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o True or False?
o Allegiance to Babylon the Great, Harlot of The Revelation
o A Sample Result of Destructive Jewish Influence
o "Gentiles" = Nations or Peoples
o Billy Graham's Role in the Zionist Occupation
o Deep Loyalty
o Schindler's List
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o Professor Prosono's Refutation
o The Real Reason for Gun Control

(Another Triumph for the Zionists)

On March 29, 1994 several Evangelicals and Roman Catholics signed a document they call "EVANGELICALS AND CATHOLICS TOGETHER: THE CHRISTIAN MISSION IN THE THIRD MILLENNIUM". The declaration was signed at the Institute of Religion & Public Life, 156 5th Ave., Suite 400, New York, NY 10010, (212)627-1985. The IRPL publishes "First Things", a monthly jounal of religion & public life. Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, Editor-in-Chief and Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship wrote the document. (1)

According to a copy of the document obtained from "First Things", there were some forty participants and endorsers, among whom were Pat Robertson; Charles Colson; Richard John Neuhaus; Richard Mouw of Fuller Theological Seminary; Mark Noll of Wheaton College; James J.I. Packer of Regent College, British Columbia; Richard Land of the Christian Life Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention; Jesse Miranda of the Assemblies of God; John White of Geneva College and the National Assoc of Evangelicals; Keith Fournier of Pat Robertson's ACLJ; Cardinal John J. O'Conner of the Archdiocese of New York; and Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ.

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"Christian American" states: "The authors estimate that there were one billion Catholics worldwide and 300 million Evangelicals. They urge the two Christian blocks to stop proselytizing each other and concentrate on the nearly 4 billion people who do not profess Christ in any form." Keep this in mind as you read what follows.


"As in times past, so also today and in the future, the Christian mission, which is directed to the entire human community, must be advanced against formidable opposition. In some cultures, that mission encounters resurgent spiritualities and religions that are explicitly hostile to the claims of the Christ. Islam, which in many instances denies the freedom to witness to the Gospel, must be of increasing concern to those who care about religious freedom and the Christian mission..."

Dear friends - we now call upon you to exercise the utmost care in considering this subtle agreement. It aspires to proselytize only those who do not profess Christ in any form, and it arrays itself against Islam as "formidable opposition" and "explicitly hostile". Do you detect a conspicuously missing entity? IT IS JUDAISM! This document further alienates Arabs and strengthens the coalition between Christians and Jews. The writers of the declaration further stipulate: "In public education, we contend together for schools that transmit to coming generations our cultural heritage, which is inseparable from the formative influence of religion, especially Judaism and Christianity." We know of no coalition of Christians and Jews that played the fomative role in the early stages of the U.S. If the authors of the present declaration had in mind the Ten Commandments and other biblical laws and principles as evidence of "Judeo-Christian" influence, they either are ignorant of Talmudism or they deliberately used the wording as a ploy. It is difficult to believe that Richard John Neuhaus, a prime mover of this coalition between Evangelicals and Catholics, is ignorant of Judaism, because he acknowledges Rabbi Abraham Heschel as his great teacher: "Neuhause writes in the February 18 "Christian Century": 'And of those whom I've known personally and who have influenced me most...I can answer without hesitation: Carl Piepkorn, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Martin Luther King, Wolfhart Panenberg...The hundreds of hours with (Rabbi) Heschel grow more luminous with each day since his death. Heschel talked with God'" (2)

Has Neuhaus changed since then? The Editor of "Christian News", Rev. Herman Otten, says that he has become more politically conservative, and that seems to be the case. However, it should be noted that he works closely with Matthew Berke who is Managing Editor of "First Things", of which Neuhaus is Editor-in-Chief. Berke is active in a Reformed Jewish synagogue, and has demonstrated his unwillingness to tolerate further inquiry into the "holocaust", calling Prof. Prosono of Southwest Missouri State University "pernicious" because he (Prosono) dared to suggest that "...the Holocaust is taking on some of the characteristics of a cult..."(3)

Actually, Neuhaus is an enigma. He was an ordained Lutheran minister of the Missouri Synod, then associated himself with a more liberal Lutheran synod, and has now left all that to become a full fledged Catholic priest. He is well qualified to help compose a document that spans the unbridgeable chasm between Christians and Jews, that bridges the differences between Catholics and Evangelicals.

As for Charles Colson's prominent part in this compact, his loyalties are obvious in this statement: "Christianity is besieged on all sides - by a militant nation of Islam and by the aggressive secularism of Western life." (4) We certainly agree that Christianity is besieged on all sides, but to single out Islam as its primary enemy is either a display of ignorance or subterfuge. For Colson and Neuhaus to align themselves with Talmudists who hate Christ, who have even called Him the bastard son of a Roman Soldier; whose cohorts have displayed His likeness in a bottle of urine and produced a blasphemous movie about Him, is the ultimate act of betrayal. They have condemned themselves by their own words: "As we are bound together by Christ and his cause, so we are bound together in contending against all that opposes Christ and his cause." [All, that is, except the Talmudists/Zionists.]

Note, however, that only a few Evangelicals are involved in this effort-some of whom have been made popular by TV and pro-Zionist publishing houses. More serious is the representation of Southern Baptists by two of that convention's adjunctive departments. What a tragic thing it is for all of these Evangelicals to lend their influence to the alienation of Arabs and black Muslims. They're supposed to love all people, not just the Jews.

Let's examine this subterfuge a little more closely; let's take a quiz. Please answer the following statements:

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1. Islam has the most effective foreign lobby in Congress.

2. Islam has more of its adherents in President Clinton's cabinet than any other religious/ethnic/foreign entity.

3. Islam receives more U.S. economic help than any other region in the world.

4. Islam hates Jesus Christ more than any other religion.

5. Islam has been more active than anyone else in litigating suits against Christian symbols on public property in the U.S.

6. Islam has the most powerful secret spy organisation in North America. It collects many thousands of names of individuals and organisations in North America for its purposes of intrigue and influence. It possesses more influence upon law enforcement agencies than any other entity in North America.

7. Islam is the religion that teaches its adherents that they are supremely superior to all other people, the latter being merely animal-like.

How did you score? Here is our reply: all of the statements are FALSE. The only entity that meets these criteria is Talmudism/Zionism. Furthermore, JEWS ARE THE UNNAMED THIRD PARTY TO THIS "CHRISTIAN" COALITION AGREEMENT. IT IS IN REALITY A "JUDEO-CHRISTIAN" COALITION, just one more step in the direction of world law under Zionism, with the Noahide Laws governing non-Jews and the "Talmud" governing Jews. "Judeo- Christians" form the bridge between the popular Christianity and the anti- Christ system. Nothing could be more tragic!

Here is another phenomenon: Many Fundamentalist Christians such as Dave Hunt see this coalition as: "...the most devasting blow against the gospel in at least 1000 years..." (5) NOT because it promotes the Talmudic timetable but because it has destroyed the purpose of the Reformation. Hunt continues: "Amazingly, the document claims that all Catholics are Christians, hold the same faith as evangelicals, and are our 'brothers and sisters in Christ.' If so, then the Reformation was tragic mistake which we all must denounce!" (6)

Hunt, like so many Fundamentalists, sees the Roman Catholic Church as the supreme evil and the Jews as God's chosen, whereas Pat Robertson, Chuck Colson, et al., see Catholics as fellow Christians and the Jews as God's chosen. The pattern in all this is obvious. The Jews are the common denominator of adoration for both Evangelicals and Fundamentalists. Our primary enemy can't lose for winning with this setup!

History is more complex than historians could ever convey. The Reformation received its impetus from multiple sources including strong Talmudic influence. The Albigneses and Waldenses whom David Hunt recognizes as Evangelicals who influenced Catholic priests and monks to seek salvation by faith alone, were heavily infiltrated by Jews. It was the lifelong ambition of Talmudists to destroy the Catholic Church, and they played a significant role in fanning the flames of the Reformation, both religiously and politically.(7) Thus, what Hunt and other Fundamentalists see in the present coalition of Evangelicals and Catholics as a negation of the Reformation, we see as a victory for Talmudism, for the Talmudists have now accomplished the unification of two groups who originally were independently opposed to Jewish religious and political aspirations. They are now united against Islam, the present foe of "Israel".

Our statement should not be construed to mean that we have no differences with Roman Catholicism. We do. We also have differences with those Evangelicals and Fundamentalists who have been deceived. But we acknowledge that there are true believers as well as unbelievers in all of Christiandom, just as there were true believers as well as unbelievers in ancient Israel. God knows His own. The Scriptures state:

"But as many as received Him He gave to them authority to be children of God, to those that believe on His name." John 1:12 *****************************************************************


l. According to James Wallis, Jr., Managing Editor of "Christian American", telephone conversation 05/24/94

2. "Christian News Encyclopedia", Vol II, p. 1406, col 4

3. "First Things", May 1994, p. 7

4. "Christian American", May/June 1994, p. 1

5. Dave Hunt, "The Berean Call", May 1994, p. 1, col 1

6. Ibid., col 2

7. Ginn, Gordon, "Never Would We Suspect", Smyrna Publications, Sacramento, 1984, chapter on "The Heretics". (out of print)

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"Come here, I will show thee the sentence of the great harlot..."(8)

(8) From Rev. 17:1

For several centuries many Protestants identified the great harlot of the Book of the Revelation as the Roman Papacy. Some still do. They claim that the Roman Empire was the beast described by the Apostle John. They teach that the Roman Empire will be revived, probably in the form of a ten nation federation of European states that will, after betrayal of "Israel", ally with Russia, China and others to attack "Israel" in the final battle called Armageddon. This doctrine has been so ingrained in some that they refuse to listen to any other explanation. They have been deceived by the great heresy of dispensationalism which is the child of Talmudism.

We haven't the space here to elaborate on this pervasive doctrine; to learn more of our beliefs (which are traditionally Biblical) read our literature that we offer. The point of our discussion now is to emphasize the enormous errors into which people like Pat Robertson, Chuck Colson and apparently all those who endorsed the Evangelicals & Catholics Together declaration have fallen or jumped. Interestingly, Catholics and traditional Lutherans have never been dispensationalists. They have until now looked upon Judaism as a religion whose followers have vehemently opposed Christianity and have been in need of Jesus Christ. Many Catholics still believe this, but others have been influenced by Vatican II in 1965 which was heavily influenced by Jews who succeeded in getting many concessions from the Catholic Church, primarily via Cardinal Augustin Bea, allegedly a "converted" Jew.

In order to appreciate the depth and breadth of Jewish influence in the Christian community, one needs to read "The Zionist Connection II" by Alfred Lilienthal, especially chapter 14 which he titled, "Christians in Bondage". Keep in mind that Lilienthal is a Jew exposing Zionist motives and objectives.(9)

(9) North American, New Brunswick, NJ, 1978-1982.

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Pat Robertson, in an article under the headline, "I Made a Vow to God",(10) stated: "During that Six-Day War [June 1967]...the Jewish forces...recaptured the Old City of East Jerusalem, for the first time since Nebucanezzar [sic] had invaded Israel (or Judah) at 586 B.C.

(10) The March 1994 issue of "Christian American", a publication of his Christian Coalition organization, p.16. Incidentally, he should check his history more carefully. Jerusalem was restored under Nehemiah & later the Maccabees, both events subsequent to Nebuchadnezzar. It was finally destroyed by Rome in A.D. 70.

"Students of Bible prophecy know the words of Jesus Christ that are expressed in the twenty-first chapter of Luke's Gospel, where Jesus said that Jerusalem would be 'trodden under foot of the Gentiles' until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. Christian Bible scholars have looked for centuries for that fulfillment, and in June of 1967 it took place literally."

Come on, Pat, Give us a break! You hide-bound dispensationalists are like the liberals - you think your views are chiseled in stone. Let's look at the literal translation from the Greek:

"...Jerusalem shall be trodden down by [the] nations until [the] times of [the] nations be fulfilled." (Luke 21 :24b)

Dispensationalists say that these words of Jesus predicted the return of Israel to the land after the time of the "Gentiles" had run its course, and they say that 1948, when the Jews declared their sovereign state, was the regathering. Robertson says that the capture of "the Old City of East June of 1967..." literally fulfilled Jesus' prophecy. But a careful reading shows that the passage says nothing about a restoration of Israel only that Jerusalem shall be trodden down by nations until the times of nations be fulfilled. Dispensationalists merely ASSUME that the end of the times of the nations calls for the return of Israel, and they ASSUME that the political entity called "Israel" today is the same as the Israel of the Old Testament. Both assumptions are wrong.

Actually, verses 25-27 of Luke 21 refer to Jesus' second advent. At the end of the "Gentile" trodding (trodding of the nations) Jesus will return. The orthodox view has been that the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 ushered in a new era (the Christian age - God's promise to Abraham) after which the second advent would occur.

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One of the reasons why many have been misled by this passage is the use of the English translation "Gentiles". The Greek word ***** (plural) simply means "nations", "multitudes", "people", etc. Over the centuries the popular connotation of the word "Gentiles" (originally not capitalized) came to mean "all people other than Jews", but its etymology shows its derivation from the Latin meaning "of the same gens, clan or race." It is much more accurate to use "nations" or "peoples" than it is to use "gentiles"

But let's not quibble over the word and miss the meaning of the passage. It simply means that Jerusalem will be trodden down (i.e., never again to be the capitol of Israel) by various nations until the second advent of Christ. "Ah, but Israel now occupies Jerusalem," some say, "therefore the prophecy isn't true." No, Israel doesn't occupy Jerusalem; Jews occupy it. The two are not synonymous! Israel became defunct at the crucifixion of Christ, and the commonwealth was destroyed in A.D. 70. Talmudism was exhumed, not Israel, and Talmudists/Zionists now claim to be Israel. If Talmudists/Zionists wish to have their own sovereign state somewhere we have no objection. But they are not entitled to Palestine under Biblical provisions, and their treatment of the Palestinians has been atrocious. Lilienthal stated: "The Old Testament unmistakably teaches that no Jewish return save in righteousness may be countenanced and, as the true Orthodox insist, it may be only Messiah-led."(11) Lilienthal expresses the correct view of Orthodox Jews, but he equates Israel and the Jews even though he acknowledges elsewhere that most Jews are Khazars,(12) which means they are not even of Semitic stock, let alone descendants of Abraham.

(11) Op. cit., p. 490 (12) Lilienthal, pp. 760-762

Pat Robertson and other dispensationalists, therefore, seriously err in eschatological matters, and their loyalties to the Jews are misplaced.

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Alfred Lilienthal notes in his voluminous work that Billy Graham played a prominent part in solidifying Christian opinion about the right of Zionists to the land of Palestine. "A particularly vivid influence has been the beautiful film made by Billy Graham, 'His Land', which has been viewed by fifteen million across this country and Canada. This superbly photographed visual survey of the land of Israel, accompanied by narrated biblical prophecies and religious songs, celebrates the fact that God has kept His word to the Jew, that he has fulfilled prophetic promises given 2,500 years ago by restoring Israel in the 20th century."(13) However, Lilienthal did not share the view of Graham and the producers of the film. After citing Christian biblicists who disagreed with the film's representations, he stated: "So, for many, 'His Land' provided the first and only Christian explanation for the creation of modern Israel.(14) The money used to produce the film came from hard working Christians who not only contributed to the millions of dollars in Graham's coffers but also paid (and continue to pay) taxes to support that anti-Christian, anti-First Amendment political state in the Middle East. According to Lilienthal, Billy Graham came under the heavy influence of Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum, then Executive Director of the Synagogue Council of America.

(13) Ibid., p. 488. (14) Ibid., p. 489.

Oh! The tragedy of it all! We desperately need discerning Christians in America! But how can they be discerning if they follow compromised leaders?

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Loyalty to pseudo-Israel among compromised leaders is exemplified by Pat Robertson. Here are the closing words of his speech after being presented the Friend of Israel Award by the Christian-Israel Political Action Committee (CAVEAT!) in January, as recorded in "Christian American":

"We stand for Israel because as Christians we are grafted into the faith of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Somehow we recognize instinctively, and from the Old and New Testaments, that God Almighty has chosen the Jewish people as His special possession through whom His revelation has come to mankind, and that we as Christians enjoy that revelation and we worship together the same God. And we together, in my opinion, are not just friends, but we are brothers and sisters.

"...we stand with you, and however easy it is or however difficult it is, you can count on us as your friends, your supporters, and your compatriots in a struggle to bring forth the fulfillment of the prophecies, and to make this a better world for all of us to live in. God Bless You."

Dispensationalism is a hybrid religion unknown to the Bible and orthodox Christianity. Robertson should know that Christianity was not grafted into Israel. Rather, Christians are true Israel as children of God's promise to Abraham. Galatians 3 & 4 prove this. Superficially Pat Robertson hangs on to Christ with one hand and the anti-Christ with the other, and he is not alone. We wish we could be kinder but his own words convict him.

As for Chuck Colson, how did he become so renowned so quickly? He was in prison as one of the Watergate participants and was apparently converted to Christ. We praise God for his conversion. But in short order he has become an expert and an authority on everything Christian. Was it the publishing houses that "made" him? If so, then he is renowned simply because he was a prominent, controversial political figure and they profited from his writings, not necessarily because God raised him up for the legitimate edification of the Church of Jesus Christ.

We do know this: Chuck Colson has no time for differing views such as ours. We sent him a copy of our "Strong Delusion" many months ago. His assistant replied that he didn't have time to read it. We believe, however, that he finds the time to read the establishment press, such as "Time", "Newsweek", "The New York Times", "The Washington Post", et al. His key role in composing the Evangellcals & Cathollcs compact reveals him as little different from the rest of our popularized, de facto Christian spokespersons.

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SMYRNA called "Focus on the Family" May 23, 1994 to learn whether or not Dr. James Dobson is supportive of the document signed by the Evangelicals and Catholics. Paul Hetrick returned our call and told us that Dobson had been asked to sign but had declined. Hetrick refused to elaborate because he knows that SMYRNA has differing views about other matters such as the "holocaust" -! It was difficult for this writer to believe his ears. All we wanted to know was how Dobson feels about the compact and we were reminded of our unpopular views about the "holocaust"! Hetrick said, "Are you aware of the laws in Germany that criminalize denial of the holocaust?" as it that proved that the question is legitimately closed. We pointed out to him that a well known Jewish historian has now revised the six million figure down to two million, whereupon he retorted that SMYRNA eagerly uses evidence when it is to our advantage.

Frankly, we terminated the conversation because it was obvious that Mr. Hetrick could not reason in a straight line. He is apparently glad that Germany has abridged freedom of speech and the press in order to accommodate Jewish interests, but was unhappy that we used Jewish sources to demonstrate the correctness of our claims regarding Jewish matters.

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Last month our lead article was "TV Public Enemy Number 1". We explained how television programming brainwashes viewers. We noted that when Jewish leaders wish to influence the masses on issues that they espouse, they use their professionals in showbiz to make their case rather than prove it by scientific and historical evidence. This is far more effective for them. Here's a case in point:

The movie "Schindler's List" won top film industry awards and Steven Spielberg, Jewish filmmaker, was acclaimed the most successful producer of all time. His production is generally believed to be solidly based on histonical facts. But is it? Some informed people say "no!" Christian News cites WW II historian Alan R. Critchley: "'The book upon which "Schindler's List" is based is a work of fiction, a novel. It contains assertions which are absolutely untrue.'"(15)

(15) "Christian News", 5/2/94 p.2

One of the most intriguing falsehoods of the movie, according to Critchley, was the inscription on the gold ring given to Schindler by the Jews he rescued. The film's version of the inscription according to Critchley is, "'He who saves a single life, saves the entire world.'" But Critchley says that the Talmud, from which the inscription comes, is different. It is: "'Whosoever preserves a single soul of Israel, Scripture ascribes to him as though he had preserved a complete world.'" (16) Critchley states, "'The genuine Talmud verse Only praises the saving of Jewish lives. Non-Jews are not regarded as human (cf. tractates Abodah Zarah 35b; Raba Mezia 11 4b; Berakoth 58a; Kerithoth 6b; Niddah 45a and Yebamoth 98a).

(16) Tractate Sanhedrin 37a.

"'In Spielberg's non-stop deception, even the documented contents of Jewish books are falsified in order to present the image of the Jews' religion in the best possible light. Again, such tactics are the hallmark of a propaganda film.'"

SMYRNA'S readers will recall that we have on occasion revealed that the Jewish "Talmud" states that non-Jews are inferior to Jews; that non-Jews are like animals in comparison to Jews. But what about non-Orthodox Jews? Do they believe the Talmud? Steven Spielberg is not an orthodox Jew.(17) Why, then, would he deliberately cover up the Talmud's true character by changing the wording of the gold ring inscription so that Jewish bigotry remains a secret? Apparently, the world's most extreme bigotry is alive and well among adored elitists such as Spielberg. Chalk another one up for Jewish Hollywood.

(17) A call to Spielberg's studios revealed this.

"Christian News" noted other falsifications in Spielberg's film.

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There are Jews who did not like Spielberg's film. Molly Magid Hoagland wrote an article in "Midstream", April 1994 entitled, "What 'Schindler' Missed", in which she expressed many criticisms. She stated, "So it comes as a most unpleasant surprise that there are moments in the portrayal of Jews and their plight to make one cringe... this film employs the most time-worn stereotypes, seemingly unaware that they could strike a chord." Some of the stereotypes she refers to are the material greed and wartime profiteering of Jews, selfishness of individual Jews against their own kind, and collaboration with the Nazis. Hoagland is unhappy that Spielberg did not present these Jewish weaknesses in a broader context (in other words, don't reveal bad traits of Jews to non-Jews because they won't understand).

She criticizes Spielberg for downplaying Itzhak Stem's role in saving Jews. She thinks Schindler is given far more credit than he deserves, although he obviously deserves a great deal. She says, "Stern was not just Schindler's accountant but the major instigator of the scheme [of saving Jews]..." This view does not square with Schindler's wife's account of the matter.

Emilie Schindler lives in Argentina. When interviewed by a Brazilian reporter, Marco Chiaretti, she said her former husband was stupid. He abandoned her and their debts in Argentina, returned to Germany to seek indemnification, and stayed there. She says that she is the one who did most of the work in saving Jews. "It wasn't Schindler, it was me. Schindler didn't do anything." Chiaretti asked, "What was your husband's participation in the story filmed by Steven Spielberg?" Answer: "'I only met Spielberg recently, when I went to Jerusalem to participate in the film. He's a nice young man, and he was nice to me. But the film is wrong. The book ("Schindler's Ark", by Kenneally), on which it is based is not good. It contains a great deal of invented material.'"(18)

(18) "Ilustrada", Sao Paula, Brazil, 10/14/93, via "Help!", 206 Carlton St., Toronto.

To catalog just how much Hollywoodites such as Spielberg hate Christians, in 1989 The Alienation Award for most convoluted reasoning went to Christian fundamentalists because they opposed the films "E.T." and "The Last Temptation of Christ", both of which were distributed by MCA/Universal.(19)

(19) "TV Guide", 1,7-13/89 p.6.

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Last month we dealt with the seriousness of the heresy of dispensationalism and how Pat Robertson, Billy Graham and James Dobson are deliberately propagating beliefs that come close to apostasy - beliefs that embrace the anti-Christ religion of Judaism.

Paul Hetrick, V.P. of James Dobson's Focus on the Family, sent us a copy of a book review from "First Things".(20) It was written by Jewish Matthew Berke, Managing Editor. Berke reviewed two books, Deborah Lipstadt's "Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory", and Pierre Vidal-Naquet's "Assassions of Memory: Essays on the Denial of the Holocaust". We believe that Hetrick, who is dubbed by some as James Dobson's trouble shooter, sent SMYRNA the book review in response to our circulated letter to "Christianity Today" criticizing their syrupy review of Lipstadt's book. We believe he used it to try to set us straight. In other words, "Focus on the Family" is so pro-Zionist that Hetrick assumes the posture of a Jewish polemicist against orthodox, evangelical Christians. (Personal note: In June of 1992 he 'phoned this writer and we talked for 3 hours. He is an adamant dispensationalist and scolded me for saying that 6 million Jews did not perish in the "holocaust". He said that I am on unpopular ground.)

(20) A periodical published by the "Judeo-Christian" Institute on Religion & Public Lite, 156 5th Ave., Suite 400, New York, NY 10010, telephone 212-627-1985.

Mr. Hetrick is absolutely right about the unpopular ground. That's the whole point of SMYRNA'S existence - to communicate truth that is unpopular! We believe we're in the good company of millions of Christians over the centuries who wouldn't bow the knee to "Baal". High profile leaders today bend over backwards to be politically correct, even when it means betraying Christ.

A most fascinating fact has been exposed about the Jewish "holocaust" and the 6 million figure. The "American Hebrew" publication dated Oct.31, 1919 carried a story by former Governor of New York Martin H. Glynn(21) and its title was, "The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop". In Glynn's article he referred to the figure of "six million", and a "threatened holocaust". This was just after WW I, not WW II! How many 6 million Jewish "holocausts" do Jewish leaders want? It is obvious that historical revisionists are desperately needed, but Jewish activists want to make revisionist works illegal. When logic and facts cannot be refuted, the real racists and bigots try to influence legislation and the courts to shut the mouths of their opposition. And all the time we thought Jews were the ones being persecuted!

(21) Martin Henry Glynn was Govenor of N.Y. from 10/17/1913 to 1/1/1915.

[This *IS* happening *NOW*! And this proves that the Jewish leaders are the most self promoting, bigoted, paranoid, and indeed *racist liars* that have ever existed on the face of the earth! -BeWISE]

According to "The Spotlight" newspaper of Jan. 10,1994, the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Nov. 29,1993 that public libraries must not discriminate against revisionist historians in stocking their works. This is great news for First Amendment rights advocates, and bad news for Jewish leaders who want to bury any and all "holocaust" inquiry.

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Marvin Prosono, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Southwest Missouri State University: "Although Matthew Berke's review of Deborah Lipstadt's [book] is a more or less accurate depiction of the way that work treats Holocaust denial and revisionism, it appears to have been constructed without a very close reading of her book. In referring to Dr. Lipstadt as well as Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Mr. Berke states, 'Neither author regards the story of the Holocaust as sacred history or martyrology that is exempt from revisions....' in Dr. Lipstadt's case, there is abundant evidence that she perceives the Holocaust to be a closed question and is so willing to prevent any deviation from her approved line that she saves a portion of her rancor for deconstructionists and those who would support a more relativist position with respect to history and social reality. (SMYRNA'S translation: Prof. Prosono is telling Berke that he's all wet - Lipstadt would like to pre-empt all opposing views on the "holocaust".]

Prof. Prosono concludes his letter to the editor of "First Things" with "What we are witnessing, I would suggest, is that the Holocaust is taking on some of the characteristics of a cult, with adherents promoting a dogmatic approach to a series of sacred events... Witness the ceremony at the dedication of the Holocaust Museum in Washington when soil was mixed from the sites of thirty-nine Nazi concentration camps and placed within the base of the eternal flame...What has this to do with the accurate portrayal of the Holocaust and the moral lessons that need to be taken from its retelling? An 'anti-denial' that is blind to the various aspects of its own subjectivity will have an even more difficult time drowning out the siren call of deniers."(22)

(22) Op. Cit., May 1994, pp. 6-7.

Prof. Marvin Prosono's critique is certainly timely; academics are long overdue in responding to the emotionalism of holocaustomania.

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Recently House Resolution (H.R.) 4296 was passed by a margin of two votes. This bill is known as the "Assault Weapons Ban Act" SMYRNA obtained the Fact Sheet composed by the Democratic Study Group (DSG) dated May 3,1994 which summarizes the arguments for and against the bill. After reading the pros and cons, one sentence leaped out of the page at this writer:

"Supporters of the bill contend that it bans only weapons of war that are completely unacceptable in a civil society, while protecting the rights of those who collect or hunt and use weapons for legitimate recreational purposes."

It appears that supporters didn't intend to ban guns that are used in everyday crime such as crimes of passion, robbery, premeditated murder or drive by shootings. Rampant crime is not their concern in gun control - an armed citizenry with the capability of defending against tyranny is what they fear. The bill "bans only weapons of war" not weapons of crime. Those are their words, not ours!

Now let's look at another absurdity in their statement: "...while protecting the RIGHTS of those who collect or hunt and use weapons for legitimate recreational purposes." (SMYRNA'S emphasis.) in other words, they're saying that only those who collect guns, hunt or use them for recreational purposes have rights under the bill. What is the source of those "rights"? Let's look at a revised Second Amendment that reflects the usurpers' intent:

"A well regulated militia (SPORTING INDUSTRY) being necessary to the security (RECREATIONAL ENJOYMENTS) of a free (SLAVE) State, the right (PRIVILEGE) of the people to keep and bear-arms (USE CERTAIN FIREARMS), shall not be infringed (AT THE PRESENT TIME)."

For those of you who do not possess a copy of the Constitution (shame on you), here's how you should read the above. Words inside the parenthesis are inserted by SMYRNA and reflect the intent of the left-wing pushers of H.R. 4296. Merely ommiting the words in the parenthesis, will reveal the actual 2nd Amendment.

The truth of the matter is that the one worlders are destroying the Constitution. This is not surprising to those who are well informed, but for those past the age of forty who are just now coming on line, you should have listened twenty years ago. The human race is infamous for its unbelief. Unbelief in God, unbelief in Jesus Christ, unbelief in the Gospel of salvation, unbelief in Satan, unbelief in a world conspiracy, unbelief in the truth about those who plan a one world society, etc., etc., ad nauseam. This unbelief pervades Christendom, not just the humanist culture. It is even strong in evangelical, fundamentalist and orthodox institutions. Unbelief is everywhere! When Jesus retums will He find faith on the earth?(23)

(23) Luke 18:8.

The Democratic Study Group (DSG) claims that "most major law enforcement organizations" strongly supported H.R. 4296. That sounds imposing but can be very misleading. How do we know for certain how many law enforcement personnel within those organizations agree with their leaders? This writer, who was an honorary deputy sheriff in a large county in California for perhaps fifteen years, learned that strong personalities within such organizations filter to the top and may compose three to ten percent of the whole. They are the ones interviewed and quoted by the media. The rest go along to get along.

[BeWISE can also document that this *is* the case...]

Just recently we contacted the sheriff of the county in which we live and mentioned that 97% to 99% of crimes committed are not committed with the firearms banned in H.R. 4296. He agreed! He said that this bill would do nothing to curb rampant crime. Apparently, all those law enforcement organizations that the Democratic Study Group says supported the bill didn't consult the sheriff of our county. One law enforcement organization, however, opposed H.R. 4296. It was the National Association of Chiefs of Police. Those chiefs should be commended.

We talked to a key person within Congressman Dan Hamburg's office about this bill. Hamburg helped to pass it. His spokesperson said that according to the polls most Americans supported the bill. But as we have indicated, polls are not only misleading, they can be rigged. They are not to be trusted. The pollsters may question persons in an area that is not representative of the country as a whole or they may ask leading questions, or the persons questioned may change their minds in five minutes. Propagandists love to use polls when they're favorable to their causes. Furthermore, Congress should never use national polls as determiners of how to vote. We think that politicians are supposed to represent the people back home, not the people in other districts, nor should their primary motivation come from polls.

Although the concept that guns don't kill people - people kill people is overworked, it nevertheless is a truism, and only fuzzy minded bleeding hearts believe otherwise. Those high up in government and those who strongly influence government do not believe in the effectiveness of gun control to stop crime. They are after something else, and you can bet it isn't for our best interests.


For your own safety don't become a Christian. If you want to survive the coming "holocaust" and be granted privileges under anti-Christ tyrants, don't become a Christian. Of course, this tack will finally land you in hell - from the frying pan into the fire.

[However, if you remain in a government-approved "Judeo-Christian" or otherwise New Age church that proceeds to compromise the Sovereignty of God and the Truth, then you needn't worry. Relax. Just know that you will be safe from too much REAL persecution. And when you see that others professing a belief in YAHSHUA (Jesus) are being persecuted and subjected to all manner of degradation, torture and death, well, just believe the media that they were "radicals", "racists"and "anti-Semites" anyway, thus deserving of their plight. Don't be too overly concerned, unless you actually believe what the Good Book says and you fear God more than man or Satan. For IF you have been obeying man more than YHWH God, may God have mercy on you, and may He forgive your cowardly compromise of His Word and His Truth... --BeWISE]

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