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o Cracking Down On Hate
o The HATE Privilege
o What Is Hate?
o Cracking Down on Hypocrites
o Hate During the Latter '60s
o Conclusion - The Real Haters
o "Jack-booted Government Thugs"
o Horror Stories From the American Gestapo
o ATF - Fear of Being Targets?
o Anti-government?
o Redeemed - For $1.98?
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Cracking Down On Hate

The Manhunt: A determined FBI expands its search for the Oklahoma City bombers - and for new power to combat domesfic terrorist groups

The above headline appeared in Newsweek magazine May 15, 1995. It was only one of the plethora of "HATE" themes in the mass media after the Oklahoma City tragedy.

The HATE Privilege

The modern "gods of purity" have set the moral indignation reaction level for all of America, enticing us to think as they think, frown when they frown, sneer like they sneer, hate who they hate. "Take a bite from the fruit of the tree, America. Follow us and you will be free of sin."

And so the gurus of the mass media sing their siren song of political correctness born of self-righteousness and carried on the wings of liberal "love". But alas! Their ballad, filled with discordant notes, is now recognized by trained ears as simply the performance of a brand of hate directed at those whom they detest - the "right-wing extremists" - the fringe loonies who should be eliminated.

It seems to us that anyone with a modicum of discernment should easily see that the media are liberal-to-leftist in their political, social, economic and religious world view. Their display of bias in the Oklahoma City bombing case is simply the most recent outbreak in their decades-long track record.

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Webster states that hate is the feeling of intense aversion to something or someone. The Bible also deals with hate. In the Old Testament we are told that God hates the following:
A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked imaginations, feet that run to mischief, a false witness, and he that sows discord among brethren.
(Prov. 6:17-19)

In the New Testament we see that the concept of hate goes to the heart of the matter - the hearts of men and women. Our hearts are naturally wicked so we choose up sides and become enemies of each other. The "right wing" hates the "left wing", the "left wing" hates the "right wing", and never the twain shall meet. This cultural war is close to the boiling point, so when a dastardly crime is committed such as the Oklahoma City massacre, each side blames the other. The liberals and leftists accuse the right of being anti-government and "anti-Semitic" (they always squeeze "anti-Semitism" in somewhere, even if it doesn't fit), and the right places the blame on the unconstitutional policies of socialists in high places. Who is correct?

As usual, the naked truth lies somewhere between two extremes, but what makes this cultural war lopsided is the powerful position from which the liberals launch their fiery darts. They constantly speak to tens of millions of people while the "right-wingers" must be satisfied with newsletters, letters to editors, a few talk shows (mostly radio) and word of mouth. They reach thousands compared to the liberals' millions. And conservatives, with their very limited forum, are normally playing catchup ball. The only thing they have going for them is the truth. They're always exposing the misrepresentations and distortions of the liberal media. Thus, in this issue of Smyrna we will try to let some pictures represent thousands of words.

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Cracking Down on Hate has an altruistic ring to it, as if to say, "We at Newsweek are the good guys and gals and we like the idea of cracking down on hate! We agree with the federal agencies that the right-wing extremists - the lunatic fringe groups - must have their backs broken because they pose a threat to society." Newsweek, of course, fails to mention, or even imagine, that the "hate" it wants to expose is defined from its own position of liberalism. Hate is what Newsweek says it is, and Newsweek must be correct because it has the attention of millions. It has never occurred to the publishers that the mirror on the wall might not be as kind as they dream - they never consult it. But that's the way of hypocrites. Cracking Down on Hypocrites could properly be our headline for this article. Our photographs will attest to this.[*] Let us look at the first one: It first appeared in Life magazine on Dec. 6, 1968 and the masses were told that it was Chicago police brutalizing protesters at the Democratic National Convention in August. Those were the years of anti-Vietnam war sentiments and resulting riots, and the police were called "pigs".

[* To see actual photos, you will need to refer to the "hard copy" of this newsletter. Contact Webmaster for information on obtaining a subscription, or E-Mail SMYRNA direct. --BeWISE]

The next photo was shot (so Life said) at Princeton University in 1967 and was published on Oct.17, 1969. The event was "students and faculty" protesting a "Pentagon-backed institute..." and again we see police brutality. REALLY? See if you recognize the photo at right.[**]

[** The Photos are identical! --BeWISE]

"Well, now, I'll be doggone!" we can hear you say (or something like that). "Surely, a large, responsible, established magazine such as Life wouldn't do that!" Oh, yeah? Check it out for yourself There are libraries everywhere. Smyrna possesses photographic copies of the pages on which these pictures were printed.

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The Vietnam war was the focal point of hate by the liberals and leftists during the 1960s. Their agitators were at the heart of all of the riots, and the mass media protected them. The Black Panthers invaded the California State Legislature fully armed and nothing was done. The Hibernia bank in San Francisco was robbed by Patty Hearst and pals of the leftist Symbionese Liberation Army (reminiscent of the Bolshevik days in Russia).

In Berkeley, pro-Communists of every shade banded together to mastermind the riots that forced Gov. Ronald Reagan to call out the National Guard. This writer was there and personally witnessed the hoodwinking of state authorities by the leftists. Many of the student revolutionary leaders were from foreign countries. The axe they ground was the Vietnam war, opposing U.S. involvement because they were collaborators with Red China, North Vietnam and the Vietcong. They hypocritically opposed the war because "killing is immoral". But the moment that "Israel" went to war in the Middle East in 1967, they shouted, in effect, "Kill Arabs". Through all of this the Arab students on campus were calm, courteous and nonviolent. Most of the Jewish students were arrogant and belligerent. In those days this writer still believed in the "chosen people" heresy of dispensational Christianity and favored the Jews. As he looks back on the situation he is appalled at how ignorant he was. However, it was there that his witness of current events led him later to reexamine history and the Bible. He eventually experienced a great change! Over the years he has become convinced that the mass media are our foremost enemies.

Incidentally, Tom Hayden, a founder of the Marxist Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was one of the infamous "Chicago Seven" who led the riots at the Democratic Convention. He was also a collaborator with the Vietcong during the war in Vietnam. He married pro-Communist Jane Fonda who also collaborated with the North Vietnamese. He later became a California legislator with the endorsement of The Jewish Community Committee for Tom Hayden in Santa Monica. Jane is now (1995) married to Ted Turner, CNN mogul who once said that Christians are "losers".(1) The mass media and the leftists have been buddies for many years.

(1) Documentation in Smyrna files.

When the major TV networks begin to consistently follow a pattern on any issue (including ads), Smyrna begins to smell a rat and starts looking for facts. The present article about hate is a case in point. After the Oklahoma City bombing, TV news and commentators pounced on the "right-wing extremists" as the perpetrators. The new and growing state militia groups immediately came under fire. Your editor told a federal law enforcement agent: "This is just too pat! Something isn't right." Later we learned that experts who are not brainwashed by the government or media were also saying that the bombing was the work of experts, and the bomb was not a simple fertilizer and diesel oil device. You see, after many years of observing the rabbit tracks of the enemy, one's nose often points in the right direction, which is usually the opposite of officialdom and the mass media.

Our next photo captured a rioter (we have forgotten where it was) sneaking up on a police officer and hitting him from behind. This was, of course, more police brutality. The theme of the late 60s, the intent of the leftists, including the mass media, was to traumatize the public (Mr. and Mrs. Goodwill - naive Americans), to desensitize them to violence and to shake their faith in the rightness of the war. Ironically, the war was NOT a just cause, but for different reasons than the leftists were verbalizing. Arrayed on one side were the Marxist activists, the street army. On the other side was "law and order" - federal, state and local police. The vast majority of Americans abhorred violence and instinctively didn't like the activists. But unfortunately they trusted the media which very cleverly played the devil's advocates. The murderous Ho Chi Minh became "Uncle Ho". Blood thirsty Mao tse Tung was an agrarian reformer, and even the tyrant and mass murderer Josef Stalin was pictured as a "family man". Who could withstand such propaganda emanating from our "trustworthy" media?

But time reveals many wonders. Patterns develop, and hindsight is 20/20. That's why we are bringing this limited report on the slant of the mass media over the years.

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Conclusion: The REAL Haters: Mass Media!

This concludes our article on hate and our display of leftists/communists who openly showed us their alliances and hatred of America. keep in mind that the mass media in those days refused to dig into the backgrounds of the communists and pro-communists to expose them to the public. The Revolutionaries of Hate hid behind the smokescreens of civil rights and anti-government war protestors, but the media never called them "hate-mongers" or the "lunatic left".

Today, with the alleged death of communism, the media want to destroy what they term the "lunatic right" The contrast is striking. They are Cracking Down on Hate, but they define the term from their perspective of socialism.

Smyrna asks the question: Who are the real haters of America? We submit as candidates for the award the mass media - the hypocritical, arrogant untouchables of propaganda perfection.

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"Jack-booted Government Thugs"

As Smyrna stated previously, the liberals and Marxists could, with impunity, call the police "pigs" and falsely charge them with all kinds of brutality, but today the shoe is on the other foot. Janet Reno, in a recent speech, decried the National Rifle Association (NRA) for calling some federal police agents jack-booted thugs, for which it later apologized. George Bush, air head that he is, terminated his membership in the NRA. Now that it is the "right-wing" that is critical of certain police agencies, the liberals-leftists don't like it. Following, however, is an article from the Southern Partisan magazine, itemizing many episodes of brutality on the part of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) division of the Treasury Departrnent. And the Southern Partisan didn't name them all; the list is much longer.

Does criticism of federal police agencies constitute an anti-government mentality? Are President Clinton, Janet Reno and the mass media correct that the "right-wing's" literature incites to violence? After reading the article below, turn to the next page and read our piece on this subject. We believe that the real reason why the liberals, socialists, Marxists, Zionists are trving to destroy the "right-wing fringe" is that their hold on the masses is threatened and they are panicked.

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by Samuel Francis

Horror Stories From the American Gestapo

Most Americans who keep up with the news today know about the atrocities inflicted by the federal leviathan at Waco and on the family of Randy Weaver in Idaho. In both cases. federal police deliberately provoked innocent people in ways that led to the violent deaths of the innocent. What few Americans know is that such horrors are far from rare.

In January. 1994 several defenders of gun rights and civil liberties wrote to President Clinton detailing some of these horror Stories. Whether he's bothered to reply I don't know, but what he has to say about the matter is unimportant. What's important is that Americans understand what is happening -- to them and their country.

On Aug.25, 1992. the California home of a law-abiding citizen named Donald Carlson was invaded by agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration shortly after midnight on the claim that they were looking for illegal drugs. Mr. Carlson, asleep at the time, thought robbers had broken in; he dialed 911 and reached for his hand gun. DEA agents riddled him with bullets. After Seven weeks in intensive care, he survived - sort of. No drugs were found.

In October the same year. the DEA paid a similar visit to Donald Scott. also in California, this time bringing along the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department for extra protection against the dangerous Mr. Scott, also a law-abiding citizen. Busting into the house while he was asleep, a deputy sheriff shot Mr. Scott and killed him. Again, no illegal drugs were found.

A year earlier, to September, 1991, a small federal army composed of some 60 agents from the DEA, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the National Guard and the U.S. Forest Service (where, you have to wonder, were the Boy Scouts and the Little League) arrived in the living rooms of Mrs. Sina Brush and two neighhors in New Mexico just after dawn. Mrs. Brush and her daughter were handcuffed in their underwear and forced to kneel while the American gestapo searched the house for drugs - No drugs were found.

These aren't the only instances of armed invasions and violent attacks by federal police. There are other recent cases not mentioned in the letter to Mr. Clinton.

Last summer, the BATF paid a visit to Harry and Theresa Lumplugh in Pennsylvania. The BATF needed only 15 to 20 men, armed and masked, to handle the couple, whom they forced to open safes and hand over private papers while held at the point of a machine gun. One of America's finest kicked the Lumplugh's pet cat to death. No charges were brought against the Lumplughs.

Last year, four BATF agents raided the bedroom of Monique Montgomery at four in the morning. She reached for a gun and was shot four times and killed. Nothing illegal was found. In Ohio, the BATF raided the house of businessman and part-time police officer Louie Katona III, pushing his pregnant wife against a wall and causing her to miscarry. Nothing illegal was found.

In almost all of these cases the feds showed up in the middle of the night, garbed like Arnold schwarzenegger in his latest thriller and proceeded to bully, beat, humiliate, intrude and sometimes wound or kill the victims they'd selected. In none did any of the victims violate any law; in several, the police had relied on intelligence known to be unreliable. In the Scott case, the Ventura County District Attorney's Office found that the raid was in part motivated by the desire of the Sheriff's Office to Seize Mr. Scott's ranch under federal asset forfeiture laws.

Last year, on a TV talk show discussing Waco, I listened to caller after caller phone in to report mini-Wacos in their own areas that no one else had ever heard of. Maybe some of you wonder if we really live in the United States anymore. In none of the cases I know about have any of the federal agents been charged; few have been disciplined; almost none made the national news. What can be done about it? I guess "Write your congressman doesn't quite cut it. does it? What should be done about it is that the Congress should forget its "Hundred Days," its "Contract With America," its constitutional amendments and Its happy talk about the "Third Wave." It should find out who authorized these and similar raids and who committed these atrocities against law-abiding citizens. It should abolish the agencies responsible, and it should make certain that the tyrants and murderers in federal uniforms who planned, authorized or committed these crimes are brought to Justice.

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ATF agents fear they are targets. . .

is the small headline on page Al of the Sacramento Bee of May 13, 1995. Andy Furillo was the staff writer. The Bee, of course, is a very liberal newspaper with which Smyrna's editor has had much experience in the past, mostly bad.

Furillo does what is typical of liberal writers; he makes his piece look balanced but in the overall view it isn't. Liberals are masters of this art. The trained mind note, that the final image desired by the writer or editor lands in the side pocket but the naive didn't see it happen.

At any rate, the gist of his article deals with the astonishment of the Sacramento agent-in-charge Pete Urrea who finds it disturbing that any American would label the ATF as "jack-booted government thugs", or tell the public to aim above the shoulders of ATF agents in order to avoid their bulletproof vests, as G. Gordon Liddy did on Aug.26, 1994, according to Urrea. Urrea said," 'The only doors we kick in belong to bad guys, and each door kicked in is accompanied by a search warrant.' " If only this were true!

Smyrna has always been a booster of good law enforcement, but the operative word here is "good". If the good guys and gals in government police agencies will promise to be intolerant of the bad ones as described in the article above, we will be happy to focus our attention on their good deeds. They must also admit that their top leaders are culpable in the plans to carry out operations such as Waco.

The Bee and Urrea managed to get in their buzz words such as "Nazi" to describe the "right-wing". Smyrna will place more credence to their claims if they cease calling the whole conservative movement "Nazi types". Do they ever call the left-wing "communists"?

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Anti-government? - No, Just Pro-Constitution

The present administration under Bill Clinton, with Janet Reno as chief law enforcement officer, is accusing "right-wing America" of being anti-government and ultimately to blame for the Oklahoma City bombing. This accusation is designed to destroy conservatives in the eyes of the masses.

The truth is, "right-wingers" are not anti-government, they are pro-constitutionalists, and because they are constitutionalists they run smack dab into the barbed wire fence of liberal, socialist, communist, Zionist forces who are running the government from key posts of influence and authority, whose tracks are covered by the 5th branch of government - the mass media. You see, we have five branches of government: Executive, Legislative, Judicial (constitutionally authorized), then we have the bureaucracy and finally the mass media. That's five.

The bureaucracy is well entrenched. Though heads come and go, the others largely remain through the years and covert operations are carried out regardless of who's in power. For example, look at the photo at right of Eli Rosenbaum, director of the Office of Special Investigations, a section of the Department of Justice. Being Jewish he is closely connected to other Jewish organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, the Mossad (Israeli secret service), and, of course, Jewish lobby groups. His job is to hunt down Germans who allegedly participated in the persecution of Jews during World War II. American taxpayers pay for this non-American effort.

Why doesn't the bureaucracy hunt down the persecutors of 35 million non-Jews in the former Soviet Union? They won't do that because we wine and dine them - Gorby, Yeltsin, and thousands of others. Since our Justice Department is practically run by Jewish interests, and since Jewish leaders were the ones who persecuted non-Jews in the Soviet Union, it is easy to see why the U.S, is not hunting them.

Now for the nitty-gritty. Since the "right-wing" movement has become a threat to the established anti-constitutional government leaders and covert operations chiefs by organizing state militia units to protect our liberties, don't you think that those in power have a vested interest in destroying the "rightwing"? If so, who really bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City? Look at the picture below of the building in Beirut that was car-bombed by the CIA and the Mossad!

The Oklahoma City bombing fits the pattern of activities and plans emanating from world Zionism with its unsuspected ambitions for world government. Remember, the first prime minister of the Israelis, David ben-Gurion said:

"The image of the world as traced in my imagination:
The Cold War will be a thing of the past. Internal pressure of the constantly growing intelligentsia in Russia for more freedom and the pressure of the masses for raising their living standards may lead to a gradual democratization of the Soviet Union. On the other hand, the increasing influence of the workers and farmers, and the rising poiltical importance of men of science, may transform the United States into a welfare state with a planned economy. Western and Eastern Europe will become a federation of autonomous states having a Socialist democratic regime. With the exception of the USSR as a federated Eurasian state, all other continents will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an international police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah...
(Look magazine, Jan. 16, 1962.)

Do we really want world government under Jewish control? If you've done your homework, you will know that many people speak the truth without hate, simply because they want the truth to be known regardless of the stigma attached.

At Oklahoma City there were two distinct explosions 10 seconds apart, proved by the University of Oklahoma seismology labs. This thickens the plot and forces us to ask, is this another covert operation by insiders? Who will benefit the most from this terrible crime? The "right-wing" will not, but those who want it discredited and destroyed will benefit, so the way is cleared for banning guns and finalizing the New World Order. Think about it!

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REDEEMED - For $1.98?

A certain quotation from the Bible is used quite often in the literature of the patriotic community. Sometimes it is only partially quoted, and sometimes it is used to serve the purpose of those who do not care about its real meaning. Here is the saying: "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Too many people think that by learning the truth of the great conspiracy, or learning how to be a good patriot, or just knowing the truth in a general way will make us free. The question is: free from what?

The Bible states: "Jesus therefore said to those Jews who had believed on him, if you abide in my word, truly you are my disciples. And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." Now if we stopped at this point we would not get the intended meaning, because it would be out of context. Therefore, let's continue on: "They answered him, we are Abraham seed, and have never been under bondage to anyone. How is it that you say, you shall become free? Jesus answered them, of a certainty I say to you that everyone that practices sin is a bondman of sin. Now the bondman does not abide in the house forever; the Son abides forever. If, therefore, the Son shall set you free, really free you shall be." (Read John 8:31-59 for full context.)

The passage is clear that it isn't just truth of a general nature, nor just the truth of world conditions, but rather the truth concerning Jesus Christ that will set us free, plus one more condition: we must abide in His word, i.e., we must believe that He was God incarnate, that He came specifically to be sacrificed for our sin, that He rose from death and now sits at God's right hand. We must believe that He has the authority to forgive sin and to give us eternal life. We must believe that He will exercise His authority and keep His promise if we turn from our wicked ways and throw ourselves on His mercy. In short, WE MUST BE BORN AGAIN IN ORDER TO BE SET FREE. Knowing this truth is not enough; we must act on it. We must appropriate His promise individually. The group of Jews with whom He spoke in the above account did not follow through and they were not set free. In fact, they tried to kill Him but He escaped.

A lot of people shy away from the expression, "You must be born again." But Jesus is the one who first spoke that imperative. He did not say, "It is a good idea for you to be born again." So - because it is a prerequisite to being set free from sin, we must not guess at its meaning. We must understand.

Nicodemus was a ruler of the Judeans who came to Jesus at night. He was obviously concerned about the truth of what Jesus was teaching and doing. Jesus cut right to the heart of the matter and told him that he must be born anew, but Nicodemus didn't understand what He meant. He said in effect, how on earth can one enter again into his mother's womb and be born? But Jesus was talking about spiritual matters - a person must be spiritually born. He said that the spiritual birth is like the wind, i.e., it is not a property that we can see with physical eyes.

The new birth (as some call it) is the result of humbling oneself before Almighty God and simply asking for mercy in the name of Jesus Christ. We ask for it in His name because we cannot expect to receive it in our own name. That's because we are inherently alienated from God. We are born in sin. Our credit, as it were, is no good. But when God sees (and He DOES see) the condition of our hearts - that we genuinely confess our unworthiness and total dependence upon His mercy, His loving heart is compelled by the integrity of His nature to reach out and embrace us with forgiveness and acceptance. And our inner self, if sincere, is then at peace. There is no more anxiety about our eternal destination, nor serious worry about temporal matters. This is the greatest psychological cathartic and healing process known to the human being.

Now what about the headline for this article? What is the commodity that can be purchased for only $1.98? Some years ago, before terrible inflation, the minerals in our bodies were worth about that much money. That's pretty humbling. isn't it? Furthermore, when we look in the mirror we see mostly nothing because the space between the electrons and the nuclei of the atoms of which we're made is comparatively huge - like marbles spinning around a basketball five miles away! Why, then, is life so valuable? It is valuable because of our spiritual existence. But our spiritual existence is less than worthless (in terms of eternity) until we are reconciled to our Creator. But don't misunderstand. All human life is sacred here and now because of its potential, not only for good deeds in the flesh but for its eternal potential. God is patient, longsuffering and merciful until we depart this physical dwelling. That's why we are so valuable. That's why murder is so terrible.

At the very moment we truly comprehend the awesomeness of God and realize that He has redeemed us - purchased us - not with the $1.98 that we're worth, but with the priceless sacrifice of His son who died IN OUR PLACE! Jesus is the one who bought us! He REDEEMED us! We belong to Him if we have been born anew. We were sold into the slavery of sin by Satan, but we have been ransomed - REDEEMED - by the blood of Jesus Christ.

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