"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom:
and with all thy getting, get understanding."
Proverbs 4:7

      First of all this Disclaimer only pertains to those who would ban any individual's God given Right to freedom of thought or as someone so well stated: "seek out reasons to become phoney 'victims' of other people's beliefs". All others no doubt will realise the important contribution that this diversity of information offers, and will respect the substantial documentation contained herein.

      We wish to make it perfectly clear that Pacific Information Exchange Inc. in no way shape or form endorses the contents of these pages nor the ideas and beliefs that BeWISE and International Christian Educational Services stand for. They have simply confirmed that they stand for the freedom to post information as long as no existing Laws are broken. We concur and we praise them for their conviction and intelligence in these matters.


     In "light" of the recent slimy smear-job that CBS tried to inflict upon us, it is interesting to note that we are not aligned with - nor actively promote - that type of "Militia" material on our Site. In fact it is our belief that the so-called "Militia group" they featured on their "special" may not be a True Militia group at all...also we are NOT aligned in any way with the so-called "Skinhead" Sites nor do we even have links to these particular groups!! We may feature some Links to various Christian "Identity" Sites although we have made it very clear - and they *all* realise - that BeWISE is NOT an "Identity" Site.

     CBS must have thought they were being quite clever in all this...featuring our Site along with these others in a futile and foolish attempt to lump us into one and the same catagory - that of "hate"... We feel that most people who logon to our Site for themselves - in spite of the constant barage of LIES and disinformation from media & t.v. etc. - will have the necessary sense to realise that CBS LIED to them...and they will see what CBS was up to by falsly labeling us like that. This is a common tactic used by the media moguls to discredit legitimate Truthtellers. It is hoped that - by this slimy tactic - more people will begin to see the Truth about the media and their accursed agendas.

      We do not charge anything for access to this information and likewise do not force anyone to check out this material. Truth seekers and True Christians who are open and humble enough to receive important information will understand why we are here. They will be able to correctly identify those Truthtellers who impart important information without hate from those who truly hate and impart a bit of superficial "truth". It is for those rare and precious people - people who openly admit that they don't know all the answers and haven't closed themselves off to any and all information other than what's available through "popular" or politically correct channels - that we labor in this way.

      For those others who without question believe and accept everything that "Hellyweird", the media, government, or their pastors tell them, we shall pray that their eyes ears and hearts become open, that they will be humbled to Truth, and that they would cease their self-righteous persecution of the courageous Truthtellers that seek only to help them.

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