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We dedicate this Site to
The Almighty Father,

without Whose infinite help and guidence,
none of this would have been possible.

Most of all, I want to give Him thanks for providing my precious and beloved Wife, whose selfless dedication and indomitable conviction has kept us going, even when our entire being begs to stop.

We also want to thank the many people that provided much of the inspiration, ideas,
and documentation,
but who may not want their names used here . . .
thus we thank and honor them in Love and anonymity using only initials:
F.S., R.R., T.H., R.P., M.C, J.M., J.E.B., J.J., M.S., G.G., S.M., D.R.,
and many other precious persons whose help and support has been invaluable

May Yahweh bless and keep them safe and prosperous.

We have also dedicated this Site to the many courageous people who have "stood in the gap" and gave everything they had to alert their fellows to the dangers inherent in the push for


May The Allmighty Father bless them for their extreme sacrifice.

This Site is also dedicated to the serious seekers of Truth.

It is not necessary to be a Christian to benefit from the information within this Site.
We can't stress it enough, that *ALL* seekers of Truth shall be welcomed here!
We encourage you to feel at home here and check out what we have to offer you.


Please consider yourself forewarned that the information contained within this Site may offend certain people who have allowed themselves to be cut off from all but the most "politically correct" albeit INaccurate information that permeates the world.
We encourage you to keep an open heart and mind while viewing this information. If you realise that you are incapable of that, then please go elsewhere for your information.
We have none of the usual sacred cows here. Rather we treat those manure caked bovines for exactly what they are.
We firmly believe - and history has born this out repeatedly - that what is popular isn't always right and what is right isn't always popular.
We make no apologies for this. Please re-read and heed before going further . . .


      This Site will help to expose a composite serpent which has devised sinister plans concerning EVERYONE. We will expose something which they call:


      We will answer questions like: "What does this serpent look like? Will it really be as good a thing as it looks on the surface?, where is it"?


This Site will help you to realise a Conspiracy for power that extends into every dimension of life where power exists, be that RELIGION, POLITICS, FINANCES, EDUCATION, MASS MEDIA, HOLLYWOOD, or SCIENCE, and its DISEASE has been infecting us for centuries.
It has even skillfully planned and created it's own opposition,
which periodically makes pre-planned non-fatal attacks on itself!

You can no longer claim to be well informed if it is the "main stream media" that you rely upon. All of these sources are controlled by the very forces that are infecting us with the disease of the NEW WORLD ORDER!! This Site will attempt to be an alternative news & information source.

      For those people who - as a result of the efforts of the mass media and / or other DISinformation sources - may become "turned off" by the word "Conspiracy", may we suggest substituting the term "Business as Usual". [Thanks Paul!]

      Here you will find us testing the spirits of many of the so-called "mainstream" Christian leaders and their churches who are more worried about which Bible you are supposed to be reading than the very real consequences of being a part of a nation that has turned its back on Yahweh and His Laws. They are far more concerned about which church you attend than the direct and incredible loss of our Rights & Liberties as this once great country spirals towards Hell.

      Most Christians don't seem to know that there is a war on NOW, and they don't even want to know about it, as that would require them to do something other than hide out in their spriritual foxholes, folding their holy hands, and pray for the King to come and "Rapture" them out of the mess that is being created by their own ignorance and apathy. [Thanks Col. J.M.!]

      We feel that God has called us to be the "Watchmen on the Wall" and warn our loved ones of what is to come. We do not claim to be prophets! On the contrary, we are merely simple people who do not trust the "mainstream" controlled media and have been successful at securing alternate uncontrolled and trustworthy sources of news that offer us more Truthful, traditional, albeit politically INcorrect information. Using far more accurate INformation rather than the Establishment's DISinformation we are more able to accurately gauge what is truly going on in our nation, and in our world. Here you may learn:

1. About Aids & other "interesting" methods of population control.

2. About "Gun Control" & other assaults on our Rights & Liberties.

3. About "New Age" phenomena & some of the other "Baskin & Robbins 31 Flavors" of "Christianity".

4. The role of the U.N. and the forces behind it.

5. About the forces and "persons" behind Communism, etc.

6. About the U.S. Military & their global role.

7. About corruption in Gov't, both locally, and nationally!

8. About the Economic Merge of the entire world

9. About the Geo-Political Merge of the entire world

10. About the RELIGIOUS Merge of the entire world

11. About "your" publik & private "fool (school) systems"

12. About taxes & the Federal Reserve.

13. The ugly Truth about the bogus & phony "Drug War"

14. About "Sovereignty" and the importance of it's Lawful meaning.

15. A more Truthful account of history . . . how & why the "mainstream" historical records are becomming more & more politically correct, thus INaccurate.

16. About the REAL "Law of the Land".

17. How all the above and much more is tied into the largest experiment in mass slavery which is at this very moment being mainly termed "The New World Order", but is also referred to as "The Global Village", and other such catchy phrases.

      Some Christians seem to feel badly that we are exposing so much of Satan's evil in this world, and a lot are supportive. If you are glad that someone is exposing the dark kingdom of Satan then give thanks to the Lord that we are still alive. If you don't like Satan's NWO to be exposed, then I guess you have reason to dislike what we are doing ...

      We try to use this information as a witnessing tool for Christ. We are not called to be incapacitated with fear of the enemy. Almighty God has long known what evil lurks in the hearts of even the best of men. Almighty God has for centuries dealt with less than perfect men. We shall also be dealt with, as will everyone on His earth. The men and women God has chosen to use are not perfect. Armed with that knowledge, we humbly stand firm in His service.

      The Christian people need to realise that they have real enemies who are long term enemies who have long term plans to do physical harm to all True Christians, and ALL freedom loving people everywhere. As the world approaches more & more like the days of Noah, the people of the world become more & more MIND-CONTROLLED and harder & harder to talk to. Noah preached for many years, but the people's hearts were all shut up. NO ONE LISTENED. The days are coming when the world will be so MIND-CONTROLLED that it will be like in Noah's time. When this happens, Christians should think in terms of survival such as Noah did...

      Although there is an element of FREEDOM attached with revealing Truth, there also is a real and dangerous risk involved, as Christ's life clearly demonstrates. However... The vast knowledge we have on the subject gave us the responsibility to warn others. We personally cannot sit idly by and watch ourselves and our loved ones become enslaved. We are tired of the Christian book stores FILLED WITH LIES, while the Truth lay silent. It is with our prayers that you will receive the information within the files and messages of this Site. We encourage you to test any information here for validity yourself. We also encourage you to share this information with others whom you care about, especially those who have expressed their confusion of "World Events" . . .

Most of all, we highly encourage you to be

Wise As Serpents, and, Innocent As Doves

May Yashua ha Messiah, Christ our Lord, bless you and keep you safe,
in your search for Truth . . .

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Please Read BEFORE entering BeWISE

One of the things we have been called to reveal to the precious believers is man's house
[that man built as a replacement for the True house] of Israel...

10. Thou son of man, shew the house to the house of Israel, that they may be ashamed of their iniquities: and let them measure the pattern.

11. And if they be ashamed of all that they have done, shew them the form of the house, and the fashion thereof, and the goings out thereof, and the comings in thereof, and all the forms thereof, and all the ordinances thereof, and all the forms thereof, and all the laws thereof: and write it in their sight, that they may keep the whole form thereof, and all the ordinances thereof, and do them. Ezek 43:10-11 (KJV)

It has been stated that we here at BeWISE have become "too focused on the negative" perhaps concentrating on the De Facto house of man rather than revealing as Ezekiel states directly above, "...the goings, comings...the laws...ordinances, ...whole form..." of the True House.

Perhaps there is a lot of Truth in this...although it is clear that we have been chosen for this task. Realising this, we have included the following Link to better inform you about the True House...
This is unquestionably one of the few "games in town" for sincere Truth:

Be ye EXCELLENT.. one unto Another!!!

The Testimony of  IaHUShUA!!

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