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JULY 1994


o The Ultimate in Propaganda
o What Rosenblatt Didn't Mention
o A Related Event in Budapest?
o Are James & Kenneth Collier Correct?
o Freedom Rally
o It's Your Money!
o Ha, Ha -- Oh, Yes!, Of Course. . .
o Chalk One up for Leila Denmark, M.D.
o Which Jews are God's Chosen?
o Will the real "chosen ones" please stand up?
o The EEOC -- Kowtowing to Jewish Pressure
o Christian Research Institute
o The sad demise of Dr. Walter Martin's ministry
o Question of the Century
o More on Leadership Betrayal
o Billy Graham's Inconsistent Consistency
o The Five Gospels


(Except for type size and style, the following is an exact reproduction of a paragraph that appeared in the June 10,1994 issue of the Jewish "Forward" newspaper, p. 2.)

Fessing Up: "It isn't merely that the Jews dominate the media, - jokes Roger Rosenblatt in a piece in the "The New Republic" in which he reflects on Nixon's fear of Jewish ubiquity in America. "We are the media." Everybody in the media is Jewish, Mr. Rosenblatt says. "Some are Sabras, who were born into the trade. Some like "The Washington Post's" William Raspberry or, occasionally, TNR's Fouad Ajami, are in disguise. Others have converted, and outsiders cannot always guess who." The reason Jews have sought to monopolize the media: "To take over the world. We have done so in deliberate stages. Our interest in monopolizing world banks proved generally successful - with a slight glitch in Europe between the early 1930s and 1945. Our monopoly of Hollywood was swift and complete. It may seem odd that our design there was not to celebrate Jews in American culture but rather to reinforce the image of the dominant Protestant, yet that was merely a diversionary tactic." -Binyamin Jolkovsky

The foregoing is masterful propaganda. It reveals the naked truth, but with tongue in cheek delivery that disarms uninformed readers. Nearly everything attributed to Roger Rosenblatt is true. Jews do dominate the media, but not everyone in the media is Jewish. His overstatement is calculated to produce the opposite effect. He's correct that some Jews were born into the trade and some are disguised. Others have converted and outsiders cannot guess who they are.

Why have Jews sought to monopolize the media? "To take over the world", he says. This is another statement designed to produce incredulity in non-Jewish circles. The fact is that Jewish leaders would very much like to monopolize the world. Read "Strong Delusion", authored by this writer. And they have planned it in deliberate stages. Rosenblatt's admission that they have monopolized world banks and Hollywood is on target, and his statement about their subterfuge regarding Protestantism is revealing.

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Conspicuously absent from Rosenblatt's revelations is the Russian nightmare. The Bolshevik Jews conquered the Russians and committed such heinous crimes against them that the secrets of that reign of terror have been closely guarded. An estimated 50-65 million souls behind the iron curtain (the Evil Empire) were destroyed, about 12-15 million of whom were Christians. One of the reasons for the tremendous propaganda claiming that 6 million Jews in Europe perished has been to help hide their atrocities against inhabitants under the Soviet boot.

SMYRNA has stated that the collapse of socialism-communism in Russia is probably a ploy. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the new controversial political figure in Russia, bolsters our suspicions. He has allegedly said that 2 million Jews control Russia.(1) However, Zhirinovsky has been accused of being a fascist, a potential Hitler, and an anti-Semite by Vadimir Pozner of the Pozner Donahue Show on CNBC. Surprisingly, some evangelical Christians have postulated that Zhirinovsky may be another Hitler and the leader of the Gog-Magog forces that attack "Israel" in the Middle East in the battle of Armageddon. Such speculation is built upon dispensationalism and a misunderstanding of Bible prophecy. It also reveals a paucity of comprehension of Zionist strategies and tactics. It plays into the hands of the Talmudists. (See section below entitled "Which Jews Are God's Chosen?")

(1) According to Vladimir Pozner of the Pozner & Donahue show, CNBC, 12/14/93.

On 6/24/94 David Frost interviewed Zhirinovsky on PBS TV (recorded in Russia). Concerning 2 million Jews in Russia, Zhirinovsky said that it would be their choice to stay in Russia if he were president. He said they are no problem. He said the Bolsheviks (Communists) are still in power, that they stole more than half of his votes in the December election, and that the U.S. supports them.

This all sounds like double talk until one thinks about it carefully. Did someone get to Zhirinovsky between the time he allegedly said that 2 million Jews control Russia, and the time he was interviewed by Frost?

We just talked to a source who has been to Russia recently who says that from 1965 most of the Jewish Bolsheviks left the USSR for Israel, the U.S., Canada, Australia, and other places, with enormous sums of money they stole and milked from the Russian people. Our source said many have gone back (and are continuing to return) to Russia to buy up commercial control of the country, that they are the ones around Yeltsin who call themselves Democrats (the Russia's Choice Party). Our source said that Zhirinovsky claims he is not Jewish - that his papers were modified. When asked about the whites in South Africa who are being disenfranchised, Zhirinovsky said that if he were president he would welcome them to Russia. He said he would ban all Western religious organizations (see article below, "More on Leadership Betrayal").

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"Budapest - Right-wing Hungarian politician Istvan Csurka has blamed Israel for the Socialist victory in last week's national elections. 'Israel directed the results of the Hungarian elections by remote control,' Mr. Csurka wrote in the newspaper "Magyar Forum". Mr. Csurka's Hungarian Justice Party received only 1% of the vote in the first round of voting and he was thus unable to win reelection to his Parliament seat. The Hungarian electorate gave a stunning victory to the Socialists, which was created by the reform wing of the former communist party, in the May 29 elections. They soundly defeated the ruling Hungarian Democratic Forum, to which Osurka formerly belonged."(2)

(2) Jewish Telegraphic Agency, via "Forward" of 6/10/94 p.3.

Since the Jewish Telegraphic Agency used the term "Right-wing" to describe Csurka, we can be reasonably certain that Jews are powerful in the Socialist forces that won the victory. This would be similar to what Vladimir Zhirinovsky is saying in Russia. Remember, the Jewish leftists in the U.S. use the same terminology for those of us who are constitutionalists/conservatives/Christians. If we put two and two together, we can often deduce some truth that we would otherwise miss. We also know that the political machinery of Talmudic-Zionist cliques in America are super effective.

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Are James and Kenneth Collier Correct?

James and Kenneth Collier are brothers who wrote "Votescam: The Stealing of America",(3) in which they claim that a major fraud of vote counting is being committed in this country and that the major news networks are in on it. This sounds too bizarre to be seriously considered, but SMYRNA has long since learned that the world conspirators are far more sophisticated and diabolical than most people suspect. We also know that the Protocols revealed that the conspirators have their hands into the conduct of elections.(4)

(3) Victoria House Press, NY, 1992. (4) PROTOCOL 9, paragraph 9.

WOW! What if this really *IS* true?!

Well, now, the only thing left is to urge people to become believers, not only in God and Jesus Christ, but in Bible prophecy. These, coupled with history, demonstrate the reality of a world conspiracy, the fundamental purpose of which is to destroy Christianity. It is known as the anti-Christ system. Read our book "Strong Delusion" please!

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On July 2nd and 3rd this writer was privileged to speak at the freedom rally organized by the Free Enterprise Society of Clovis, CA held at the Holiday Inn North in Sacramento. Other speakers were John Quade the movie actor who is a staunch Christian and Constitutionalist, Irwin Schiff, John Rakus of the National Justice Foundation, Larry Becraft, Lloyd and Dana Long, who, with the help of Larry Becraft, won a case against the IRS last October. Godfrey Lehman, Claire Kelley, Gary Phillips of the U.S. Justice Department and Steve Hempfling who organized the convention, also spoke.

State Senator Don Rogers was keynote speaker at the banquet in the evening. Bill Benson, author of the two volume "The Law That Never Was", was scheduled to speak but suffered a stroke and was hospitalized.

We were able to reach about 500 people with our message and distributed literature. All in all, it was profitable for us to be there.

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In Aug. of 1993 SMYRNA notified its readers of the film being shown in the "Holocaust" Museum in Washington, DC that is severely anti-Christian. Recently, we received another letter from Rev. Dale Crowley, Jr., who is fighting to defend the film. Your taxes are used to promote this Christian bashing to the tune of $15.4 million annually (over $42,000 daily). Doesn't this exercise your righteous indignation?

Why don't you call your local Congressional office and ask for a transcript of the 12 minute film on anti-Semitism? Also ask for the names and addresses of the commission members who manage the museum. This will do two things: it will give you personal evidence of what is being publicized on the film, and you will know who is responsible for the Christian bashing. You may then write to them. SMYRNA has already begun this project. Reports to SMYRNA on your progress would be appreciated.

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HA, HA - Yes! Of Course...

Our local Cox Cable mailed a brochure recently on "Important Customer Information". Under the subtitle "Cox Cable and Our Community", it stated: ". . .we are dedicated to improving this community...because it's our home too.

"The top item on our Community Service agenda is our Commitment to Education...To date we have wired 100% of the schools in our serviceable area with at least one cable outlet. Our goal is to have cable in every classroom by the end of 1995."

Since SMYRNA concluded long ago that TV is public enemy number one, we do not agree with the foregoing assessment by Cox Cable that its efforts are beneficial to the community. It's like the fox who carefully wined and dined the chickens and even educated the little chickees - all in the name of community service in order to reap continuing bountiful meals through the years. Cox Cable's multiculturalism is the kiss of death to any sane, moral culture.

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"On abortion: 'If I were to put the baby on the counter and hand the mother a knife and say, 'Take its head off...,' no woman would kill that baby - not a one. She wants a law passed so somebody else can kill that baby for her, and then she's not to blame. We're looking for excuses in life all the time.'"(5)

(5) "Physician" magazine, July/August 1994, p.7.

'Nuff said. Thank you, Dr. Denmark.


Christian Coalition, a grass roots organization begun by Pat Robertson, is contributing to the campaigns of some Republicans who support abortion. In a short article by Howard Phillips in his "Issues and Strategy Bulletin",(6) he revealed that Christian Coalition's executive director Ralph Reed admitted that the organization has worked to elect Republicans who favor abortion rights.

(6) Issue of June 30, 1994.

SMYRNA agrees with Christian Coalition's basic purposes but finds it impossible to justify its expediency regarding pro-abortion Republicans. We do not believe that God honors deliberate expediency. If abortion is murder then it is wrong to support those who support abortion. There are too many Christians who practice expediency in order to achieve some supposedly worthwhile objective, but the end never justifies the means if the means are unprincipled.

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Will the real "chosen ones" please stand up?

"It's God's will that the state of Israel be destroyed." This is a quote in the Jewish "Forward" newspaper of 8/10/94 p.3, attributed to a pious Jew in a crowd of 100,000 Chasadim gathered to welcome the Satmar Rebbe, Moshe Teitelbaum, in Jerusalem in June. Who is the Satmar Rebbe? He is to Chasadim Jews what Rebbe Menachem Schneerson was to Hasidic Jews. Schneerson's title and kingship originated in Russia while Teitelbaum's came from Hungary. But more than that, Schneerson's following believed that the Jews have a right to the "holy land" while Teitelbaum's community believes that Messiah must first come and lead the Jews back to the land.

Hillel Halkin, the "Forward" staff writer from whom the above quotation was taken, denounced the acceptance in Jerusalem of anti-Zionist Rabbi Teitelbaum while rejecting Yasser Arafat who openly embraces the right of "Israel" to exist. SMYRNA thinks this division among Jews confronts Christian dispensationalists with a tough problem. Who are the "chosen ones"? Are they Schneerson's group or are they Teitelbaum's followers? Or what about all those Jews who are of the Reformed faith? Are they the chosen ones? Come on, dispensationalists - choose. Or perhaps they should all be lumped into one big pot without their consent?

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If House Resolution 4803 is enacted, "religious harassment" in the workplace will be prosecuted. Smyrna has requested a copy of the guidelines from our Congressman so we can discuss them more intelligently, but judging by the flak elicited from Christians the guidelines, if adopted, pose a serious problem for free speech. According to some, wearing a cross or the hexagram (Israeli emblem) at the work place could be construed as religious harassment. Or, keeping a Bible in your desk drawer or a New Testament in your pocket or purse, if noticed by a potential "offendee", could anger them. As with sexual harassment, the offense would be internreted by the offended person. For example, in Tehachapi, CA a Jewish woman brought suit against the directors of a cemetery where family was buried. Reason? There was a large flower bed in the shape of a cross, and this offended her each time she visited the place!

We know that we sound like a stuck record player because we persistently blame Jewish leaders for many problems. We don't do this without solid evidence, often from Jewish sources. And the EEOC guidelines are one more putsch concocted by Jewish leaders who admit their involvement. In the 6/17/94 issue of "Forward", this small headline appeared on page one: "Christians, Jews Clash Over EEOC." The article states that the Christian stance is "pitting them squarely against Jewish leaders who feel the guidelines are necessary to combat anti-Semitism at the office." Friends, in most cases of this nature, if we peel back the skin of the issue we will uncover Jewish interests.

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P.O. Box 500, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693-0500

(Sad Demise of Dr. Walter Martin's Ministry)

It is always an unpleasant task to air the dirty laundry of fellow Christians, but it must be done because we cannot afford to act as our enemies act, i.e., cover up our sins. According to Texe Marrs in his Flashpoint newsletter of July 1994, a lawsuit against Christian Research Institute's president, Hendrik (Hank) Hanegraaff has been filed by Brad Sparks, a former employee of CRI. The suit charges Hanegraaff and his wife with pocketing over $750,000 in bloated salaries and benefits. It also accuses Hanegraaff of using the 501(C)(3) organization as a cover for his own profit making business. Sparks, states "Flashpoint", was a top researcher for CRI and an aide to Mr. Hanegraaff. His suit was filed in Orange County Superior Court 4/7/94.

The founder of CRI was the late Dr. Walter Martin, the Bible Answer Man. Walter Martin, in our estimation, was a whiz kid. With few exceptions we agreed with his philosophical and theological views. We were sorry to see him depart this life but we know that he is now enjoying the bliss of the Savior's presence. He was a great influence for good with his scholarly answers.

Since Mr. Hanegraaff took the reins of CRI it has changed. Some, including Texe Marrs, believe that CRI has become an apologist for Roman Catholicism, and more specifically for the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and Freemasonry. Be that as it may, SMYRNA believes that CRI has become a defender of Talmudism/Zionism. In 1993 we wrote a letter to Elliot Miller of CRI, excerpted below.

January 14, 1993

Mr. Elliot Miller, Editor-in-Chief Christian Research Journal P.O. Box 500 San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693

Dear Mr. Miller:

One of SMYRNA'S newsletter recipients sent us a copy of an article in your Fall 1992 issue entitled "Identity", by Viola Larson. I was quite amazed that you allowed so much space to Ms. Larson, whose views are quite slanted and intolerant. Why do I state this?

In 1981 she telephoned me after I had filled in for a fellow minister on a Sacramento Christian radio show. She exhibited a closed mind regarding everything that she did not agree with. Her behavior was intolerant in the extreme, even to the point of refusing to believe that I am a Christian simply because I did not meet her doctrinal criteria.

[This reminds me of many so-called Christians - mostly pastors and elders - but sometimes even the people "in the pews" that we have had dealings with. Indeed we have caught many in such OUTRIGHT LIES and some of the most beligerent behavior that it stunned us . . . -BeWISE]

She will not (at least she would not at that time) accept evidence presented by excellent secular scholars nor orthodox church scholars. She was adamant and narrow in her personal opinions. She contacted me again in 1987 to continue her "debate", with me.

While her article in your recent journal has certain merit regarding the Identity movement, it is nevertheless slanted and contains the self serving motive of connecting elements within that movement that should not be connected. For example, she leads the reader to believe that all followers of Identity are anti-Semites and racist Nazi types. This is far, far from the truth, but it serves her purpose, which is to label as racists and anti-Semites all who don't agree that contemporary Israel is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy, or that modern Jews are God's chosen people....

Will Viola Larson admit that the Jewish religion (Talmudism) is bitterly anti-Christian and racist in the extreme? The "Talmud" states:

"A Jew, by the fact that he belongs to the chosen people and is circumcised, possesses so great a dignity that no one, not even an angel, can share equality with him. In fact, he is considered almost equal of God...A Jew alone is looked upon as a man; the whole world is his and all things should serve him, especially 'animals which have the form of men'" (see Chullin, 91b; Sanhedrin, 58b; cf. Chagigah, 15b; as quoted from Pranaitis, "The Talmud Unmasked", p.60).

In her article (pp.23 and 25) Larson states that Identity teachers "single out the word beast as a description of other races...[Some see] all other races as creatures who, like animals, have no spirits."

Isn't it rather coincidental that the Jewish religion, which preceded Identity, teaches the same thing about itself that some of the Identity people teach about themselves? It may be more than a coincidence. The question is, will Viola Larson even consider the evidence that the Jewish religion is racist and bigoted?

This letter is not intended to critique Larson's entire article. I simply want to demonstrate that she has conveniently overlooked some critical evidence. She is an ardent Israel-firster and a destructive polemicist for the occultic religion of Judaism (Talmudism and Kabbalism). And because Christian Research Institute is a defender of the Christian faith against the cults, it boggles the mind that you would allow her to defend the country's most powerful cult! She seems to hate those orthodox Christians who disagree with her, who try to tell the truth about the most successful Christian bashers - the Jewish leaders...

I hope that C.R.I. will stop, look, and listen carefully before it embraces those who embrace the promoters of an anti-Christ world view.

Sincerely in Christ,

- - - - - - - - -. Founder and Publisher [SMYRNA]

More than a year later (!), Mr. Hanegraaff answered our letter and stated: "I do, however, believe that Viola Larson's opinion is authentic and reasonable from her perspective." Of course! Indubitably! Why not? As long as it is from her perspective it has to be reasonable. That means that Stalin and Hitler were O.K. if we empathized with them! Is this statement representative of the new breed of "Christians" - those who make such non sequitur remarks?

Following is our answer to Hanegraaff's letter.

April 5, 1994

Mr. Hendrik H. Hanegraaff Christian Research Institute P.O. Box 500 San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693-0500

Dear Mr. Hanegraaff:

I was surprised to receive a reply from you after a year and two months had elapsed since I wrote to you, but thanks for your letter.

I am mystified by your comment, "I do, however, believe that Viola Larson's opinion is authentic and reasonable from her perspective." That rationale could be applied to any teaching from any source. For example, Carl Sagan could say (has said) that his standards for empirical evidence requiring one to believe in God are very high, implying that no one has met his standards yet. If I published an article by him and you wrote to me cautioning me that his views are slanted and that he made several mistakes that Christians shouldn't endorse, I could answer you by telling you that Sagan's opinions are authentic and reasonable from his perspective. That approach to truth is totally unacceptable for Christians. I did not ask you to condemn Viola Larson, I merely documented evidence to show that her views are slanted and also inaccurate. As a Christian minister I felt that you would be grateful for such input, especially since Christian Research Institute is supposed to be a clearing house for facts exposing heresies. Instead, you defended Ms. Larson's views on the premise that she is entitled to her beliefs no matter how inaccurate. Apparently CRI will protect her right to be wrong. I am disappointed in your posture. It is not the posture of the CRI that I once knew.

We who are in positions of leadership have a responsibility to dispense truth, and we must in fear and trembling account for our labors before Almighty God.


- - - - - - - - - -. Founder and Publisher

SMYRNA recommends SCP to replace CRI.

Where can we get research intelligence data on cults and other non-Christian activities now that CRI is no longer carrying the banner that it once did? SMYRNA recommends Spiritual Counterteits Project (SCP), P.O. Box 4308, Berkeley, CA 94704, telephone 510-540-0300. They publish a newsletter and a quarterly journal that are excellent. It is one of the finest ministries anywhere.

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Why do so many Christians think that Roman Catholicism is the anti-Christ system described in the Book of the Revelation, but Judaism is the religion of God's chosen people?

The answer has two parts:

1. Many people from the time of the "Middle Ages" onward vehemently disagreed with certain practices of Romanism and the idea was developed that the Pope was the anti-Christ. The Reformers accentuated this. Some Bible expositors misinterpreted Revelation's "seven hills" on which mystery Babylon was built, claiming that because Rome is situated on seven hills, it was the seat of anti-Christ. This idea has persisted down through the centuries.

2. In modern times the doctrine of dispensationalism arose and was refined into the present teaching that the Jews are God's chosen.

Let's do a bit of logic. If Roman Catholicism is such a powerful force why is it that its opponents are free to speak out against it so boldly? On the other hand, few speak out against Talmudism/Zionism for fear of being shut down. Which, then, is the more powerful?

Actually, Revelation identifies Talmudism as the leader of the anti-Christ system. SMYRNA'S "Strong Delusion" explains this clearly. There is no need for continued ignorance on this matter in our time, yet we see droves of Christians still teaching these errors. We're not claiming that the Roman Catholic Church is free of error; even her most loyal sons and daughters are painfully aware of serious departures from the faith. But we hasten to remark that Protestantism in all its shades is today filled with infiltrators and error also. We believe that the bottom line is that God throughout the ages has had a faithful people who have usually been a remnant within the organized institutions.

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According to Hannu Haukka as told to Dan Wooding whose article was carried in the 4/25/94 issue of "Christian News" (p.15), Vladimir Zhirinovsky said he would ban all Western religious organizations in Russia if he were president. Most people probably think this is bad news but it might not be. He later said that his grandmother was a Baptist and that he is for Christian confessions, meaning denominations. A letter to the editor of "Christian News" suggested that it may be the TV evangelists that Zhirinovsky doesn't like because they hawk Zionism and the "chosen people" myth; Russians are fed up with Jewish power.

If this is true then the Russians are more perceptive than Americans. SMYRNA has persistently informed its readers of prominent Christian leaders who have in one way or another betrayed our Lord Jesus Christ by embracing anti-Christ leaders. We have covered many items about such personalities as Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, James Dobson, Oral Roberts, Jim Bakker, Paul Crouch, Hal Lindsey, Chuck Missler, Jack Hayford, Chuck Smith, Jack Van Impe, Benny Hinn, Chuck Swindoll (new president of Dallas Theological Seminary), et al. SMYRNA is concerned about leaders whose beliefs seriously affect Christianity. We think their beliefs and acts must be reported. The following is an example:

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Billy Graham's inconsistent consistency is finally shining through with devastating results. We all remember in the early 1980's when he was criticized for travelling to the USSR and finding more religious freedom there than others had found. When he was reminded that his audiences consisted largely of KGB agents and other Communist controllers, he said, "They are the people I'm trying to reach." He didn't complain that huge segments of Russians were not allowed to meetings.

However, in a similar situation, he refused to go to South Africa until 1973 because huge segments of people (blacks) were not allowed to attend. Why didn't he go to South Africa, and when criticized because only the "evil" controllers were attending, he could have said, "They are the people I'm trying to reach."

Graham's apparent inconsistent behavior can be explained on the basis of being soft on the socialists-Communists for years. His behavior toward the Communists in the USSR is consistent with his behavior toward the Communists in South Africa. He is praising Nelson Mandela, a long time Communist leader by saying, "I offer President Mandela not only my heartiest congratulations but also my prayers for his government...(7) Graham has the same posture toward socialist Bill Clinton, and Hillary who was a summer understudy of Communist Robert Treuhaft.(8)

(7) "Christian News", June 13, 1994, p.3.

(8) Herb Caen, "San Francisco Chronicle", Nov. 12, 1992.

Folks, if one waits long enough and watches closely enough, one will trap the pseudo-conservatives, pseudo-liberals, socialists, Communists, humanists and their front people and apologists in their inconsistent consistencies every time. That's because sooner or later their real colors shine through.

Another Example:

In July 1992 SMYRNA published a piece about "The Last Temptation of Hollywood", a book by Larry Poland. It is the inside story of what happened between Universal Studios and some well known evangelical Christian leaders prior to and after the release of that notorious, Christian bashing film, "The Last Temptation of Christ". Poland's book is an excellent example of the kind of naivete that is destroying the effectiveness of Christian salt in the world. Jesus said that His disciples are the salt of the earth, but He also said that if that salt loses its flavor it is good for nothing but to be trodden under foot (Matt. 5:13). While these Christians mean well, they are heavy on maudlin love but critically short on salt.

Many Christians have become savorless. Their refusal to be educated about the world conspiracy is the primary cause. If Tim Penland (a Christian who was hired by Universal Studios to act as liaison with the Christian community at large) and Poland had been informed about the conspiracy and had had the courage to take a stand in the very beginning, and if the Christian leaders who worked with them on the project had believed in such a conspiracy, they might have prevented the entire, disgusting scenario.

Who were those leaders? Bill Bright, head of Campus Crusade for Christ, Jack Hayford, pastor of Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California, Lloyd Ogilvie, senior minister of Hollywood Presbyterian Church, James Dobson, head of Focus on the Family, and Don Wildmon, head of American Family Association.

To the credit of Don Wildmon, he wanted to blow the whistle at the very beginning because he didn't trust Hollywood moguls. How right he was! But he was persuaded by Penland to hold off - until it was too late. And one gets the impression from Poland that Wildmon was a mite too controversial, an attitude which is common in the "progressive", politically correct, evangelical world.

The above list of evangelical Christians, from Billy Graham to James Dobson, may be the types of Christians Vladimir Zhirinovsky doesn't want in Russia because they push the "Judeo-Christian" contradiction and Zionism. Smyrna sympathizes with the Russian people who were trashed by the Bolshevik Jews for many years. Why should they want pro-Zionists proselytizing their people?

[BeWISE is in total agreement here! While some of these people may have "good intentions" all too often that is the key ingredient that paves "roads to Hell".]

The picture and caption to the right came out of literature which sensationalizes the "mark of the beast" dogma of our day. It is typical of the dispensationalist interpretation of the "Book of the Revelation". The concept is taken from chapter 13, verses 16-18: "He [the beast] also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.

"This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666."

The mark of the beast theory by modern millennialists claims that the anti-Christ will be a tyrant who denies the privilege of buying and selling to those who refuse the "mark" on their foreheads or right hands. As pictured above, the "mark" is the pattem of lines found on merchandise in the stores today for pricing purposes. This illustrates their claim that each person will be forced to take individual marks in order to survive. Those who refuse the mark will be martyred. One speaker, Carl Sanders, is telling everyone that a micro chip will be surgically inserted under the skin. His credentials, however, have been discredited.

[While his credentials have been discredited, most of his information has not. It appears that this scenario is very possible. . . -BeWISE]

There are several things wrong with this interpretation. First, it claims that the "mark" is an individual's personal identification, such as our social security numbers. The Scripture above does not indicate this. It indicates that the "mark" is the number of the beast, or the number of his name. This is not an identification number for each human, it is the name or number of the beast, which would be the same on everyone's forehead or hand.

Secondly, modern dispensationalists literalize the passage, which plays havoc with the actual meaning. Let's examine this. The Apostle John wrote the Book of the Revelation circa A.D. 95. He used symbols to describe most of what was revealed to him by the Lord, symbols used by Old Testament writers (Moses, Ezekiel, Daniel, et al.). For example, the beast describes an evil political, economic and religious system. The woman of chapter 17 refers to the great city which rules over the kings of the earth, which is called Babylon, but even that name is symbolical of evil power not actually headquartered in ancient Babylon. Babylon is typical and symbolical.

We must also interpret the "mark" symbolically. In Ezek. 8 and 9 we read about the Lord punishing idolatry among His people. In 9:4 a "mark" is placed upon the foreheads of those who were lamenting the sins of Israel. They were God's children who were obedient. All the rest without the "mark" were killed. The "mark" itself simply represented obedience to God, identifying His own. It was not a literal, physical mark. Again in Ezek. 3:8-9 we see that the forehead is representative of the knowledge of and obedience to God.

In Exod. 28:36-38 a plate of gold engraved with the words "Holy to the Lord" was worn by Aaron on his forehead as the guilt bearer of the Israelites' sins. Again, the forehead and a mark on it are associated with disobedience and obedience to God. The forehead symbolized knowledge of God and obedience to Him.

Getting back to the Book of The Revelation, we find that a "mark" on (or in) the forehead is placed on those who are marked by the beast, and those who are marked by God Almighty. The passages dealing with those having the evil mark are 13:16, 14:9-11, 17:5 and 20:4. Those marked by God are described in 7:3, 9:4,14:1 and 22:4. Thus we learn that the "mark" is not a physical mark, neither is it a personal identification for man's purposes, but rather for God's purposes of separating His own from those who are not His.

How does one get "marked" with the seal of God? God's approval is obtained by repentance, faith resting upon Christ, and obedience to His word. How does one get "marked" with the seal of the beast (Satan)? Satan's approval is obtained by not repenting, by not having faith in Christ, and by not obeying God's word.

[BeWISE feels without a doubt that by obeying man rather than Yahweh God, and accepting the "Beast" world system *as is*, in order to maintain a certain "comfort level"and not "buck the system", ignorant and unwise Christians unknowingly accept the mark of Satan!! The WORD states this tragedy in Hosea 4:6.]

The mark of the beast is not, and will not be a physical mark on the forehead and the hand. Those who are barred from buying or selling in chapter 13 are simply the servants of God, and those who have the "mark" are not servants of God. It's that simple.

Will the mushrooming bureaucracy in the world require some kind of mark for each person so that buying and selling will be facilitated? This is a definite possibility, perhaps probable. We are not underestimating the anti-Christ system and its tyrannical control. In this age of computers and ledger entry banking, with runaway taxing power and every other sort of government controls, we expect that such identifying measures will be forthcoming. But any physical mark attached to the individual will not mean that the individual is going to hell. Nor does lack of any such physical mark mean that the individual is bound for heaven.

Just remember that the Book of The Revelation is written with symbols and figures of speech and is not to be interpreted literally, at least not in most passages. There are some that are literally intended, but they are comparatively clear, such as the seven letters to the seven churches in Asia Minor (1:4), although even they are representative of all Christian churches.

Don't be fooled by modern chiliasts (millenarians, dispensationalists). They have been taken in by a system of doctrines part of which are as old as Talmudism, and partly as new as Darbyism and Scofieldism.

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In several previous issues of SMYRNA we have published information about the Westar Institute and its Jesus Seminars and their destructive tactics against the New Testament. Westar, through its publishing house Polebridge Press, advertises its book "The Five Gospels" in a flyer with this commendation from the Right Rev. John Shelby Spong, Episcopal Bishop of Newark:

"This book is a probing, penetrating, and deeply spiritual journey into the heart of the gospels. It brings to the reading public many of the issues that are commonplace among Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish scholars, and might well become the means whereby the secularized post-Christian world discovers its own deepest roots."

Just who is this man cloaked as a Christian bishop? He has said that the Apostle Paul was a self-loathing, repressed gay male. He got the idea from a work by Arthur D. Nock of Harvard, a professed atheist.(9) From an atheist to a "Christian" bishop, to the Westar Institute and its "The Five Gospels". Now we know how much we can trust the Westar Institute and it's Jesus Seminars.

[We trust them about as far as we could drop-kick an anvil... -BeWISE]

(9) Pat Buchanan's "From The Right", Feb. 22, 1991, p.5.


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