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o Christians - Mentally Healthier
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o The New Testament Is Trustworthy!
o "Christians Don't Admit It"
o Cyberspace Vigilantes
o Other Views Regarding Jews
o A Vietnam War Hero
o The Natives Are Restless
o Kinda Desperate
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Throughout the last 1900 years, Jews have been persecuted mercilessly by Christendom, and the cause of that persecution is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has placed them in ghettos and fomented pogroms. It has deprived them of equality. It has made their lives miserable. It was the cause of the holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis. Although not all Christians were Nazis, all Nazis were Christians.

These are the accusations made Testament and Christianity contained in a recent video production called The Gospel Libel by a Jewish organization known as Tov' Emet Productions, 1318 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11230. No telephone is listed for that name. The video is a mock trial with judge, lawyers, jury, and courtroom audience. The mock action is brought by Christianity against all Jews, indicting thern for murdering Jesus Christ. The prosecution lawyer, a smug, arrogant "Christian", makes an opening statement that is saturated with venom against Jews. He asks for a verdict of guilty against all Jews for the murder of "our Lord, Jesus Christ".

The prosecution is not allowed to present evidence and witnesses, but must be satisfied by an opening statement only. The defense lawyer for the Jews, however, is allowed to crossexamine Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Peter, the only witnesses in the case. He proceeds to destroy their testimony as recorded in the New Testament, with classic Jewish pil pul (the perfected art of specious reasoning). The witnesses, of course, have memorized the script and they give the answers prearranged by the Jewish producers. At the end of the trial, the judge's instructions to the jury are a scathing indictment of Christianity, making it appear that the jury is given complete freedom to reach an unbiased verdict. The video ends without a verdict from the jury; it leaves the decision to the viewer.

It is absurd for Jewish leaders to accuse Christians of blaming all Jews for the crucifixion of Christ. However, because the Jewish motto is "Never forget, never forgive", and because their leaders continue to blame Jesus for their oft-imagined woes, they are presently culpable to the extent that they continue to derogate Him. If they would let it rest, if they would forgive and forget, blame would not accrue. They condemn themselves by their own words and actions.

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Jewish leaders seem perpetually oblivious to their obnoxious attitudes. They lament their alienation from others on the one hand, but pride themselves on being different - of being superior. They actually believe that they have no need of salvation. They have arrived. In their monstrous video >The Gospel Libel , they make the following statement in justifying their rejection of Jesus as Messiah: "...the Jews were not in need of spiritual leaders to save their souls from perdition and provide them with a blissful hereafter." This statement is prima facie evidence of their desperate need. Moses and the prophets had repeatedly admonished the nation to repent and show forth good works. David had written in Psalm 34:16 & 18:
"The face ofthe Lord is against them that do evil, to cut off the remembrance of them the from earth... [But] The Lord is nigh unto them that are a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit."
There is little wonder that Jesus found them arrogant and unbearable. He called them vipers and whited sepulchres, and they continue to seethe to this very day. They seem never to catch on that their attitudes as well as actions have produced repercussions in various cultures which they have interpreted as persecution. This latest effort by them to try to totally trash the Gospels of the New Testament is but one more symptom of their hard hearts.
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In The Gospel Libel Jewish leaders have once again resorted to thespians and the theater to influence the masses with propaganda because they know that this medium is the most effective. The video produced by Tov' Emet Productions is so full of errors that it is difficult to pinpoint them all. Not only is its essence based on specious reasoning, its format is carefully designed to give maximum benefit to Jewish pil pul. Just as Hollywood has always cast its characters to fit the roles assigned, so this Jewish production, although amateurish, cast its actors to play on the emotions of the viewers. Their maxim is: if we don't possess sufficient facts, we must convince people through their emotions via the world of make-believe. And it works! But it wouldn't work so well if they presented the truth. In this video of vitriol and hate they composed a script for plaintiffs and defendants, thus controlling all questions and answers to their contrived propaganda.

They tout this as the most important trial in history for the cause of justice. but of course it is a complete fraud. Their methods should furnish us with a clear understanding of their warped sense of justice. If this video is any indication of their tactics throughout history, we can understand why a backlash of public resentment often manifested itself against them. They never seem to comprehend that whoever will not learn from history is condemned to repeat it. If a modern repercussion occurs in America, they have only themselves to blame.

Why are Jewish leaders so persistent in demanding that they be absolved of guilt in the crucifixion of Jesus? Since they do not believe that He was deity, and have insisted that Rome executed Him for political purposes (which their ancient leaders charged), why does He matter so much to them? It's almost as if they are pricked in their consciences and are driven to seek historical absolution, but never moral forgiveness. Edersheim stated: "Judaism was, in the person of its representatives, guilty of denial of God, of blasphemy, of apostasy. It committed suicide..." (1)

(1) Alfred Edersheim, The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, Wm. B. Edermans Pub. Co., Grand Rapids, MI, 1971, 1979, Bk. V, p.581. Edersheim was a converted Jew who became a great christian scholar.

But there is another explanation. In order to obtain political advantage in these "latter days" they have invented the stigma of "anti-Semitism" to silence all opposition, and now they are driving hard to blame the New Testament as the fountainhead of "crimes against Jews". The Gospel Libel video is simply a recent tool to help achieve their goal of the destruction of Christianity.

One of the recurring tactics of this Jewish production is to set up straw men in order to knock them down. This is effective unless the audience perceives it. For example, both the prosecution and defense lawyers said that Jesus was tried by the Great Sanhedrin, the highest tribunal in Israel, and the defense said: "The Jewish court at Jerusalem did not, and could not, have accused and convicted the Nazarene of the capital offense of blasphemy..." The video's script writers set up the straw man that the Gospels erred in saying that the Great Sanhedrin condemned Jesus. According to Edersheim, the Gospels do not make such a claim, but rather state that Caiaphas and company determined that Jesus' "blasphemy" was worthy of death. Nevertheless, Edersheim points out that "...although Christ was not tried and sentenced in a formal meeting of the Sanhedrin, there can, alas! be no question that His Condemnation and Death were the work, if not of the Sanhedrin, yet of the Sanhedrists - of the whole body of them... .in the sense of expressing what was the judgment and purpose of all the Supreme Council and Leaders of Israel, with only very few exceptions." (2)

(2) Ibid., pp. 557, 558

The Jewish video script called for the defense lawyer to claim:

"The accusation [that the Sanhedrin convicted Jesus] sprang solely from a warped imagination, twisted by the bitter hatred and malice that the plaintiff Christendom bore against the defendants for having rejected the Nazarene as their Messiah. Christians brought these charges in order to curry favor with the mighty Romans whom Christendom wished to convert from paganism."
In this statement one sees the cunning and cleverness of Jewish pil pul. But Edersheim wraps up the evil intent of Jewish apologists this way: "But it has been strangely forgotten that the purpose of the High-Priest was not to formulate a capital charge in Jewish law, since the assembled Sanhedrists had no intention so to try Jesus, but to formulate a charge which would tell before the Roman Procurator."(3) They told Pilate that Jesus was an insurrectionist, and the Jews have continued that accusation to this day!

(3) Ibid., p.559.

Were the Jewish leaders really responsible for the death of Jesus? According to Jesus Himself, they were more to blame than Pilate (see John 19:11).

Another straw man: The video script calls for the prosecutor (representing Christians) to say to the jury: "...but Christendom demands that you find guilty of murder in the first degree, not only the Great Sanhedrin of 1900 years ago, together with the Jewish people of that time, but all Jews of all lands, and of all ages and generations." That's a bit much, don't you think? It was the Jewish leaders who exclaimed to Pilate that they were willing for Jesus' blood to be upon their heads and upon the heads of their children. Modern Jewish leaders corrupt it by turning it around and claiming that Christians want all Jews to answer for the crime. This is a brazen falsehood.

Defense lawyer to Matthew: Why did Pilate adopt the age-old custom of washing the hands and declaring himself innocent in the trial of Jesus? Why didn't he just let the Nazarene go and enforce that decision with his legions?

Matthew: "Pilate was unknowingly carrying out the decree of our Lord's father that he should suffer such a death."

Smyrna's comment: Pilate used that custom of washing the hands because he wanted to graphically demonstrate to the Jewish leaders that he considered Jesus innocent. What better way than to use their own tradition? He succeeded only in further antagonizing them. Jewish leaders hate non-Jews for using any part of their religious system, for they are exclusivists. As to why he didn't set Jesus free and enforce his decision with soldiers is answered by Latourette:

"To the informed and unprejudiced observer the charges [against Jesus] were palpably false. They obviously seemed so to Pilate. Yet Pilate yielded to expediency and ordered that Jesus be crucified.. It is thought-provoking irony that, having deliberately refused to employ political methods and having rejected an interpretation of his mission which would make him a leader in the current unrest against Rome, Jesus should have been executed on the charge of planning revolt against Roman rule. It is in part a reflection of the complete failure of the leaders of his nation [sic] and of the representative of Rome to understand him. Their blindness made vivid the contrast to which Jesus had repeatedly called attention between their perspective and his, between them and the kingdom of God."(4)

(4) Kenneth S. Latourette, A History of Christianity, Harper & Brothers, NY, 1953, p.56

Pilate's action was expedient - that's the key. For Jewish leaders in our time to tout Roman omnipotence, therefore blaming Pilate with the whole crime, is disingenuous. They want to divert our attention from the historical fact that Rome had its hands full in goveriung the Jews. They had always been a stiff-necked, rebellious lot, and in Pilate's time they wielded a lot more influence than is commonly known. Furthermore, they seldom, if ever, regard themselves as culpable in any of their plans and actions. They don't make mistakes because they are the "chosen".

Defense lawyer to Matthew: You testified that the Nazarene was popular among the people. He had ridden into Jerusalem on an ass and had been hailed by the masses. Why, then, was he left without a friend at the trial? Instead, they now demanded his death by crucifixion. They said let his blood be upon us and our children. What caused this change?

Matthew: "I cannot account for that, sir." (Isn't it convenient to write the script so that the witness says what you want him to say?) The masses had not changed. Jewish leaders placed agents provocateurs in the crowd to yell, "Crucily him!" It is also true that those who had acclaimed Him at His triumphant entry into Jerusalem several days earlier were like people today: "We don't want to get involved!" Furthermore, they couldn't understand why Messiah would allow Himself to be arrested and tried. Their concept of Messiah was faulty, the same as that entertained by the makers of The Gospel Libel.

Defense lawyer to Matthew: Since you were not an eye-witness to these alleged proceedings before Pilate, and since St. Peter in his Gospel of St. Mark makes no mention of this incident, where did you obtain your information?

Matthew: "By divine inspiration, sir."

Hold it right there! This is a classic example of Jewish ignorance or distortion. The Apostle Peter didn't write the Gospel of Mark! Although John Mark was at some point Peter's companion, no serious scholar has ever postulated that Peter wrote Mark's account of the life and times of Jesus. But this is an example of how the Jewish script writers for the video in question fool the uninformed. Furthermore, Edersheim says that many priests were converted because of the rending of the temple veil at Jesus' crucifixion, and therefore could have imparted to the Gospel writers many of the details of the trial. and other matters.

We also remember that Abraham spoke to God alone. Who was present to record that? Moses likewise was on the mountain alone and communicated with God. Who witnessed that? Indeed, where did Moses get all of his information about the creation of the world, the flood, etc.? One of the questions asked by the defense lawyer in this video of profuse propaganda was, how did the Gospel writers have detailed knowledge of what Jesus prayed when he was alone in the Garden of Gethsemane? They believe they have an air-tight case at this point. They gloat over their victory! But they refuse to believe that Jesus rose from the dead and taught the people forty days. They have incarcerated themselves in a prison of their own making. They refuse to believe in the Holy Spirit and in the Trinity, therefore they are fatally limited in their ability to deal with the reality of history, blaming everything on the errors of the New Testament. Their hate and bigotry are discernible to everyone except themselves and their apologists.

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The narrator of the video The Gospel Libel laments:

Christians ".. claim that almost two thousand years ago, the Great Sanhedrin, the highest tribunal in the land of Judea, unjustly convicted Jesus of the capital offense of blasphemy, and delivered him to the Roman Procurator to be crucified. This accusation, based solely upon the testimony of the Four Gospels, has never been brought to trial in any court of law.. Christians have ever since been depriving the Jews of their legal and natural rights without due process of law... Crimes have been charged against an innocent people for more than 19 centuries... [Therefore,] this case is being brought to the attention of the world."

Again, the arrogance and conceit of the script writers shines through. They speak as if this mock trial, a creature of horrendously biased make-believe artists, is the real thing. How dare they so blatantly misrepresent history and justice! How many real life lawyers would love to have their script followed in a real court of law! But the Jewish script writers possess the further audacity to say: "The 'kingdom of heaven' upon earth cannot be built on a foundation of hatred, of man's inhumanity to man." Naturally, they are referring to the "inhumanity" of Christians.

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Smyrna is going to do something that Jewish leaders never do. We're going to admit that Christian leaders have sometimes erred or have sometimes been wicked. We will admit that millions of people who took the name of "Christian" were never genuine. Throughout Christian history many acts have been committed in the name of Christianity at which genuine Christians are appalled. But we have never seen Jewish leaders admit to anything of the sort. As they say in The Gospel Libel they have always at all times been persecuted innocents. We also vigorously deny that all Nazis were Christians, Jewish propaganda notwithstanding. Our definition of "Christian" differs markedly from that of Jewish leaders.
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The esteemed scholar Alfred Edersheim wrote his works in the late 1800s. He was courteous toward the Jews and often referred to their Talmud in order to substantiate certain information. He stated in Vol 2, Book V, p.561 that Annas, Caiaphas and the other Jewish authorities misrepresented Christ's symbolic words (about the destruction of the temple and raising it up in three days, referring to His body) in order to condemn Him. Edersheim states that "Judaism itself would not now echo this sentence of the Sanhedrists." That may have been true in Edersheim's time of the 1800s, but today Judaism is doing just that. It's leaders and writers are orchestrating a concerted effort to discredit the New Testament, and thereby the resurrection of Jesus Christ, to which we reply with the Apostle Paul: "And if Christ be not raised, your faith is in vain; ye are yet in your sins... If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable." (I Cor. 15:17 & 19).

The agenda of Jewish writers and film producers to erase the evidences that Jesus was the Christ has been increasing with alarming intensity. Gershon Mamlak's The Two Trials of Jesus(4) is just another example of their hard work. True to Jewish form, Mamlak hyperliteralizes everything and misses the point of discerning interpretation. (See Smyrna, Mar '92 for mention of Mamlak.) Like the Jewish leaders in Jesus time, and like the video we are critiquing, he tries to discredit the New Testament account of the trials of Jesus before Caiaphas and Pilate.

(5) Midstream magazine, June/July 1989.

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This has not been a complete treatment of The Gospel Libel by Tov' Emet Productions of New York. Smyrna now offers you an opportunity to see it for yourself. Words cannot describe the malice, the hate, the mannerisms of the actors and the casting of the characters in the film; you must see it to appreciate its destructive nature. Here is our offer:
Send us the cost of a blank video tape ($3.00) plus shipping costs ($3.00), and we will duplicate a tape for you and send it along. Show it to your church. Show It to your Christian friends.
Although it challenges one's faith, it had better be dealt with now rather than later. Believe us, if we don't face it now we will definitely be forced to face it later under more destructive circumstances.

We cannot overstress the importance of the content of this video. However, do not be at all surprised if most Christians simply dismiss it as something with which they cannot be bothered. We live in a time of sad, sad compromise and shallowness of faith The Apostle Peter instructed us to he able to give a reason for the hope that lies within us. If Jewish leaders succeed, not many Christians will be left who can defend the faith once delivered to the saints. May God help us!

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A Conspiracy To Take Over The World? - Wow!

(This is the title of an article by Joseph J Carr in the July/August/September 1994 issue of Discernment newsletter)

Mr. Carr ridicules the idea of a conspiracy to take over the world. He especially derogates Christians who believe in a conspiracy, saying that such an idea is "...stupid, unproven, and terribly idiotic..." He stated: "Illuminati stories abound among Christians. Books are written, tracts are printed and radio broadcasts are made on the basis of absolutely no proof: None; Zip; Zero; Nada."

Carr spent a great deal of his time refuting the claim by some that Adam Weishaupt, who began the Illuminati in 1776 was Jewish. He pointed out that "Jews are easily made the scapegoats." He finished his article with these words: "Fellow Christians, please stop all this foolishness. We cannot be a light to convert the world when our energies are sapped by satanic diversions such as the Conspiracy to Take Over the World."

Smyrna wishes to take this opportunity to caution Mr. Carr that he has fallen victim to the very conspiracy which he says doesn't exist. His claim that there is no proof - none whatsoever - could be compared to the Christian belief in the Trinity. The word "trinity" doesn't exist in the Bible. In order to become a trinitarian one must glean the concept from the totality of Scripture. One has to be able to put two and two together and come up with four. The trinitarian theory is based on the overall presentation of the nature of God and His plan of salvation from Genesis to Revelation. All of Pauline doctrine exudes trinitarianism. And yet, the word is never used. Does Mr. Carr assert that conspiracy buffs conjured up the idea of trinitarianism?

Likewise, in order to understand the conspiracy to take over the world, we must first realize that Satan is real and that he is at war with God. This being the case, it would be strange indeed if there were no conspiracy dreamed up by him to rule the world, using human agents. Such a scheme would, by its very nature, be discerned by those who are dedicated to God's principles, plus lots and lots of homework. The Bible is replete with accounts of tyrants who wished to rule the world, and it predicts a final effort by the anti-Christ system - with temporary success - to introduce a pseudo-Christ and a pseudo-kingdom of God. And, yes, Mr. Carr, the Talmudic system of Jewry plays a prominent role in this plan (See Smyrna's Strong Delusion -$5).

It is interesting to note that only one reference was cited by Carr at the end of his piece: Herman Bernstein, who wrote about the Protocols of Zion, published by Ktav Publishing Co. of New York - a Jewish author published by a Jewish publishing house. To use Mr. Carr's own exclamation: WOW!

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In an article In the Blumenfeld Education Letter, June 1995, Samuel I. Blumenfeld cites several studies which indicate that people with deep religious beliefs enjoy better mental health than those without beliefs. Blurnenfeld refers to John F. Schumaker who wrote an article entitled The Mental Health of Atheists in which the author says, " '...I refer to my research showing atheists to have 45 percent more symptoms of psychological disturbance than their strongly religious counterparts....' ''
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Newt Gingrich , like all other politicians, must play games with the power structure-with those who can make you or break you. Thus we see him at right wearing a Jewish yarmulke, speaking at a congressional ceremony honoring the former Rabbi Menachem Schneerson (see Smyrna, July-Aug '91; Sept-Oct '91; Oct '92; Oct '93 for Schneerson's background).

See if you can make out the large photograph of Schneerson behind Gingrich.[*] A friend of this writer astutely commented that Schneerson, some of whose followers believed he was the Messiah, did not escape the grave but succeeded in getting his picture hung at a congressional ceremony in the Russell Senate Office Building, whereas Jesus, Who is Messiah and WAS resurrected, cannot be present via any medium because He is banned from public buildings. Such is the sad commentary on our present "Judeo-Christian" culture.

[* Photo in "hard copy" . . . --BeWISE]

Smyrna (Jan '95) published a brief religious background of Gingrich. He is a member of a Southern Baptist church in Georgia, but this is meaningless in today's climate of compromise. As we have so often stated, if "Christians" would simply stop supporting Jewish-Zionist intrigue, it would collapse. They need to reread the letters to the seven churches in Revelation 2-3, then dedicate themselves to the Lord whom they profess to serve! [AMEN! --BeWISE]

There was a drawing of a menorah on the front of the podium where Gingrich spoke. Let's rearrange this setting. Let's suppose that the Christian community proposed a Congressional ceremony honoring Jesus Christ in a government office building. Instead of Gingrich, who purports to be a Christian, speaking in honor of a Jewish "Messiah", let's imagine Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, or Barney Frank, all Jews, speaking in honor of Jesus, with His likeness behind them and a cross on the podium. What chance would this proposal have of being realized? You guessed it! About as much chance as the proverbial snowball in hades!

Do you want to know why Jewish leaders succeed in their efforts to control, and why Christians don't even get to first base? It's because Jewish leaders have a political agenda for this world and they are committed and determined. Christian leaders don't really know what the role of Christians should be in the realm of politics. "Salt vs. light" is confusing to them.

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The New Testament has been dissected and analyzed more than all other ancient writings combined and has withstood the carping of critics through the centuries. The well known historian Will Durant, who certainly was not biased toward Christianity, stated in the third volume of his 10 volume work that "...Higher Criticism has applied to the New Testament tests of authenticity so severe that by them a hundred ancient worthies--e.g., Hammurabi, David, Socrates---would fade into legend." Durant quotes Jewish scholar J. Klausner: " 'If we had ancient sources like those in the Gospels for the history of Alexander or Caesar, we should not cast any doubt upon them whatsoever.' "

In the final analysis, proof of anything -- even our own existence -- may be debated, and, indeed, has been argued throughout history by philosophers. Belief is not necessarily the product of close, scientific examination, but rather the willingness of the mind to accept reasonable information. A mind that isn't willing to believe cannot be convinced regardless of the strength of the evidence. Therefore, belief is more a condition of the mind (call it soul if you wish) than the product of great intellectual abilities. This is true of scientists, historians, pseudo-scientists and pseudo-historians. Perhaps the Creator intended it to be so.

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Christians don't admit it

Appearing in the Washington Times of April 26, 1995, this is the headline for a story that tells of Christians in "Israel" who keep their faith secretly in order to avoid deportation and loss of benefits. As incredible as this sounds - we think of Red China persecuting Christians but not "our staunch ally" in the Middle East - it is all too true.

Jana Fungartz and her Jewish husband immigrated from the Ukraine two years ago and keep their portraits of Jesus and other paraphernalia out of sight so that Jewish authorities will not know that they are Christians. The Fungartzs are part of a wave of Christians among half a million immigrants from the former Soviet Union who endeavor to keep their faith from becoming known to the Israelis. They fear deportation or loss of benefits.

"Any person married to a Jew or who has at least one Jewish grandparent is entitled to immigrate and to obtain immigrant benefits. Benefits can be revoked and a person deported if they lie about their Jewish ties to gain immigrant status", says the Times in its article by Arieh O'Sullivan of the Associated Press. Some of the benefits, the loss of which they fear, are discrimination from their neighbors, discrimination in the job market, and the stigmatizing of their children in the schools.

According to Rabbi Yitzhak Levy of the National Religious Party, it wasn't the intent of Law of Return to let in thousands of goyim (non-Jews), " 'But what it did was let in a flood of goyim, and that is harming the character of the state.' " Immigrants are given a monthly stipend, housing and language classes. The benefits have stirred resentment from Israelis who question spending tax money on Christians, Muslims and others. Smyrna surmises that it's all right if Christians in America spend tax money on Jews in "Israel", or on Jews who land here seeking political asylum. We understand that they receive welfare and medical benefits, all of which is exempted from laws governing aliens.

All of the above, of course, is part of the ongoing Christian persecution of Jews, carried out for nearly two thousand years!

We've know for a long time that Israelis have a policy against proselytizing by members of any religion, and it has more effect on Christians because Christianity believes in evangelizing. Anti-missionary groups seek out evangelical Christians and report them to the authorities. It is a crime punishable by up to five years in prison to convert anyone for "material reward".

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the kind of double standard not only tolerated by millions of Christians in America, but touted as desirable, because to bless Israel is to be blessed of God! There is little wonder that many thinking people refer to our present time as the "post Christian era".

In our local newspaper, a recent letter to the editor refuting the New Testament evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ was published. To date, only two retorts have been seen, and not one Christian minister to our knowledge has uttered a peep! Is their God asleep? Is He on vacation? Is He blind and deaf? Apparently, our local ministers think so.

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Cyberspace Vigilantes

According to a report received from a computer on-line customer, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith released a press statement last February to the effect that Prodigy, one of the computer networks, suspended the bulletin board privileges of one of its customers because "anti-Semitic" remarks had been posted. The suspension came after the ADL lodged a complaint with Prodigy. According to the press release which was downloaded from the U.S. Newswire BBS in Maryland, the President of Prodigy, Ross Glatzer, replied to ADL:" 'You'll be pleased to know that the individual was reported to us by our members. In addition to removing the note, the individual was warned and subsequently suspended from using the boards. Any further infractions will result in immediate account termination.' "

Smyrna sent an e-mail letter to Mr. Glatzer asking for a verbatim copy of the "anti-Semitic" note, and for definitions of terms. We wonder if he is Jewish. If so, this could account for his harsh response against his customer, denying First Amendment rights. However, we learned that Mr. Glatzer is no longer president. Mr. Ed Bennett is now head of Prodigy.

Jewish leaders are desperately trying to eliminate all criticism of their interests. The ADL, as usual, in its complaint to Prodigy, took full advantage of the buzz words "bigotry," "hatred," "prejudice," et al., to describe those who disagree with their policies. We remind our readers that the ADL is the super spy organization and watchdog for Israel and the Jewish agenda.

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Other's Views Regarding Jews

Smyrna is far from being alone in its views on Talmudic-Kabbalistic Judaism and Zionism. James B. Jordan in the July 1995 issue of Biblical Horizons says: "Christians should view Jews the same way they view Moslems and humanists. Liberal Jews are basically secular humanists, and conservative Jews are like Mormons and Moslems: They have a false Bible that has nothing to do with the real Bible."

Smyrna harbors no hate toward anyone. There is a vast difference between hating someONE and hating their agenda. We believe we should expose the facts about political, economic, social and religious organizations and movements. And we should be allowed to form opinions based upon the facts. The facts about Talmudism and Zionism are of fundamental importance to Christians. The practice of the principles of justice (righteousness) demands that we critique those with whom we disagree, trying to do so in the spirit of courtesy.

Jesus the Christ called the Talmudists "vipers" and "hypocrites". And yet at the same moment He was prepared to die for their sins. The Apostle Paul said that he would gladly be accursed in order to save his kinsmen from destruction (Rom. 9:3), and simultaneously said that they displeased God and were contrary to all men (I Thess. 2:15). Too many people don't understand how we can love the potential worth of everyone but also come down hard on their beliefs and practices. It's a tightrope to walk, but it is necessary.

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A Vietnam War Hero

By Jeremy

Today my nephew died. He was 51 years old. He died after 26 years of suffering with multiple body ailments brought on by being severely wounded in Vietnam in 1969. A communist AK47 bullet entered his body on one side and exited through his hip on the other side, shattering it. He was never again the same. For 26 years he was in and out of hospitals. He eventually developed cancer of the kidneys, having one removed and then the other, which demanded that he have dialysis treatments every three or four days thereafter. He was finally eaten up with cancer and succumbed on June 23, 1995. Thanks be to God he was an active Christian who suffered without complaint, whose trust in his Lord Jesus Christ was deep and abiding. His suffering is now over. He is with the Savior. Praise God!

Nicholas Munsterman, my nephew, was born on my birthday when I was just a kid. I thought the event was something special. Many years later I visited him in the hospital at Travis Air Force Base when he was returned from Vietnam. I remember thinking that he was one of the many victims of that horrible war caused by criminals in high political places in government and commerce. My heart went out to him and all the other brave Americans who fought that no-win war - who were betrayed by their leaders. It was a no-win war because that's what it was designed to be.

The story of the Vietnam tragedy has been told by many who have documented the betrayal of Americans to the rommunists. Robert McNamara was one of them, who has now "confessed". Tens of thousands of Americans died in Vietnam and many times more than that were wounded. My nephew was one of those whose life was severely damaged and changed forever. Now he is dead. He died at the young age of 51. His and others' blood will be charged to the accounts of the politicians and world planners when they stand before Almighty God. The conservative backlash in the U.S. moves as a present witness against them.

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The Natives Are Restless

Students and parents at a high school commencement ceremony in Salt Lake City defiantly sang a religious song a federal appeals court had barred the choir from performing.

The court order was issued at the request of a Jewish student who claimed that her rights were violated by being forced to sing two religious pieces as a member of the West High School choir, a graded activity.

The choir sang two secular pieces instead of "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" and "Friends".

But when the choir finished, graduating senior Will Badger went to the microphone to say that "Friends" had been a West High tradition for more than five years. He asked those in the audience who knew the song to stand and join them in singing it. He said they sang it not as Christians, Jews or Muslims, but as friends.

A police officer escorted Badger off the stage, and the principal tried to halt the singing, but most of the choir, the graduating students and the audience took part. Some students had handed out the lyrics before the ceremony.

School officials and the choir director did not sing. Neither did Rachel Bauchman, the student who sued. She and her mother walked out as soon as the song ended.

No immediate disciplinary action was taken against Badger.

Bauchman sued the district and the choir director last week. She said that the two songs contained the words "God" and "Lord" and amounted to Christian prayers.

(Taken from an AP story in the S.F. Chronicle of 6/9/95.)

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The top echelons of power are desperate to assure us that the Oklahoma City massacre was the work of amateurs and a fertilizer bomb. In an Associated Press story carried in The Daily Oklahoman June 2nd, the opening salvo was: "The multiple bomb theory has apparently fallen with the remains of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

"Seismic records of the April 19 bombing showed three distinct spikes about 10 seconds apart. The information was seized on by conspiracy theorists as proof that more than one bomb destroyed the building.

"The multiple bomb theory was discussed on talk radio, at militia meetings and Internet clusters."

The AP propaganda now says that there is "a simpler, scientific answer." Using one Thomas Holzer, a U.S. Geological Survey geologist of Menlo Park, CA to "explain" the "official" version, and using "body waves", "vibrations", etc., to convince the sheeple, the Associated Press (at the instigation of whom?) is doing its part in the cover-up.

But Smyrna talked to the University of Oklahoma geologists who first said that there were two events, and they are sticking to their version. They tell us that the U.S.G.S. report is "unverified".

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