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      As you have already seen, this board exposes a lot of Truth about Political International (Talmudic) Zionism and it's role in bringing about the ominous New World Order - One World Government. Many competent researchers have effectively exposed the fact that the "promoters" of the New World Order never seem to run out of lies & MISinformation to further their self-stated global desires ...

      Perhaps the most incredible story to date is the "Holocaust" story. The more time goes by, the more the entire world is being held hostage to this event. We are not allowed to even begin to forget about the extermination of "6,000,000" Jews that allegedly took place during WWII. It has been shown that there were many other "holocausts" that have happened throughout the world's murderous history that may be equally as horrifying. In fact most of these other atrocities are even more professionaly documented with far less descrepancies in their actual history. Yet for some strange reason, all we are constantly reminded about is the Jewish holocaust. Unlike these other horrific incidents, which for the most part, have been allowed to be forgotten through time, we are repeatedly being slammed with grim reminder after grim reminder of the atrocities committed against the Jewish people of Europe during the period of 1939 - 1945.

      Have you ever noticed that in spite of voluminous evidence that exposes many discrepancies with regard to this story, we are not allowed to discuss it, unless of course you "jump onto the biased bandwagon" and repeat what is being regurgitated out of the vertical [electronic] toilet (t.v.) and the rest of the main stream media? We quickly discovered that it is extremely politically INcorrect to question any part of what we have been told about the "Holocaust."

      It is readily observed that it is more than just financially advantageous to actively promote the Jewish "Holocaust". In point of fact there are untold millions of dollars that have been and still are being generated by its endless promotion. We also observe powerful persons & groups that continue to viciously stifle out any and all information that reveal the many discrepancies that have been - and continue to be - documented... So why, you may ask, would we want to risk so much to bring out this information on our Web Site?!!

      Most likely certain events that took place during my childhood helped to lead us down this path. To shorten the story, long after having this promotion along with the hatred towards ALL WWII Germans quite literally shoved down our publically educated throats, after meeting with actual witnesses, by researching and investigating much of the "dissenting" information that we found suprisingly available throughout the world, quite frankly, I became astonished. The more we looked into the information, the more we became alarmed and appalled . . . alarmed - after discovering the volume and quality of information and documentation dealing with these many descrepancies . . . appalled - because no one would allow discussion on this information, and instead personally attacked, denounced, and labeled us when we persisted with our questions. Our biggest question then, is IF the "holocaust" is indeed an actual historical event, why is it that it cannot be discussed in an open and unbiased manner using ALL available historical documentation and analysis without the usual viscious negative repercussions?!!

      It is because of this huge push to censor any and all information that doesn't totally and blindly promote a one-sided biased view of these alleged events that we have decided to post this information. It is also because the entire world - through the Holocaust "Museum" [unlawfully] existing in Washington D.C. - is falsly being told that Christianity in general, and the New Testament in particular, was / is to blame for this level of "anti-Semitism", and was the main cause of this event. We find it reprehensible that this level of outrageously biased and hateful propaganda is allowed within this Nation's capital, seemingly with the full "blessings" of Congress!

      We have learned without a shadow of any doubt that there are many descrepancies that need to be addressed about the "Holocaust",. . .and that as His WORD stresses the importance of seeking and displaying the Truth, we decided to bring out this issue here. We are not suggesting that atrocities didn't take place during this awful period of the world's history, or that multitudes of people from *many* walks of life - including Jews - suffered and died needlessly and senselessly. Of this there is no doubt whatsoever...

      We are merely saying that there are many discrepancies with what we have been told, and that there IS an agenda involved in keeping the "Holocaust" at the forefront of our minds. The fact that this agenda seems directly related to the formation of the One World Government prophesied in Scriptures, gives us the responsibility to spread this information.

      If you are bothered by this information, we strongly suggest that you go no further than this...we suggest that you hit the "Back" button and keep on going. If on the other hand, you are not afraid to look at open and unbiased information, and you believe that you possess enough intelligence and common sense to be able to discern what is "hate" and what isn't, then we welcome you to check out this information, and decide its merit FOR YOURSELF.

      After a two-year search, this reviewer has been able to find no Exterminationist study which gives an accurate and honest presentation of Revisionist arguments, and then refutes them. By contrast the Revisionist writings are filled with studies which, in a rational, logical, and scientific manner, confront and strive to refute the major contentions of Exterminationism.

Paul Grubach, Paranoia: The Conspiracy Reader, Issue 12, Spring 1996

      The widely held opinion that any doubts about the dominant view regarding the "Holocaust" and the Six Million must be treated, from the outset, as the expression of a wicked and inhumane outlook, and, if possible, banned . . . is absolutely unacceptable, and indeed must be rejected as an attack against the principle of scholarly freedom.

. . . The questions [raised by revisionists] about the reliability of witnesses, the value of documents as evidence, the technical feasibility of certain operations, the credibility of statistical estimates, and the importance of circumstances are not only permissible, but, on scholarly grounds, are unavoidable. Moreover, every attempt to suppress [revisionist] arguments and evidence by ignoring or prohibiting them must be regarded as illegitimate.(2)

(2) Dr. Ernest Nolte (Professor, Free University, Berlin), Points of Contention: Current and Future Controversies About National Socialism, Propylaen, 1993.

May The Lord Richly Bless You for reading this information!


A Review of a Most Important Literary Work:

The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism - Keystone of The New World order

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Discrepancies of the "Holocaust"

      We are presently "shifting gears" with this information. We have prayed long and hard for guidance in presenting it within this Site and are being shown to change the focus from the actual physical discrepancies surrounding the alleged Holocaust of 6 million Jews, to the very fact that these discrepancies cannot even be openly discussed. Even the people who endlessly promote the "Holocaust" have stated that no information is 100% correct...and yet they continue to refuse discussion on the many discrepancies of this supposed historical event. BeWISE proposes that if this is an historical event, then why can't the many discrepancies that have been found and documented be addressed? For the most part, this will be the focus of the information within this Site. We offer these LINKS where you can gain information and learn more about the many (aforementioned) discrepancies. We highly encourage you to utilize our Link to them to learn more about how and why the Jewish leaders and others are continuing to hold the entire world hostage to the "Holocaust" and why it is so important for them to stifle the flow of information.

      BeWISE feels strongly that freedom to express these ideas MUST be continued at all costs. The courageous people who are presenting this information are being viciously attacked in their person and in their character. Yet these same attackers refuse to address these (aforementioned) discrepancies?! How can the people that are leveling these hateful and vicious attacks be the same ones crying "Stop all the 'hate speech'..." etc.?! They have indicted themselves by their very actions. They have falsly categorized the open dissemination of documented information as "hate rhetoric" and want us now to believe that they are the only ones who can decide for all of us what is "hate speech" and what isn't. They also want to be the ones to decide what information will be allowed and what will not. At the same time, they are free to disseminate and promote real hatred via the many avenues of media at their disposal. In other words, we are no longer able to decide for ourselves what we should be reading or even what we should be thinking. This is pure and absolute nonsense...and not only is it an assault on our intelligence, but a direct assault upon the essential freedoms inherent in every one of us. We cannot allow this to happen. If we do, we submit to total censorship and slavery. We sincerely pray that more people wake up to see what is happening in this regard, before the term "thought police" becomes more of a reality than it already is. . .



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