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The New First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Due to changes in modern America brought about by the need to extend privileges to a certain segment of society, we find that the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America must be modified to meet such demands.

Therefore, the following additions to the First Amendment are in place by virtue of actual use, implemented by the beneficiaries. The changes are within parentheses; the original First Amendment is not:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion (excepting the Jewish religion which may be favored), or prohibiting the free exercise thereof (excepting the Christian religion); or abridging the freedom of speech (excepting historical revisionists on college campuses), or of the press (excepting access to the major media by those critical of the Talmudic/Zionist agenda); or the right of the people peaceably to assemble (excepting historical revisionists on college campuses and pro-lifers too close to abortion clinics), and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."
This current First Amendment is clearly needed in light of the most recent events at the University of California at Berkeley involving David Irving. SMYRNA has been keeping its readers posted on the activities of Mr. Irving because of the severe persecution brought against him by activist Jews around the world. Clearly, one of their most secure strongholds is the university at Berkeley. This writer knows, because he came against them in the late 1960's when he was oblivious to their enormous power.

Here is the headline for an article in the San Francisco Chronicle of Feb. 4, 1995:

"Holocaust Denier Driven From UC"

[Note the power words used by the Chronicle for propaganda purposes. Irving is not a "denier", he's a revisionist. And the word "driven" isn't true. The Campus Police canceled the event for fear of the hate groups. Remember, this headline was concocted by a major West Coast newspaper. Now you know just how powerful they are. --Smyrna.]

"A crowd of 200 chanting protesters drove David Irving, a British author who whose [sic] writings have led some critics to label him a Nazi sympathizer, off the University of California campus in Berkeley last night." The "critics", of course, are ardent Jews who refuse to listen to facts or reason. They are the ones for whom the First Amendment has been changed. Oh, the wording of the First Amendment is still the same; our proposal simply reflects reality.

We could lament the deplorable actions of the truth deniers at Berkeley, but we feel as much pity for them as anger. If they continue their present course, they will bring upon themselves the wrath of the majority of citizens just as they did in unhappy Russia. Their capacity for blind masochism is remarkable. Even when offered respectable surrender terms by Rome's Gen. Titus in A.D. 70, they continued to slaughter their own in a frenzy of madness that even the Roman Army could not fathom. One would think that in two thousand years their activists would have learned that they aren't always right. But according to their version of history, they have never done anything to deserve backlashes from non-Jews, and history continues to be eventually unforgiving.

Their treatment of David Irving around the world is shameful, and the once prestigious university at Berkeley has become a haven for their malevolent intolerance. Winston Churchill, after noting that the Jewish "race" had given the world immeasurably good things such as the Christian revelation and an incomparable system of ethics (Churchill made a common error here), stated:

"And it may well be that this same astounding race may at the present time be in the actual process of producing another system of morals and philosophy, as malevolent as Christianity was benevolent, which, if not arrested, would shatter irretrievably all that Christianity has rendered possible. It would almost seem as if the gospel of Christ and the gospel of the Antichrist were destined to originate among the same people; and that this mystic and mysterious race had been chosen for the supreme manifestations, both of the divine and the diabolical."
(Illustrated Sunday Herald of Feb. 8, 1920.)

Churchill was remarkably prophetic! Either he understood the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ quite well, or he made an astute observation based on historical events. Perhaps it was a little of both. Our booklet Strong Delusion speaks directly to this idea.

Getting back to the university scandal, the Berkeley Jewish Student Council's Jonathan Segal said that his group asked chancellor Chang-Lin Tien to condemn David Irving's views on the "holocaust". The chancellor communicated his support to Rabbi Rona Shapiro of Berkeley Hillel, but his response was not as strong as they would have liked. Of course not! Placability, has never been the strong suit of Jewish activists. But Smyrna believes that Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien's response was too subservient. It shows just how fearful of Jewish leaders he and others are. He stated: " 'I want you to know that Irving's presence on campus should not be considered to mean that the campus in any way condones or supports his views on the Holocaust. We all have a responsibility to make sure the public is aware of the real history of the Holocaust so that such atrocities will never be repeated.' "

This writer's response to Chancellor Lien follows:


February 7,1995
Mr. Chang-Lin Tien, chancellor
The University of California
Berkeley, CA

Dear Sir:

I am appalled at the lawlessness of certain factions on and near the campus at Berkeley that are intolerant of different views and therefore anarchical. I refer presently to those who attacked the British historian David Irving and others at a meeting last October near the campus. They interfered with his free speech rights and the rights of others to hear him, again last Friday.

The San Francisco Chronicle stated that you sent a position letter to Rabbi Rona Shapiro regarding Irving and the Holocaust. In it you stated (according to the Chronicle): " 'We all have a responsibility to make sure the public is aware of the real history of the Holocaust...' " That is precisely the goal that David Irving is pursuing, but apparently there are powerful forces that do not share your commitment.

The "real history of the Holocaust" should be open for calm debate; David Irving is superb in this respect. Have you heard him? Or have you watched his video tapes? He should be a guest of every university, for his primary research is unsurpassed. It is a sad day for academic excellence - indeed, it was a tragic day for freedom, at the University of California at Berkeley on October 13,1994, and again on February 3, 1995.

May I hear from you?



The reason why Smyrna prints many letters written by its editor to various recipients is to furnish an example of what you can do. Many people think that their letters are useless, but that's not entirely true. The pen is mightier than the sword, and the pen is our only weapon unless we are physically attacked. The pen scatters seeds. The pen waters seeds. The pen often reaps the harvest. So why not put your pen to work? Don't be crude to hose to whom you write. Express your opinions firmly but courteously.

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Watch for the Outcome

Two rabbis are vying for the position of leadership of the Jewish Reform movement. The Reform movement is the liberal faction of the Jewish community, the other two being the Conservative and Orthodox wings. Some Orthodox do not recognize the Reform branch as legitimate.

The two rabbis are Peter Knobel of Chicago, and the other is Eric Yoffie of New York. Knobel is an expert in liturgy, prayer books and worship, and Yoffie is the crusader for political and social action. "The triumph of Rabbi Yoffie, who is allied in his liberal social-action agenda with the director of the Reform Movement's Religious Action Center, Rabbi David Saperstein, would indicate a stepping up of activists efforts for legislation, pluralism and economic justice, as well as a surge in attacks on the religious right." (Forward, 2/3/95 p.4.)

Note the phrase, "attacks on the religious right." Friends, they don't mince words! Is there any reason for us to remain ignorant of Jewish intent? Do you know who is meant by the "religious right"? We'll tell you! All those who believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, rose physically from the dead, and is going to return, are the religious right. We are their prime target, and we have been for 2,000 years. We, of course, have been the bad guys and they have been the good guys, if we believe their activists. Smyrna marvels at the obeisance given the Zionists by portions of the religious right such as Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Paul Crouch, Jack Van Impe, Jimmy Swaggart, Chuck Smith, Jack Hayford and thousands of pastors across the land. Jewish leaders say, "Jump", and those Christians ask, "How high?" Jewish leaders call us bigots, anti-Semites, racists and neo-Nazis, and those Christians tuck their tails between their legs and mutter, "We're sorry, don't spank us!" It is one thing to be courteous and kind; it is quite another to roll over and play dead, or serve the enemies of Christ.

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Rich Jews to Reassure Democrats

"A small army of Jewish Democratic millionaires will descend on Capitol Hill next week for meetings with top officials at the White House and Congress designed to send out the message that, despite recent reversals at the polls, the Democratic Party is still the home base for American Jews." (Forward 2/3/95 p. 4)

Perhaps it is time for me to reiterate why Smyrna exists, and why we spend so much time on the "Jewish problem".

The name Smyrna was taken from Rev. 2:9 which states in part: "...I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." We interpret the woman who is astride the beast in the Book of the Revelation (Mystery Babylon), as Talmudic, Kabbalistic Judaism and its many ramifications. Therefore, we specialize in the "Jewish problem". We publish information unobtainable elsewhere. We are but a drop in the ocean of proaganda, so we feel justified in riding this "hobby horse". - Editor/Publisher

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Gingrich & Dole Combine With Clinton in S & L Scandal

According to the Howard Phillips Issues and Strategy Bulletin of 1/31/95, citing the Wall Street Journal of 1/13/95, President Clinton was preparing to ask Congress to approve U.S. guarantees of $25-40 billion of Mexican government debt. Gingrich said he is sympathetic to the plan. Howard Phillips labels it a "Main Street to Mexico to Manhattan" trip for our tax dollars. He appropriately asks: "Why should you pay for their unwise investments?" He's referring to the bankers' investments in Mexico. Smyrna thinks its a pretty neat deal for the international bankers. They can't lose for winning - with taxpayers' help, of course.

Newt's Wife in Deal With Israelis

The Wall Street Journal of 2/6/95 reported that Newt Gingrich's wife Marianne has been given a job by Israel Export Development Co. investors who are "pushing for Israel to create a free trade zone." The company is made up of Jewish-American business owners. She was given the job of finding investors willing to locate in the zone and take advantage of tax breaks and other enticements after Newt lent political support to the proposal. He said he would support free trade development anywhere, Including South Africa and he has mentioned the idea to Arafat.

Smyrna's comment is that the idea of free trade, if conducted fairly, should be fine. But the point of this episode is that it demonstrates Newt's affinity for the welfare of "Israel". We have stated before that Gingrich, like most other politicians, is gung-ho for Jewish interests.

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When the question is asked, "Is so-and-so Jewish?" the answer often comes back, "No, he/she is an Episcopalian." Or the answer might be Lutheran, or Catholic, - or whatever. Most people seem to believe that if so-and-so is Catholic (or other), they cannot be Jewish. Not true, but it depends on how one looks at it. For example, Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger of France is a Polish Jew, but he is a Roman Catholic Cardinal, i.e., he was reared in a Jewish home in Poland where he learned Yiddish, but some Jews claim he abandoned his faith and converted to Christianity. (Forward 2/3/95 p.6.)

We don't know whether he is genuinely Christian or a "marrano", to put it in Spanish terms back in the 1400s. In those days Jews converted to Roman Catholicism, but many remained Jewish, for they practiced their religion in secret. That was the main reason for the Inquisition. Jews claim they were forced to convert on pain of death but balanced history doesn't bear that out. There were Jews who openly did not convert and they lived their lives in the community more or less undisturbed. But many converted in order to gain wealth and influence, which they accomplished. They penetrated deep into the Church, becoming powerful in high places. "...virtually every noble house had infiltrations of Jewish blood."(1)

(1) Abram L. Sachar, A History of the Jews, Alfred A. Knopf, NY, 1930-1964, p. 208

Does this continue to be the case today? We think so. Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger may be a case in point. There is no way of knowing how many more there are, nor whether all denominations are affected. Sometimes it appears, by the nature of decisions and behavior, that whole bodies of church groups are taken over. We think we will all be surprised when the Lord returns, at what is taking place behind closed doors.

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TheWaco "Experts"

Following is a list of the names of the so-called experts who advised the BATF and Justice Department in their tactical behavior against the Branch Davidians outside Waco, Texas. The list comes from the Justice Department's investigative report. Smyrna has no way of knowing whether any names were left out, but a few of these names are familiar because we've seen them in reports about Cult Awareness Network (CAN):

Forensic Psychologists/Psychiatrists/Psycholinguists:

1. Dr. Roger Bell, 2. Dr. Park Dietz, 3. Dr. C. DiGiovanni,
4. Dr. Anthony J. Pinizotto, 5. Dr. Mike Webster, 6. Bruce D. Perry,
7. Dr. Murray S. Miron, 8. Dr. Joseph L. Krofcheck, 9. FBI Behavioral Scientists

Religious/Theological Experts:

1. Dr. Philip Arnold, 2. Dr. Bill Austin, 3. Jeriel Bingham,
4. Reverend Trevor Delafield, 5. Dr. Robert Wallace and Dr. John Fredericks,
6. Dr. Michael Haynes, 7. Dr. Glenn Hilburn

The Justice Department report also stated: "The FBI did not solicit advice from any 'cult experts' or 'cult deprogrammers.' The FBI did receive a number of unsolicited offers of assistance from former Branch Davidian member Marc Breault (who has since published a paperback book about Koresh and the Branch Davidians). The FBI also received input from two self-described cult experts, Rick Ross (who moved to a hotel in Dallas, and later to Waco, during the standoff and appeared on local television programs, as well as the CNN broadcast of March 10 that upset Dr. Dietz) and Kelli Waxman."

We hear quite a bit about "experts" and "psychological profiles" nowadays used by government agencies. The Wall Street Journal of 1/10/95, in a report on the FBI's actions against Randy Weaver's family during that shameful episode in American history, stated that "psychological profiles" were used against the Weavers. The article, No Accountability at the FBI, reported that the Justice Department has decided not to bring action against certain officers such as Lon Horiuchi, the crack shot sniper who killed Randy's wife Vicki. He claims she was shot accidentally (nowledgeable people don't believe him). But Bo Gritz, war hero and negotiator who helped persuade Weaver to surrender, says (according to the WSJ article) that the "government's profile of the Weaver family recommended killing Mr. Weaver's wife." Gritz is reported as saying that the profile told the FBI: " '...if you get a chance, take Vicki Weaver out.' "

It appears that the government is not only using the high tech of physical equipment in its operations, but has also decided that the fields of psychology, psychiatry, psycholinguistics and theology are high tech and are dependable. This is manifestly not true, and Smyrna declares that such tools are dangerous to the liberties of individuals and "unacceptable" groups, the latter being "fringe" lunatics outcast by popular culture. Throughout history there have been the accepted and the rejected. Obviously, the rejected are often persecuted. In America today, the rejected are the "religious right" and the "politically incorrect". The psychologists have constructed profiles on these and others, and anytime someone in those categories comes into disfavor with the powers that be, he/she is found on the computer, tagged and readied for discrediting or elimination. Government agents in the field (including local agencies) have already been "briefed" with the profiles, so if you stick your head above the wall, no matter how just your cause or honest your endeavors, the agents in the field are automatically alerted and they shift into a threatened mode. Thus, with one hand the unseen who rule over us have succeeded in making us third class citizens and non-persons, while with the other hand they stroke the public with constant platitudes of "constitutional protections."

The good news is that Jesus Christ and His followers, although "non-entities", will be the final victors in this mighty struggle and the psychological profiles will be cast into the lake of fire. Be of good cheer, true Christians, for our Christ has overcome the world!

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Toward Perspectives

Toward Perspectives is a new journal published by Toward Tradition, a conservative Jewish organization in Mercer Island, WA. Its Chairman is Rabbi Daniel Lapin; Publisher Michael Lapin; Editor Adam Pruzan. In its premier issue, Summer 1994, it posted this: "Toward Traditions unites Christians and Jews to restore the Judeo-Christian ethical tradition as the foundation of our culture, our economy, and our political life." In October of last year Toward Tradition sponsored asymposium in Washington, DC in cooperation with theClaremont Institute of Claremont, CA. It was called American Jews and Political Conservatism. Its goals were to discover how:
  • Judaism supports private property and free enterprise.
  • Judaism is a conservative, not a liberal, religion.
  • Jewish and Christian conservatives can work together to restore American civilization.
  • Jewish conservatives can acquire a voice in the community.

The participants in the conference included Roy Innis of Congress of Racial Equality, Irving Kristol, publisher of The National Interest, William Kristol of the Project for theRepublican Future, Michael Medved, film critic and author,Norman Podoretz, Editor-in-Chief of Commentary, and Ralph Reed, Executive Director of Christian Coalition (Pat Robertson's creation).

Toward Tradition also placed an ad in the New York Times of 8/2/94 called, Should Jews Fear the 'Christian Right'? There were 75 signed sponsors who consider themselves conservatives. In the ad the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was sharply criticized for its role in defaming the religious right: "It ill behooves an organization dedicated to fighting against defamation to engage in defamation of its own." The final paragraph stated:

"For all these reasons, we call on our fellow Jews to reject this study [the ADL paper]. As a people whose history so vividly illustrates the bitter results of bigotry, we have a special obligation to guard against it, and all the more so when, as in the case of the ADL attack on our Christian fellow citizens, it emanates from within our own community."
Smyrna would like to believe that the conservative element within the Jewsh community is a true and effective ally to genuine Christians at this late hour in history. It is true that these conservative Jews say and do things that we like. Michael Medved's critiques of Hollywood are appreciated. Billy Kristol's work in the Republican Party, by and large, is worthwhile, and.there are others. But two things bother us: (1) They consider thernselves still a part of the larger Jewish community (even the ADL), and (2) their belief in the "Judeo-Christian" civilization. How could they have allied themselves with Christianity through the centuries in togetherness for a high civilization, and simultaneously believe that Christians persecuted them mercilessly? While they are not trashing us at this juncture and are cooperating with evangelical Christians on social, economic, and political issues, there remains the fundamental difference between Judaism and Christianity, i.e., the New Testament and its Christ. Would they join with their liberal brethren in imposing the so-called Noahide Laws? If their liberal/leftist brethren ever get enforcement control over nations, will these conservatives be martyred with Christians or will they collaborate? These are the things that bother us. Furthermore, the mind set of evangelical Christian leaders today is one that is already antagonistic toward those of us on the "lunatic fringe". How can we count on them? They have realistically cast their lot with the enemies of Christ by go cooperating in ways that are foreign to historical Christianity, such as agreeing not to proselytize Jews. Some evangelicals such as Billy Graham believe that the Jews have their own covenant with God outside of Jesus Christ - that they can, and will, be saved wthout His atoning sacrifice.

Finally, in the give and take interaction between these conservative Jews and Christians, we believe that the bulk of compromising will done by the Christians. They are willfully naive about the anti-Christ world conspiracy. As citizens we have to peacefully co-exist with others of different world views, and even vote with them on many issues. But peaceful coexistence is not ecumenical philandering. We are not purists in the sense of crossing T's and dotting I's, but we do believe in separating from Mystery Babylon.

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More on the Media

Smyrna reported that Bo Gritz appeared on ABC's Day One recently and was "demonized", i.e., made to look ridiculous in the eyes of the masses. All patriots should have learned a simple lesson years ago: Don't grant interviews to the mass media - they play ball according to their own rules. Their world view is different from ours. Their questions are designed so that the interviewee cannot win for losing. For example, how would you respond to being asked about the writings from Martin Luther's works on the Jews and their lies? Would you say that you believe: Luther? Would you say that Luther was all wrong? Would you say that you just don't delve into that issue? Or would you hedge, hoping to please everyone? No matter how you dealt with the issue, you would come out compromised. That's because the enemies of Christ have trashed our culture and so we have no common ground on which to agree. Therefore, don't grant interviews to the mass media. Instead, let's continue to make end runs around their defenses via the alternative media. Spread the truth by pamphleteering. You may copy Smyma all you wish, just don't change anything.
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Shut the Door!

California voters last November passed by an overwhelming majority Proposition 187, which would cut off certain welfare benefits to illegal aliens. The matter is now before the courts to determine whether it is constitutional. The liberal Jewish media such as Forward newspaper reported that Jews were very unhappy about the voter results on this measure; liberal Jews are usually very liberal - if you catch the drift. Now, it is very interesting to note that "Israel" has the same problem with welfare. Here is a case in point:

"Tel Aviv - Since its founding, Israel has guaranteed citizenship to any Jew who requested it. Now, some frustrated Israelis are ready to renege on that promise.

"Isaad Groisman is one reason why. In Russia, the 65-year-old Mr. Groisman, an alcoholic and a petty thief, slept on benches in public parks. As a new irnmigrant in Israel, he has a room in a state geriatric hospital and is on the waiting list for a spot in a senior citizens' home. In Russia, Mr. Groisman supported himself by picking pockets. In Israel, he receives a monthly pension, health insurance and a cash grant to cover expenses for his first six months. Israel also pays the nearly $100-a-day cost of his hospital stay."(2)

(2) Wall Street Journal, 10/31/94

These benefits have been maintained for more than four decades under "Israel's" Law of Return for any Jew who wished to relocate in the Jewish state. The benefits can include such things as rent subsidies, below-market mortgages, free vocational training, cash stipends for household purchases, and free health insurance for six months. But lo and behold! There are some in "Israel" who want to abolish open immigration because it's costing them too much! Imagine that! It's O.K. for California to go bankrupt supporting tens of thousands who cross the border from Mexico illegally. We give them medical attention, schooling for their kids, and welfare support, supported politically by liberal Jews. The liberals went ballistic when they learned that the voters approved abolishing this drain on the economy.

It seems now that "Israel" has the same problem, and we wonder if the liberal Jews in the U.S. are critical of them as they are of Californians. And remember, the welfare in "Israel" is supported by the tax dollars of you know who!

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Signs of Intelligence

The best evidence for the existence of intelligent life in the universe lies in the fact that they have steadfastly refused to contact us. -- Richard Boyd

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