. If God does not want them harmed He will protect them completely.

(4) Rom. 8:28.

On the other hand we have the reasonable law and order people. They believe that God wants order maintained in society and that entails enforcement of laws against crime and criminals. Christian law and order advocates believe that Christians should serve as law enforcement officers, in the military, etc. They do not oppose capital punishment or self defense.

Both of these schools of thought have genuine Christians as partisans, but which is correct? What does Jesus want us do? To be specific in this month's SMYRNA, what should be done about the homosexual problem? Are they criminals? Are they mentally ill? What should the Christian attitude toward them be?

It is clear that Jesus recognized sin and taught against it. He went even further. He taught that the mere harboring of immoral thoughts is sin. That being the case, all have sinned.(5) Why, then, should we punish some and not everyone? The answer is that an orderly society, as free from crime as possible, is not only desirable, it is necessary to prevent its complete disintegration. America is now on the verge of disintegration because morality has plummeted and crime is rampant.

(5) Rom. 3:23

One of the definitions of crime, as found in Black's Law Dictionary, is: "...a breach and violation of the public right and of duties due to the whole community..."(6) For our purposes here, however, it is an act implemented against another person to the harm of that person. Some acts are obviously more serious than others. We do not wish to enter the field of the philosophy of law, but we do wish to maintain that ultimately, good laws come from God. The state may enact good laws and when it does they are ultimately from God. Atheists/humanists will argue against this claim but it is obvious to some of us that, left alone, sinful humans will inevitably enact laws that are destructive to society. We see that happening now.

(6) Fourth Edition, West Publishing Co., St. Paul, MN, 1951.

Well, should Christians turn off and drop out of the law making process? Should we retreat into the temporarily comfortable niche of total pacifism? If we do, we can be absolutely certain that the devil's disciples will make the laws, those laws will not be God's laws, society will suffer greatly, and Christians (children too) will suffer right along with it.

Many Christians do not believe that America was established on the foundation of God's laws; that America has never been a Christian nation. We think they are looking with a magnifying glass at the forest and therefore see only the trees. It doesn't matter if America has had a preponderance of "Christians" in its citizenry; the fact is that the Constitution and common law were the best that history has ever known (exception: government under the judges of Old Testament times).

Did Jesus support good law enforcement? He recognized the power of the state and said that we should give to the state that which belongs to it. But the other side of the coin is that we give to God that which is rightfully His!(7) And if the two conflict, which gets preference? God's laws come first! Peter and the other Apostles made this clear when they told the Sanhedrin: "It is necessary to obey God rather than men."(8) In America the Constitution is the supreme law of the land even though it has been trashed by the Supreme Court and other govern- ment agencies. We should give our allegiance to it, not to government edicts that violate it.

(7) Matt. 22:21. (8) Acts 5:29.

How did we digress so far from pedophiles in the public schools? The point is that God's laws forbid, and former common law in America forbade such behavior patterns. The fact that they are now condoned is prima facie evidence of how far the atheistic/humanistic power base has dragged us from that which is right - right in the sight of God and in interaction with one another.

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On Feb. 22nd Michael Jackson's family produced an awards show on NBC TV which turned out to be nothing more nor less than a propaganda hype to rouse emotional support for the beleaguered performer as he is accused of being a child molester. The highlight was at the end when Liz Taylor extolled Michael's virtues and said he would triumph over this adversity. She then berated "tabloid journalism" saying, "Enough of tabloid TV!" She urged viewers to destroy tabloids by not buying their wares. So much for Liz's views on the First Amendment.

Don't misunderstand SMYRNA. We dislike journalism when it fails to tell the truth or when it distorts truth. But we support that journalism which brings skulduggery to light, and it appears that there are enough witnesses revealing the private life of Michael Jackson to warrant criminal prosecution. However, not a peep from dear ol' Liz about the strong evidence; just emotional appeal to support her dear friend (kissing friends, that is).

We wondered in a former SMYRNA issue what the connection is between Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson. She followed him half way around the world to rescue him from himself and to broadcast his "innocence". What's the deal? For one thing she is a continuing crusader for AIDS research and we believe a supporter for homosexual rights. She is also a Jewish proselyte. Naturally she wields a lot of influence because she is a talented artist. It seems all talented artists are thought of as also possessing infinite wisdom. Their lives can be (and often are) examples of abject failure but their fans ascribe to them god-like qualities. In Liz's case she went through seven or eight husbands. We believe that alone disqualifies her from any reasonable consideration as possessing sterling character, great wisdom and a shining role model.

Dear Lord, deliver us from this stinking mess of ignorance, stupidity, and immorality! [IN THE NAME OF YAHSHUA THE CHRIST! --BeWISE]

One of the signs of the times in our debased culture is that the public is being cajoled into judging someone's guilt or innocence by popular vote, either by poll or by personal appeal. "How many of you in our viewing audience think that Tonya Harding is guilty? How many think her innocent? How many of you favor letting Rodney King off? Well, what about Bill and Hillary?" Pretty soon we may dismantle the criminal justice system (it certainly needs overhauling) and hold court on TV by popular vote. It would save time and money, and don't think the dummies won't go for it.

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The Feb. 11 issue of the "Forward" newspaper, a Jewish publication in NY, reported that five synagogues in Chicago were vandalized recently. Of course they blame it on "anti-Semitism". But is that an accurate assessment?

Assuming that the vandalism was in fact done by haters of Jews, we believe it is incorrect to label it as acts of anti-Semitism for the following reason:

An extension of Middle East hatreds and acts of violence is present in the U.S. Arabs are Semites, even more so than Jews. How, then, can Semites commit acts of anti-Semitism? Furthermore, the same kind of vandalism is wreaked on Arabs in America. The Nov/Dec 1993 issue of the "Washington Report On Middle East Affairs" printed a letter from Anne Marie Weiss-Armush of Dallas who stated that her car and other properties have been vandalized twenty times since she moved there from Saudi Arabia six years ago, all because she exhibits bumper stickers such as:


The Dallas police told her that the vandalism against her is her fault for displaying such "anti-Jewish" sentiments. Ironically, those who vandalize her could be labelled "anti-Semites" because she is a Semite.

But we suggest that the damages done to Jewish synagogues and the damages done to Arab property is simply the extension of that war in the Middle East. Unless the Jews who suffer vandalism can prove that the vandals have no connection with Middle East hatreds we suggest that they refrain from calling it "anti-Semitism". [It should be further noted that most Jews are not even Semites themselves! -BeWISE]

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(The following was excerpted from a flyer created by Dale Crowley, Jr., a Washington, DC based minister who hosts a radio show.)

Please while in Washington be sure to visit the new U.S. HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM

In the museum be sure to see the 15 minute film entitled


After viewing the film, please see if you agree with these observations:




* that the priceless property upon which this "museum" stands was given to "God's chosen people" by the American people, many of whom are Christians?

* that $40,000 per day ($15.4 million annually) was appropriated by Congress to maintain this "museum" in which daily assaults against the Christian doctrines of inspiration and inerrancy are conducted?

* that Billy Graham raised money for this "museum" in which there are daily assaults on our Christian faith?

* that although "God's chosen people" promised that this "museum" would remain 100 percent a private Jewish institution, it has already become - by their design and efforts - a U.S. government facility?

* that broadcasters, pastors, teachers and other Christian "leaders" bring their followers on pilgrimages to visit the "museum", view the film ANTISEMITISM with its assault against Christianity, and return to their homes without one word of protest?

* that the reason America's famous broadcasters, pastors, teachers and writers refuse to condemn this tax-supported anti-Christian bigotry is because they are terrified of being accused of being antisemitic?

* that many American Jews have condemned this "museum" and its Christian bashing?

* that I have been subjected to public slander, cursing, abuse, battery and spitting because of my protest against the anti-Christian bigotry advanced by this "museum" with public funds?

* that if there were a publicly funded Christian institution in Washington bashing Judaism daily, the uproar would be deafening, and the bashing wouldn't survive 48 hours?


"All the people of the world build monuments to their successes, their glories, and their heroes. Only my Jewish brethren build monuments to their defeats and shame.

"There's no business like shoah business.

"If there was no antisemitism in the world, my Jewish brethren would invent it. They have to have it to survive.

"My Jewish brethren love to hate. They cannot forgive.

"Nazism made me afraid to be a Jew. Zionism makes me ashamed to be a Jew.

"My Jewish brethren always go too far. Then comes the backlash."


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(The following is the title of a newsletter produced by the International Information Dept. of the World Jewish Congress, 501 Madison Ave., NY, NY 10022; Evelyne Kayess, Editor. SMYRNA has excerpted portions of it.)


The director of the F.B.I., Louis Freeh, has told Germany that the U.S. will clamp down on American publishers of neo-Nazi propaganda. The publication of Nazi symbols and slogans is prohibited in Germany, but not in the U.S., and neo-Nazi material printed abroad can be legally imported to Germany. (SMYRNA: see our Feb. Issue, pp. 10-11. This is very important to the Jews, but it may end in loss of free press to some in America. Remember, anyone who vigorously disagrees with Jewish-Israeli policies may be labelled a neo-Nazi.)

The University of Alabama's marching band has removed crosses from its flag corps banners after receiving complaints that it was improperly promoting religion in a halftime show. The crosses were removed before the Southeastern Conference football championship game in Birmingham. (SMYRNA: guess who complained.)


A new agreement has been signed which will allow Haifa University academics unprecedented access to Russian Foreign Ministry archives on the Middle East. The agreement sets up a joint publishing project between Haifa University's Jewish-Arab Center and the Russian Federation's Foreign Ministry.

The Hungarian government has signed an agreement cancelling all visa requirements with the State of Israel. Hungary is the first country in central Europe to drop the requirements.


A group of 39 Jews from Burma, who claim to be descendants of the lost tribe of Menashe, has emigrated to Israel. The group, consisting of single people between the ages of 17 and 30, has undergone formal conversion to Judaism and received new immigrant status in Israel.


After a long judiciary career that began in the 1950's, Marcos Libedinsky is the first Jew to become a member of Chile's Supreme Court. Libedinsky was a member of the Zionist youth movement.

Bolivia, which had a Jewish community of about 10,000 Jews at the end of World War II, today has only about 630 Jews left, about 470 in La Paz, 110 in Cochbamba, and 40 in Santa Cruz.


General Motors has blamed the U.S. government for scuttling the sale of its Allison Transmission subsidiary to German competitor ZF Friedrichshafen AG. The proposed deal had brought objections from Holocaust survivors, who protested that ZF's work building Panzer tanks for Hitler's Nazi Germany in World War II made it the wrong company to buy Allison, which makes high-tech transmissions used in the U.S. Army's M-1 tank. (SMYRNA: Good grief! Will they never let it rest? AND - look who has the clout with our government.)

The chief judge of Berlin's highest appeals tribunal has touched a nerve by suggesting that his panel move into a courtroom once used by the notorious Nazi judge Roland Freisler. [SMYRNA: Again - will they ever let it rest? Others have long since gone on with their lives after war time atrocities. 12-18 million Christians were liquidated by the Communists whose leadership was largely Jewish. Are we still moaning and groaning? As Jewish Haviv Schieber (see above) said: "My Jewish brethren love to hate. They cannot forgive."]


Archaeologists have uncovered scores of ancient scrolls in the ruins of a Byzantine church that collapsed more than 1,400 years ago in the Jordanian desert city of Petra. The papyrus scrolls could be as old as the famous Dead Sea Scrolls, according to a spokesperson from the archaeological team.


In Abbaijudaya, Uganda, there is an African community which claims to be Jewish. The community has three synagogues and members speak Hebrew. The last Israeli ambassador was aware of the community, but contact with it ceased when Uganda broke diplomatic relations with Israel in 1973.


Smyrna wishes to thank all of you who have sent in pertinent news clippings and other materials for our use. You may not have received a personal note of thanks, but please know that we appreciated all of you who thought of Smyrna.
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(News taken from "Gun Week", Feb. 11,1994, p. 11. comments by Smyrna.)

The Center for Diseases Control in Atlanta - you know, that government outfit that lies to us about AIDS - is now in the business of gun control. Yes, that's right, CDC now categorizes wounds and deaths resulting from gun use as DISEASES! And the bureaucracy is spending taxpayers' money to lobby and advertise against gun ownership. This national health organization says it expects guns to outpace automobiles as the number one cause of injury deaths by 2003. And it is urging state and local health authorities to get in on the act.

But "Gun Week", a pro-gun owners periodical, states that accidental fatalities involving firearms have been consistently shrinking year after year despite the fact that the number of firearms has been increasing. "Gun Week" furnishes math calculations and stats to document its claims.

However, the thing that concerns SMYRNA is that CDC is being allowed to spend our money in such a manner. It can't even handle true diseases; now it wants to distort information about guns!

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